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UM names Seahawks' Fisch offensive coordinator

His name began popping up a few days ago. Now we know Seahawks quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch has accepted the University of Miami's vacant offensive coordinator position.

Jedd Fisch

"We are thrilled to announce Coach Fisch as our offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach," UM coach Al Golden said in a statement released by the school. "Through the process, it became abundantly clear that Coach Fisch wanted to be back in college, and more important, he had a passion to be at the University of Miami."

"On background, his credentials and skills are the right match for the pro style offense we will run. Jedd has learned from the best coaches in the game, both professionally and on the college level, and he has taken those experiences to develop his own unique approach. On the field, he is a thorough communicator and devoted to skill development at every position."

"I have to thank Pete Carroll and the Seahawks organization for allowing us to move on this hire during the NFL Playoffs. I can guarantee to you that there will be a lot of UM coaches watching the Seahawks with Coach Fisch and Kelly Jennings, as well as the Chicago Bears with Devin Hester and Greg Olsen on Sunday afternoon."

Fisch, 34, joined Pete Carroll's coaching staff last February after one season as the offensive coordinator at the University of Minnesota in 2009. Fisch's offensive rankings at Minnesota: 109th in total offense (last in the Big Ten), 100th in scoring (also last in the Big Ten), 75th in passing and 111th in rushing offense. 

Prior to his stint with the Gophers, Fisch coached receivers for one season with the Denver Broncos, spent four seasons as an offensive assistant (QB/receivers coach) with the Baltimore Ravens and three seasons with the Houston Texans (2001-03).

A University of Florida graduate, Fisch began coaching under Steve Spurrier as a graduate assistant in 1999-2000.


> Served as wide receivers coach for the Denver Broncos in 2008. The Broncos finished the season as the No. 2-ranked offense in the NFL. Denver was the No. 3 passing team in the league in 2008 as well.

> Tutored two Bronco wide receivers who finished in the top seven in the NFL in receiving yards during 2008. Brandon Marshall tallied 1,265 receiving yards on 104 receptions with six touchdowns. Meanwhile, Eddie Royal recorded 91 catches for 980 yards and five scores.

> Worked with quarterback Steve McNair during 2006 season, when McNair was named to the Pro Bowl and set a franchise record for completion percentage (.630, 295-of-468).

> Helped receivers Derrick Mason (68 receptions) and Mark Clayton (67 receptions) form one of just four tandems in the AFC that featured two players with 65 receptions or more.


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I for one am glad that we have an OC in place. I could care less how old he is or what the stats at Minnesotta were for that matter. All that matters is can he call plays and make our QB's better. And a surely could care less whether he came from Florida or not. I mean really could he be any worse than the two goofs we had under Shannon. That whole staff was like a circus.

Welcome coach Fisch to the U family. Now go get us some QB's.

Fisch on Decision to Leave Seahawks:

‘Very Tough!’

RENTON – Even Matt Hasselbeck’s wife was upset to hear that Seahawks quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch is leaving to take the offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach position at the University of Miami.

“I sent my wife a text and told her that he was accepting this other job, and I think her text back was like, ‘Oh, that’s really bad news,’” Hasselbeck said.

Miami officially announced the hire on Thursday. Fisch said he will remain with the Seahawks until the season ends – “through the Super Bowl,” he said with a smile – and that the opportunity to coach at a program as prestigious as Miami was what ultimately swayed his decision.

Fisch is the second Seahawks assistant to accept a job in the college ranks in as many weeks. Defensive line coach Dan Quinn accepted the University of Florida’s defensive coordinator position on Jan. 3.

Fisch cited Miami’s long lineage of producing NFL players as one of the factors that led him to leave Seattle.

“I think when you have an opportunity at a place like the University of Miami, with all the tradition that they have and all the successes that they’ve had here in the last couple decades, and you can see that with all the NFL players that they’ve produced, a chance to coach the best of the best in college football and to be able to coordinate and coach quarterbacks at a place like that with a head coach like Al Golden, who is starting everything from scratch, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up,” Fisch said.

Fisch was the offensive coordinator at the University of Minnesota last season after spending eight years coaching in the NFL. He attended the University of Florida and has ties to the area, though he’d never met Golden, Miami’s first-year head coach.

Conversations with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made it easier for Fisch to make a decision that he described as “very tough.”

“What made the decision the easiest was his support,” Fisch said of Carroll. “I’ve used him obviously as a mentor, but I’ve relied heavily on him for this one and we had a couple days now talking about it, and he was extremely supportive of it, and that’s what made the decision the easiest, even though it was very tough considering where we are right now, especially.”


You are a Moron!

All Head Coaches make ALL the final decisions!


I trust Coach Golden knows what he's doing. If you listen to, and or, read his words regarding what he is putting together, you might know that he's not always looking for the guy always on Sports Center. I've been following the Canes as a huge fan for the past 26 plus years and have not been this optomistic about the future since Butch davis left for the NFL. Let's give Coach some credit. He might know somethings we all don't.

Hey all. I was just scanning some websites and noticed Ray Drew from TCC in GA is on his way for an official visit this weekend! I'm from the south GA area, Valdosta, and have seen this kid in person and he is an absolute beast!! Trust me when I tell you this that if the U pick this guy up, he'll boost this class immensely. Cross your fingers that Golden and his staff tell him what he wants to hear.

Coach Golden is putting a staff together that is young, hungry and eager to prove themselves. This is something we haven't had in a very long time. I'm sure this oc hire was well thought out. The energy in recruiting over the last three weeks is more then we have seen since Butch Davis was here. for the first time in a long time we have a lot to be excited about. i for one am firmly behind this entire staff and can't wait to the show to start.

Canes Fan,
Thanks for posting that great article on Coach Fisch. It is really informative. Clearly, many big timers endorse this young guy. NFL coach at 24? Not bad.

Some of the posts on here are really strange. I don't know if they are fans of other schools or if they simply have a limited social life. But, your forward is the kind of input that many of us really enjoy. True Canes are looking for input to bolster our hopes, and the article was great! Golden era...

As long as he can scheme, play call, develop quarterbacks, and show a legitimate allegiance to The U, ill be happy.




Restore the Glory


this is Al Golden legacy; not the re-creation of former glory!


You all just chill out. None of you haters make any sense. Stop it!

Seattle is still in the playoffs

If you don't like this hire, who else woild take this job with the $ they are willing to pay?

Whipple was horrible. 3rd and 1 against USF at at the goal line and he couldnt punch it in? LAst second heave by Harris when all we needed was a fg? 1st and goal against Va Tech up 7-0 and he couoldnt punch it in? Please. He was directly responsible for Harris' interceptions. He didnt use him and his skill sets well, and he essentially ruined this kids' career.

Only bad loss for UM is Brandon Harris, and even he didnt do that well. Dont believe me- threee games where he got burned at key times: Ohio State, USF, Notre Dame. Orlando-false start Franklin? Buh Bye. MattBOsher? How many end zone kickoffs did we have? Please. Colin-I-am-always-out-of-position-McCarthy?

For the post on SI's top 25 next yr. Who cares. Auburn was ranked 22 in the preseason. That proves than NONe of the ESPN, SI, whatever pundits know crp. Did Herbie pcik Auburn in the preseason? Nah. Did dumb-aa Chris Folwer, MArk May or Lou-the spit boy Holtz? Nah. So shut up who cares. One thing is for certain: Oklahoma and FSU WILL be good. Possibly top 5. The U will get there.

I am only an armchair QB and the pros are the folks getting huge sums of georges to guide this program. I suggest all the other armchair types give the coach and staff some room to breathe and see what they can do. I know what the majority of you do on this thread and mostly it id bitching and whining like girlie men. Get a life.

1st Jethro nos Jedd. when is Ellie Mae and Granny coming?

He burned his bridges behind him when he left UM. Also, you don't know all the facts that preciptated his termination. Simply stated, it is my understanding that UM absolutely will NOT re-hire him, even if he wants to come back. So, forget it. He's history. We need to move on. Besides, what did he do after leaving the U? How did he perform? WE HAVE TO STOP LIVING IN THE PAST. Coach Golden needs to put together his own staff - comprised mainly of young, hungry, up-and-coming assistant coaches. LET HIM DO HIS JOB. Then we'll see how well the team performs (or not) on the field.

Hmmmm? Young and hungry but not much experience. Those stats from Minnesota are scary. I know it was just one year as O.C. but stats still not good. With the "U"s offensive line and stable of running backs, one would think all he would have to do is call a runnning play 40 times a game. Don't need O.C. with experience to run the damn ball. Hope he doesn't have us Cane fans calling for Whipples return.

Will you all just chill out. You have no idea how this will turn out. Great players make a great coach.

Give the guy a chance. Whipple came here with a great resume and look how that turned out.

We haven't even played a game, yet.

We should be so lucky, Heater. Tulsa can actually beat Notre Dame.

On the actual hire: can we all just shut it? You can tell me next January if you don't like Fisch or D'onofrio or Golden. As 'Cane fans we need to give them the benefit of the doubt and support the team (with attendance...?) as if they've never needed it more. I have a feeling that this is going to be an exciting year for the Miami Hurricanes.

where is all the info about the football recruting going on.the sentinel is leaving you in the dust on that right now.

January 14, 2011

Olin Buchanan
Rivals.com College Football Senior Writer

It's good to be the proverbial big fish in a small pond.

Sometimes when transferred to a larger body of water, said fish may grow even bigger. In some cases, that fish may turn into a shark.

No doubt, Jim Harbaugh did a whale of a job after leaving San Diego for Stanford. Former Toledo coach Gary Pinkel has been transformed Missouri into a consistent winner, and Jim Tressel won a national championship at Ohio State just two years after leaving FCS program Youngstown State.

In this week's mailbag, the question is raised whether another coach moving into a bigger program will have the -- ahem -- golden touch.

At Temple, Al Golden transformed a moribund program that had been kicked out of the Big East.

The right guy?

Did Miami make the right choice in hiring Al Golden? Will he take Miami to the next level?

Golden certainly did a tremendous job at Temple. He transformed a moribund program that had been kicked out of the Big East and had managed just three total wins over the three seasons before his arrival into a team that won 17 games in the past two seasons.

He's young, energetic, a good recruiter and sound with X's and O's. But will he be a good "fit" at Miami? That remains to be seen.

Based on what he was able to accomplish at Temple, Miami should be optimistic. Temple was one of the worst programs in the country and has limited funding, facilities and resources. Yet, Golden built the Owls into a contender in the MAC, and they challenged higher-profile teams, too.

This season, the Owls beat Big East champion Connecticut 30-16 and scared the heck out of Penn State. The Nittany Lions scored a touchdown with 3? minutes remaining to prevail 22-13.

The obvious thought, then, is if Golden can be successful despite all the limitations at Temple, just imagine what he can do at a higher-profile program such as Miami.

That school of thought has worked before. Urban Meyer had two strong seasons at Bowling Green, which led to Utah hiring him. After 22 wins in two seasons in Salt Lake City, Meyer went to Florida and won national championships in '06 and '08.

Gene Chizik struggled to win five games in two seasons at Iowa State. But given a shot at a higher-profile program with more resources and tradition, he led Auburn to a national championship this season, his second with the Tigers.

Nick Saban was hired at Michigan State after a successful tenure at Toledo. He then eventually went on to LSU and won a national championship in '03, then on to Alabama and won a national title in '09.

There are several other examples of coaches that moved up, capitalized on the resources and won big. Harbaugh, Brian Kelly and Tressel come to mind.

I think Golden will be successful at Miami. The right guy can win national championships there. I believe Golden is the right guy.

Miamiisbiggoted. grow up.

Golden and this motely crew of coaches will destroy the U in a hurry. Kirby Holcutt is way over his head and has just turn UM into RED NECK U..recruits are laughing at this BIG SPLASH...and frankly I am tired of these coaches already with all the "great talk"..if UM doesnt win 10 games next year it will only get worse...Please Pete Garcia come save us!! Donna and Kirby needs to go!! and take AL "the mouth" Golden with you!!

I know the kid personally. He is a die hard gator alumni and is worried about himself and no one else. its about jedd and always will be. Players love the guy and Eddie Royal said he is the best coach he has ever been around. Loyalty to the U - not there and never will. He will be here 2 years at most.

lol at the dumbass black guy trying to call UM redneck U. First and foremost Jethro is black. All the whitcoaches are from the Northeast or Cali. Not a redneck in sight. Lets get Paul Ruel!!!! He blows Kehoe away!

Red Neck U,
You got to be kidding! Want to see bigotry? Just look in the mirror.

Hocutt and Shalala are doing a good job, as is
Coach Golden. Because someone is articulate is not grounds for criticism,. We need a smart, well-spoken head of thne program. We are fortunate to have him and all these coaches.

Get off the hispanic fixation. It's about human beings who can succeed, not skin color. Give it a chance. If Pete is the best person for the job, then let's bring him in. If not, support who we have until they prove differently.

What do u expect when we hire a Head coach from mighty Temple. Receiver coach is also from Minn. I think he rushed this hire. Anybody is better than Aubrey Hill. He didn't hire anyone from a winning program. May GOD help us!!!

dbc, thank U for speaking the truth to these morons. U my man are a Cane to respect.

We need quality recruits on the line - especially on the defense; linebackers (three would be nice); two QB's; DB's. We only have 8 (I think) more to go and there seems to be much too heavy emphasis on DE's and TE's (a need). With so few we can sign-on, I must be missing something.

dumbass blkman?..so you think i am blk bcuz i see UM turning into Red neck U?..what a fool you are..so since jethro is blk does this means UM is not red neck U?..get real

yeah dumbass.

Great post Orlando Cane! I will add another name, Shellenberger! I was here when he came a board and everybody said afte the Sabin (Lou) debacle, that Howard was out of his mind! For the "true Cane Fans" that have followed this program, Howard, Jimmy, Dennis, and even to a small part Coker, all had great unknown assitants who put Miami on the NC map. I believe that Golden needs his chance to make the face lift so desparately needed. Rockin' again! Go Canes!

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