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Perryman talks commitment; Menocal switches

Denzel Perryman got his first verbal scholarship offer when he was just a freshman at Coral Gables High -- and It came from his beloved Hurricanes, delivered by linebackers coach Micheal Barrow.

Denzel Perryman After waiting four years for an answer, the three-time All Dade First team middle linebacker finally told the Canes Saturday to count him in their next recruiting class. Perryman (5-11, 215) was so anxious to deliver the news he told UM coaches before his official visit this weekend was even over.

"My heart has always been here," said Perryman, who racked up 134 tackles and eight sacks in 10 games his senior season. "Basically, I didn't want to lose my scholarship or whatever. I knew I wanted to be here."

Perryman, considered one of the nation's top 20 inside linebackers by ESPN, said he probably would have committed to UM earlier in the process. But he said he just wanted to make sure Barrow was going to be on Al Golden's staff and that UM's new coach also wanted him here.

"When I heard Coach Shannon was fired I got real nervous," Perryman said. "Coach Barrow and I grew real close. The fact he stayed was a huge plus for me." 

Also a plus: the fact new defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio coached Perryman's older brother, Quintero Frierson at Rutgers.

"My brother played for him his freshman year, told me he was a great coach," Perryman said. "I never met him when he was coaching my brother. But I like what his plan is for the defense. I met him two weeks ago. He's a real good guy."

Perryman, one of nearly a dozen recruits at UM this weekend, became the 12th commitment for the Canes leading up to National Signing Day (Feb. 2). UM has at least three more available scholarships -- if not more.

Perryman said he expects UM's top recruit, defensive end Anthony Chickillo, to reaffirm his commitment to UM on Sunday. Chickillo, the MVP of the Under Armour All-American game, had been wavering since former coach Randy Shannon was fired.

"I think we both were just waiting to see how this new ataff was going to be," said Perryman, who is rooming with Chickillo on the visit to UM. "But now that we know what they are about, you feel good about The U."

Perryman said he and Chickillo have turned their focus to trying to get Miami Booker T. Washington defensive tackle Elkino Watson to commit to UM, too. Watson is a surprise visitor this weekend.

> Miami Belen linebacker Nick Menocal switched his commitment late tonight from UM to Georgia Tech. Menocal, who committed to the program when Shannon was still coach, had been asked by Golden to play offense. He felt he was a better fit at Georgia Tech.

He is the second former Shannon recruit Golden has parted ways with over the last two weeks. Cornerback Jeremy Davis was encouraged to look elsewhere.


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The QB that isbeing "blocked" from transferring to UM is Tom Savage, of Rutgers. Schiano has prohibited him from transferring to UM, UF or FSU. There is mutual interest and the kid has said he has always liked the canes. The only common link with Rutgers is that Schiano likes to recruit here. I've lost all my respect for him. We are not playing Rutgers for another 3, 4 yrs. His dad is threatening to sue. A final decsion from administration is expected soon.

Meanwhile Canesport reports that a decision is expected from Jake Rudock soon as well.


Aldarius Johnson 5 STAR= BUST 2008
Arthur Brown Jr 5 STAR= BUST 2008

Backspace doesnt like Chickillo because he is white.Its pretty obvious.
He was only the MVP at the UA game.

Interesting point Legion 4. The problem is this happens at ALL SCHOOLS, ever heard of Notre Dame?
It happens there every year.

Your point to me is, and it's a good one, Trust but Verify! Yes we've had our busts, just like everyone else.

But, what you and the other doubters fail to understand Legion 4 - is Golden has a proven record of developing players.

Golden has put more players into the NFL, that had zero, yes - that's ZERO high school football experience, than any other coach in college football at any level over his time at Temple.

That my friends is developing players.

Forget the Cane Haters.

They're negative hits are just a sign we are really doing well. I'm very impressed with Golden.


Regarding Nick Menocal.

Golden told him he was more suited to play offense.

In other words . . . kid we need you scholly for players we think will be of more help to THE U than you.

Sorry kid.

"At THE U you either win with us or lose to Us."
Ray Lewis


Im white jerk

When u keep talking about ed reed and the few other guys out there to make a point about the star system not being correct, u are only being blind to the most correct truth. Nobody can ever predict what 17 and 18 year olds are going to be. Some kids have attitude problems, grades, kids of their own, bad friends, lazy, girl issues, and whatever issues are out their. So like I said, if a comeback runs a 4.28 40, he is going to be rated higher than the kid that runs a 4.5. Does it matter if the kid wit the 4.5 has all the intangibles that the better the superior kid? No! Cause all coaches think they can bring the best out of a kid. Brandon Harris is a kid who has all the intangibles, and that's why he might end up a late first/ early second round pick even though van dyke might be as good as a athlete he is. Check out the espn 150 for 2007 & 2008 and watch how many of these kids get drafted in the first 4 rounds

Ryan Moore (5*), Tyrone Moss(4*), Charlie Jones (5*), Kyle Wright (5*), Bobby I can't make the grades Washington(5*),Terrell Walden(4*)(Never touched the field), Akieem Jolla (5*)he sucked, Willie Can't stay out jail Williams (5*) Never seen the field!!!

Golden Age, thanks. I thought it may be Savage but was not sure. What is Schiano's deal? Its his fault he didn't take the job when Coker got fired because he thought he could win a championship at Rutgers quicker than the U. SHows what a dummy he is. I like U have lost respect for him. Maybe Savage wins and we get him and hopefully Rudock will decide to come here as well.

Lets all remember that Bryron Moore (S - 4 star - 6' 2", 200lb) committed to Miami this weekend also!
See InsidetheU/247 for confirmation: http://miami.247sports.com/Rec...

Welcome to the U Byron!!

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/01/23/2030317/um-football-gets-commitment-from.html#ixzz1BzXd9pMK

Legion u are correction those names but I doubt anybody that saw Charlie Jones in high school thought he was a all-world runningback. Kyle never was a good decision maker. That's why he took so many sacks. However, his physical ability was never in question. That's what you get judged by. First round ARM with a high school freshman brain gets u nowhere. They all have motivational issues except for Jones. Fatboy moss couldn't stay in shape and walden which I kno personally had the worst attitude u could have. Corey bell which coached him at Edison could tell u that. Willie Williams had all the talent in the world, but that get u nowhere if u dont inspire yourself to get better as a person.

Quick story, back in 99. Miami dade players had super human players like Andre Johnson, Willis, Frank as a sophomore, Sean Taylor who might still be the best rb I ever saw, and the many more freaks that came up at that time. Those kids had heart that u couldn't question. Guys like Antonio bryant who had the same talent as those guys didn't go to um because of attitude issues everybody knew he had. Even though he got to the league, he was such a a-hole that he didn't recognize what Miami had coming in the future.

Some guys chase tail all day and some chase tail and still keep their eyes open for the ultimate dream. U can give me Bruce brown n author brown all u want, but anytime a kid has a agent in high school, he is limiting his ceiling on where he wants to be. Cam newton was a five star athlete also. He had one great year. Watch what happens to auburn next year and the years to come when the ncaa comes knocking. I would take a daquan bower over a olsen Pierre any day of the week. That doesn't mean he won't be any good, it just means he has to work four times as hard just to be in the same sentence as that kid. Sam shields was a more highly sought after wr than any wr on this team now. He came in showing his talent at first, got lazy and had a discipline problem before maturing his last season. Focus does wonders for unbelievable athlete who get undrafted and recognize this their last chance at the pros.

BTW, with the Jenkins arrest in Gainesville, Muschamp already tied with UM on arrests over the last 5 years@ 1 each.

Menocal fits better on defense and from what I hear he's by far better in defense and Georgia tech gave him a better opporunity. It isn't about competition. In his school they had to claw through ther schedule to eventually make it to a state finals last year. They are roughy discipline and a tough, dedicated work ethic.
Wish him the best!

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