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Stoutland resigns, heads off to Alabama

University of Miami offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, who served as the interim coach at the Sun Bowl, resigned Wednesday and is expected to join old Michigan State friends Nick Saban and Bobby Williams in the next 24-48 hours.

Jeff Stoutland

Stoutland, 48, is the second coach that new UM coach Al Golden retained from the previous staff which has decided to leave the program following the Sun Bowl. Wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill left for Florida right after the game.

Stoutland coached four years at UM under Randy Shannon. He leaves behind a talented unit -- perhaps the most talented on the team -- led by freshman All-American Seantrel Henderson and All-ACC First team guard Brandon Washington.

UM hired a receivers coach Tuesday, but still has to hire an offensive coordinator.

Stoutland will likely replace Alabama assistant coach Joe Pendry, 63, who is expected to relinquish his role as offensive line coach.

Stoutland addressed the idea of moving around to various jobs when he was named UM's interim coach.

"I'm not the type of person that moves around a lot," Stoutland said. "If you know in coaching, a lot of coaches will be there for a year or two and move to another job. They're trying to find the next job. I'm the type of person that likes a routine. I get into a routine, I like my routine. I just want to stay in that routine. I'm that way when it comes to my job. I would love to stay at the University of Miami. The University of Miami is a great place. My family loves it here."


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Sell Out!!!!

For a guy that talked about how much he loved the players and loved the program he sure is PHONY!

Bring back Arthur Kehoe!!!! Yeah yeah I know he left under bitter circumstances under Dee/Coker, but I bet he would take this job in a split second!! He bleeds orange and green!!

I'm starting to wonder whether these guys were really retained or if they were just "retained" in the sense that they were great recruiters but were not given very high votes of confidence by Golden. In other words, Golden tells these guys "sure you're welcome back but things really have to change." And they say "thanks, no problem." and then go off and see if they can find other jobs.

Either way, this is the first coach I've wanted to come back that is leaving, and he'll be missed. But he is by no means irreplaceable.

Go Canes!

wow this is blows

Good... he sure as hell didn't have those players ready for the Sun Bowl as the Head Coach should. We'll get someone better!

Go Get Pat Ruel! Former OL coach at USC and UMiami Alum!


Hill & Barrow were retained for recruiting because it sure wasn't for their caoching. Stoutland actually did a good job and he had to have left for the loot and to coach in a better conference.

He did a great job. sarcastic text required. How many long runs were called back because some sort of penalty by the offensive line? I believe Golden will have no problem bringing in a quality offensive line coach to develop the talent we have.

Coach stout represented The u with class and passion. The timing is kind of odd, but to leave to go to Alabama is a big move and probably very lucrative. He is a good coach with tons of experience. If true, Good Luck to the Coach and we will have a new coach soon.

Yes! Lets go after Golden Patrick Ruel!

A "U guy".

Will Carroll let him go? Hopefully.


Why would anyone leave UM to go to Alabama? We have THE elite program in the country. Dumb Dumb move on his part. He will never win anything there!

Go 'canes!

Look Stoutland was good.

But I have lots of confidence in Golden's ability to find an OL guy that will work best in our system.

Position coaches are always coming and going, so I wasn't surprised. But I feel very confident in Golden's ability to find an OL guy that will work best in our system.

All is very well at the U.

Oh he did a great job. I love the way they protected Jacory Harris against Virginia and the way the O-Line led the charge into the end zone on that 4th and goal play up 7 against South Florida or how they gutted Notre Dame on that 4th and 1 in the Sun Bowl. Let's be real, we can find another guy.

Good luck and good riddance!

I would love to get Pat Rule or Art Kehoe back!

...but I trust Coach Golden!

Now let's quickly get an OC in place. This is way more critical.

Guys full of crap. We can find someone better. He didn't like that he was going to be held accountible from now on. The oline hadnumerous penalties during the season and always at the wrong time. Thats a reflection of his coaching. Let him ruin Bama's Oline!

Let's not be stupid, coach Stoutland coached the line very well, don't rewrite history. There's a reason Alabama hired him. He's good period. I hope you guys realize the Alabama can hire any coach in the country. But THE U will find a replacement that should do a good job. Stoutland is allowed to improve his job.

ruel's 60 years old. why would golden want him?

There's a reason Alabama hired him

Not true, we got AL GOLDEN first!!!!

Go 'canes!

stoutland's coaching was routine... routinely awful. a ton of penalties and no accountability. just a bunch of excuses. listen to his notre dame halftime speech. now that was embarrassing...

golden will find someone better.

What does Golden being hired first have to do with Alabama hiring an assistant away from Miami.

mike, nothing. its that same blog troll dude.

I view it like this gone is wr coach who's wr couldnt catch, and gone is the ol coach who's oline committed a drive ending penaly every play. May we can actually have an offense

I have been saying this guys since RS was fired and coach Golden was hired. This was going to be a bumpy road. All you guys thinking this program is going 9 and 3 or 10 and 2 next year are setting yourself up for a big disappointment. 7 and 5 with a nice bowl win is a great expectation level with much better the year after. People and coaches are going to be coming and going the next 12 months before it settles out.
At his last presser Coach said he hardly talked to all the kids yet or review the game films and won't till early February. He's been running since he arrived trying to put a decent recruiting class together.

Our running game was ok. When they shut us down, Stout couldn't figure out how to get around it. Great coach for PASS PROTECTION, but not so great in establishing the RUN. ART KEHOE baby!!
P.S. Told you DALLAS CRAWFORD would turn to Miami. I'm a former Mia Alum. This guy Dallas is a playmaker. Ed Reed instincts. Go get em Golden.

go get Art Kehoe,he was the o-line coach back in the glory years.He really knows how to coach and teach the line on how to block and open the holes and to dominate the defensive line.

I was upset when Stoutland was retained in the first place. I felt like maybe Golden kept him on as respect for the AD's confidence in him to step in as interim head coach. But if you look at all the talent we have at running back and for the past few years have not been able to open up any holes for them. Only big runs where toss sweeps or when the running backs made 4-5 guys miss. I am ready to see what Miller can do with a well coached OL that opens more holes.

the guy can do what he wants. But he should do it like a man, not having it leak while he can't be found. He should do just fine with Satan.

UCane We had 2300 yard of rush yard, 3rd in ACC, and behind Georgia Tech and V Tech. G Tech doesn't pass. It sounds like a pretty good rush game. BTW we were 25th nationally. That's a little bit more than just ok.

HIRE ART KEHOE!!! If Al Golden really wants to remind the current players about how important it is to work hard to maintain the legacy of The U, then he could really use a guy like Kehoe, who bleeds orange and green and has a fiery personality that would fire up just about anyone. Go get him, Al!

Bring Back Art Kehoe

I wonder why no college has hired Kehoe since 2008.

wilso64582 - I'm still laughing from your post. Thanks.

Art Kehoe would be great and he'd come. Everyone even remotely related to his unwarranted firing is gone. I'm sure there'd be no grudge and he'd come home if asked. That said, I think Golden wants to make sure he's THE GUY on campus, that it's his team, and a guy like Kehoe, who knows the area, the reporters, etc might inadvertently cause a power struggle. I doubt it, but it may keep Golden from thinking about him.

Go Canes!

Stouland was "pretty good" but we can do better guys. We did pull in some good recruits at this position, but not sure if was because Stoutland. What I noticed from his OL Unit was this:
1. They played too upright and didn't drop their pad level which allowed them to be pushed back or manuvered around.
2. Lacked intensity for run blocking and didn't stay on their blocks long enough
3. Pass blocking was average at best and they weren't coached well on picking up stunts and blitzers.

With that being said I don't consider him a critical loss. An offensive line coach should be just as fiery as a DL Coach, but more detailed regarding the fine points mentioned above. Fire should be radiated throughout all units. That way you never have to worry about a guy taking a play off.

Kehoe was and maybe is a great coach,but if
that good why has he slide backwards since
leaving the U ?
New job,line coach for the new San Fran.UFl
You need to find a coach willing to sit in
endless 18 year old's homes and ask them come
to the U.Kehoe is well beyond that!


Like I said after the ND game that coach Golden needs to clean house and the only coach who should be retain is coach Barrow. Now coach Barrow is the only position coach that remains from coach Shannon staff. And recently he was promoted by coach Golden to special team coach.

This is all about recruiting. Saban realizes The U is weak right now and wants to snake our main recruiters to build better in roads just like Louisville has.

Hey Guys I was just thinking. With the effort and detail being put into recruiting at this point it can only be expected next years class will be superb and I don't mean from a star point, but say it does. Does that mean we'll leap ahead of FSU because we had a great class. Reason I ask is because thats the argument they are using this year as to why they will forever win more than 7 games as they did this year?

remember you have a new coach who does things different the previous coach. let him get his "team" together. It is obvious the previous coach and his assistants were not up to the task of getting the job done. I have a feeling that the next line coach will be aggressive like the new head coach. Time will only tell.

Fellow Canesmen!!! Go look at Ricardo Williams on You Tube and tell me why we weren't recruiting him. Fast, can cover WR's, nasty tackler and he's a damn good receiver. This dude is BAD to the Bone! Sorry but Shannon needs to be flogged.

The coach is going to make a ton more money, who can blame him. He is going to great program and to work with coaches he has established relationships with. I wish him the best and look forward to who Golden will bring in for that coaching spot on his staff.

Good luck coach.

Alabama hired him because he coached with saban at MSU, because it sure cant be based on production. the oline did as well as it did because of the beasts we have, not stoutland.

Williams is a stud. I guess Alabama only hires mediocre coaches. Saban knows absolutely nothing about hiring coaches and their skills. I see.

As bad as the team played in the Sun Bowl he should have been fired after the game. Coach Golden needs his own guys instead of all these left overs.

We want intensity? Well check out Nick Menocal on You Tube. Saw dude come out of nowhere and run down a fast brother. Guys we gonna be alright.

Big Al, how bout giving Art Kehoe a call.


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