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Signing Day may extend past Wednesday for UM

Al Golden and his staff are scheduled to talk to reporters about their 2011 signing class at 4 p.m. on Wednesday. But Golden may not be able to talk about all of the players who end up inking with Miami.

In addition to several west coast recruits who will be announcing later in the day/night, Palm Beach Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett could end up waiting a few days to make his decision known to the public. The 6-4, 200-pound U.S. Army All-American, who trimmed his list down to UM, Florida and Wisconsin on Monday, could wait until his basketball game on Senior Night Friday to announce where he's going.

"Right now, his mother and I are both trying to convince him to do it on Wednesday at school," Dwyer coach Jack Daniels said. "But I think he wants to wait until Friday. We'll see what happens."

National Signing Day is just the beginning of the signing period for football recruits. They have from Wednesday until April 1st to pick a school. UM could still end up hosting a few other potential recruits in the coming weeks.

> As it stands, the Hurricanes have 15 commitments. Junior college cornerback Byron Moore of Los Angeles Harbor Community College will announce at 11 p.m. tonight if he's going to UM or Tennessee. Moore finished his season with 42 tackles and seven interceptions and will head to his next school with three remaining seasons of eligibility left.

Moore will make his announcement on an internet radio show called The All-Star Approach.

> According to the Newark Star-Ledger, Rutgers has given former quarterback Tom Savage permission to transfer to either UM or Florida.

Savage, a freshman All-American in 2009, announced three weeks ago he was transferring after losing his starting job last season. He threw for 2,211 yards and 14 TDs and 7 INTs as a freshman. He played in only two games because of injuries and ended up on the bench last season.

> As I told you guys last week, former UM coach Randy Shannon will be on ESPNU on Wednesday as a special guest. Shannon, who was a candidate for the devensive coordinator position at UCLA, could end up looking for a job in TV in 2011 according to the Associated Press.

> Booker T. Washington defensive tackle Elkino Watson, who visited UM two weekends ago, said he will announce at 9 a.m. on Wednesday his choice between UM, USF, Florida and Louisville. He grew up a Canes fan, but didn't receive an offer from UM until a few weeks ago when Golden took over as coach.

I spoke to him at school for about 10 minutes Monday. Here is his interview:



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I would never make it as a coach, especially not somewhere like Miami. Golden should take this abuse at Temple, not at UM. These kids are getting worse every year and ESPNU only adds to the nonsense.

Shannon working in television is insanity. His fiery personality should be great.

really? randy shannon is gonna take his vocabulary and public speaking skills to TV land? surely you are talkin about the comedy channel right... not legitimate news networks?

Geez I'll watch coach shannon on TV....


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Wednesday or April 1st - it doesn't matter - it's still all good! RS on TV! 3D & HD! Now that's must see TV!

in a way I feel sorry for Shannon for the incompetent coaching or lack of it he did at UM; but he was in over his head from the beginning,it should have been obvious to UM staff that he was definitely not HC material. And for ESPN to use him as an analyst?! Wow,I guess anybody can go in front of the cameras nowadays. I wish him well anyway, just not at UM.

randy shannon was horrible with the media and now he wants to work in media? this guy had no charisma, no personality, was horrible answering questions and handling the media. MAn!!!!

I can't wait to hear Shannon mention that a recruit was out with a "lower extremity" injury. I feel he was flippant and demeaning to the media. Not the best way to make friends.

johnny + Cane alum = agent provocateur, a swamp lizard in 'Canes clothing.


Get off Randy's diikc!!

hopefully we get some quality players and hopefully byron moore commits tonight

the good news is Al Golden is highly thought of in every way,and so far he's done a herculean effort in recruiting in such a limited time. Let's welcome the kids that have committed so far, these last hours are crucial, we need their talent and we need them to keep their commitments. Once they are part of this big family that is the U they'll realize why former Canes now in the NFL keep coming back.

And to Jacoby Brissett, FSU already has 3 QB's in their roster, your chances of playing earlier and helping UM get back to the top as it was for 3 decades and 5 National Championships, is here, at the U. The Cane Nation wants and needs you, and when you are part of this big family, you will feel at home.

it seems like BIG AL can get it done recruiting just wait for next years class he already has a head start with 3 commits look for him to have a top 10 class next year and i project a 9-3 or 10-2 season this year but im just optimistic

Cane alum is right except Shannon's best quality is that he isn't a smarmy phony douchebag like Urban Meyer. Hope he drops deadline next time he flashes that fake smile.

Hold up cowboys. Shannon is already better than that idiot Lou Holtz. That slobbering idiot sounds stupid and is so biased I want to punch him. He is so bad yet is one of the main college analyst for ESPN. So lets not hammer Randy too bad. I heard him on that ESPN panel the other week and he sounds okay. He is just soft spoken.

OMG the irony of the possibility of Randy joining the media, after for 4 years refusing his players, coaches, and himself limiting contact to media. Randy stick to coaching man.

Some of you guys need to relax. Most ESPN analyst are coaches who got FIRED. So ease off Shannon's sack. and let go of Al's and 17 year old recruits who haven't done anything in college yet. Let's just wait and see what happens in the fall, then past judgement on Shannon and Golden's recruiting & coaching.

I'm fed up with Brissett and these other HS Prima Donna's, If he can't make up his mind like everyone else and when his Mom and Coach want him to on Wednesday, let him take his ass to the Swamp where he can ride the bench his whole career. I don't think he is a pro set guy anyway.


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

I'm sorry I must have been asleep. How did I miss the story "Shannon who was a candidate for UCLA defensive coordinator position", he didn't get the job? Poor Randy, I feel really sorry for him. Now he is going to embarrass himself further by trying tv.


id rather have tom savage at qb over brissett to be honest. and then when golden and co. have a full year to recruit they can go after any one of the top qbs they want in 2012. as a true freshman, brissett provides nothing more than depth at the moment with jacory being a senior and morris a soph. plus savage is proven at the college level and can come in and compete right away.

lol @ some of the losers that post here.

I love kids like Dorsett who comitted to Miami...No matter what...Positive attitude...No Drama...Doesn't need the attention...Like some big babies wating to announce on NSD or after...At least we know that Dorsett is a real Cane and that he won't need a baby sitter for the next 4 years...The College football recruiting process is making some kids look even more immature...I would be so frustrated to be a college coach just for the recruiting aspect with all th BS rules.

Nice try Bob or should I say sean wilson.

Jacory Brissett - Come and play in front of the hundreds and hundreds of fans at miami!!!

Go 'canes!!

check that, not right away. still has to sit a year. but either way, id rather have him, and then go for a top notch qb next year. seems to me that this year we're just taking what we can get. hopefully the overage of schollies we seem to be dishing out dont go to waste.

On Brissett, how many times has a kid delayed his announcement and been a success? I understand the whole 17/18 thing but that kind of "look at me" behavior can be a sign of a kid who expects too much. I know the Canes are on the short end of the stick, especially in QB recruitment but they need the drama to die down at the position just as badly. Just make your decision kid and go to work on being the best you can be.

Quit it over RS, will ya? Enough bashing already! For God sakes, he's no longer the coach at the U. All you gator fans need to find something else to bash the U with. Com'n, I dare ya. Pretty soon you'll have Mouschump to bash. How about that, your very own bashing doll!

Randy Shannon on TV? That's a horrible idea. I also wouldn't want to see a guy who hates the media working in that profession.

even though he hates miami, how can you bash lou holtz? hes charismatic and i think hes a hilarious old geezer lol

Tom savage can help out the 2012 season but we need help right away so we need brisset now he reminds me of big ben

No other school would hire Shannon for anything so Mark May and ESPN felt like they had to hire him for something. UCLA did not even want him, HA. That tells U everything there. Seriously SHannon couldn't be worse than Mike Leach, could he? BLAHHA Oh yes he can.

No UCLA didn't match what UM has to pay him for the next couple yrs that's why he didn't take the job.

Moore to TN


Just to remind you and give you some perspective on rankings.


the sec the conference sent 13 players to the probowl this year. miami the school sent 10.

Ugh, I like Randy, I really, really do but Shannon doing commentary for TV? Please spare me.

"No UCLA didn't match what UM has to pay him for the next couple yrs that's why he didn't take the job."

Guess RS should have used Charlie Weis' attorney if he wanted to coach in 11 & 12.

what the hell byron moore going to tennessee

B. Moore has picked Tennessee. Bummer. But, U don't want a player that doesn't want U! Canes will keep moving forward!

Boy I cant believe everyone turning on Randy Shannon like that, even though he wasnt a great coach he was a decent coach whos players had no run ins with the law and raised the academic standing as well. He was the epitome of the U from being a player with a national championship , to an assistant coach with a national championship ( and also a top ten defense almost every year) to a head coach in which maybe he was in over his head, But if preach so much about family at the U than we shouldnt take pot shots at one of our own. The only thing I have heard is that he is only helping out with the recruiting show, He does know a little about recruiting. He will always be a part of the U. A lot of this smells of hypocracy and i have been a U fan for close to 30 years.

Randy has three more rings than any of you hurricane fans. I hope ur expectations are high next year. This team will not win without a qb. I don't care who the coach is.

Moore sniffs old ladies panties..

Oh well we lost Moore it happens and I'm sure we are gonna lose a few more players we expected to get it's the nature of the business. Please don't attack anyone for choosing another school over Miami. You win some you lose some. I think it's pretty clear that al golden is a phenomenal recruiter and we should be in good shape next year. Good luck to Moore in TN.

i dont understand the pity party for coach shannon. c'mon people... dudes making millions of dollars to NOT COACH. im pretty sure our comments arent hurting him.

Once a hurricane always hurricane , say what you want about Randy Shannon he's still and will always be a cane no matter what people say about him, I don't hear no one questioning his loyalty towards the U, you wanna question is his coaching fine, but to act as if he's banished is stupid , call me what you will , but he's a hurricane through and through I've heard ex players question his coaching but not once did they mention he's out of the U family , no what anyone says you can't take that away , as for coach golden he's created a buzz that's been missing and I look forward to see these guys kicking other school butts next year and years to come

Press conference for the announcements? tell me whatever haped to Matt Patchan- remember his bigthing- getting up in front of cameras, holding a press conference- had 2 hats up there UM and UF- put on the UF hat- big deal- he's always hurt and will end up in obscurity
just opinion

I am sick and tired of these primadonna kids. With thehats and the announcements. Fine. Let these immature, unstable, unproven boys have their 5 minutes of attention.

We do have the right to criticize kids who choose another school over miami if they had the gall to suggest they were coming to miami, or lied their way into an official visit just to get the free trip to the 305.

After the Willie williams and Bryce Brown fiascos you don't think we have the right to criticize?

99% of these kids will be lost in obscurity forever.

As for Shannon on TV. Are you kidding? I thought Larry Coker had no personality on TV (which he didnt) when he did the ESPNU broadcasts, I can't even imagine RS. He has no vocabulary no personality. And I reserve theright to bash him, because even thoughhe is a former player, he single handedly destroyed this program's chances over 2 years, was stubborn, arrogant, and alienating. I hate that people say he was a great recruiter. really? And recruituing has translated into what? 7-6, 9-4, 7-6 seasons? Please.

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