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Stoutland resigns, heads off to Alabama

University of Miami offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, who served as the interim coach at the Sun Bowl, resigned Wednesday and is expected to join old Michigan State friends Nick Saban and Bobby Williams in the next 24-48 hours.

Jeff Stoutland

Stoutland, 48, is the second coach that new UM coach Al Golden retained from the previous staff which has decided to leave the program following the Sun Bowl. Wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill left for Florida right after the game.

Stoutland coached four years at UM under Randy Shannon. He leaves behind a talented unit -- perhaps the most talented on the team -- led by freshman All-American Seantrel Henderson and All-ACC First team guard Brandon Washington.

UM hired a receivers coach Tuesday, but still has to hire an offensive coordinator.

Stoutland will likely replace Alabama assistant coach Joe Pendry, 63, who is expected to relinquish his role as offensive line coach.

Stoutland addressed the idea of moving around to various jobs when he was named UM's interim coach.

"I'm not the type of person that moves around a lot," Stoutland said. "If you know in coaching, a lot of coaches will be there for a year or two and move to another job. They're trying to find the next job. I'm the type of person that likes a routine. I get into a routine, I like my routine. I just want to stay in that routine. I'm that way when it comes to my job. I would love to stay at the University of Miami. The University of Miami is a great place. My family loves it here."


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Saw Menocal smoke guys at the State Track meet. Dude is fast. I bet faster than any, yes I said it, any LB recruited by any state FL this year. He already has the size to play right away. I gonna have them induce me into a coma after Signing day and wake me Wed before Spring Game. I can't wait till next year! I believe we can do it!


This is the best news I have heard since Coker got fired. Stoutland was there for all four years and the team never led in rushing and did lead in a stat that no one wants... We led in sacks against all the four years he was there. Why would you want to build a program under his qualifications.

Coach Barrow was the only coach we needed to keep. Aubrey Hill couldn't teach a receiver how to catch a ball with glue on it. Look how many drops we had. Barrow has some learning to do, but he will be just fine once he gets a system in place.

Good riddance. After the bomb Miami laid in the Sun Bowl, with him at the helm, he should leave. If that was a casting call, he flunked.

Wow, sounds just like Saban and Butch right before they left.

EK where did you get that we lead in offensive sacks, actually you're right we had the least number of sacks in the ACC with 16, for losses of 117 yeard look it up. I can't believe people post stuff without really knowing or looking it up.

Larry, I agree. I wish Holcutt parted with the ENTIRE staff. Hill, a GAYTURD, at UM?? Thats like wiping before you poop, it doesn't make sense. I respect Barrow, he's done nothing coaching linebackers. Our linebackers are nothing like what they used to be.

Mike, yeah, we had a decent running game this year, but with the talented group of multiple backs, yards/game should have been more than that. Maybe blame Whipple for not calling more run plays?? Maybe. A note to Golden: USE MORE TIGHTENDS

I believe that Kehoe still has an outstanding lawsuit against UM for unlawful termination. Ongoing lawsuits are like poison when you're job hunting (see Mike Leach). But Kehoe is an excellent coach and a True Cane, so it would be great to have some sort of settlement to old issues and bring the prodigal son back home. Can't see it happening tho....who's going to make the first phone call?

mike33076, you should be somewhere riding sabans jock, not on the miami herald with your sabans god comments.

Pat Ruel, Seahawks OL Coach. That should be our main target. UM alum and USC's OL coach during their 2000's domination run. But, I trust whoever Golden hires. He's been making great moves thus far.

Stoutland is a nice guy, but all you had to do was listen to him at half time during the ND game. He was absolutely positively over his head, and was c-l-u-e-l-e-s-s! Final interview postgame, " I don't know why we lost like that"

The O-L improved versus the previous year but by how much? Ok there were less sacks, but...Did we have a 1000 yd runner?

I am actually more excited about this yrs recruiting than 2008. There is a variety of beasts from various locations, not just Miami NW.

Go canes. Sc-ew Chris Fowler and all the cane haters. Can't wait to see my canes return to their rightful place in college football.

Is it a done deal? You're all talking like it is. What if Stout, after some thought, decides to stay because of his loyalty to the program and the U, or perhaps to receive a better renegotiated contract? Would he then be considered a local hero to you bozo's who immediately climb on a negative bandwagon?


Now we know where he spent his time before the bowl game .. TOTALLY CHECKED OUT ...

Nice Job Stoutland ..... UR O-Lines havent produced a 1000 yard rusher yet RB's are playing in the NFL that ran behind them ...

There is only ONE guy for this job ...

K - E - H - O - E

Bring our favorite son home Al !

I am glad he is gone because there was not alot of improvement on the O line from a coaching perspective. Yes the line gave up just a few sacks but those are just statistics. Our QB's were running and dodging defenders all year to get away from the rush. I'll take my chances with Kehoe or Ruel before Stoutland. And really what loyalty does he have for the U? Pleeeeaassse.

Truth hurts huh J. And The team had the least sack in the ACC, and the 3rd most rushing yards in the ACC and 25th nationally. This doesn't sound like a terrible offensive line. This sounds like a pretty good offensive line. All I wish is for you people to recognize that if someone leave the U for another school, it doesn't mean that they under performed. This guy is going to get a big payday because he's good. Period.

Oh and byw Miami was number one in the ACC in total yards per game with 423 per game. You can't do that with a bad offensive line. Look it up.

unfortunately, i don't think Golden will instantly turn this program around in one year but stranger things have occurred... what matters most is Golden's desire, drive and motivation to win every single game... that is the difference between Golden and Shannon... Golden is terrified of losing... Shannon seemed quite at peace with it...


Glad he's gone...guy couldn't string two sentences together during those bowl press conferences.

Get a young guy with some intensity.

Barrow isn't a great coach either. He's only being kept because he can recruit. I'm actually a little concerned about him coaching LB's.

It can't be easy to stay here and watch someone say everything you did was wrong.

Again...young coaching staff, good idea.

I'd like to see Kehoe come back too but if it's true about the lawsuit then that would be hard. I think the OL coach hire is very crucial because next to the RBs they are our most promising group but Golden has made good hires and I'm sure he will bring in somebody more than qualified.

Rather see Golden have HIS guys in place before next season. Remember the mess JJ had when they retained half of Schnelly's staff? Maryland and Flutie anyone?

It makes you wonder if Stoutland possibly didn't like the fact that he was being surrounded by young, fiery, up and coming coaches and didn't agree with their philosophy and/or he was getting some heat from Golden for not "getting it done" to his expectations. Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks and besides; he has been part of mediocrity for how long????

I have respect for coach Stoutland and what he did for the program. However I do believe the OL play last year was inconsistent last year, they had good days, and bad days, they had good series and bad series. But I believe. it had to do more with players potential than coaching, a better coach would have done a better job. Let's not forget that the year before we had 3 seniors on the line and they were supposed to be great, and they couldn't protect Jacory for 5 seconds.
Good Luck to coach Stoutland!! and please make you help Nick Saban get his ass kicked every year from now on.

We get icecream cake ! yeahhhhhhhh

More rats jumping the ship....


Stoutland's stunningly bad halftime speech at the Sun Bowl was an example of why the Canes have under produced the last few years. He made lame and embarrassing excuses for the Canes not bothering to show up to play Notre Dame.

Orlando Franklin seemingly drawing 3 or 4 motion penalties every game was enough to get even the best offensive line coach fired. Of course even an average offensive line coach would have had the Franklin issue solved after the first game of that nonsense.

Then, that disgusting effort against USF where our offensive line couldn't move the USF defenders enough to gain 1 measely yard for the winning touchdown with our stable of NFL caliber running backs lined up behind them was as pathetic and inexcusable as anything I saw regarding horrible coaching over the last several years.

It is widely believed that UM's offensive line is the strongest part of the team with enormous upside, but we saw nothing to prove out that thesis while Stoutland was coaching our kids.

I wish Stoutland nothing but the best, yet, I am thrilled he will be, using a LeBron-ism...taking his talents to Tuscaloosa!

Got to go get Art Kehoe he is The U

Well, with his ability to double speak and saying what sounds good at the time, he will fit right in with Nick Satan's team. Good luck.

First U lose Ur WR Coach ... Then Ur top recruiting OL Coach ... And now this. Ur Goldon boy had no idea that this Davis kid is the younger brother of former Cane legacey great Phillip Buchanon... Oops Coach, just because they don't have the same last name ... Kid and his entire family are ALL CANES and they were treated like a chUmps. Do Ur homework next time Goldie. This one is just hitting the news wires and will blow up as other recruits will get the real story straight from the Davis kids mouth... U blew this one Goldie and the fallout from it will continue. Damage control is in full effect down in the city beautiful...

And Chickallo is next. He dropped the Miami soft verbal and is now a silent Gator commit.


Miami Head Coach Al Golden cuts ties with Miami Commit CB Jeremy Davis ... And it is not pretty.

Davis' Facebook entry at 4pm today

“He lied to me,” Davis said. “I don’t know what’s up with the coach. He was trying to be extra tough on the phone for no reason. He kind of had an attitude with me and my parents. That didn’t go well. My mom is mad, my dad is mad. We have always been all about Miami our whole lives. It seems like he wants nothing to do with Randy Shannon’s players. He wants to bring in who he wants to bring in. He said it’s in my best interest not to go there and basically it wouldn’t matter how good I was that I wouldn’t get to play. That kind of hurts, but you move on with life and you hope the next decision is a good decision.”


I don't believe that losing Hill and Stoutland will mean much for the U.

However, I'm concerned that if the 3 picks of coaches to be retained (Hill, Stoutland, and Barrow) only one remains.

Therefore, either Coach Golden chose poorly or didn't think it through, or thirdly there's a bigger plan afoot that only Coach Golden knows.

I hope these dropouts don't hurt the recruitment process.

Bottomline, we need a new Offensive Coordinator quicker than quick. I thought that we were scheduled to have one in place by this past Monday or Tuesday, however it now looks like at best is Friday or perhaps next week. THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!!

I don't believe that losing Hill and Stoutland will mean much for the U.

However, I'm concerned that of the 3 picks of coaches to be retained (Hill, Stoutland, and Barrow) only one remains.

Therefore, either Coach Golden chose poorly or didn't think it through, or thirdly there's a bigger plan afoot that only Coach Golden knows.

I hope these dropouts don't hurt the recruitment process.

Bottomline, we need a new Offensive Coordinator quicker than quick. I thought that we were scheduled to have one in place by this past Monday or Tuesday, however it now looks like at best it's Friday or perhaps next week. THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!!

Saban does it again. First to the Dolphins and now messing with the CANES. Can someone tell this clown to stay away from Miami.

Things are looking Golden! No one left to coddle Jacory. Let the games begin!

Get a life lame-o. No one is buying your propaganda. Go lament about that pear shaped loser the felons just hired to run the O. The []_[] lives in your head.

The OC has been chosen it just cant be announced yet.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]


I might be wrong but didnt coach Kehoe sue the U on his way out with Don? They had a bad break up and would make it real hard to bring him back.

To the idiot who made up the Jeremy Davis facebook post. I just checked his profile and nowhere did I see anything of that matter. Golden did cut ties with him but did it in the best way possible. You don't think that Golden knows that that is Phillip Buchanon's relative? Either way, Golden would treat no recruit nor person like that. I had the oppurtunity to meet him and he is one helluva class act. And from all the articles I've been reading the recruits have been saying the same thing. Hell, even Brandon Harris who declared for the draft said that Golden and his staff took the news extremely well and wished him the best. So, get out of here with your bogus stories and facebook posts.

P.S. Best of luck with your "Incredible" coaching staff including that great W.R coach you guys got. Were sure going to miss him.

The U has no $$ to compete with anyone in big time football in paying a coaches. The coaching door will always be revolving, the only problem is that its not the 80's and the other teams arent scared of Miami and are just as talented and have coaches that have been entrenched at their program for years. Doesnt look good, but hey at least Goldens talks good.


Kehoe is a true cane and a great coach of the past, but don't you think that there is someone as good that is younger looking for a job like the U. He's getting to old. Golden will find a youger guy that will bring fire and intensity just like all the other impressive coaches he has hired so far.

THe Canes will be fine. Golden is going to trim the deadwood off and our program will be back at the top shortly. Now really did anyone really think that our OLines in the past 4 years could ever compete with those of Kehoe's. THis is truly a blessing that Stoutland is gone. So all U nimrods keep pizzing and blowing because U know we struck Gold with Golden. At least we have a coach now that everyone with an education can understand.

Anybody see his halftime interview at the Sun Bowl? Coach Stout speaks worse than me! Btw, why is Coach Whip getting a HC job and I'm stuck getting passed over on DC jobs? Man, I must have sucked!

-Candy Shannon

Al, no doubt you are the Head Coach. But, I am a die-heart UM fan that is beginning to wonder what is the right way. Hopefully Jeremy Davis goes to a school that plays Miami. I hope Jeremy burns my beloved canes so that you have nightmares from your 'I am the Man' decision.


The gator fan can come to terms with yhe fact that UFelony hired a WR coach from us who couldnt teach a gay man to catch HIV. Have fun with Muschump. Texas's worst D.C. in YEARS.

also checked his Facebook. good joke you played on us there Gaytorboy

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