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Perryman talks commitment; Menocal switches

Denzel Perryman got his first verbal scholarship offer when he was just a freshman at Coral Gables High -- and It came from his beloved Hurricanes, delivered by linebackers coach Micheal Barrow.

Denzel Perryman After waiting four years for an answer, the three-time All Dade First team middle linebacker finally told the Canes Saturday to count him in their next recruiting class. Perryman (5-11, 215) was so anxious to deliver the news he told UM coaches before his official visit this weekend was even over.

"My heart has always been here," said Perryman, who racked up 134 tackles and eight sacks in 10 games his senior season. "Basically, I didn't want to lose my scholarship or whatever. I knew I wanted to be here."

Perryman, considered one of the nation's top 20 inside linebackers by ESPN, said he probably would have committed to UM earlier in the process. But he said he just wanted to make sure Barrow was going to be on Al Golden's staff and that UM's new coach also wanted him here.

"When I heard Coach Shannon was fired I got real nervous," Perryman said. "Coach Barrow and I grew real close. The fact he stayed was a huge plus for me." 

Also a plus: the fact new defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio coached Perryman's older brother, Quintero Frierson at Rutgers.

"My brother played for him his freshman year, told me he was a great coach," Perryman said. "I never met him when he was coaching my brother. But I like what his plan is for the defense. I met him two weeks ago. He's a real good guy."

Perryman, one of nearly a dozen recruits at UM this weekend, became the 12th commitment for the Canes leading up to National Signing Day (Feb. 2). UM has at least three more available scholarships -- if not more.

Perryman said he expects UM's top recruit, defensive end Anthony Chickillo, to reaffirm his commitment to UM on Sunday. Chickillo, the MVP of the Under Armour All-American game, had been wavering since former coach Randy Shannon was fired.

"I think we both were just waiting to see how this new ataff was going to be," said Perryman, who is rooming with Chickillo on the visit to UM. "But now that we know what they are about, you feel good about The U."

Perryman said he and Chickillo have turned their focus to trying to get Miami Booker T. Washington defensive tackle Elkino Watson to commit to UM, too. Watson is a surprise visitor this weekend.

> Miami Belen linebacker Nick Menocal switched his commitment late tonight from UM to Georgia Tech. Menocal, who committed to the program when Shannon was still coach, had been asked by Golden to play offense. He felt he was a better fit at Georgia Tech.

He is the second former Shannon recruit Golden has parted ways with over the last two weeks. Cornerback Jeremy Davis was encouraged to look elsewhere.


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It feels like the U again.It really does.This removal of dead energy replaced with positive,improved energy seems motivating.For the first time in years, there actually seems to be a build-up of momentum.The program is getting back on track again it seems.We ll see but I like the ENERGY and EFORT so far.

and that goes for al golden to randy had the number 1 class and they were bust to so yall need to get off this 5 star stuff the u wasnt built on that. it was built on guys who wanted to be here and hardwork so if chickloo comes good if not o well

Go CANES !!!!!!

backspace = BASURA!

i agree with backspace kinda sorta

Some of this negativity is amazing, BUT all the Canes positivity triumphs! Denzel, welcome. You will do great things here. And Anthony hope you follow suit. With your heart, you will be a great player for the U! Go Canes!



backspace- on the one hand you sound stupid butthen you post a smarter comment. true the canes were never 5 star this 5 star that. And most of this class is like that. In comes Chikillo, who did nothing else but lead the state in sacks and had over 125 tackles plus he outplayed Clowney on his way to winning MVP, and you are dissin him? Are you serious? The guy is for real. Cannot ignore his bloodline, and his talent. Whether he will pan out is left to be seen, but Lord knows we need him at D end.

Need 2 QBS!

manny, whats the lowdown on QB recruiting?

This is great news. I am glad they are giving Coach Golden an opportunity to plead his case. I must admit I was sad that Randy Shannon (one of our own and at one time a hard hitting linebacker) did not succeed as it would have been a great story winning a N/C as a player and then coach at the same college. I liked the fact that Golden speaking of the Sun Bowl stated the turnovers and penalties are things that can be fixed. Half the turnovers and penaties last year and the "U" would have been undefeated.

All you juniors better be ready to come to Junior Days at the "U". After this year those schollies are going to be like gold and you will have to get in line and stay in line to get one. First things first is to win. Then watch the South Florida stars get on board.

These guys might start next season.

Nick O'Leary commits to FSU




You are being an idiot Backspace. Chickillo grew up a can fan and bleeds orange and green. He has known Shannon his whole life. You cannot blame him for wavering a bit when someone who he has known since he was a lil kid was fired as a Head Coach. Some of you forget that these kids aren't just making the decision to please you. This is their life for the next 4 years. He probably wanted to get to know the staff. I know a very hyped 5 star recruit who has turned out pretty good for us-Seantrel Henderson. Backspace you are an idiot. Plain and simple. To compare Anthony Chickillo to 2 limelight loving mother f-ers like the Browns proves you have NO BRAIN.

Sorry for the typos guys. I was out to dinner and had to run back out to my car to interview Perryman. Then, I wrote the story on my cell phone. Not easy. I prefer laptops for sure.

It feels like the U again.It really does.This removal of dead energy replaced with positive,improved energy seems motivating.For the first time in years, there actually seems to be a build-up of momentum.The program is getting back on track again it seems.We ll see but I like the ENERGY and EFORT so far.

Posted by: JO JO | January 22, 2011 at 11:06 PM

remember 2008 ? same thing different year

the clown posing as another fan again...

Manny .. you need to suspend comments until recruiting is over - we got some REAL GATOR IDIOTS trying to scare our recruits.

How about chilling the negative comments for a minute !!!!

Backspace and I are Gator fans...so what!!!

If Chickillo doesn't play for the Gators he will stink, just like his father did. We sure don't need Perryman or Chickillo.

Coach Muschamp said that Chickillo was his #1 target in the entire recruiting class, but he also said Perryman was a big target. I mention that because we don't need those guys or that untalented defense Tackle from Booker T Washngton who has no talent...all 3 are losers.

Hey Backspace!

Ignore these Canes trying to hype Chickillo, Perryman and Elkino Watson...they are all overrated losers...we wouldn't even offer them a schollie.

Go Gators!

kinda funny how golden told him he wanted him to play offense lol. sure beats tellin the kid straight up to decommit. that leaves 2 shannon commits left. i hope they both stay though cause theyre both talented. chickillo and denzel need to work their magic and get clowney to take his talents to south beach as well.

Please, lose the all CAPS posts folks.
Welcome to the UM family, Denzel!

Manny, with good new like this, typos are excused!
I did love the DCPS line though. LOL

been there, done that, but back when i went, you didn't need metal detectors...for the teachers. LOL

good job to all the kids visiting the U this weekend, U kids bring plenty of tenacity and desire with you. I for one am greatly appreciative of these kids not getting caught up by the nonsense of college football and just taking a serious look at the university.

Backspace = Ignorant Pig < 3rd grade education.

Can we all agree that even if Chickillo doesn't pick Miami, he is nit so stupid to pick Gainesville U and spend 4 years in a grim backwater craphole?

Canes Fans that post here.

Realize that there are GAYTURD and FSU MOLES that post here as if there were disgruntled UM fans in an effort to subvert recruits and popular sentiment amongst true fans of The U.

You should all go to their sites and do the same ....

Yes, there are Gators posting on this and other message boards. They are concerned about Al Golden and his staff because they are recruiting the entire country with vigor. Their coach at Florida has never been a head coach, that's concerning. The Florida coach was a total failure last year as a defensive coordinator. They rented "fired" Charlie Weiss for a year even though Notre Dame players didn't like him and he wouldn't communicate with them. How long will it be until Weiss and Muschamp start fighting with each other?

Remember it's Miami with 5X National Championships, it's Miami that's rated the number one school in the state of Florida.

Lets close on a couple DL's and then best available that we can sway from else where or wants to sign. Then lets shift attention to next years recruits. Remember FSu was hot this year because Shannon and staff just wasn't on top of many of them and Miami struggles this season didn't exactly have them slobbering to come either. Combine that with the Gaytors fall back to 3rd place in the state and that was just the perfect sceanario for FSU. Things will surely be different for next years recruiting classes because Golden knows how to accentuate the positives of Miami and THE U. P.S. Get off this star stuff. Many of these guys are young punks with web sites and don't know jack about talent. I met a couple at USF sling and shoot and they were dweebs. Trust the coaches evaluations not these website administrators.

That was THE U then P.S. Not UPS for the juvenile readers

Im not a gator im a Cane and I want results on the field not on paper alla the 08 class dont believe all the hype people

And chickollo is not as important ad a QB so everyone calling me dumb need to find a qb to beg on this blog instead of chickillo

Chick is Overrated. I am not saying he will be a BUST, but he has BUST written all over him.

Hey backspace - get a life. Die hard Cane fan or not, you're just not making much sense and seem to have a little too much emotion into something you have no control over. Since you can see the future, how about you send me next week's Lotto numbers, ok?

Chick will flame out as a DE in 4-3 D.

A. Chickillo,

If you read this blog please do not listen to the ignorant comments presented by some of the authors in this blog.

Your ability & talents are most wanted and welcomed by the true Canes fans!!!

You will be a GREAT addition to our beloved UM Hurricanes!!!!!!

A. Chickillo,

If you read this blog please do not listen to the ignorant comments presented by some of the authors in this blog.

Your ability & talents are most wanted and welcomed by the true Canes fans!!!

You will be a GREAT addition to our beloved UM Hurricanes!!!!!!

A. Chickillo,

If you read this blog please do not listen to the ignorant comments presented by some of the authors in this blog.

Your ability & talents are most wanted and welcomed by the true Canes fans!!!

You will be a GREAT addition to our beloved UM Hurricanes!!!!!!

Backskpace = Gaytor, Semihole jackarse troll. Get used to it boy, the U will take whomever it chooses starting now, the domination is about to get serious again!!!

keep begging him lol chickollo if you read this the game your playing alla bryce brown gonna come back and bite you pressure bust pipes either your a cane or not before the u a game he was a hardworker high motor guy now hes ted hendricks lol gtfo maybe he can be half as good as jermaine mcdougle (if he comes )

Hey backspace why are you hating on Chick so much? You do realize he is one of our own? let's stop putting this kid down and embrace the fact that he part of the U now. "Canes fan till I die"

sounds like some excellent pickups!!! Man this feels good!!!


You would agree that he must be somewhat of a player if all the top programs, including Gator trash, are after him?

You would also agree that Gainesville is a disgusting dump of a town and 4 years there makes you culturally sterile.


According to Scout, 12 of the top 20 uncommited players are at least "considering" Miami...
You never know!


...i've been here forever... always will be...

Using Bryce Brown and even his brother to knock a future Cane is nonsense. Obviously, Bryce, and maybe Arthur, are me-first attitude cases. Chickillo is a kid with character and heart. It is a huge difference that predicts future success more likely than not.

And 5 Rings, your negativity makes many of us wonder who you truly support. Chickillo has all the tools, including on the field performance, to flourish in college.

On what basis does your prediction stand? You don't like hype? So what? What do you expect at this stage? Any good player will come with hype. Agree that it is not a guarantee, but overall better than not, no?

All true Canes welcome Chickillo if he chooses us. He is the kind of kid who can be a difference maker.

This program needs players that play with passion, and fans who embrace the importance of that factor. Go Canes!

I read that Menocal decommitted from the U. I guess Menocal does not like competition and do not want to compete. If he is going to someday make an NFL roster he is going to do some serious competing. The situation at the U would have been a good place to start...I wish him well.

It's semenholes and yes gville sucks a wet one


Go Canes!!


Go Canes!!

Guaranteed Menocal decommitted b/c the 3-4 D is more suited for his size. And b/c Golden wanted him to play Offense. That said, our LB core is becoming slim.

With Menocal decommiting we need:

a stud DT
2 QBs

Chick fillet is supposed to "announce" today. With Menocal as OLB out, let's fill that out with the UA allstar defensive MVP!

Let's also root for Devin Hester, Greg Olsen and Sam Shields to put on a show!

Yeah baby! The juices are flowing again. can't wait for the springgame.

Manny- any new info on an OC?

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