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Richardson: 1,000-yard back at UM is possible

When it comes to coaching 1,000-yard running backs, Terry Richardson knows what he's doing. As the running backs coach at UConn the last 12 years, Richardson had six running backs eclipse the 1,000-yard mark -- including one, Colts running back Donald Brown, run for an NCAA-leading 2,083 yards in 2008.

Terry Richardson Richardson, who met with reporters Thursday afternoon inside the Edgerrin James room, believes the Hurricanes have more than enough talent to have a 1,000-yard back too. UM hasn't had one since Willis McGahee ran for a school record 1,753 yards in 2002. But with Richardson -- a former local star tailback at Oakland Park Northeast High and Syracuse -- now in charge of the 'Canes backfield, it's almost inevitable Lamar Miller, Mike James or Storm Johnson will be the next UM running back to run for more than 1,000.

"Normally in the past, I've worked with three guys -- three tailbacks, two fullbacks and worked with those five guys," Richardson said Thursday. "If there's a big separation between No. 1 and 2, obviously No. 1 gets the majority of the carries. If it's even where that No. 2 guy is better than a tired, winded No. 1, the playing time will be split in half. That No. 3 guy could be a special teams guy, third down, short yardage guy. At the most, we've played three backs in the past. But the majority of the time there's two - it's a main guy and a spell guy."

This past season, UM had six backs split carries, with senior Damien Berry (899 yards, 5 TDs on 190 att.), Miller (646 yards, 6 TDs, 108 att.) and James (398 yards, 3 TDs, 70 att.) getting the bulk of the work. With Berry leaving, it is expected that freshmen Eduardo Clements and Johnson will step up and compete for playing time. Richardson, who arrived in South Florida Monday night, said he's already called each of them and spoken to them about what he expects moving forward. He said he doesn't expect to have any problems because his philosophy is simple: "the best guys will play."

"I've never had an issue with that," Richardson said of players complaining over playing time. "We're always honest and up front with guys. Guys always knew where they stood. If they wanted more carries -- either study harder or work harder or beat the guy out in front of you. That's the way it has to be. We're not in the business to stroke egos. The best guys are going to play. We'd do ourselves an injustice if we don't put the best guys out on the field. I had a kid that was talented and a kid that was a crafty veteran the year we had two 1,000 yards rushers. The situation called for both. The biggest thing was we were committed to running the football. We ran it a lot, split the load in half and that was the result."

Richardson, who told me Monday he knew very little about UM's running backs when he first got the job, said he had some time to watch film of the guys he will be working with.

"There's no doubt the talent is there. We just have to refine it, get it channeled in the right direction -- that's my goal," Richardson said. "The biggest thing I bring to the table is my ability to motivate my players and hold them accountable for the job that they have to do. I bring a professional mentality, a professional state of mind to the position. My knowledge of blocking schemes and how to attack a defense, how to run the football when the defense doesn't want you to run the football. I think that's my biggest strength.

"And I think I project to my players. The biggest thing I tell my guys is it's a 50/50 deal. Take the knowledge I'm providing for and put it with your talents and ability and we get 100 percent. That's how I approach it."


> With the Canes loaded at running back, one might assume UM would go without a running back in this class. But Richardson said that might not necessarily be the case. "To me you never pass up a good player," Richardson said. "If there's a good player you can get that's interested, why not take him? Even thought there are good backs in the program. He'll come in as a freshman, hit the weight room a little bit, learn the system. But why not?"

> As for the fullback position, where senior Pat Hill will be leaving, Richardson said he has no idea what the Canes will do right now. "To me they're in the program," Richardson said. "They're on scholarship. We got to use them and they have to earn their scholarship."

> UM could be moving closer to picking up a quarterback commitment for their 2011 class. Canesport.com reported this morning Hargrave (VA) Military Academy QB Marcus McDade is getting a visit today from defensive backs coach Paul Williams. McDade (6-3, 200) setup an official visit to UM this weekend and could get an offer if qualifies academically.

McDade threw for 2,400 yards with 35 touchdowns and two interceptions in his senior year of high school.

> Coach Al Golden will meet with the media Friday at 1 p.m. It's expected that he will announce the rest of UM's assistant coaches -- offensive coordinator, receivers coach, special teams coordinator -- at that point. 


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Oh I saw 1,000 in the headline and thought this was about attendance.

I was wondering the status of the offensive coordinator search.

lol. that was funny! Go Canes!

This coach sounds like the boss the RBs need. Very re-assuring are his comments in getting the running the rock with reckless abandon. We have the tools already, let's this party started.

Our football program right now is on life-support. Of course, we have talented RBs and should get one, two, or three of them to run for 1,000 yds. Why is 1,000 the standard? With the OL that will be on the field next year, 1,500 yds should be the standard. Over the past two months, there has been nothing but disappointments with what has been reported about the “U”; where are our recruits for this class? Every day, there is news being published about UF and FSU loading up with more talent than they can possibly play in a year. With the coaching staff being brought in, we cannot even get kids to come in knowing that they may play sooner rather than later. It appears that they would rather attend UF and FSU to sit a year or two before coming to us. I remember a time when we were sitting players for two or three years; we have become irrelevant on the national stage.What a disappointment.

Al Golden name on the recruiting trail is a nightmare!!

.."Hi I'm Al Golden new coach and UM former coach of Temple"...kids reaction "who?" "Al Al Golden new coach at UM, I came from Temple"..kids.."Oh ..ok..no thanks"..

Big Splash..Thanks Kirby Holcutt

Maybe I can throw for 1,000 yards for the ewwww this year

wah wah wah. babies

If it was me I would make James the fullback and use him the they used Melvin Bratton

All I know is we BETTER GET THAT CHICKILLO kid...I watched a little of that Under Armor game last night...this kid is a beast with a motor...pressure from the D-LINE ( Let's hope they also hit the weight room...geez louise...please no more getting pushed around ) our secondary would be improved...it's time to wait and see...8 moths efore anything exciting is gonna happen for our Canes...We should be able to rush for 175-200 yds a game with the RBs we got...they're young and not spoiled yet. Just do it, make us proud. God Bless

Bluenotes, the football program was on life-support when Shannon inherited the players from Coker. In order to have a 1,000 yard running back we have to get there first and can only do that if the best running backs get a majority of the carries. Our offense was probably so inconsistent because we substituted players too much during a drive. I think the new running backs coach has the right ideas and we need to give them time.

Richardson's comments make a lot of sense. He sounds like he knows what he wants and how to get it.

The only thing I'd like to know (Mr. Whipple!!) is with their obvious passing-game problems (FBS-high 27 interceptions, no proven tight-end receivers, pass-dropping wideouts) and talented offensive linemen and running backs, why didn't the 'Canes have two 1,000-plus yard backs last year? For crying out loud, why didn't they line up in a power I and run the option? Extreme, yes, but Ye Gads! Couldn't you hear me screaming, "RUN THE BALL, COACH!" Watching Harris throw those floaters that stayed airborne so long I could go to the kitchen, make a sandwich, and STILL get back in time for the interception . . .. I aged five years in four months.

Of course, Morris shows promise as a drop-back, pro-style passer.

But if the team can run the ball and has problems with its passing game, well, the game plan is kind of made for you, isn't it? If something doesn't work, you don't keep doing it, do you? (Yes, you do.)

It'd be a shame to bench Harris in his senior year, but if he can't stop throwing those pigeons, the coaches will have no choice. He throws very gracefully, but the 'Canes don't need that kind of grace. He has to put some mustard on those passes and still be accurate, and if he can't do that, he needs to gracefully step aside and let somebody who can step in.

But I've a feeling the new coaches will take care of this issue. My sense is that this new coach staff wants to win--to move up--and they won't play around with human interest issues.

Chickillo is a clone of Rusty Medearis...the best Cane DE of all time. If he hadn't blown out a knee he would be a legend, and Chick is the same mold. Must have....

The 8000 that bus to the 75,000 seat corporate ice bowl will love seeing our new juco punter.

Bluenotes: U and I know that "life support" is an understatement. RS did not get it there, but he tried to get it out. J12's inconsistency hurt us, and that Nix guy was just a true bust.

The OC MUST capitalize on scheme plays, a mix of RUN and pass. I am disappointed in Whipple. But not everything is RS's fault.

On D, if U're scared, simple, don't play, go somewhere else.

A 1,000 yard back is overated..before 1995 um had no backs with 1,000 and count the championships...83..87...89..91.. with no 1,000 yard backs!!
These coaches all come in an tell us what they think we want to hear..im am so tired of all the talk enuff already..!! Just go get 15 players that will help us win...

No QB Coach...

is it me or does this add up to more than 1,000 yards?

Berry (899 yards, 5 TDs on 190 att.), Miller (646 yards, 6 TDs, 108 att.) and James (398 yards, 3 TDs, 70 att.)

I just hope that the word "FINISH" doesn't mean to sit on a 7 point lead because "U" might hurt the other teams feelings if "U" get a big lead. "if "U" don't want Us to socre then stop Us"

I'm a one star qb....I can lead us to the promised land.

Some of you fans are dumb ya Golden names doesnt wow recruits but once he starts to win they dont care wher he came from. when we got Shannon we got every recruit we targeted look how that turned out and an option offense? lmao this is miami not gt.

Hey, Pig, why don't you die tonight?

Sean is still a dirty slob.

Hopefully the new OC will be committed to the run.

Whipple was a disgrace. He was only interested in trying to put up big stats through the air so he could audition for another job at the end of the season.

At the Sun Bowl we threw twice on our first possession & had a 3 & out.

On our 2nd possession we threw on the first play & were intercepted.

After 4 plays we had thrown the ball 3 times & were down 14-0.

It was down hill from there. That S.O.B wrecked our chances of winning that game. He was a bad fit at the U & thought he was better than what he was.

GayTurds below:


All I can say:

Most of the negative crap on this blog is so moronic it can only be spewed from "truly ignorant fans" - that wouldn't know how to research the subject at hand - if their life depended on it.

Or maybe they're from the simple minded GrayTurds that troll this blog.

I have discovered that if you really want to know about UM recruiting you need to to to canesport.com. Today, Manny, Coach Golden offered a scholarship to a quarterback in Orlando who was already committed to Wake Forest. He is waiting to see who the OC and quarterback coaches are.

The miami herald is lacking. This is the first post in two days and comes with little info. Who cares about how may yards they have. Winning is all that matters the rest will follow. Manny has to steal info fom cane sport now. Shouldnt he know this already. And weres the info on possible OC's? Isn't this the MIAMI Herald?

Bluenotes: I think you're right I've noticed the same thing. Like FSU has signed or will sign like 8 dbs the past two years. Somebody is never getting on the field. And last year it seemed every top DL went to UF, although some have been bickering about playing time, DUH. Bottom line, shannon got lazy in recruiting and we need a stadium on campus. this should be a priority. Kids dont want to play in a half full NFL stadium.

Hopefully,,,, we can shred the Whipple mentality of trying to "out-cute" the nation.

We have the O-Line,,, and running backs lined up down to Kendall,,,,, RUN THE PHUKIN BALL,,,, POUND DEY PHUKIN AZZES,,,,

Good Lord,, how hard is that to figure out???

Not Shuttle orbit re-entry dynamics,,,,

W T F ???? over

Miami OH beat Temple as I watch Middle Tenn beat Miami OH..please remind me of the great things that Golden has done at temple?...

Temple Owls (Mid-American Conference) (2007–2010)
2007 Temple 4–8 4–4
2008 Temple 5–7 4–4
2009 Temple 9–4 7–1
2010 Temple 8–4 5–3

Temple: 27–34 20–12

what happened to gruden? what happened to jimmy johnson coming back? I mean god forbid we hire an up and coming coach!!!!! I am ignorant. My daddy used to stick me in the corner of the trailer and throw natty ice cans at me.

I'm liking what Coach Golden is doing more and more everyday. The passion, pride and energy are returning to this program and it will be evident on the field as we move forward. This team has the talent and there is nothing a little hard work cant fix.


I hope the new OC is from Stanford coach Shaw. I know asking for too much because Luck is coming for his senior year and Harbaugh might come back as well.

golden is doing a lot to bring back the tradition of the U. no one he has brought in has ties to the U. he kept one person - michael barrow - who is a U guy. get ready for another 3-4 years and out from this guy. you have the best RB coach in the country 5 minutes away and you go and hire this guy. nice work coach.


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