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Perryman talks commitment; Menocal switches

Denzel Perryman got his first verbal scholarship offer when he was just a freshman at Coral Gables High -- and It came from his beloved Hurricanes, delivered by linebackers coach Micheal Barrow.

Denzel Perryman After waiting four years for an answer, the three-time All Dade First team middle linebacker finally told the Canes Saturday to count him in their next recruiting class. Perryman (5-11, 215) was so anxious to deliver the news he told UM coaches before his official visit this weekend was even over.

"My heart has always been here," said Perryman, who racked up 134 tackles and eight sacks in 10 games his senior season. "Basically, I didn't want to lose my scholarship or whatever. I knew I wanted to be here."

Perryman, considered one of the nation's top 20 inside linebackers by ESPN, said he probably would have committed to UM earlier in the process. But he said he just wanted to make sure Barrow was going to be on Al Golden's staff and that UM's new coach also wanted him here.

"When I heard Coach Shannon was fired I got real nervous," Perryman said. "Coach Barrow and I grew real close. The fact he stayed was a huge plus for me." 

Also a plus: the fact new defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio coached Perryman's older brother, Quintero Frierson at Rutgers.

"My brother played for him his freshman year, told me he was a great coach," Perryman said. "I never met him when he was coaching my brother. But I like what his plan is for the defense. I met him two weeks ago. He's a real good guy."

Perryman, one of nearly a dozen recruits at UM this weekend, became the 12th commitment for the Canes leading up to National Signing Day (Feb. 2). UM has at least three more available scholarships -- if not more.

Perryman said he expects UM's top recruit, defensive end Anthony Chickillo, to reaffirm his commitment to UM on Sunday. Chickillo, the MVP of the Under Armour All-American game, had been wavering since former coach Randy Shannon was fired.

"I think we both were just waiting to see how this new ataff was going to be," said Perryman, who is rooming with Chickillo on the visit to UM. "But now that we know what they are about, you feel good about The U."

Perryman said he and Chickillo have turned their focus to trying to get Miami Booker T. Washington defensive tackle Elkino Watson to commit to UM, too. Watson is a surprise visitor this weekend.

> Miami Belen linebacker Nick Menocal switched his commitment late tonight from UM to Georgia Tech. Menocal, who committed to the program when Shannon was still coach, had been asked by Golden to play offense. He felt he was a better fit at Georgia Tech.

He is the second former Shannon recruit Golden has parted ways with over the last two weeks. Cornerback Jeremy Davis was encouraged to look elsewhere.


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Fantastic news! Great job to the coaching staff. Denzel Perryman and Anthony Chickillo are the faces of the UM Class of 2011. They lend a strong identity to this class and I would expect they'll be the future leaders of our team.

As for the few bashers I see trolling this blog, these are not Miami Hurricanes fans. I'm sure DP and AC can tell the difference.

Thanks Manny and Susan!

Recruitment news!

Byron Moore (CB - 6'1", 200lbs) has just
committed to the Canes!! On inside the U/247

Welcome to the U Byron!!


Recruitment news!

Byron Moore (CB - 6'1", 200lbs) has just
committed to the Canes!! On inside the U/247

Welcome to the U Byron!!


B. Moore also committed according to insidetheu, though it came second hand and is very unofficial. He and chick are probably the biggest pickups, and now we need those QB's.

Looking good.

Details agreed

For the last time im a die hard cane because I feel a certain way about chickollo makesme a gator or a nole no. this is a blog right I dont think so and for everyone sayin hes family what the heck was randy shannon sorry butt if I think your hyped up thats what I think like I said before no great cane has had thi s much hype just the browns and the 08 class you are the same fans who loved jacory but talk about the man like a dog now lol and hes still family lol

Backspace, Fair enough. Glad you are a Canes fan. All of usd can certainly say our opinions.

I am curious...What is the basis for your apparently strong belief that Chickillo is another B. Brown? I don't think he has a "spiritual advisor" like Brown, must fast before making a decision, is hailed as the next coming of Barry Sanders or whomever, etc.

Are you bitter about Shannon being terminated? If so, he did not produce enough Ws, as he himself said on the ESPN special the other night.

What is your thinking?

5 Star that was hyped coming in and produced-Seantrel Henderson. Eat dik backspace.

Losing Menocal is BIG mistake IMO.

Sickoffans what has henderson produced spence was freshmen all american too we need gm changers like ed reed sean taylor santam moss andre johnson all unhyped ballers by the way I never was a fan of shannon after he took the names off the jerseys I knew he was a bum your the same people who were callimg for spencer whipple lol

Hey backspace, learn you're facts. Chickillo isn't a 5 star he is a 4 star on ESPN. So before you go bashing us about looking at stars, why don't you know how many the kids, that you are already saying are going to suck, have. Chick and everyone else will be fine.

its funny how u so called fans dog people with facts and stats. I have heard very people use stats on here to support their arguments. all of those top players backspace named that didnt get play in games where u cant blitz or run schemes randy got those players. authur brown and bryce balled in those games and they were terrible. let the players get here and work there tails off before u make them an all american before they step foot on campus. hopefully we will return to a dominating style of defense and power running game but i want to see it first. good stats backspace

Menocal lost UM. And so did Jerome Davis. Al did not recruit these players, Shannon did. Even still, these schollies would be honored, unlike current dead weight bench warming Srs, but they'd to prove themselves "the way" Golden saw their fit. They decided to take their talent not So. Beach but to GT and Strong/Hurtt Louisville, respectively. No harm, no foul. These guys could have stuck with the U AND prove that they REALLY wanted to be at the U. They wanted to be here? ... but they chose... yktr

kyle wright was a five star recruit too. u forgot him backspace.

So was Chris Nix; and Sam Bradford was a 3 star. So what does that tell you about the star system?

backspace=pathetic swamp lizard

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

The "NEW U". sounds good. We still have to get rid of SHALAYA. Hopefully GOLDEN will not kiss her rear-end and be her lap-dog like Shannon was!

back space has some good points. Agree with whatyousaid about shannon. I wanted him to succeeed badly. Former cane, perennial DC, heck, I felt had he won a NC, Um would have had a dynasty like no one has eve seen. But he came in like a blitzkrieg, no name shirts, bullying people without commanding respect, only instilling fear, but then he could not back it up by getting his teams to play for him consistently. Then he began alienating other south florida coaches, former players (his former teammates , and supporters), the press, and the rest is history.

We need Chikillo.

we need 2 QBs.

Any word on preogress on QBS? Is Rudock totally out of the picture?

The recruits know that brainless gator morons such as backspace and the other aliases he uses visit the UM sites posing as Canes fans who hate them.

The Canes decision to part ways with recruit Jeremy Davis was a good decision. This kid has a serious attitude and entitlement issues. This kid's own mother can't control his attitude and demeanor. This is the same kid that threatened his own high school football coach with physical violence and threatened to assault police officer at a crime scene in his home town of Fort Myers, Florida. Good decision Miami. This kid is nothing like his brother ex-cane now Washington Redskin Phillip Buchanon.

if backspace is such a big time cane fan then why do u trash high school kids who never stepped foot on the field yet. Chik is smart enough to realize what the F ur doing. go get on a gaytor board start begging for him to go to UF

Hate to Hear about O'leary committing to FSU but I think his Dad or someone in that family played there or went there. I think he would have been better utilized @ Miami but no use in crying over spilled milk. Backspace I really just think you blogged so you can get attention to yourself. You have high expectations ? Fine we all do but it starts with players like Chickillo who comes from a orange and green family you can't deny that. If you are a fan like you say you are then you cheered for his dad way back when or if that was before your time ( go watch a classic game on sunshine network.)As for landing QBs in this class, I think we get 1 not 2 with QB being the main priority in the 2012 recruiting class. I'm happy Perryman committed and he and Chickillo are trying to sway recuits. I want to see Elinko Watson as a cane. I like him. Congrats to all the Commits !! Go Canes !

Backspace go back to the Florida blog and quit wasting everyones time. Chickillo is a huge part of this years recruiting class and we're happy to have him. Golden is doing a great job or recruiting dade county and nationally.

You jerks really think im a gator ha im sitting here with dan werne r watching the bears I know more canes personally than any one blooging

Backdouche, maybe Werner can teach you spelling, grammar and punctuation, you illiterate digit.

No qb =fail chickollo is not as crucial qb will make or br eak us why has no qb commited yet it should be a easy sell for us with r qb depth Jacory morris and spencer

Whatever I thought this was a blog not an iq test detail by they way my car needs a detail loser no im not a gator r a nole try harder

No, but you are illiterate and uninformed therefore a useless troll.

Sorry, that's not me talking. That is the truth.

Im a guy who was there for the ken kelly days to the washington lost to the ohiostate lost which we thought we were playing nebraska again by the way to or last bcs gm to now and the truth hurts alot of hype no results chickillos not the only one but fans are acting like hes the savior no sir been there done that in 08 with a whole class fastfoward to 2011 and its one player thats gone brIng us back wake up fans and come to a gm and let the play on the field crown stars and coaches but not one snap has been made since the bowl gm relax im not a gator clowns so stop that

Great, so you've been a fan for 10 years. Now shut the he'll up before you show how stupid you really are.

Great to have u Denzel! All the u gables mlb end up going to the league. Stay at it and u will be there too.

Backwaist is a UF swamp trash fan who blogs as a um fan in the closet of his parent's home wishing he could see the demise of the superior canes. Get a life.

I love teddy but he is a spread qb. I wish him the best regardless of where he goes.

Sam shields just made another play. Can u imagine if randy never switched him to db? He would of been a wr wit no team. I kno u guys dont give randy any credit, but he had a vision for the kid.


C'mon stupid...nobody's buying your idiocy and that includes the 18 and 19 year old recruits. How does it feel to know 18 and 19 year old high school kids are smarter and savvier than you?

Instead of posting your garbage on this site you should be worried about the hiring of that coach Texas was going to fire and an offensive coordinator that destroyed Notre Dame football and is coming to retire in Gainesville.

Granted, the Canes are at will stealing recruits away from you. But making matters worse, after Muschamp has talked to the other recruits the Canes don't want the following day they’ve committed to another school. You will look back at last year’s Gator 7 & 5 record as the good ole days.

PS: You must be so proud of that junior high school schedule you cowards play every year…pathetic losers!!!
PPS: Word is Foley is going to temporarily hire back "Crazy" Urban just so he can make it a trifecta and quit on you clowns for a 3rd time...Hee-Haw Hillbilly's!!!

Fan I said i was there loser right there meaning first hand


I do believe in the star system. It gives the superior athlete the higher rankings. The one thing it doesn't do is judge heart and intensity. I do believe dat the gayturs have a better class on physical talent, but until 3 years down the road, we wont kno Wat dat actually means. Miami is filled wit athletes as gud anybody in the nation and still, where did it get us? I'm not excited as some of my fellow canes fan wit certain of golden's recruits, but chickillo looks like the real deal. Do u guys remember the under armour game a couple of years ago wit ray ray, the debose kid, and Greg Reid? The Reid kid looked like he was on a different level from the rest. Same thing wit chick. I think he's a impact player once he hits the weight room

Sam shields just made another play. Can u imagine if randy never switched him to db? He would of been a wr wit no team. I kno u guys dont give randy any credit, but he had a vision for the kid.

Posted by: i kno da u | January 23, 2011 at 04:31 PM

Good luck w/some of these guys giving Randy any type of credit. They love to mention the guy not winning enough, but when it come to success stories they fail to give him his props.

THE U!!!!!

vision for the kid?

Shannon taught him nothing. His DC had to teach him how to read coverage packages from scratch!

Sam Shields is a cane through and through. I'd say he started out in the wrong position from the beginning. He was never a WR he was lost. he lost a couple of games against FSU. One by dropping a couple of passes. The last one when he ran onto the field when UM was first and goal at the 4 in 2008.

that said, I am very happy for SS. Hope you win the ship. It's a great story of redemption. I just wish the U had used you batter and you had been more focused while here. But that's in the past. Now I'm pulling for you , Sam.

I know da U- You dont know squat, son.

the ratingsystem is only correct with the superlative athletes. the obvious ones. the top 0.5% of those coming out. It doesnt take a ratings system to pick those out and to predict success.

The rest, the remaining 99.5% are the question.

Devin Hester- 3 star

Aaron Rodgers- unrecruited by D-1.

Ed reed- 3 star

Damine Berry?

Santana Moss?

need I continue?

there is very little difference between a 3-star and a 2 star and a 4 star athlete. Those ratings are purely artificial. done by white guys in suits that go to Nike Combines and look at 40 times and high jumps. It does nothing to measure a kid's heart,. desire, determination or football skills.

examples- Tony Steward. Linebacker. Had very few tackles. But he is a physical specimen. Same with james Wilder Jr. Do we know that these two kids are bona fide ILBs?

Has everyone forgotten Willie Williams, Arthur and Bryce Brown, and others?

i'd rather Um have an ENTIRE class of 1 -3 star players that have heart and discipline, and not some of these primadonnas.

One final point "i know da-u":

The UF recruiting classes have been top3, top 5 since 2008. What has that gotten them in t he last 3 yrs?

Sam shields #9 wr top 150 2006 booker hs fl grade 83 highest rated recruit for miami that year we lost lesean mcCoy t o pitt no wonder we suck oh yeah his grade is the same ad chickollo o no history repeats its self forget ratings clown

does anyone know who and why is the QB that is being blocked from coming to the U and by whom?

As bad as you want to keep good football players it is best to let players who do not bleed Miami Orange to go ahead and leave. To come to Miami is a privilidge and automatic admission into a close family of current and former players like nother college knows. If you are unable to fulfil your obligation to the team by more than playing foortball than go to a place who will forget you as soon as you graduate or leave. Why else would Emmitt Smith and Deon Sanders both admit they maybe should have went to Miami.

Backspace. Why are you hating on this kid so hard? It's not like he is hyping himself up. He is going out and doing what god gave him the gifts to do and everyone else is hyping him up.

Also I hope he comes here and dominates and makes you eat crow. I want you to leave this place if that happens. You are pouring unbased, poorly worded and poorly spelled shot outta ya mouth and it's annoying.

Why are facts called hating youngsters all ways say y u hating on me lol

Are we going to get back Art Huttoe, and maybe Don Soldinger, that a--h--- Coker fired!

Check out how many coaches we lost because of the great TAD FOOTE!!!!Especially when the AD has to beg for Butch Davis's contract! Ask Jimmie Johnson about Tad Foote

I still think we needed Nick Menocal on defense especially at linebacker. They guys we have coming will really have to bulk up. What position did Golden ask him to play on offense?

Because it's not facts you delusional fool. its your uneducated opinion. You think because it happened in the past it will happen again. Yet you are talking about a person. People are variables no one controls how hard they work out, the effort they put in, the weights they lift, the extra practice they put in. But if you knew ANYTHING about Chick you would know he does ALL of that. He is known for having a backyard filled with training equipment and a father who pads up and goes through drills in the back yard....also the 08 class was brought in and coached by sub par coaches. This staff doesn't play around. Word is out. Even the workouts are harder.....5 posts ago you said so what about Seantrel that he wa hyped up too. Did you watch one game!!!!!! Are you delusional!?!??!? He dominated. So please do everyone a favor and just stfu. Thanks.

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