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Stoutland resigns, heads off to Alabama

University of Miami offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, who served as the interim coach at the Sun Bowl, resigned Wednesday and is expected to join old Michigan State friends Nick Saban and Bobby Williams in the next 24-48 hours.

Jeff Stoutland

Stoutland, 48, is the second coach that new UM coach Al Golden retained from the previous staff which has decided to leave the program following the Sun Bowl. Wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill left for Florida right after the game.

Stoutland coached four years at UM under Randy Shannon. He leaves behind a talented unit -- perhaps the most talented on the team -- led by freshman All-American Seantrel Henderson and All-ACC First team guard Brandon Washington.

UM hired a receivers coach Tuesday, but still has to hire an offensive coordinator.

Stoutland will likely replace Alabama assistant coach Joe Pendry, 63, who is expected to relinquish his role as offensive line coach.

Stoutland addressed the idea of moving around to various jobs when he was named UM's interim coach.

"I'm not the type of person that moves around a lot," Stoutland said. "If you know in coaching, a lot of coaches will be there for a year or two and move to another job. They're trying to find the next job. I'm the type of person that likes a routine. I get into a routine, I like my routine. I just want to stay in that routine. I'm that way when it comes to my job. I would love to stay at the University of Miami. The University of Miami is a great place. My family loves it here."


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I would love to get Pat Rule or Art Kehoe back!

...but I trust Coach Golden!

Now let's quickly get an OC in place. This is way more critical.

Posted by: UM Fan | January 12, 2011 at 01:39 PM

In the words of the late Neil Rogers "Absolutely correct Sir"!!!! This post is perfect, word for word.

leave for a couple weeks and see the pig with no life is still on here.

I will enjoy watching your wide receivers this year.

Put Mark Duper on standby d-bag. You'll need him!

The gator fan can come to terms with yhe fact that UFelony hired a WR coach from us who couldnt teach a gay man to catch HIV. Have fun with Muschump. Texas's worst D.C. in YEARS.

Posted by: sickofthefans | January 12, 2011 at 11:00 PM

I couldn't agree more! Aren't they also loaded with 4 and 5 star players? I see the same coming to trailerville.

didnt you guys hear the man? he got into a routine of complacency and losing, and got comfortable with it.

Posted by: luisalamambisa | January 12, 2011 at 09:00 PM

So U've know of Golden for 1 month now and U got Ur lips all over his jock huh ? Isn't that the way U started out with Randy ?

The Jeremy Davis story is true and all over Canespace. I didn't say he put it on facebook, one of Ur fellow Canes tards posted that on lamespace. It was an phone interview with Rivals and documented...

Goldie pizzzed of some of the wrong people now and will pay for it sooner than later

one thing I see on these posts is something I haven't seen in a hell of a long time and that's TRUST although it is too early to say this word but Al Golden just gives you that feeling again but its been a long time since I heard the statement "I TRUST WHAT A UM HEAD COACH CHOOSES TO DO" and I think he has what it takes to do the right thing for our BELOVED CANES. thank the Good Lord


I hope the next time someone bashes a recruit for taking an extra visit or for "not being a man and keeping his word", they remember that quote from Stoutland about how he loves miami and wants to be here forever. Kids learn from adults and see its ok to say whatever. Its ok to be Butch and say you aren't leaving and the next day take the Browns job. Everyone is looking for the next great job or school......so lets not bash the kids for taking visits and seeing what is out there and best for them. They're learning from their coaches.

So all U nimrods keep pizzing and blowing because U know we struck Gold with Golden. At least we have a coach now that everyone with an education can understand.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 12, 2011 at 09:33

at the very least ... but Ur getting too use to it .

not a chance

I like ice creame

2 years Al

WhU quits next,
Canespace is not even a real site kid. 99.9% of the information on that site is made up for viewer interest. And you said Rivals documented the phone call. Well, my dad works for the UM athletic dept. and was one of the recruiters who spoke to Jeremy Davis's family yesterday. Nothing to that affect happened. And look who's talking about lips around jocks. You guys set the blueprint for that crap. All of Gainesville was kissing Urban's sweet buns until he left you cold with one of his fake heart attacks. Good luck with Muschump and fat boy Weis at the helm.

U guys still havent won a bowl in like 4 years....bow ur heads in shame

Oh yeah and we have whipped up all of our bowl competition

"We had 2300 yard of rush yard, 3rd in ACC, and behind Georgia Tech and V Tech. G Tech doesn't pass. It sounds like a pretty good rush game. BTW we were 25th nationally."

Mike, while I agree the stats are not bad I really think it is more due to the talent and less about coaching. You have to admit like the rest of the team the OL consistently underachieved.

I'm not sure what is going on with this move but it bothers me as I think it does everyone else posting here in that his words leading up to this don't match his actions. You never really knew what was going on in the former culture because the staff followed it's leader and for one reason or another was incapable of communicating. While you would like a little continuity in the end this team is such a head case I have to believe the more distance between the old and new staff is good thing.

I'll say this again and I know everyone loves him but I think retaining Swasey is a big mistake. He spends more one on one time with those kids than anyone else (you would hope) and when you are trying to change a culture they need to hear the new message not someone who is with his 4th coach. Besides as I've said Swasey is all speed, reason for the NFL love, this team needs strength. This is probably a good reason to look for someone other than Kehoe too.

A guy like D'Onofrio who is willing to follow you no matter what should be the standard but it may take some time to get there.

Well, my dad works for the UM athletic dept. and was one of the ...

what one ?

Posted by: luisalamambisa | January 13, 2011 at 06:23 AM


why don't U give Us one of Ur Daddy's favorite quotes ...

"next year"


I remember when teams feared the 'Canes. I watched with great joy on January 1, 1991 as the 'Canes stared at Texas and made them wither. Our coaches need to teach technique and motivate each player to take no prisoners! No dirty play allowed, though but hard play is mandatory if you want to be on the field.

Has a Gator stolen any credit cards off of a dying girl this week...I'm just asking?

35 felony arrests, a head coach that quit on those clowns because he knew an ncaa investigation was going to end up with huge sanctions against the cheating gator program.

Scared to death to play the canes and hide under the bed everytime Hocutt brings the subject up to those cowards.

Hired a coach that Texas was on the verge of firing and humpty-dumpty as offensive coordinator so he could move to trailersville and retire after detroying Notre Dame's
football program. congratulations gators...very impressive...hee-haw!

And the best one of their cowards can do is pass around a lie filled story about a kid that the canes decided not to sign...nice try bozo!

Al Golden would NEVER talk to a kid in the way this cowardly gator wing-nut is claiming...more lies out of people who get a yellow streak running down the front of their jorts at the mere mention of the Miami Hurricanes--college footballs most dominant program over the past 35 years--boasting 5 national championships.

This post was sponsored by jamar hornsby and master card.

"...loser who couldn't hold a job or date women."

Sound familiar, Pig? Hang your head in shame. You are that person. Now, time to kill yourself, Pig. Your life is worthless.

Good news on the TE front fellow Caners. Looks like Senior TE from USC is going to transfer to the U, and since USC is on probation, he gets to play right away. Welcome Blake Ayles.

Kehoe's in the UFL. Stoutland did a good job. There were games where the OL was dominant and only a few where they struggled for whatever reason. They were certainly much improved this year as he had a cohesive, talented group of players. Yes, there was the ocassional, and untimely, penalty, but he did a good job. Personally, I don't fault him going someplace where he has worked with people before. He seemed like a stand-up guy who cared about his players. That appeared to be genuine, but it would be tough to turn down Alabama.

The Canes should take a look at Tate Forcier, who appears to be out at Michigan, as a QB. The guy has a good arm, can run and is extremely competitive. Although he is a California guy, he might be interested in taking a look at the U. Hope the coaches take a hard look at a promising young QB. He should have 2 years of eligibility and is an experienced player.

Ok we've got our OC another NFL'er, so all we need now is the line coach, and we're done? I think, lol?

No big loss here, the O line has sucked anyway for a while now, look at all the big penalties they have been giving up and lack of protecting the QB. We need somebody new that can motivate these guys to block and stop moving early. As for wide receivers coach Hill, don't care either as he failed in developing the guys we have now, they keep dropping balls. How about hiring a guy that can develop our young talent, teach them to catch passes and block occasionally. We need new blood, the old coaches weren't working out, just look at all the games we lost like FSU, USF, Notre Dame, among others. We were out coached in all these games. Hope Golden can do a better job but I won't be sold on him until I see him in action at the U next season. GO CANES

Also with all these hate U messages, I can see that the trailer park finally got internet. Maybe some of these gator fans can spend less time breeding with their family members now. Love it Trailerville, so true. We got South Beach and you got the swamp, yeah I don't blame you for being so mad.

who cares?

apparently you care for taking time to read and then post.

spend money go after an NFL Line coach! The U should only hire NFL assistants to get our ready for the pros! We need back to being known for being the college you want to go to if you want to be in the NFL. We don't want players who want to get a degree, we want players who want NFL contracts!

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