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Golden's quest to solidify state of Miami has begun

If you listen closely enough, at around 7 p.m. tonight you'll either hear a roar of celebration coming from Coral Gables or Canes fans across the country cussing up a storm.

Al Golden Tonight is the night U.S. Army All-American quarterback Jacoby Brissett will announce where he's going to college. He will choose between Florida, Miami or Wisconsin. Although he can't say it publicly, UM coach Al Golden desperately wants Brissett to be the 17th member of the Canes' 2011 signing class.

There's been a lot of speculation over the last couple days about where Brissett will be going to school. Dwyer coach Jack Daniels said he thought Miami had a great shot, especially since Brissett's mom is a huge Canes fan. Then, yesterday, we began hearing Brissett may now be favoring Florida. Brissett will announce his choice before his basketball game scheduled for a 7 p.m. start.

The Hurricanes, quite frankly, shouldn't be in this mess. After leading the country in interceptions thrown last season, finding and landing a quarterback should have taken place a long time ago. But this isn't Al Golden's fault. It's Randy Shannon's. And the clean-up of his mess continues.

Golden spoke for nearly 40 minutes on Wednesday about his first signing class. Between talking about how happy he was to land the 14 recruits he did in a matter of five weeks (15 real recruiting days) -- and the eight he was able to steal from others -- Golden made sure to apologize plenty too. Being a thief is something Golden didn't like having to be to sign players. Being the new guy on the job was difficult enough. What was even tougher was being seen as a total stranger in his own backyard.

You see Golden didn't just have to introduce himself and his new staff when he went out recruiting. In many instances, he had to introduce The U to coaches and players that hadn't seen anybody come around with that U in a long time.

Brissett? The previous staff gave him an offer when every other school in the country did. But once Miami Northwestern's Teddy Bridgewater committed to the Canes, Shannon pulled back the reigns. No need for a Plan B right? Apparently, Shannon and his staff took this approach more often than most of us realized. 

Want to know how many times UM went to visit Miami Central, a school that won the Class 6A state title this year and produced 17 Division I players on Wednesday (and as Golden pointed out produced more D-I talent than the entire state of Connecticut)?

Telly Lockette "They came out once in the spring," Rockets coach Telly Lockette said Thursday night, shortly before Golden hosted nearly 100 head coaches and assistant coaches from Miami-Dade County at UM's basketball game against Georgia Tech.

"I remember the recruiting coordinator [Aubrey Hill] and the [defensive backs] coach [Wesley] McGriff came out to see us. McGriff came one other time. I'll say they came three times total to be safe."

Lockette, one of three on the board of the Miami-Dade County Coaches Association, doesn't want to take shots at Shannon or his staff. He's known Shannon since he was a teenager, grew up playing at the same park where Shannon frequented up in Northwest Dade. But Lockette still isn't sure why the Hurricanes didn't come around to recruit his players more often or other local players many thought were good enough to play for the Canes but ended up elsewhere.

The thought process here isn't that the Canes need to get every local kid. The thought process is at least come and make your presence felt so if you have to offer a kid late in the game, you don't come in as a total stranger.

"I remember Randy coming in personally about a year ago, we sat down and talked," Lockette said. "From then on, we thought it was going to be better. I'm not trying to throw Randy Shannon or his staff under the bus. I just thought they were recruiting a different type athlete. They would say, 'Well this guy can't play at Miami.' Jeffrey Godfrey? He can't play at Miami? You look at the guys who are going off to Louisville and what they're going to do. You know and I know you've been watching football for a long time -- that's sickening.

"At the end of the day, if you look at the track record, I've been here for three years. You mean to tell me I'm sending 53 kids off to school from here, 38 are D-I and only one is going to UM? I don't know what the deal was. They have to answer that."

That player UM got from Central, cornerback Thomas Finnie, wasn't even recruited by Shannon or anybody on his staff. Golden came down and swooped him away from South Carolina -- right under Steve Spurrier and Lockett's nose. Lockette was a little bothered at first that Golden nor anybody on his staff called to let him know they were meeting with Finnie on the morning he was set to leave for South Carolina.

But that's ancient history now.

Jacoby Brissett "He came in and we sat down a week ago Tuesday," Lockette said. "He wanted to apologize for the whole ordeal and how everything went down. I told him I understood. I was telling him at this point if he wants to recruit my kids I don't have any problems with him doing it. That's when they jumped on [offensive tackle] John Miller. Once coach [Art] Kehoe got in and saw John Miller, he was ecstatic, wanted the kid bad, but it was too late.

"Coach Golden is a good guy, a straight up guy. I don't blame him for coming after the kids the way he did late in the game. It's unfortunate they were caught in that situation. I just would have liked a courtesy phone call saying coach I'm going to go after your kid. But I understand they were under the gun. That's called recruiting. I didn't have a problem with that."

Golden promised Wednesday the Hurricanes won't ever be under the gun or strangers in their own backyard again as long as he's coach. His plan to change htings: put all nine of his coaches to recruit what he calls 'The Eye Of The Storm' -- Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

"All of Florida is vitally important ot us. We’ve got to get back to our roots...," Golden said. "We’re going to get back to being really strong in those areas. We’re talking right now about which areas we’re going to allocate. Not only do we have all nine coaches within two hours of where we are right now, which is what we call the Eye of the Storm, we have all nine coaches in-state, which is really important to us. If we take care of our home state, we’re going to be in great shape. We’ll have all nine guys in the state and all nine guys here in the eye, which I think is a departure from what they’ve done before. We want to make sure we get it right here.

"There are too many kids signing late, too many kids that are the next Ed Reed or the next Ray Lewis who was the last player taken, or the next Reggie Wayne. There are too many of those kids locally to go all over the country when they’re right here in our backyard. We want to make sure our central focus is here and then go out of state to get kids that want to be a part of this tradition.

"The number of kids that come out from down here and play Division I football is the reason whywe’re developing our recruiting philosophy... if there’s 350 or 400 kids that sign Division I scholarships in Florida, we only need 18 to 20 a year to be a great team. Not to compete, but a great team. So let’s get it right at home and go from there."

Golden isn't just taking a new approach to recruiting, he's taking a new approach all around. Among other things on tap: junior days, camps, coaching clinics. In essence, he's extending his hand out and shaking hands with people who often wondered why that old football powerhouse down the street was ignoring them.

"We are the University of Miami, the University of all of South Florida," Golden said. "And we want to make sure we are giving kids an opportunity to learn, to be exposed to the University of Miami, our mission on campus. And clearly we want an opportunity to evaluate to see which ones are good enough to be Hurricanes and who wants to be Miami Hurricanes.

"Our last four years at Temple, 78 percent of the kids that we signed attended [our] camp. So obviously you have a chance to evaluate them in the camp. There’s nothing like seeing a student-athlete live. There’s nothing that compares to it. If you can take that, plus the academic transcript, plus the film and then the intangibles, you have a chance to mitigate risk."

UM's camp used to cost $390. Golden has slashed it down $55.

"We're going to keep that price low," Golden said. "It's $40 through President's Day weekend, then will go up to $55. It's not a money maker for us. It’s about getting to know the high school coaches, giving kids an opportunity. The camp is designed so if you don't get a scholarship offer from Miami – FIU, FAU, Bethnue Cookman, MAC schools, a bunch of 1-AA schools – all those schools will be here and represented so there's a safety net in there. It's not just going to benefit you if you want to go to Miami, but it will benefit you if you want to go to one of those other institutions as well."

How does it work? "You show up at 8, you get introduced to the staff, we break you down into groups and you do a bunch of drills on offense, then you do a bunch of drills on defense, then you have a chance to go to lunch on campus - inside, for a barbecue," Golden said.

"We'll finish up with some one on ones and some competition at the end. It's really an 8 to 4 deal. We coach the heck out of them. We have it down cold. We’re going to develop them. They're going to learn. Hopefully, the goal is to get them back again. We have six of those dates in June."

Of course, Golden still isn't done with 2011.

The Hurricanes, ranked as having the 36th-best recruiting class in the country by Rivals.com, could end up moving up a few more notches tonight if Jacoby Brissett decides UM (which didn't begin recruiting him until three weeks ago) is really the best place for his future.

But gain a quarterback or watch him go elsewhere tonight, we've learned at least one thing over the last six weeks: Al Golden is not going to be a stranger in his own backyard very long.


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Great blog manny.

The Palm Beach Post reports: Gators to add all-America Dwyer QB Jacoby Brissett. Why the H would he want to go to Florida. I believe has best shot to play both sports is at Miami. I hope that he does make the right decision and come to Miami.. I guess all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.. What time is he seet to announce?

Great info. F_ck you Shannon!

That is unbelievable. I will never understand how Shannon, Mr. South Florida, could start ignoring these high schools. I guess we'll never know, because he is never going to answer it and I doubt his assistants will either.

I hope that report about Brissett and UF is incorrect, but who knows. If it is correct, we can still pull some transfers like Savage into the mix.

Go Canes!

It's incredible how Randy Shannon screwed the football program so bad. I never heard of anything he was doing to promote the program or built those essential relationships in the area. Coach Golden seems to just get it. I remind people that he's been here less than two months. I really hope he can be our coach for a long long time.

I'm beginning to sense that Shannon masked his inferiority complex with a studied indifference and aloofness as if "we're too cool" will compel folks to come to the U. Strangely, Shannon relates the story of his own recruitment saying Schnell questioned whether he was good enough to play a Miami. I prefer Golden's "we really want you to be a Cane" approach much better.

Brissett to UF is disheartening!! I was hoping we could develop him into a playmaker!!

Its ridiculous to hear about Shannons recruiting style, you want players to come to your camps so it gives them a opportunity to see your campus and you as a coach!! You want to be best friends with all the high school coaches!

Well I hope once Miami starts winning again and the Sun Life stadium starts getting packed, it will be easier to sell the program to kids.

I haven't disagreed with anything Al Golden has said at all. I'm loving his approach.

Why would Brissett sign with the Gators? They already have Jeff Driskle who signed Wednesday and is a 5 star recruit and the #1 quarterback prospect and top 10 overall prospect.

Whoever reported that is blowing smoke up your arrse. I would be completely shocked if it happened.

randy shannon sucks!thanks for nothing and go to HELL!

Shannon is a complete douche...

also, I just read that Brissett is going to the

Brissett's mom is not going to be happy. She may pretend that she wants him to do what "he thinks" his best for him but when he is sitting on the bench in Gainesville, there will always be a part of her that wishes he came to the "U". The Gator's are at the beginning of a long downhill slide. And as a fan of the "U" the Gators will always give you a sick feeling in your stomach. Since 1987, the Gators have only beaten the Canes one time!

Oh Well! I wouldnt want my starting QB to BB anyways. Thats probably why he's going to UF. What QB playing both BB and FB has done anything? I cant remember. Let him go and sit behind driskel. QB depth would have been nice but no guarantee he would have been some savior for the position.

Damn Shannon! Golden's got me as giddy as a love sick teenage girl. Guys Miami is far more attractive than G'ville or Talhasee. You won't get the players if you don't recruit them. Trust me! Players from accross the nation will one again be wishing they could come to Miami. Ol'l Jimbo loaded up the pickup this year but he knows he won't do it again. I'm buying my season tickets now and will be close to the New Winnning Action at Joe Robbie. Gonna buy a new BMW to put those I-75 miles on to Miami from Tampa! Hell Yea! Go Canes!

That was 1985 not 1987. Sorry

I hope I am wrong but it looks like JB is headed to Gville. If that is the case, I wish him luck and safe journey. I agree with Golden, we want to recruit players that want to be a Cane. If he is not interested, so be it. To be honest I feel pretty good at our recruiting class and could not asked anything more from Golden who has done an extraordinary job recruiting within 15 days. Next year is going to be a different story. That we are not deep at the QB position? Yes, somebody will come along. I am sure Golden will dig somebody. Now lets go after the best 2012 QB out there wherever he is.

Cane Fans:

Look at where the great UM QB's came from - Kelly- PA, Kosar - OH, Testevertte - NY, Torretta - CA, Walsh - MN, Erickson, So. FL, Dorsey - CA. Only one from the So FL area. Smart recruiting get the good ones!!!!!!!!

TN Cane

F... U randy i hope u burn in hell

wish the hell somebody would run shannon out of town.this guy acted like he was a true cane,hope he takes a job as far from miami as he can get.EAT SH-- YOU LOSER A-- COACH!

Brissett ..if he goes elsewhere ....it is not the end of the road....not one player, coach or supporter is bigger than the whole. The program can benefit with him here but it is not time to put a gun to your head if he goes North. If he goes elsewhere do you want a QB that can't make a decision? that can't make up his mind? that will always question his decision no matter where he goes? That sounds like the young man to me. It is a difficult decision but it's not like he hasn't had time to make one.

He and the other kids that went elsewhere will eventually be sorry if they didn't come to the U but we will never know. But I would bet on it.

I dont get why the Herald or the sun has not reported anything on this. It really makes me wonder. Savage would be a nice get to.

Will any of the UM alumni be in attendance at the camps? That would be great PR for the program and help in recruiting. If Brissett picks the Gators he will be riding the pine but playing with his friends.

good for him. He'll compete with Driskel and in a few years, one of them will be looking for another D1 school to go to. Two fr, one so. Someone is going to lose out. it's just fact that only one QB can be the 'guy'

to IdahoCane.

Agree with you on Savage but the problem is he will have to sit out next year, we only have two QB's on the roster, if they get injured
we are in trouble.

Golden has no choice to get at least one JUCO QB

Hey j

Charlie Ward won the Heisman at QB then had a decade long career in the NBA. Oh yeah, he also won an NC ring in 1993. Not too bad for a QB/BB player. It can be done.

BRISSET or next QB recruited won't matter for another 1-2 yrs anyways.

There's a chance J HARRIS can be coached up this summer to be who he was in his freshman year when we all thought we were looking at the next Heisman winner....remember?

Then we have Morris, who looks like a potential STAR QB still with 3yrs left for the Canes.

Let's not obsess over the short-term recruiting battles. Golden has exceeded ALL EXPECTATIONS for having only 5 weeks to recruit.

There's no question UM is on a BIG turn-around and current Div I players who want to transfer and future recruits are paying attention.

Wow Manny. I wouldn't imagine you of all people would throw Shannon under the bus. And that's just what this article did. Are we now questioning Shannons classes and the players he bought in? Shannon didn't need backups or Plan B and C b/c very few of his players decomitted and that's why he bought in top classes. Its common to lock in a QB as he did in Bridgewater and not recruit another QB. It makes the kid not waver when you're not out there recruiting another QB. Only one QB can play at a time. Only position like that Manny.  If Shannon felt Lockette's and Central's kids weren't good enough, they just weren't good enough, and they just didn't get recruited. Maybe they weren't great character or academic kids. We don't know all of the variables but we do know Shannon is a great evaluator of talent and has consistently bought in excellent classes and he is the reason why Golden and this program is positioned so well right now. Now are u going to argue your writing skills against Shannons football high school talent and academic evaluations?? This article is so off point. You have a man that has consistently bought in top classes and after he was fired and his prize QB decommits you call it cleaning up Shannons mess?? This is Shalala and Holcutts mess. Golden is recruiting scraps that Shannon never considered or even attempted to recruit b/c... He didn't need to!!! BANG-Hello!!! We had a much better class before Shannon was fired. Would u rather Louis-Jean or Finne, Bridgewater comitted and locked in or praying and hoping for Brisset??? Your article should have read, If there is one thing that's without question was Shannon's recruiting, and obviously Golden is very new and green to the landscape and hasn't figured out yet why Shannon recruited the way he did, but hopefully he will catch on and bring in the type of talent Shannon did. You get all of these idiot people commenting who don't know swat about football by the direction you write the article. Get it together Manny, you're a better writer than this...

Plan B: Savage... What about Tate Forcier as well?

It was the fact that Shannon didn't have a clue how to coach or motivate a team that was the problem. The fact that he had so many great players is why some were fooled into believing that he knew how to coach but even when he had 4 or 5 first round draft choices on his defense they did not dominate the way the defenses did in the 80's.Watch the films of Shannon's defenses; they were always confused and still looking at the sidelines until the second the ball was snapped.

Hold up...Shannon had a QB committed...The QB that you admire and the one that's rated higher than Brissett..In case you forgot Manny.

Good job, way to do your research!!


Did he play BB while at FSU and how much? But thats one guy! Not good odds. I think he wants to play BB more than FB. Thats why he's not worried about Driskel or sitting on bench.


Central had a CB that just was an ALL American at VT. Cant think of the name, but Central coach said so and Shannon said he was to small. Our QB depth is because of Shannon and he should be ashamed of himself if he takes that buyout. Not a true Cane.

It is a problem when most of the local coaches in your hometown believe they were not given enough attention by the UM staff. While Shannon may do a great job one on one with the local recruits he goes after, he obviously failed to go after a lot of talented players who are starting at other Division 1 schools. When you have as much talent as is available in South Florida, there is no excuse for not getting your share of it. LOUISVILLE?

Do we know how good of a basketball prospect Brissett is? Because if he indeed chooses UF, I have to think that his head and heart are more into basketball than football. Someone other than his HS coach, who is a Gator, needs to get in his ear and let him know that there is no way he will pass Driskel on the depth chart at UF. Jacoby would definitely have a chance to compete for the starting job at UM as early as 2012, whereas I don't see him getting that same shot in Gainesville.

I agree with you Cabeboss that Manny is a coward. When Shannon was here he never wrote what he really thought about him but when he leaves now he wants to talk. Seems like a coward to me. Not saying that Shannon was great coach but I think you have to be honest on your evaluation of someone when they can still do something about it.

lol.. I am not surprised by Manny's antics. I am sorry, but you a disgrace. I said it once, so I will say it again-- You did not have the b*lls to question Randy when he was the coach, now you want to stay on your soap box. You work for a newspaper, so all of this crap should have come out while he was still the coach.

You're unf--kin believable!!! That's some coward chit to write, considering you didn't have the balls enough to write that when he was coaching..Afriad Shannon was going to cuss your behind out like Shantrell huh, lol...It's cool, sad part is that I think Golden is doing a great job, and maybe you should focus on that, or write a puff piece about the coach at your Alma Mater!!

"The Hurricanes, quite frankly, shouldn't be in this mess. After leading the country in interceptions thrown last season, finding and landing a quarterback should have taken place a long time ago. But this isn't Al Golden's fault. It's Randy Shannon's. And the clean-up of his mess continues."

Actually, RS had a QB in hand before he was fired. If the QB decided to go elsewhere when RS was fired, technically, it was not his fault. With JH having another year, and Morris only a Soph, if RS had stayed and Bridgewater came on board, the critical time for landing a quality QB would have been 2012. So, RS was on point with what he was doing this year with only bringing in Bridgewater. Like the rest of our cane nation over the past few months, get off RS back. The Great things that RS did for our university is more than what Coker did, irregardless of not winning an ACC or NC. The players are in place to win next year; talk about that aspect and what the expectations Golden should be in relationship to this issue. If Brissette decides on UF or WIS, so be it; move on and develop and play what’s on hand. With mediocre ACC, it should not be hard to win the ACC in 2011 with what RS had in the cupboard.

Thank you, Caneboss! How come folks aren't getting on Al for not recruiting the LB that dropped USC for UGA or some of the other highly recruits players from the area? All coaches recruit who they feel best fit their system, not who the fans want. But when it comes to Randy folks seems to not care about that part. Grow up! Wow, did a poster really tell Randy to burn in hell over a recruit? WOW!!!!

wow your suck up job to shannon has me turned on.... if his classes were so great there would be more wins not losses to teams that are a football joke.i dont care what rivals or any other smart guys say about a young mans talent,U need smart hungry men that can be coached up. a 5 star player is usually like going out with the prom queen,alot of baggage and thinks its all about them. football is all about the team,the best teams are usually the tightest teams

and sidenote..he had 6 commitments including 3 for next year class. That's hardly a mess..Grammar check your writing, and I'm sure the next time you see Shannon face to face, and you will see him again, let's see if you have the balls to talk just as much chit as you just did!!

Let the Golden era begin!!

Agree with TN cane. Only one good Qb at the U came from south florida. Good Prostyle (even run n gun ) QBs are found elsewhere. Recall the late 80s and early 90s with Erickson was more of a runn shoot.

Shannon f-d up this program so badly. We all here lambasted Cokers so called inability to Recruit even though he did recruit gatorade All American QB, and player of the year 5 star Kyle Wright (among others). Butrather than NOT recruiting so fl, Shannon actually burned bridges and hurt this program more than people think!

Al Golden's statement: UM is the University of all of South Florida" is key. That says it all. F FIU. F FAU. F USF. F UCF. F em all. The U is South Florida. The Dolphins? Nonexistent. The MArlins? Old history. The Panthers? Don't make me laugh. The U is Dade-Broward-Palm Beaches. I would just like to add 2 more counties into the mix since they are 1.5-2 hrs from the U:

Lee and Collier (Fort Myers-Cape Coral-Lehigh Acres-Naples-Immokalee):

Edgerrin and Javrris James
Myron Rolle (unfortunately a buckeye)
Phil Buchanon
Greg Spires ( a nole)
Jammi German
Deion Sanders
Tre Boston
Sammy Watkins
Dallas Crawford
Jon Alvarez
Jordan Diggs (c/o 2012)
Jaylen Watkins
etc etc

To All you KCID heads dissing Randy Shannon, including Dipstick Manny!

RS Played at The U! You didn't.

RS won a NC at The U as a player. You didn't!

RS won 2 NCs at The U as a Coach. You Didn't!

RS coached at the U! You Didn't!

FukOuttaHere, Groupie Fans!

I agree. Thing's didn't go the way we wanted!

The program is stocked with talent and it wasn't when RS took the job!

I want AG to do great immediately! If he does, he can thank RS for the talent in the program that is primed for greatness! He was the spark!


J L: You are referring to Holsey. Guess what, all the major schools in FL passed on him as well.

WOW, startling revelations here. You are really ruffling the feathers of the Randy apologists, but It's hard to believe how bad it was. As fans we always felt that the talent ON THE FIELD was better than the results, niw we are seeing exactly why. The muti-pronged approach of Golden's plan is awesome, on paper it looks great. Now, if the assembled staff can coach 'em up on game day, the Canes should be headed back to BCS contention on an annual basis....where we belong!

CaneBoss Made some very valid points.
I hope Coach Golden does well because if not you will throw him under the boss just like Shannon and Coker.
Players play the Game. Not the Coaches.
It's about Execution and the U has lacked in that department every since Dorsey played his last game.

I have Faith in Jacory or Morris who starts between those too. I find it hard to believe that a True freshmen Transfer will come to the U and beat those two out. If you not enroll now you don't have a chance. There working with Coach Fisch Right this instant. We will be just fine. THe major concern was Defense.
P.S. I didn't know the would let you publisher articles with grammar issues. lol I guess everyone is entitled to a couple of typos.

Do you guys think that Golden knows of a good basketball coach to replace Haith?

A Borgert: For me it isn't the fact that Manny is dumping on Randy(I can care less), my point is since Kirby let Randy go, all Manny has been doing is coming down on the guy. He is a Journalist, so do your job everyday not when the subject is no longer around. How many stories have you read by Manny questioning why our staff isn't recruiting more local talent? ZERO!! How many reports by Manny saying Randy should be unemployed? ZONE!! Manny didn't even report how Randy was up for some coaching award. Hmmm, I wonder why not.

I can't wait for Dwyer stepping up in classification and playing St.Thomas Aquinas I hope they get absolutely blasted-That HC of theirs Jack Daniels is a sneaky and slimy Gator.George Smith will school him.

A Borgert: For me it isn't the fact that Manny is dumping on Randy(I can care less), my point is since Kirby let Randy go, all Manny has been doing is coming down on the guy. He is a Journalist, so do your job everyday not when the subject is no longer around. How many stories have you read by Manny questioning why our staff isn't recruiting more local talent? ZERO!! How many reports by Manny saying Randy should be unemployed? ZONE!! Manny didn't even report how Randy was up for some coaching award. Hmmm, I wonder why not.


Cause Randy used to punk his ass during the press conferences that's why!! That's some Coward chit Manny, I know Miami raised you better than that!!


Manny is not a columnist. He is a beat reporter, and as such it was not his job to write opinion pieces about Randy when he was the coach. Randy made the beat writers jobs tough enough by not being honest about player injuries, scholarship issues, depth chart, etc. It would have been completely counter productive for Manny to write a hyper-critical artice about Randy and the direction he was taking the program. That job was for Herald columnists like LeBatard, Cote, etc. should they have chosen to done so. Now, there is nothing wrong with Manny giving an assessment of the job that Randy did in a blog after he has left the program. That is very different than doing so in an article while he is still here.

I would like to see one Randy apologist explain the fact that there were no on-campus visits scheduled in the lead up to signing day. I really would love to hear an explanation for that, because if that is true, and I believe Golden when he says it, that is completely shocking and unacceptable. To me that sounds like Randy quit on this program long before he was fired. Even if he saw the writing on the wall and knew he was not goign to last beyond this season, he had a responsibility to continue and recruit. UM hired him when no other major program was ever considering him for HC job, and for him to allow the castle to crumble on his way out the door is disgusting.

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