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UM names Seahawks' Fisch offensive coordinator

His name began popping up a few days ago. Now we know Seahawks quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch has accepted the University of Miami's vacant offensive coordinator position.

Jedd Fisch

"We are thrilled to announce Coach Fisch as our offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach," UM coach Al Golden said in a statement released by the school. "Through the process, it became abundantly clear that Coach Fisch wanted to be back in college, and more important, he had a passion to be at the University of Miami."

"On background, his credentials and skills are the right match for the pro style offense we will run. Jedd has learned from the best coaches in the game, both professionally and on the college level, and he has taken those experiences to develop his own unique approach. On the field, he is a thorough communicator and devoted to skill development at every position."

"I have to thank Pete Carroll and the Seahawks organization for allowing us to move on this hire during the NFL Playoffs. I can guarantee to you that there will be a lot of UM coaches watching the Seahawks with Coach Fisch and Kelly Jennings, as well as the Chicago Bears with Devin Hester and Greg Olsen on Sunday afternoon."

Fisch, 34, joined Pete Carroll's coaching staff last February after one season as the offensive coordinator at the University of Minnesota in 2009. Fisch's offensive rankings at Minnesota: 109th in total offense (last in the Big Ten), 100th in scoring (also last in the Big Ten), 75th in passing and 111th in rushing offense. 

Prior to his stint with the Gophers, Fisch coached receivers for one season with the Denver Broncos, spent four seasons as an offensive assistant (QB/receivers coach) with the Baltimore Ravens and three seasons with the Houston Texans (2001-03).

A University of Florida graduate, Fisch began coaching under Steve Spurrier as a graduate assistant in 1999-2000.


> Served as wide receivers coach for the Denver Broncos in 2008. The Broncos finished the season as the No. 2-ranked offense in the NFL. Denver was the No. 3 passing team in the league in 2008 as well.

> Tutored two Bronco wide receivers who finished in the top seven in the NFL in receiving yards during 2008. Brandon Marshall tallied 1,265 receiving yards on 104 receptions with six touchdowns. Meanwhile, Eddie Royal recorded 91 catches for 980 yards and five scores.

> Worked with quarterback Steve McNair during 2006 season, when McNair was named to the Pro Bowl and set a franchise record for completion percentage (.630, 295-of-468).

> Helped receivers Derrick Mason (68 receptions) and Mark Clayton (67 receptions) form one of just four tandems in the AFC that featured two players with 65 receptions or more.


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Wow you people really need to relax and give the guy a chance. He spent one year at Minnesota not Ohio State- Minnesota, no talent, cold, mediocre Minnesota- Geesh... I swear a lot of us Canes fans act like Golden was going to talk Sean Payton out of being a head coach to be our OC. Lol.. Lets be realistic, the guy is young and has a lot of energy, we will see what he can do..



I totally agree with the majority of cane fans this not a good hire. The only thing he has going for him is that he's young. I was rooting for David Shaw the new HC for Stanford proven winner. Also, I recommended Joe Lombardi the QB coach for the New Orleans Saints. I think will redshirt this season. See ya in 2012.

Since when does "the guy is young and has a lot of energy" qualify as an OC for the premier college program? I thought we were going to open the wallet and spend...this is a joke. I hope Seattle goes to the Super Bowl to emphasize what a failure this is.

Go Seahawks!

Make no mistake, Al Golden is OC, DC, and STC.

Golden knows Fisch's Coaching abilities.

That's what he's looking for. A guy that can and will coach up our QB's. That's first on the list.

Second a guy that knows how to run and coach the QB's in a "Power Oriented" - Pro Style Offense.

Game day play calling? Final decisions on play calling? That's all Al Golden.

Play book That's Al's deal.

Fisch has coached both NFL WR's and NFL QB's all in "Power Oriented" - Pro Style Offenses.

I am very impressed with everything Golden has done so far and I trust this hire as well.

Go Canes!

Looks Like we boasted our TE Depth:

Former Southern Cal tight end Blake Ayles will be transferring to Miami. He's eligible to play in 2011 thanks to the Trojans ongoing NCAA sanctions.

Miami's tight end picture is getting muddier by the day. Asante Cleveland figures to be the starter, and is still the best long term bet, but Ayles will join Chase Ford, and former lineback Jordan Futch in a battle for minutes. Ayles isn't any more likely to live up to his high school hype in Coral Gables.

Source: Los Angeles Times

SuperCane the above statement shows how stupid and out of touch you are...If AL Golden could coach all of the element of the team, why was he at Temple and looking for a better job?..this is a bad put together group of coaches!!!!

"One year is not a track record."

Posted by: mike33076

Well mike, I certainly don't think it's wise to stake your job and quite possibly the advancement of a career on anyone without a "track record".
...I suppose then that AG must have hired him based on his ability to grace a sideline?

Calm down everyone. The guy coached 1 year at Minnesota!! How much talent could he have had to work with. It's not like we are talking about the Vikings here, it's the freaking Gophers! Who even knew Minnesota had a football team? Pete Carroll has had some pretty good coaches on his staff and if he liked that guy, he can't be all bad. You guys talk about Whipple like he was special...what did he do except continue to play an inept Harris when Morris was available...waste the talent of a good rushing corps and underachieve. If you're real Miami fans, you have got to be excited that if nothing else he brings solid NFL experience and a fresh approach to a team with no heart and a lack of motivation.

Reading these recent posts tells me that the greater majority of posters know little if anything about coaching and the new OC Fisch.

Do you think Golden is going to bring someone in that he doesn't have faith in and that the coaches who are successful in both college and pro who recommend this guy don't know what they are doing?

Oh yeah, your Miami Hurricane football experts and have all the answers....my bad!!!!!

you have to give me more than he is a Gator and coached at Minnesota once.

its hard to be thrilled with golden's hires. at 40 is he the veteran of the staff? he doesn't even talk to coach soldinger for 30 seconds yet hes the best RB coach in the US sitting right here in his backyard. maybe these guys can coach, but all of this talk of bring back the U etc etc - sounds like hes bring back USC or something. good luck coach.

Hopefully Golden will do the play calling.


Very nice and well informed analysis of next year's (maybe) top 25! You are on it.
Regarding the "loss" of McNulty, notice how well he did developing Matt Leinart. I think that many recommended Coach Fisch, including Pete Carroll (a great college coach). That plus Jersey (attitude) and Al Golden (a smart, motivated leader) works for this alum. Give it a chance to unfold...


Fisch’s Journey

By Ben Malcomson

Posted Jul 10, 2010

Jedd Fisch, the Seahawks’ 34-year-old quarterbacks coach has traveled down quite an eventful road since deciding on his career destination, becoming a symbol of setting a goal and relentlessly striving after it in the process.

Jedd Fisch is on a journey.

He has an idea where it’s going, but who knows the path he’ll take. His life so far does everything to solidify that thought.

The Seahawks’ 34-year-old quarterbacks coach has traveled down quite an eventful road since deciding on his career destination, becoming a symbol of setting a goal and relentlessly striving after it in the process.

When talking about why he got into coaching, Fisch sounds like any other coach.

“It’s been a passion of mine from growing up,” he said. “I always wanted to be a football coach at the highest level. It’s the only thing I really wanted to be.”

But when talking about how he got into coaching, Fisch walked a path far from the norm.

His passion started as a 10-year-old ballboy for his north New Jersey town’s high school football team, one that was coached by an eventual mentor, close family friend and one of the winningest head coaches in the state. From the sidelines as a kid, Fisch witnessed a state championship and several other deep runs into the playoffs.

“I was brought up as a coach,” Fisch said.

Fisch was not brought up as a player — a football player, to be clear. In between volunteer coaching opportunities, he blossomed into an all-state tennis player in high school, even training at a tennis academy in Florida. It all came together on “kind of a weird path” for Fisch.

“It was a path I had to overcome as a coach,” he said. “But my knowledge of growing up around football as a kid overrode everything.”

Fisch ambitiously packed up and went to school in Gainesville, with no connections to the Gators or Spurrier. He tried being an equipment manager for the team his freshman year, but that didn’t pan out. Then he decided to get back to hands-on coaching by volunteering at a high school just off campus. He’d finish class at 2 p.m. and be on the field by 2:30 p.m.

Needless to say, his career path wasn’t going the way he had envisioned when going down to Florida—just high school football.

“It was not easy at all,” Fisch said. “I honestly thought it was going to be a lot easier than it was.”

But then fortune struck and Fisch’s hard work began to pay off with a glimmer of hope. An assistant coach for the Gators was recruiting one of the players on Fisch’s high school team, and before long, he had invited Fisch to do odd jobs around the football office. He spent a year quietly laboring before another assistant started giving Fisch higher-profile tasks.

His break had come. Finally.

“After a year of hiding around the office to do random projects, Coach Spurrier started noticing the work I was doing and liked what I was doing,” Fisch said. “Our relationship grew tremendously.”

By the next season, Fisch was offered a graduate assistant position, and within five years, Spurrier was at Fisch’s wedding.

“It went from hiding from Steve Spurrier to him being at my wedding,” Fisch said, wearing a beaming smile as he recounted the story.

The fairytale was just getting started, though. Fisch’s journey took a huge step up the ladder — thanks in large part to his new relationship with Spurrier.

In 2001, Dom Capers, a longtime NFL defensive mastermind, had been hired to be the founding coach of the expansion Houston Texans franchise. When looking to hire a staff, Capers called up his old friend Spurrier and asked for a recommendation. Spurrier had the perfect guy in mind.

Jedd Fisch, welcome to Houston.

“I was fortunate that of the 11 years Coach Spurrier was there at Florida, he recommended me to go of all the people he had worked with,” Fisch said.

So Fisch was off to Texas, forming one part of a three-headed crew — along with Capers and Chris Palmer — that laid the foundation for the organization a whole year before the team even played its first game. The threesome spent eight months building the program during Year 0 of the franchise, developing practice plans, making playbooks, breaking down film and constructing the Texans from scratch.

It was an opportunity of a lifetime to help create a football team, but it only got more interesting from there.

When Capers went about hiring the rest of his staff, he gave Fisch options — did he want to work on offense, defense or special teams?

“Being 24 at the time, I said, ‘Well, what do you think?’” Fisch recounted about that conversation with Capers. “He told me, ‘If I was you, I’d get on defense and learn it even though you coach offense.’”

So Fisch did just that, spending two years as a defensive quality control coach even though he was bred as an offensive guy. The experience has undoubtedly helped shape his offensive strategies, he said.

“It was awesome,” Fisch said. “I was very fortunate.”

Fisch went on to five years as an assistant with the Baltimore Ravens, one with the Denver Broncos and, most recently, one as offensive coordinator at the University of Minnesota, all the while working for and alongside some of the most revered coaches in football, including Brian Billick and Mike Shanahan. Then add in Steve Spurrier and now Pete Carroll, and the list glimmers with Super Bowl and national championship rings.

“It’s been incredible,” Fisch said. “I don’t know if anyone else at 34 has had the opportunity to work with so many good coaches.”

Down but not out

Fisch’s journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing. If anything, for a small stretch, it looked like he wasn’t going to have much of a career at all.

A freak heart condition struck a 26-year-old Fisch in 2003, causing him to have emergency open-heart surgery to repair an aortic dissection (a tear in the largest artery of the heart). The events nearly ended his life, much less his coaching career.

But it also changed him for the better.

“I think there were some reality checks, but I’m not sure I went the right way with that,” Fisch said, cracking a smile. “Some people would say that would cause you to slow down, but it caused me to speed up. I took on the mindset of, ‘I might not have 60-70 years.’

“I might not be invincible.”

When remembering the story, Fisch admitted that he had a “monster of a mound to overcome and fight back from” if he wanted to get back into coaching. He was already missing precious offseason work, but even in the direst of circumstances, he knew his return was imminent.

Three or four days following the surgery, Fisch was on a ventilator in ICU when things took a turn south. “Things were not looking real promising,” as Fisch put it.

But even so, he knew he was going to be OK. His life and career were on the line, and football gave him hope. Capers came to visit the hospital during Fisch’s worst condition. The young coach, just three days after open-heart surgery, had a question for his boss.

“I couldn’t speak, so I wrote on a napkin, ‘Will I still have my job?’” Fisch recounted. “He assured me numerous times. Once he said, ‘Absolutely, 100 percent,’ I knew I was going to come back.

“Deep down, I always felt I was going to coach again.”

Fisch was back to work shortly thereafter and hardly missed a beat. His voice will forever be raspy, but no fret — the important thing is that Fisch hasn’t let a major heart issue knock him off course.

Growing up in the game

Fisch hasn’t taken the normal road to NFL coachdom, but the travels are marked with similar traits as his colleagues.

Namely, perseverance and good ol’ fashioned hard work, characteristics he’s displayed since he packed up and enrolled at Florida to pursue his dream of coaching.

“I was very motivated,” Fisch said as he described his 18-year-old self. “Perseverance was the No. 1 trait that I had then and still have now. If you want to take on a challenge and having to do it from ground zero, the only way to do it is by fighting through it and persevering.

“That’s what I did at 18 and I haven’t stopped. That won’t ever change.”

His colleagues have taken note. Seahawks offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates, who worked with Fisch when both were assistants with the Denver Broncos, raves about his comrade’s “hard-working nature and through that, his understanding of the game.”

Mike Shanahan, the head coach of the Broncos when Fisch and Bates worked there, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in 2009 that Fisch is “driven.”

“Look at his background, how hard he’s worked,” Shanahan said. “Everything he has done, he’s done to get himself to be a head football coach. Very few have that kind of commitment.”

Fisch admittedly hasn’t done it alone. He’s had several mentors and guides along the way, including the distinguished list of head coaches and assistants he’s worked with — “you couldn’t ask to be around better coaches,” Fisch said. He’s also had teachers he’s never met, including another coaching prodigy in Jon Gruden. Fisch has had Gruden’s resume posted on bathroom mirror ever since college and has tried to emulate the man who became a Super Bowl-winning head coach at 39.

“I’ve always said that I’m going to try to do everything he did,” Fisch said. “I’m not there yet but I knew that was going to be a path I wanted to take.”

Fisch also credits his relationship with Bates as a reason for his rapid upward climb, as the two have had a mirrored march through the coaching ladder, both coming into the League at the same time and both rising up at astronomical rates.

“That relationship has been critical for my success,” Fisch said.

Bates added that because the two have traveled a similar path through the coaching ranks, they share a unique bond that helps both of them be their best.

“We grew up the same way, as quality control guys breaking down film and doing the dirty work,” Bates said. “So when we communicate, we’re on the same page. We can have the same conversation and the same ideas.”

Looking ahead

What’s down the road for Fisch? Ultimately, he wants to be a head coach, and he’s working fervently to get there. He takes detailed notes in every meeting, saving the dozens of notebooks he’s amassed over the years so he can always look back along the way.

“You try to take what you can use today and use it today and then you try to store the rest of it,” Fisch said. “There’s so much from each one of these guys. I’m trying to soak it in and then make it my own — I’ve got to make sure I’m not trying to be somebody else but that I’m learning from all of these guys.”

Looking back, Fisch can pinpoint special milestones that dot his trail toward the coaching apex. There’s his take-a-chance decision to attend Florida, his ascension to the NFL at age 24, his time as offensive coordinator of a BCS program. But there’s one that sticks out the most.

“Hands down, when I look back, the No. 1 mile marker is Coach Spurrier giving me the opportunity at Florida,” Fisch said. “If he didn’t take a chance with a guy who never played for him and who had no relationship with him, if he didn’t do that, I wouldn’t be coaching.”

But Spurrier took that chance, and here Fisch is today, the quarterbacks coach of the Seattle Seahawks, with no end in sight.

The journey continues.


Hope is eternal.

If you're true Cane, then. you must have faith & hope whne the OC track is thin. Shannon had no coordinator track record, but won college top coordinator award after coming over as a position coach in the nfl as fins lb coach.
I think this hire is sexy, potent, and the recruits will go gaga with a guy so young, yet with SO MUCH NFL EXPERIENCE!

I'd venture to call this hire young with steriods in exPerience

Jedd n Jethro in full control of the Cane Offense ...

ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm sooooo Scaaarrrrrrred

PS: His loyalty was to Spurrier--not the Gators. He is very specific in how he looks back on his time in Gainesville.

What I have enjoyed is the racist gator using all of his many aliases who has been slamming the hire not knowing he's a Spurrier guy. This moron is an expert at hate and a world-class nimrod regarding anything to do with football...very, very funny!

You fans are so silly.........go back and look up Minnestoa's 2009 season and see how much better our 2010 offense was compared to theirs...not much better, but we have the talent.You have to have the right players in order to be able to run a system. Rich Rod's O looked all world at West Virginia, Norm Chow looked to be the next best thing to sliced bread at USC, Steve Spurrier so-called revolutionized the passing game with Fla talent.

Point is, you haven't seen the man coach with talent, and if you read up on him, the reason why his offense didn't click in Minnesota was due to the transition from spread to pro-style, no talent, his 1st year, and the system was too complex for those kids.

If you all think that Charlie Weiss's system is great, why was his offense shut down vs USC, faster teams, or why can't his college QBs transition to the pros? We should want an offense that opposing d-coordinators have a hard time figuring out. We want our players to grasp complex schemes, it only makes them better and more prepared for the league. If we want to keep winning chips and filling the draft it starts with nigh expectations.

UMM Hello nation but although Seattle had a losing record in the playoffs, are we not watching this coach and his team in the playoffs right now ? Did they or did they not just beat the previous super bowl champions ? Another thing, we have enough to handle with supporting our own team I'm tired of all this belly aching about the Gators. What they do up there is on them and we will see them soon enough. Quit pissing and moaning about this coach is a bad hire or we should have gotten Chudzinski well guess what, Chudzinski had numerous chances to come back and didn't. Move on and support our coach and his staff now. If I'm the WR coach right now, Travis Benjamin is following me everywhere I go bathroom included. can't believe he contemplated going to the NFL. Golden and D'onofrio are Penn State guys. Anybody Belly aching about that ? I'm not and I think we win 9 games this year. Something Coach Shannon didn't do and I supported him too. Along with the 9 wins, a bowl win would be nice too. I'm a realist and things take time and i'm going to give this staff support just like I did the last staff. I agree with David Hernandez. Go Canes !!

correction, losing record in the season.

His year at Minnesota numbers are pointless...they had a HC who was way overmatched, was coaching kids in the big ten that wouldn't do well in junior college...he saw right away that the job was going to go nowhere and left...I like the idea of getting NFL experience on staff to get players to commit to Miami...Just like the glory years as the NFL farm system, you need guys to coach 'em up to the next level...calm down and see what happens...

There's an amusing irony to all this. Randy Shannon is a lifetime Cane.
Miami native with championships as a player and defensive coordinator. Fans ran him out of town after a 28-22 record in his first head coaching job, after going 9-3 in 2009 with a team of freshmen and sophomores, and then recruiting the number one offensive player in the country. He also recruited the likes of L. Miller and S. Johnson.

Now you've got a AD from KSU by way of OK and Ohio U. A head coach from Penn State and a coaching squad of other competitive outsiders, including Florida and USC and you're complaining about 'GAYTURDS" and a lack of success and experience. You have gotten what you asked for.

The good news is, Shannon left this team with a ton of talent. SIXTEEN SENIORS this year. Nothing like that in recent memory. It will go a long way in the fall. The biggest loss is Brandon Harris to the NFL.

Sucks when U light a firecracker and all U get is Pfffffhhhhhhtttttt ...

Didn't the Seahawks just pull of one of the biggest upsets in NFL playoff history against the Saints and score 41 points?

Posted by: caniac | January 13, 2011 at 01:54 PM

Yes and the Seahawks OC Bates told U, along with 7 or 8 others, NO THANKS... U reached yet again.

U clucks will run him out of town like U did the last 3 O.C.'s by this time next year after a 6-7 record and another Dec. Bowl loss season.

Fcking retards.

Not an exciting hire just looking at him on the surface. On paper he does not seem to be an upgrade over Whipple. We will hold the jury out until we see how he does on the recruiting trail and after next season.

looks like a lot of people are forgetting to take into account that Whipple's stats coming in were phenomonal... and where did that get us exactly? Our numbers were improved, you can't take that away from Whipple but is anyone unhappy to see him leave? Our offense scared exactly no one over the last 8 years or so... let's give this new guy a chance, huh?

I'd rather take a shot with a youn energetic guy who everyone recommends than a retread like Charlie Weis. Take away Brady and Bellichik and what has that old man done?

Posted by: mike | January 13, 2011 at 03:28 PM

I suppose U'd rather take Ur chances on a cross country commercial flight with a Co-Pilot fresh out of flight school at the controls rather than a 30 year Senior Captain Air Force Vet with 100k hours for flight-time...

I suppose U'd rather take Ur chances on a cross country commercial flight with a Co-Pilot fresh out of flight school at the controls rather than a 30 year Senior Captain Air Force Vet with 100k hours for flight-time...

Posted by: Puddle Jumper U


That's it? That's the best you can do?

First of all, using your lame analogy, Charlie augered the Notre Dame program into the ground in a ball of flames.

Secondly...Weis has to buy two airline seats when traveling. So, the thought of him fitting into the cockpit of anything is a hysterical visualization.

Finally...I'm guessing they hired you to constantly be wiping the snot drueling out of humpty-dumpty's swollen nose.

PS: The Gators really showed the Canes...they hired a coach who Texas was going to fire, our receivers coach who we would have paid for you clowns to take and an offensive coordinator that only had success because he hung on the coat tails of Belichick. All this after the Gators post a 7 and 5 season and their mentally ill coach quit for the second time in the same calendar year...yee-haw!!!

This hire is a low blow!!! ouch FKNG GAYTURD !! chilling resume !!! it's like somebody doen't want us to wake up from this nightmare!!!
Worst OC in the Big Ten while at Min... going against Weis and Fisher not even close!!!

Obviously Fisch is a man on a progressive career path. Exactly the kind of OC we want - young, energetic, great training from some of the best coaches in football, and highly recommended.

His experience is much more complete than was that of coach Nix. Whipple might have lacked the spark and creativity necessary to get the required buy-in from the players, although the game-breaking fire-power was there (and will still be going into next season). All that the offense lacked was discipline and consistency, with too many penalties, too many dropped passes, plus way too many interceptions.

We'll see if Fisch can coach up our existing talent once the season starts, all else is pure speculation, but in the meantime, he's looking good to me.

Now we have to find a good offensive line coach and have a super finish in recruiting.

In any event, next season should be fun to watch what impact all these new coaches will provide.


Fantastic hire - Miami now has the most energetic, aggresive coaching staff in America.

First of all, using your lame analogy, Charlie augered the Notre Dame program into the ground in a ball of flames.

U mean the same ND program that with all his recruits beat U down into total submission by halftime in El Paso ?

Still sticking with the Texas was going to fire Muschamp angle huh? I suppose ol Jedd was going to get promoted to the Seahawks OC but instead decided to take a step up and take over the Offensive @ Duh U right?

What a mindless, gutless pure stupid bunch of fans do we have here in Miami? I read each and everyone of the responses and except for a very few it was all a real bunch of garbage. A great way to waste about 30 minutes. Give me a break. IF ALL YOU SO CALLED FANS ARE UPSET ABOUT THE NEW HIRE....Then I guess there is only one thing to do....FIND ANOTHER COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM. PLAIN AND SIMPLE CUT OUT ALL THE NEGATIVES. Leave the team alone. One person said it best... "He has not even arrived yet and everyone wants to hang him. Just because you all feel he does not have enough tallent. Or fir the biggest stupid reason of all He graduated from UF. Man this is the tops. Of all the most idiotic things I have rfead while comming to this site. This one takes the cake. YOU ALL AUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOUR LACXK OF FAITH. I wished where ever you work your fellowe workers looked upon you with the same vision. I have said this before and it needs repeating....If you are not behind this team and school 100% then just go away. We will do just fine without you.

Minnesota isnt anything special either but he was good enough to coach in the nfl.



First of all, using your lame analogy, Charlie augered the Notre Dame program into the ground in a ball of flames.

U mean the same ND program that with all his recruits beat U down into total submission by halftime in El Paso ?

Still sticking with the Texas was going to fire Muschamp angle huh? I suppose ol Jedd was going to get promoted to the Seahawks OC but instead decided to take a step up and take over the Offensive @ Duh U right?

Posted by: Elle May For O- Line Coach ?


Thank you for making my point--yes, those were humpty-dumpty's recruits that beat our mighty canes, which proves charlie can recruit--HE JUST CAN'T COACH! Maybe I misunderstood his hire for the cowardly gators--was he hired as the recruiting coordinator or offensive coordinator, because if it's the latter then your impressive offense from last year will look good compared to what ole snot nose trots out into the septic tank...hee-haw gomer!


That's it for me. This program will linger in mediocrity for years. Allhires have ZERO Cane ties. If I hear Golden talk about "Brand" again I'll puke. What the hell do any of them know about the real U ! Destination job my AZZZZ ! All these Yankee Jersey Coaches will bolt when they get a better offer. I'm not buying any of their B.S. and other smart U fans don't either. All U come lately bandwagon Canes fans, like this Temple-UConn-Rutgers-Minn.-TURD filled staff don't know sheeet about how this U was built !!!

Give me UCF-USF-FIU anyday. Hungry, upncoming programs that have atleast WON a Bowl game in the last month. And they all will stay ahead of what Hocutt and Donna are tearing apart down in Coral Gables.

Minnesota isnt anything special either but he was good enough to coach in the nfl.

Posted by: matt w | January 13, 2011 at 06:57 PM

So was Shannon

Well after reading all of these blogs, I have come to the conclusion that none of you have any idea what it takes to get to where we were before. This, is a step in right direction, in that we all forget how many showed at the last game and how many season ticket holders we have at the "U". Get a life all you v++++a breaths. Give all of these guys a chance.

players play not coaches they implement the plays and his the players have to make plays. Coaches in every sport get the ax when palyers aren't peforming. Randy didnt play one down while he coached but face crticism like a man and kept encouraging the players but they didnt peform on the field. x and o's are great but if u dont execute on the field it's worth nothing. Our team didnt execute, didnt play with the heart of a champion, too many penalties and turnovers. Players have to be accountable. Miami Fans we dont support our team like FSU, UF, USF, and UCF. When those teams ht hard times the fans showed up, our stadium is almost empty where the support. Stop being so negative about who AL brought in just support through tyhick and thin.

The Negativity on this blog is from all Gayturd and Semihole fans. Ignore the ignorant trolls.

which proves charlie can recruit--HE JUST CAN'T COACH!

sounds fimiliar huh ... except that one coach called plays acquiring 4 Super Bowl Rings and the other coach couldn't recruit, coach, win, motivate or speak.

Posted by: U high or just dUmb ?


Are you by chance referencing the coach who called the plays that Bil Belichick...ORDERED HIM TO CALL?!?!?!

When ole snot nose was calling his own plays at Notre Dame it was a disaster...like the gator football program.

Speaking of crazy, cheating coaches...how's Urban? Muschump will make you gator butt hole sniffers long for the day that Urban was having nervous breakdowns on the sidelines in the septic tank.

PS: Maybe you can help me with this...has any of your players swiped a credit card off of a dying girl this week...if you don't have that answer can you at least tell me if the gator who was arrested for shooting up a neighborhood with an ak47 make 40 or 41 felony arrests? Thanking you in advance.

Pete Carroll liked him - Golden likes him , I like him - he is young and driven - this is a bold move by Golden , the kind of moves that makes champions - Good Luck Fisch - but in truth luck has nothing to do with it -- now get to work , you have a big job with high expectations - GO CANES !

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Hasselbeck was visibly disappointed while talking Thursday about how much he enjoyed being around Fisch and Seattle's other quarterbacks this season, joking that he wishes him well "at Miami of Ohio."

Laughter aside, Hasselbeck made it clear just how much he respects Fisch as a coach.

"Just in one year, I think he's really brought that quarterback room together," Hasselbeck said. "It's been a bunch of different guys throughout the year, but the three guys that we settled on and Jedd, we've all become really good friends. We've learned a lot of football, and we've had a really good time.

"It's definitely disappointing. … For us, that's really bad news, because he's been great. But I'm sure it's a good opportunity for him and that's just part of the business, unfortunately."

People, people!!!! Calm down! Give the man a chance. The OC has been driving a Pacer, now he has a Caddy (with a lot more options). Let him get behind the wheel at least!! Dayum!!

shouldve gone for chud more, but still not a bad hire. mark richt played at The U and coached at FSU. even with his UM ties, he seemed to do well for himself at FSU, and until recently, georgia. his ties to UF dont really mean anything. it seems his loyalty rested more with spurrior than with UF.

I am an ignorant Pig. Please ignore me. I am used to it. It's what women have done all of my fat miserable jobless life.

Someone help me.


The Pig

give the man a chance look with good talent and golden over seeing him it will be fine,larry coker won the national champonship with good talent,recruited by bucth davis,then ran miami in the ground because he could not recruit.so we get back to putting the fence up in south florida we will be fine.now on the DE.chilco guy that is committed to the "U" but is talking "UF" tell him bye if you are committed its in the heart its in the gut,we want people thats all about the "U".


I think the "Gator" thing is mostly from reading that "Jeff Fisch is a graduate of florida" by Manny. Folks assume that he's a baller, but he really never suited for.

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