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UM women crack Top 25 poll at No. 22

The University of Miami women's basketball team is back in the Associated Press Top 25 poll.

The Hurricanes, who have won 15 consecutive games, found themselves at No. 22 Monday afternoon following a pair of ACC road wins last week at Virginia and Virginia Tech. Last year, UM entered the poll at No. 25 for the first time since 2004 after knocking off then 13th-ranked Florida State. But they were only ranked a week after losing to then No. 8 Duke. 

The Hurricanes have been led by the three-headed monster of junior guards Shenise Johnson and Riquna Williams and sophomore forward Morgan Stroman. Williams and Johnson are the top two leading scorers in the ACC averaging 19.8 and 19.1 points per game. Stroman is averaging 14.5 points.

"I'm certainly happy that our players and staff have been recognized nationally for all their hard work," UM coach Katie Meier said in a press release from the school. "I have a lot of faith and belief in our team and I am confident we will keep practicing and preparing for the ACC schedule in order to reach our goals moving forward."

UM (16-1, 2-0 ACC) returns home this week to face Clemson Friday night and Boston College on Sunday at 1 p.m. Both games will be televised by FSN.

> When it comes to quality big men, UM's men's basketball has a rather large one in 6-10, 303-pound sophomore Reggie Johnson. But beyond Big Reg, the Canes have proven to be a bit thin. Saturday's 79-72 loss at Clemson was proof as the Tigers dominated UM on the inside with a gimpy Johnson battling bone spurs in his right foot.

UM coach Frank Haith said during Monday's ACC Teleconference he's hoping Johnson can make a quick recovery this week in time for Saturday's 6 p.m. tip-off against Boston College at BankUnited Center. Haith said Saturday Johnson didn't practice all of last week and had his foot in a walking boot.

> Latwan Anderson, a highly touted All-American cornerback from Glenville, Ohio who signed a track scholarship with the Hurricanes last year with the hopes of eventually playing football, will not be returning to the program.

Chris Freet, UM's Associate Athletic Director for Communication said Anderson, who left in December, is no longer a part of the Miami Athletics Department and will not be with UM during the spring semester.

"Latwan did not fulfill the requirements to be a student-athlete at the University of Miami," Freet said.

> Al Golden and the UM football team is expected to announce the hiring of the final two assistant coaches -- including offensive coordinator -- in the next 12 to 24 hours.


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I heard that Dan Henning visited Al Golden this week. The Wildcat is just what we need with that stable of RBs

Go 'canes!

Good luck Latwan


Hell, give us speculation !

Congrats to our women! Maybe Katie should help Frank out too....

ANY OC NEWS MANNY ??? Hell, give us speculation !
Posted by: No Nix Clones | January 10, 2011 at 04:29 PM

A: Don't know really. I've heard McNulty (Cardinals), Josh McDaniels. It's going to be a guy with NFL ties for sure. I was kind of surprised the announcement got delayed, made me think its somebody whose team made the playoffs. If it gets delayed again after Tuesday, I'd have to believe for sure that's the case.

Great job ladies! That's quit a feat to have the top two scorers in the conference play on the same team. Go Canes!

Agree Manny, that's why I'm thinking the McNulty rumors are true. Cardinals are out of the playoffs, so he should be available. Golden must have felt that Baltimore, with their 3 Canes (2 of which are hall of famers), would handle the Phoenix.

it was suppose to be the OC from seattle jeremy bates,who was rumored to be let go after the season...but with the win on sunday the announcement might be delayed again...or might turn elsewhere

Hopefully they make that announcement during the game tonight. Everybody is going to be watching the game.

For the love of God no Dan Hennig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please no women's basketball!

I'm all for title 9 - love watching the volleyball, soccer, softball, etc.

But women's basketball is a complete joke. You can't even watch their ball handling and shooting and be impressed - it's a completely different game with the smaller ball and the same hoop!

We all remember how we'd try to get the women's basket balls when we were shooting around with the rack in middle school - a girls ball turns you into Reggie Miller!

Latwan was saying after everyone had reported he wasnt comibg that he met with the AD and "leggo" as in lets go. he is still tweeting he is a Cane. Also his tweets are sometimes alarming. Seems pretty immature. And wrapped up in drama.

still saying he is at school taking classes. Manny you dropped the ball on this one. But you did give me this tidbit- for all you star and ranking hoes! Ya'll see that nasty d-tackle Auburn got!? Guess the stars on him when he came out!?

r U stUpid , or do U just not like Crystal ?

the rankings are different in the case of interior linemen. they take a longer time to develop. and often because of their size advantage in high school, its harder to predict who will be successful once they face players of equal size in the college game.

5 Ball in the mouth....What? I dont understand?

Iluminati-Not when they are from South Fla. and plying kids that size all the time. Also Lineman camps. Down and dirty camp. Its all the same man.

Did everyone see the Broward kids all over the field for Auburn? Another place Randy really slacked on.

is anyone a member of insidetheu.com? theres a post on there titled: "An anonymous letter...no idea who it's from or if it's real." supposedly outlining randys failures. if someone whos a member could repost it, it would be greatly appreciated.

dex, so fla kids are talented, no doubt. but even they are no comparison to the 60 min pounding of a 6'5 300 pound 21 year old man. its a big difference. thats why its common to see low rated linemen recruits come out of nowhere to be solid players. some develop over time, some dont.

recruit size and develop em. do that, the rankings are irrelevant. (for linemen)


Same letter posted on Eye of the Hurricane.net and it's a free site.

ANY OC NEWS MANNY ??? Hell, give us speculation !
Posted by: No Nix Clones | January 10, 2011 at 04:29 PM

A: Don't know really. I've heard McNulty (Cardinals), Josh McDaniels. It's going to be a guy with NFL ties for sure. I was kind of surprised the announcement got delayed, made me think its somebody whose team made the playoffs. If it gets delayed again after Tuesday, I'd have to believe for sure that's the case.


I'm not buying that they won't announce an OC because he might still be coaching in the playoffs. It's done all the time for the sake of recruiting. And if they have an agreement with a coach in the NFL for the OC job, wouldn't Golden tell the recruits that as leverage? And surely with todays twirpn and twatn, that name would leak over n over again.

I'm afraid that, just like Shannon before him with the struggle to hire halfazzz OC's like Nix and Whipple, Golden is scrambling here and might have to settle for what is the most important coaching job on the staff other than his.

I hope I'm wrong. But no news about this cannot be good news as it goes on and on and on with the waiting and delays.


I would not assume it is bad news, more than ever the coaching carousel is moving faster this time because the amount of head coaches that have been let go which affects assistants and coordinators. Also and more importantly this time you have the possibility of an NFL lock out that has a lot of coaches interested in college positions just because job security. I think there are more and better candidates that what Golden initially thought.

I get your points 76. There are a ton of open jobs out there now in College. That's what worries me. These professional coaches know this landscape like the road from their home to their office. I hate to admit it, but the top guys know where to set their carreer compasses and as of now, The U is down the list as far as high paid destination assistant jobs ... I just hate to have to settle. This hire's personality will make the program what it is the next 3 years. The supply and demand models are both working against Miami on this one... And LSU is about to burst like a dam any minute to further dilute the pool .

Also in the NFL, Coaches are a part of management, not labor. They get paid whether they work or not during work stoppages and lockouts. So, if you were an NFL coach making better money than Miami can offer what would you do ?

He will hire someone who is capable. An NFL WR or QB coach makes less than a College OC. You are looking at the surplus of vacant college jobs the wrong way. Everytime one of these guys get fired or leaves their recruits waver. And Golden is there in a heartbeat. Best thing that could happen recruiting wise is Les Miles leaves for Michigan. A few LSU recruits would jump ship. Only thing that would make it better would be Jimbo leaving for LSU. Opening up all those coveted FSU recruits.

This year the Canes and Dolphins were both capable of winning or losing from week to week. We just went through 4 years of capability. I'm hoping we WILL raise the bar somewhat heading towards eliteness.

I've no doubt that Coach Golden will change the overall attitude of this program for the better. He already has. So im holding onto faith that he will do his best with this OC hire. I just want much better than average. One can only hope.


Yes I agree with your last post!! Lets hope for the best, I am tired of the last 6 years of mediocrity too. In Golden we Trust!

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