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PODCAST: Will UM's recruiting efforts pay off on West Coast?

With a week to go before National Signing Day the Miami Hurricanes have 13 commitments and about a dozen more recruits they are still after. 

It's not humanly possible to chase down all the rumors and all the players coach Al Golden and his staff have gone after over the last five weeks. So, instead, I chased down two of the experts who work the recruiting circuit 24/7 for a living -- Scout.com's Mike Bakas and Brandon Huffman.

Bakas has covered Hurricanes recruiting for 10 years. In our conversation, he provided some good insight on new UM commitment Rashawn Scott, a 6-2, 200-pound receiver from Melbourne Central Catholic. We also talked about who Bakas thinks the Canes really have a shot at signing come Wednesday (yes, he believes UM will land Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett) and a lot more. 

Huffman, the Regional Recruiting manager on the West Coast for Scout.com, will have JUCO defensive back Byron Moore on his show Monday night to announce his choice between UM and Tennessee. Huffman knows all about Brennan Carroll and Jethro Franklin and the work they did on the West Coast as recruiters. Huffman talks about that, which California 2011 recruits UM really has a shot at and which 2012 players the Canes have already given written offers to. You don't want to miss that.

EYE ON THE U: Recruiting Podcast 1/26/11


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Dennis ran a pro style offense you idiot. 3 wrs and a TE was the main set.please see patriots. Erickson left full backs (Derek Harris drafted to Rams), tight ends Syii Tucker Carolina Panther) and a 1,000 yard rusher in Dani Fergerson. UM went 8-3 then 9-3 the first two years under Butch mainly because on QB(Ryan Collins injured Ryan Clemens replaced him) woes just like last yr canes...the talent was there Ray Lewis, Yatil Green, Kenard Lang, Kenny Holmes all first rounders..Tremain Mack 4th round pro bowler Jamie German 3rd rounder ATL Falcons, Marcus Wiberly 5th Atl Falcons it wasnt the system Idiot!!!!

Hired washed up humpty dumpty offensive coordinator who destroyed the notre dame football program and is coming to trailersville to retire

NCAA investigation

Posted by: You're kidding me...He quit again??? | January 27, 2011 at 11:07 AM

2 NC ,BCS bowl games, Heisman..and didn't lose to USF or ND..and our coach isnt from Temple

Posted by: LMAO | January 27, 2011 at 12:03 PM


You're kidding me right????????????

The Miami Hurricanes have dominated college football for over 30 years with 5 National Championships, that should have been 6 if not for a cheating ref and you are stupid enough to throw that Florida record up...LMAO!!!!

For years you have bellowed you had the best coach ever and the best recruiting classes filled with nothing but 5 star players, yet you were lucky to go 7 & 5 last year playing the most cowardly/weakest schedule in division 1A football.

Two of those championships are courtesy of one player...Tim Tebow. And since Tebow's departure you are back in your rightful place in college football having been ranked in the bottom 10 at one point during this past season.

california got the most players in the nfl outta one state yall trippin

LMOA, that was the set his 1st few years but it was still a spread passing type of offense moron. Dennis's offense was one of the first spread type concept which did not use alot of play action passes and they were in the shot gun more because they did not power run it after the 91 season. Butch came in put Trent Jones in as a Tailback instead of a slot back and used a 2back prostyle attack. Certain pro teams have evolved into it in the last 5 or so years dummy, plus the patriots have a guy named brady.
Now the QBs Collins and clement were an issue but the offense was a run first type which had to change the offensive line mentallity a personel. IF U think the system was not a difficult transition then I was correct in my assessment that U my friend are a moron that just knows enough about the game to follow the scoreboard and see who is ahead. I see in your list of names and don't get me wrong some were great players but you failed to mention any offensive lineman. Rule number 1 dip$hit of football, for an offense or defense to be effective U must have good lineman. Everything starts in the trenches, not at QB, WR, or RB. Those skill positions don't do squat without a line that can run block and pass protect. Maybe U have learned a little today. Once U get that dunce hat off then U can come chat with us.

ALL FROM CALI. I DINT EVEN PUT THE RETIRED PLAYERS Nnamdi Asomugha Tedy Bruschi Reggie Bush Tom Brady Matt Cassel Jared Allen Tony Gonzalez T. J. Houshmandzadeh DeSean Jackson Rey Maualuga clay mathews Carson Palmer Troy Polamalu joey porter maurice jones drew

LMOA, just where is your coach from? U know where was he a head coach at? Oh thats right U got a coach who is a coordinator and was not a head coach? Ours may be from Temple but at least he has shown that he knows how to win and turn around a program. I like my chances with my guy from Temple. Oh and worse your last coach was from Bowling Green, and U want to talk smack about Golden. Ha

Latest Sean Wilson mutant,
You wouldn't take an on campus stadium? True, a really good Canes team will draw at Sunlife,
as at the Orange Bowl in the day. It willo tough for UM to claim Sunlife as their true home.But a stadium closer to campus captures the energy of the university like most distant facilities can not do. Good team plus on campus stadium equals, well, the Swamp orPenn State or the Horseshoe, etc.

Talent wins over coaching??? You have to be kidding! We have had top rated recruiting classes under Shannon & the results were?
Golden took lesser recruited kids & beat teams he should have been destroyed by. Now we have the coaching, talent & desire all on our sidelines!

Let me say this to all of the UM and recruiting wanabee's. FL,TX,& Cal are your top football recruiting hotbeds nationally. What FL is to the East, is what TX is to the Midwest, and Cal is to the West when it comes to recruiting. If you look at all the teams outside of Cali, their rosters are loaded with players from Cal. For example Oregon. Look at teams outside of Tx. For example Oklahoma. Now the east is tricky because all though every school outside of Fl has players on its roster, Fl doesnt dominate there rosters. They have players from Fl on it. For example Clemson, its roster is filled with FL & GA players more than players from SC. The eastearn states, which ever team in that state, dominates its own roster. The main reason Im saying all this is one word: Population. The more people in an area the athletes you have.

I can honestly say I have never been to a Gator blog. Why the f**k are they on here?

LMAO - since you are too dumb to understand I will make it easy to understand what championships was saying. Since I'm in the DC area I will use the redskins as an example. Last year they ran the 4-3 defense and were ranked in the top 10 I believe even top 5 in the NFL as a defensive unit. This year with new coaches they switched to a 3-4 defense guess what their defensive rank was. 31st! Why you may ask since you know nothing about football. Cause the players had to learn a whole new scheme. Now if NFL players have a hard time adopting a new scheme how difficult do you think it would be for college players specifically the university of Minnesota where they went from a spread to a pro style offense. It's no wonder the Minnesota players were frustrated and found the whole system coach fische implemented confusing it's cause IT WAS A NEW SYSTEM. Once they got the hang of it they went from ranked 113th I believe to ranked in the 70s among college teams granted under a new coach but fische had done all the hard work and the new coach benefitted from that. Please learn football before you speak and why are you here anyway. No one cares to hear your stupid arguments. You are an embarrassment to the game of football please dont post here or anywhere else again.

TheWhat..is comparing apples to oranges the most athletic thing you have done was to eat a hot dog at a Skins game.

Why are you going personal now? Who cares about how athletic we are. I'm 23, run everyday, skim when there's waves. I consider myself a athletic guy. And I know that anytime there's a change in coordinators there's going to be a change in schemes, terms, plays, formations and reads. And there is going to be transition period where players are still going to be learning it. Especially from a completely different offenses like spread and pro. Not to mention most of the athletes are better suited for the previous offense. Sh*t look at the gators trying to use a pro style QB(Brantley) as a spread option QB..... Lmao you should be more concerned on how those spread option QBs and running backs are going to fit into the pro style system Mushchump is putting in. Because the scat backs you got ain't gonna cut it when pro styles use a power back for most plays.

Ray Drew committed to Georgia...no surprise there other than the fact he said just a few days ago he wasn't going there and was going to shock the world with his decision.

Barry Jackson related a story in today's paper where some kid had been telling everyone under the sun he was going to attend Maryland and went so far as to invite Ralph Friedgen's wife to the high shool for the announcement. Well, when the big moment came the nit wit kid yanks out a photo of him with Joe Paterno and committed to Penn State.

I don't know about everyone else, but I am over watching 18 year old kids acting like morons as they go through their 3 hat monty routines and other nonsense as they announce.

Ray Drew committed to Georgia...no surprise there other than the fact he said just a few days ago he wasn't going there and was going to shock the world with his decision.

Barry Jackson related a story in today's paper where some kid had been telling everyone under the sun he was going to attend Maryland and went so far as to invite Ralph Friedgen's wife to the high shool for the announcement. Well, when the big moment came the nit wit kid yanks out a photo of him with Joe Paterno and committed to Penn State.

I don't know about everyone else, but I am over watching 18 year old kids acting like morons as they go through their 3 hat monty routines and other nonsense as they announce.

It's not about getting 4 and 5 stars. It's about getting kids that fit the system and know what it means to be a hurricane. "Its a CANES thing...if you have to ask, you wouldn't understand" I believe Ed Reed was a 2 star athlete coming out of high school(correct me if im misinformed). The Golden ERA has begun...


Gionni Paul changes from AZ ST. to the U!

Welcome aboard!

Agree with the The What on the new scheme issue. Like anything, change requires dropping the old and learning the new. A new scheme, skill, way of looking at things, position on the field, blocking patterns, and even simple things like how you drive to work requires repetition and practice before it is assimilated and made automatic.

I like Coach Fisch. He seems to be a bright and fair-minded guy. One year in Golden Gopher land a trend does not make. As many have posted, the material is better at UM, but it will take some time to learn his new approach. It won't be as radical as going from a spread to a prostyle offense, as happened at Minnesota.

The defensive transition should be easier, but the issue for the entire team will be playing with all out passion and intensity. This must become automatic.

I think that Coach Golden and his staff will demand it. It will be great to watch, and when new ways become each player's heart and soul, we gonna love it, baby! Go Canes

Welcome to the U, Gionni Paul! You made a great choice on all levels! All true Canes embrace you as a member of the UM Family! You will be a great player for a great university!

Is Gionni Paul the LB that canesport posted as a commit?

I agree with Tom. it's a canes thing. It's a system thing. Spread option players do best in those systems. Then it's ovah. The []_[] will continue the NFL-pipleine tradition that has no peers.

Now we need 1, possibly 2 QBS. Pleeeeaaaase!

Go to Tex and get a QB

Locker, Texans headline Senior Bowl QBs

AP Sports Writer

MOBILE, Ala. -- Jake Locker wasn't about to skip the Senior Bowl.

The former Washington star is regarded as the top senior quarterback prospect in the upcoming NFL draft, but says playing in Saturday's showcase game is "an awesome opportunity."

Some top QB prospects opt to skip the weeklong audition for NFL teams, but Locker says it was a no-brainer. He'll lead the North team while three Texas high school products quarterback the South, including Alabama's Greg McElroy, TCU's Andy Dalton and Florida State's Christian Ponder.

Lots of players all over the country. Some great UM QB's came from Cali. We can't ignore areas. Team needs to find Diamonds & Diamonds in the rough.

California has no speed? That has to be one of the most idiotic statements I have ever read. CA, TX, FL are the big three states for recruiting, period. There is a ton of talent in California and its a about time we get some. Just like schools from other areas pick S. Fla kids off every year. We cant get ALL of the local talent because there are too many schools vying for talent. I dont care if the kid is from North Dakota, if he can play ball, go and get em..

You guys who think we are wasting our time out in California just proves how foolish you are. It's not that we are neglecting those other states- coach Golden understands their are some great athletes on the west coast as well- too many athletes out there for us to ignore. There are not plenty of athletes in Miami- of all our national titles I don't think any of those qb's came from a Miami school. Let's see if we can steal a few recruits who are headed to USC- they seem to do well with the athletes out there. There is nothing wrong with winning a national title with the majority of our team from west palm south and some from other states- it's how we won all of our previous championships.
Smarten up people- there are studs all over the country, the u will be there to get em

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