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New UM RB coach happy to coming home

After 12 years at UConn where he coached some of the best running backs in the Big East Conference, Terry Richardson is coming back home to help the Hurricanes and he couldn't be happier about it.

Terry Richardson The 39-year old former Syracuse star tailback was named UM's new running backs coach Monday afternoon, 21 years after he left Oakland Park Northeast High as one of Broward County's premier rushers.

"I'm just as excited as my family is if not more," Richardson said Monday about two hours before boarding a plane bound for South Florida. "I know the Canes have been down a little bit. I'm excited about the opportunity to try and get them back to the top. Coach Golden wants to restore the program to it's winning ways. I'm excited about the opportunity."

In 2010, UConn’s rushing offense was ranked 31st in the nation at 179.92 yards per game. Richardson's star pupil, Jordan Todman, amassed 1,695 yards on the ground and was named the Big East's Offensive Player of the Year. He isn't the only talented back Richardson has coached.

In 2009, Richardson worked with two 1,000-yard rushers in Todman and All-BIG EAST Conference second-team pick Andre Dixon. UConn was just one of three NCAA FBS schools to boast a pair of 1,000-yard rushers. In 2008, running back Donald Brown became the nation’s leading rusher and his school's first, first-round draft pick in 2009 when he was selected by the Indianapolis Colts.

As for the next group of backs he'll coach, Richardson said he has no idea what he'll be getting but he's heard great things. "I just knew of [Graig] Cooper. I saw him run, recruited him some," Richardson said. "But I know they've got some really good young kids. Mike James, Lamar Miller, Storm [Johnson]. The biggest thing I'm going to do is that I'm going to coach them all the same and work them all the same. And I'm going to make sure they protect the football."

A 1994 graduate of Syracuse, Richardson was one of the few players to wear the fabled uniform number 44 for the Orangemet. The coveted jersey is awarded only to exceptional Orange rushers, including Jim Brown and 1961 Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis. Richardson was Syracuse’s leading rusher as a senior in 1993.

Richardson signed a free agent contract with the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals in 1994 and also spent time with the Philadelphia Eagles (1995), Kansas City Chiefs (1996) and Pittsburgh Steelers (1996-97). He spent the 1998 season at Northeast High as offensive coordinator and running backs coach, his first stint in coaching.

Richardson, whose mother passed away in 2009 from cancer, said he has two older brothers and his 74-year old father he's looking forward to seeing when he gets home. Then, he'll be off recruiting.

When he was at UConn, Richardson recruited Key West through Daytona as well as the Houston area. Over the last few years, he concentrated solely on Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County.

"I've never been a recruiting coordinator so if coach decides to give me some of that responsibility It would be something new," Richardson said. "But being from down there and recruiting down there, I've never burned any bridges. So, I feel I could be a great asset for the Canes."


> According to UM, strength and conditioning coach Andrew Swasey and special assistant Tim "Ice" Harris were told Monday they by Al Golden that they do not have to look for new jobs. Special teams and tight ends coach Joe Pannunzio and running backs coach Mike Cassano will not be back.

UM said it doesn't expect to announce the hiring of two its remaining assistant vacancies until Golden meets with reporters on Friday. The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson reported Sunday that John McNulty was among a trio of candidates for the vacant offensive coordinator spot. We'll see who emerges.


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McNulty sounds like a good hire. His records at Rutgers were pretty good, such as the only team ever with a 3000 yard passer, 2 1000 yard receivers and a 1000 yard rusher. Pretty impressive.

I had a great time listening to the new DC talk. He sounds tough, and he sounded even tougher on WQAM this morning. The recruiting is picking up but it seems like it's too late for a bunch of the guys we want. I just hope the QB's come through.

Go Canes!

Great Hire!!!!! Knoes how to develop talent, this is the tone Coach Golden has set. Keep the momentum going. Coach Richardson, just inherited some big time young running backs, this is going to be fun to watch.

Mike Bellamy is wavering, go get him more weapons Coach Golden. I know we wont cause we have 6 on roster, but i like a back in every class motto.

Who are the other two (2) candidates, aside from McNulty?


This looks good. But, production is key.

Now about J12: I think something is bothering him. What we saw a few days ago was not the same guy who battled Marve years ago. I wonder what's going on with J12 the person.

Whatever it is, i know RS tried to let him play through it. Although that was positive, it hurt the team.

The jury hasn't come in about Golden. U still cannot compete with FSU, USF and not even UF minus Urban Cryer as HC.

U went fishing with Golden, and U shoulda brought back JJ protege Tuberville.

Sorry guys for the prior post.
I drove down to the Sun Bowl and cannot begin to tell you how embarrassed I was. The media said that Miami bought their 8K allotment of tickets. That may be the case but ND bought the other 42K tickets.
We looked so out gunned it was sad. Watching FSU play later that night I realized that they are way ahead of us. Their new coach has done a great job in his first year. I hope Coach Golden can recruit and coach because if he can't we are in dire trouble. I am optimistic but would like to see some results next year. I love the "U" but sending my dollars their is becoming harder to justify to my wife.
"Go Canes!!!

Cool Cat the jury doesn't come out on anyone until after the trial, games in this case. The most important things a HC or CEO for that matter has to do in order to build a successful team/company, is to surround yourself with good coaches and talent. On the first I see that happening. Secondly he and staff are out there securing quality talent. Third and lastly what has Tuberville done to impress you that he could do the previous? Buying a used car might save money, but if you want a good change then sometimes you have to buy a newer model.

COOL CAT equals Gaytor trash.

Richardson will have two new 1000 yd rushers in lamar miller and Strom Johnson. Then. Eduardo Clements will have 800. This will be like the days of Gore-Portis-Mcgahee-Davenport-jackson (and dont forget DJ williams was also running the ball).

Seriously. Golden seems to have hired no nonsense guys. Whipple was too stubborn and unwilling to see that UMs strength was the rbs and Oline, not the wide receivers and he refused to use the tight end much.

I see a Miami gouing 10-2 next year. just like FSu did this year after consecutive 7-6 seasons. remember Miami went 9-4, 7-6. While FSU went 7-6 10-4. Not much difference/

In all honesty Tuberville was the 2004 recipient of the Walter Camp and Paul Bryant Coach of the Year awards after Auburn's 13–0 season. He earned his 100th career win on October 6, 2007 in a 35–7 victory over Vanderbilt. He is also the only football coach in Auburn history to beat in-state rival Alabama six consecutive times. Not to mention 3 National Championships with the University of Miami.

Truthteller, who gives a $hit about Tuberville. If U and that jackwagon cat like him so much go pull for Texas Tech. He is just riding off of Leaches fumes.

Has anyone heard about whether Latwan Anderson will come back to football after track? Has Coach Golden talked to him at all?

Good question about Latwan, there was a big to-do about him coming in and Shannon rolled out the SPIKED carpet (typical) instead of welcoming him in. I hope he stays.

Wow i can't believe Swasey was retained. As SOFT as the team played this year. He would have been dismissed with Shannon. We got to get more physical..

Welcome coach! Great to have you as part of the Canes family!

This is an excellent hire for the U!

I agree in Duvalcanesfan......Swasey is garbage. Look at the physical development of other good teams. Our 2008 Northwestern Stars still look like they play for Northwestern. Our Dline got pushed around, our backers are small, and our skill players haven't gotten any faster since they left high school.

Totally agree on Swasey huge, huge, huge mistake to keep him. I've said it before, he trains all speed and no strength. Just compare weight room numbers to other top d1 schools Miami doesn't stack up. duval & Dark Cane you are absolutely right Swasey is just not the guy to make men out of these boys.

Guys I'm with U on this Swassey thing. I can't see why Golden would want to keep him after the way we have been pushed around the last few years. If he is such a speed trainer then why was Notre Dame running away from us the other day? We look weak and slow. I don't know maybe Golden see's something I don't and is going to tweak things or maybe its the players.

Welcome coach Richardson. We have a bevy of backs for U to coach up.

Golden should have carpet bombed this staff and fired everyone! I can't believe he is keeping Swasey>>>>>>>>>>>> this team has been pushed around by bigger stronger teams for years now. It was clear that they were not getting stronger.... HUGE MISTAKE to keep this guy....HUGE!

What are you guys talking about,,,, Scarecrow Jacory Harris has bulked up AT LEAST 2 1/2 pounds since his Northwestern daze.

I cannot agree more, Swassey is garbage and has not done much for this team over the past four years. The players are not being developed properly and that includes the physical part of the game. Why keep him in the fold?

One of the reasons I think why they kept Swasey is because of the ties he has with the canes in the NFL. Remember alot of them do come back and work out @ UM in the off-season and Coach Golden does want to reach out to the older canes. I live in the city where Jordan Todman is from originally and if Terry Richardson can develop our Running Backs like he did Todman Look Out !! He has James, Miller, Johnson, and Clemments to work with and the OL will be better. Defense needs to work on wrapping up when tackling.

Gents, I gotta agree with the Swassey retention...WHY? I know these guys are strong, but they get man-handled constantly by other teams...WIS last yr, ND, FSU, VA, this year... Hire Duper for the WRs, Dorsey for QB coach, Soldy or CHUD for OC...and for God's sake - PLEASE PLAY FOOTBALL LIKE YOU DESERVE TO HAVE THAT U ON THE SIDE OF YOUR HELMET! If you don't want it, there are others ( Morris, Streeter ) who do!

Swassey gotta go...

God Bless!

Hi there I am one of many single fathers and I find your site very interesting. I hope I have much time each day to drop by and check your site for recent post. By the way thank you for sharing this.

If the strengh coach is not doing his job...it is the Head Coach's responsibility to see he does.
If the OC is not calling the proper plays it is the Head Coach's responsibility to make sure he does.
If the players don't play with an attitute, Head Coach.
If the players quit...Head Coach
If the defense does not show up...Head Coach
If the players do not develop...Head Coach
Who allowed the dogs to play like dogs?
Yeap........Head Coach.
That is why keeping the strengh Coach is not going to make a negative impact. Golden, if all of the early indications are correct, will make sure this guy WILL do his job.

Developed Donald Brown and Jordan Todman, premier backs at UConn. Imagine what he could do here!!

I was a little disappointed to see Andrew Swasey kept around. But, the "great" UM alumni love this guy.

And they have been returning for years to continue to work with him on strength and conditioning. So he (Swasey) must be something right.

Plus, Golden will give Swasey the prescription of what he wants to see in terms of strength and conditioning. It's simple:


Now wasn't hard was it!

Also, Golden wants the alumni to return in the off season to work out and that's good for the team overall.

Swazey was still stuck in the dark ages of how the "U" only cared about speed training but this is a new day and we now need speed, size and strenght and the more I thought about it, maybe he was instructed to train them that way, just for speed and body fat.
Did anyone notice the size of Stanford's LB's, at least 6'2 240. Va. Tech got man handled, just like we did. In this new era, our LB'S need to be close to that size. This 6'0 215 to 220 ain't getting us no where, but pancaked.

Like the new RB coach.

The entire team needs more strength and conditioning. Mental toughness isn't there at all. The 4th Quarter used to be ours but not any more.

The "Weeding Out" article was an Eye Opener. Shannon was much worse than I thought and I wish the writers would have let this out much earlier instead of covering for him. It's Obvious Shannon is not Head Coach material even though he may be a heck of a guy.

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