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AD Kirby Hocutt leaves for Texas Tech, says decision was tough

Kirby Hocutt has left his post as athletic director at the University of Miami for the same job at Texas Tech.

"I am deeply disappointed that after only two-and-a-half years of a very successful tenure as leader of our athletics programs, Kirby Hocutt has decided to accept the AD position at Texas Tech," UM president Donna Shalala said in a statement.

"We did everything we could to convince him to stay, but in the end it was an intensely personal decision. I thank Kirby for his integrity, leadership, and dedication to the University.”

The move comes less than three months after Hocutt fired Randy Shannon and hired Al Golden to coach the Hurricanes' football team.

Hocutt released a statement through UM at around 6 p.m. Friday evening.

"While I am very excited about the unique and special opportunity that is ahead at Texas Tech it was a very difficult decision to leave the University of Miami," Hocutt said in the statement. "While I am proud of the progress and advancement we have made in Coral Gables, there is never an easy time to leave and the job at the University of Miami was not complete.

"There are great things in the future for Miami Athletics. The leadership, confidence and support I received during my time at the U from President Shalala and the entire Board of Trustees, and especially Paul DiMare was superior. I could not have asked for anything more. Again, I am confident that the foundation has been set to return this proud program back to national prominence.

"While you can never control the timing in which opportunities present themselves there is no question this is the correct decision for me and my family. The opportunity to return home and be near family and friends is one that we are excited about."


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Kirby Hocutt was a fraud to began with.

in his tenure. He has signed a contract extension with Shannon and then fired him. Our Basketball team has continued to stay irrelevant, our baseball team hasnt played up to expectations and our football team has sucked. But he has doen really well with our womens B-Ball team and I think tennis. So T-Tech has those to look forward too. Bye Bye Kirby and thank you for not dragging our program all the way down with you.

I would like to see Pete Garcia get the job.

AD @ FIU for those who don't know.

now watch we will get Tubberville as our AD

glad to see him go...

"Sneaky Pete Garcia" has way too much luggage. would be better off with "Shakey Rodriguez."

UM has no Money to pay anyone. Jobs at this school will always be a revolvong door. If you do good, you get hired away. If you do bad, or dont do good fast enough you get fired. End of story.

Fire football coach - Done
Hire football coach - Done
Tell basketball coach not to worry - Done
Leave for another AD job - Done

I guess you would call it a job well done.

@BertDawg Why in god's name would we hire the only AD with a worse record of picking bball coaches? FIU has a coach that doesn't even pretend to care about the team.

THanks Kirby for hiring Golden to lead our Football program back to the top and good luck to you.

Best wishes to you. You will miss the beach. I been to lubbock dam its boring

So tell me this how does whipple and Kirby get jobs when they were garbage. Thank goodness your gone.

Decline in all sports (except Women's hoops), poor contracts, botched coach searches...maybe its good this guy is gone. UM needs to fork up cash and get a good a AD, and a good Basketball coach. Hell, a stadium in Tropical Park wouln't be bad either.

I don't get it. I went there. Miami is one of the most expensive schools in the country. How come it is notoriously cheap with athletics??? I don't buy this private school/state school excuse. I never here that USC, Stanford, Duke, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Georgia Tech or other private schools have financial problems.

Glad to see Kirby gone, he was just "Dave Maggard Junior" in my opinion. Never really fit, never really embraced UM, never quite settled. As for Garcia, forget it, never going to happen. Shortcut Garcia burned his bridges at UM a long time ago.

Good. It could not have come soon enough. KH is the reason why U are what U are. Now bring back Jankovich and then JJ and the old crew. We already got Kehoe!

We need to get back to prominence and domination.

Lets start with athletics and academics are 2 diffrent budgets. Academics get there budget from tuition and other areas state schools usually get some from state and federal sources not sure with private school. As for the athletic side texas tech acutally uses some of there funding from the goverment to fund athletics which sounds shady to me. The truth is most athletic budgets come from donors. Oregon has one of the richest in phil knight and oklahoma state has boone pickens. The canes dont have a multi billionare given them money. Fund raising was one area hocutt was brought in to improve at the u. He has done that. While miami's budget and facilities may not be as great as other schools they have improved under hocutt. Being an expensive school to go to has nothing to do with a schools athletic budget though.

USC 2.95 BILLION $ endowment
It's all about money and fundraising.

Stanford 15.9 BILLION $ endowment
Duke 4.8 BILLION $ endowment
Notre Dame 5.52 BILLION $ endowment
Syracuse 894 million $ endowment (b-ball and ?)
UM 538 million $ ednowment 21 total National Championship teams, not too shaby.

Buy it now?
Magna est veritas, Great is the truth

I don't understand why people take personal shots. Mr. Hocutt performed his duties as AD admirably. If you don't like his performance, then just let him move on. You soon will have a new AD to hold accountable. It's low class to shoot at a person from behind the cyber curtain. I'm certain that President Schalala will put another highly competent person in place to lead the Canes to excellence in athletics.

U need HELP !

- No Stadium (Sad...)
- Poor Facilities (Even UCF got better facilities then us)
- No ACC Championship (Come on, we play ACC not SEC or Pac10)
- No AD (TTech > UMiami)
- New Coach from MAC (I hope he's not the next Randy)
- Declining Fans @ Sun Life (Can't sell Tickets)
- Lost to USF @ Sun Life (Go Bulls!)
- Only team in FL to lost Bowl Game (Even FIU won)
- Shalala only cares about academics (Gotta be Good @ Something)

This guy was a great AD and those of you that think otherwise are rewriting history. First he had to give RS an extension, had he not, recruiting would have been a lot worse. He didn't hire Heath, and if Heath doesn't turn this around he'll be fire next year. No reason to fire him this tear. Kirby is not fraud, and certainly not a bad AD. He's going home, something most people would want to do. You people need to grow up..............really.

U fans are just the worst, and I love the U. Pretty unknowledgeable as well.

you were not complaining when the guy was Butch Davis' recruiting coordinatior back when we won the Nc in '01 and I think along w/ Mario Cristobal , they are putting FIU on the map. Look, Isaiah Thomas is only looking out for Isaiah Thomas you nor I have control over that so okay you don't want Garcia well how about Mike Leach ? Since my choice ain't good enough for you who do you recommend ?

God, I get tired of people using UM as a stepping stone to somewhere else!!!
Why can't we get a coach (Bowden, Paterno) who stays for a career, and an AD who stays for years?

These kinds of decisions are disruptive to the University. Maybe if we hire an AD from Miami, that person will embrace the opportunity in their hometown. Granted, that is not a guarantee of success(See RS), but at least we won't have to put up with that sentimental family BS again! If your family is so important, get a job by them and leave us alone! The U should decide who stays and who goes based on performance!

Miami Should go for Belloti or whatever his name the ex-AD for Oregon/ Coach. I want a AD with balls, and brains!! Not scared to spend money or come up with innovated ways to market the U and bring in good coaching staff.

P.S New AD lets do something about the football jersey situation.

much of what you say makes sense...
Funny though, Donald trump wanted to fund a stadium if we hired Mike Leach. Would that have been so bad?
This is, of course Kirby's fault, as he had it in his power to hire Leach, but didn't like the idea of giving so powerful a personality any chance....and now Hocutt is gone.
Goodbye stadium.

As a UM alum I'm glad this ding dong is gone. Anyone who leaves Miami for TTech is crazy. What has that school ever won, in any sport? Seriously, football is a disgrace. Either start being a top 10 team every year (Gators) or start playing in 1-AA. What has the AD done to change this? Real talk.

Big-Time College Sports is Big Business and it's killing the spirit and traditions...

Nowadays Athletic Directors and Coaches only care about money and building their resumes to get more in their pockets...They don't give a s... about core values, about the U tradition,about working for one of the top 50 Universities and so on...This is all BS...This is today's society...We won't see other Joe Paterno, Bobby Bowden and Bear Bryant that cared more about their institutions than anything else...We might as well follow only pro sports for now on..

The college sports scene will never be what it was meant to be...

Just listen to them...they say the U is a brand but they consider themselves (the ADS and coaches of top colleges) like they are a bigger brand than any schools...

So Kirby just don't repeat the same BS at Texas Tech that you said at the U...Just take the money and shut up...And please take Frank Haith with you.

Texas Tech is a bigger school with more money and better facilties. That's the bottom line.

We tried to take their coach, and they turned around and one-upped us by taking our Athletic Director.

The whole thing makes me sick. I feel like we were simply out maneuvered.

I am as glad to see this guy go as I was to see Paul ( jabba the hut ) Dee leave Bring back Sam bring back Howard go raid the SEC for a guy get someone who has balls to stay and build bring back top tennis, baseball , golf and swimming like to old days For god's sake we have a spectacular school and a great environment check with Golden, P. Carroll, B. Bowden ( heck bring his son in not the clemson one but the auburn one) do something about basketball ie get rid of haith or get a better recruiter Bring back Butch any buddy but this bozo from UCF though most likely that is who shalala will settle on One more also ran and never was or will be how about Belloti he would be outstanding and understands college sports ( all of them and how impt winning in each is )

Should I even try Arty ?

maybe, just maybe they'll figure it out finally, in 3-4 years ...

but probably not .

Congrats Kirby

I am very glad that Kirby has left. I am unaware of any smart moves Kirby has made since
arriving at Miami from Ohio University. I know that Kirby was not well respected at Ohio University. That is Ohio University and not Ohio State University.

Al Golden seems to have command over all aspects of the football program. But I think there are many coaches out there who had as much ability as Golden that would have loved to come to UM for a salary in excess of $10,000,000
over 5 years.

I think Kirby was a very weak link in the chain.
I do not think his fundraising was superb and has management of the athletic program was 5 standard deviations from the mean.

U have to remember leach was fired from tech for mistreating a player. While i believe the james family lied and set leach up to be fired as part of some plot it looks bad. Lets face facts here While leach is a great coach the baggage he brings is something miami has tried to avoid ever since shala took over as president. This isnt the canes of the 80s where coaches and players were outspoken and controversial that all changed with ncaa sanctions stemming from the dennis erickson years. Golden looks like a guy who knows what he is doing. I think hocutt though did a good job while he was here. I wish he would of stayed. I belive had he stayed the canes budget would of got better every year. I hope shalala finds a guy with the kinda drive and fund raising potential kirby flashed in his time here. The fact is this guy is a big 12 texas guy this was a cant miss job for him because its in his home state. I love his hire of golden. Shannon wasnt a hocutt hire and he had to give him an extension after the 9-4 season with what looked like a shot at bcs coming the next year when miami fell to 7-6 hocutt rectified that situation. The man did a great job. As for we are the worst 90 pct of the negative nancy stuff u see on this board is from a gator troll sean wilson pretending to be a canes fan.

ULaw, I hope you didn't graduate from the U of Miami Law school, because what you just wrote was utter dribble.


I love this revisionist history. What amazing fans.

UM has some local Alums who would fill the part very well. Sometimes stability is the answer. Are you listening DONNA!!!!

Pete Garcia (fiu AD)
Gino Toretta (radio/business man)
Bernie Kosar (Cleveland Brown Exc)
A.C. Tellison (ex FIU AD/Intl Sports Exc)
Craig Erickson (business man)

Mack Rhoades - Houston.

FIRST OF ALL lets cut through the coach speak and code...
-This is not about goingo home
-This is not about grand opportunity

This is about things in our future that are not too bright that he has the insight on to avoid.
We dont know what they are yet but look for them to unfold. Possibilites include:
-HIs future here is based on performance of Golden with Golden a short term solution
-Working with Shalala is always a toxic reltaionship..and will be a limiter on next hire
-Being used by Gruden damaged his credibility
-Is it not curious that the very first offer he jumped on post Gruden meltdown..Any university would be considered "closer" to home from Miami.

Lastly this does not bode well if your future is based on the performance of your only hire to date and you bail at the first "opportunity". Puts the Golden hire in further disdain, IMO.

IMAWriter, you're wrong on two accounts, Shalala is the reason they didn't hire Leach and there's no where they could have possibly have built a stadium in Coral Gables or South Miami. So if it would've been a new stadium out in the boonies, what's the point?

Michael, I did in fact graduate from UM Law. The school sucks in fact, on all levels. My salient points for all the simpletons (Michael): Over the last 5 years UM Football has been terrible. Other sports, hoops and baseball, have been under performing too. Hocutt has not appeared to have done anything to change, this so his leaving is not a big deal. Real talk.

I am not sure why UMLaw would say the school sucks unless of course he is just bad lawyer who can't make a living ( most likely) the school in all aspects in exceptional I retired from the practice in my early 30's ( I made money and my firm was listed in Best lawyers in America this guy is a bozo and bitter

UM sucks? Top 50 universities in the country? You must be a fake poster or a jealous gator.
I challenge any prospective freshman to walk through that beautiful campus this weekend. Yes this weekend. Then go up to Gainseville or Columbus, or wisconsisn..or lubbock texas. What the () is in Lubbock? What is he sttoopid?

UM is at the brink of making a huge NC run, is starting to ransack recruiting for SOUth fla for 2012 and he bolts?

Coward and a liar. That's what you are Kirby. And get a man's name.
Not a 12 year old's.

He's going to a "bigger school with better facilites" according to one post. Yeah ok. And so, remind what national ch (ok track) has TT won?

You will always be the longhorns and sooners stepchild over there. believe me. good luck.

Donna Shalala: Quit the BS. Pay Golden more money and his assitansts as well. UF (through its mafia) pays assistants more money than Muchump. Do it Donna.

Well then law you should know that Hocutt did a great job at bring donors back to the U, he put the football team back on firm footing by firing RS and hiring Golden. The Baseball team is in good shape they lost in the Super Regional final last year, and made it to the College WS the prior year. Heath wasn't his hire, and remember the BB season isn't over, he still may be fired. There a new weight center with a 5 million dollar donation, and the endowment has increased it's bet worth by 17.5 million dollars. That's 3 times the increase from 09 to 10. I am dismayed that such a obtuse idiot is a grad of U of Miami Law School. I thought you had to have 1/2 a brain to get in, much less graduate. Did I keep it simple enough for you.

U see: It's not just football, U need help everywhere. Tennis, baseball, womens b-ball looks OK, but getting rid of RS was just chipping at the real problem, a problem KH was oblivious to. Go get Jankovich. Wasnt he a lawyer?

Who wants to bet Shalala fills the AD position by hiring/promoting someone like Katie Meier?

First off, the law school isn't in the top 50. Second, you don't think walking around UF would be a good experience? Come on. I hate Florida but lets be real they best UM in pretty much every category.

Miohael, KH may have improved donations but look at the football product, absolutely terrible. I believe he gave RS additional money before firing him. Also, who says Golden is a winning coach at UM. He hasn't even started yet. He came from Temple, not USC. He may turn into a good hire but at this point who knows? Tell me the baseball team hasn't underachieved? Is hoops really relevant in the ACC? Do you think that KH had such a huge difference in 2+ years? You my friend are a complete idiot. Real talk.

Im gonna make a closing argument on umlaw. He never graduated miami probably isnt a lawyer and is a 99.9 pct chance hes the gator troll sean wilson who keeps infesting our blogs. The guy is a duche its that simple. He claims miami isnt relevant yet all he does is infest cane fan blogs so u tell me if we are so irrelevent why does he come spew his crap here.

The only thing I can say today is the next AD needs to fire Frank Haith as soon as he gets the job....

Any fan who would blame the AD for an underachieving baseball team (that made it to the super regionals)is instantly classified as a moron in my book. How would HE do anything different with the baseball team? Should he fire Jim Morris, one of the best and most respected coaches in the country? Oh that's right, it was Kirby Hocutt who made 7 errors against UF last year, not the players. I'm baffled by the comments on this blog

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