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Golden's quest to solidify state of Miami has begun

If you listen closely enough, at around 7 p.m. tonight you'll either hear a roar of celebration coming from Coral Gables or Canes fans across the country cussing up a storm.

Al Golden Tonight is the night U.S. Army All-American quarterback Jacoby Brissett will announce where he's going to college. He will choose between Florida, Miami or Wisconsin. Although he can't say it publicly, UM coach Al Golden desperately wants Brissett to be the 17th member of the Canes' 2011 signing class.

There's been a lot of speculation over the last couple days about where Brissett will be going to school. Dwyer coach Jack Daniels said he thought Miami had a great shot, especially since Brissett's mom is a huge Canes fan. Then, yesterday, we began hearing Brissett may now be favoring Florida. Brissett will announce his choice before his basketball game scheduled for a 7 p.m. start.

The Hurricanes, quite frankly, shouldn't be in this mess. After leading the country in interceptions thrown last season, finding and landing a quarterback should have taken place a long time ago. But this isn't Al Golden's fault. It's Randy Shannon's. And the clean-up of his mess continues.

Golden spoke for nearly 40 minutes on Wednesday about his first signing class. Between talking about how happy he was to land the 14 recruits he did in a matter of five weeks (15 real recruiting days) -- and the eight he was able to steal from others -- Golden made sure to apologize plenty too. Being a thief is something Golden didn't like having to be to sign players. Being the new guy on the job was difficult enough. What was even tougher was being seen as a total stranger in his own backyard.

You see Golden didn't just have to introduce himself and his new staff when he went out recruiting. In many instances, he had to introduce The U to coaches and players that hadn't seen anybody come around with that U in a long time.

Brissett? The previous staff gave him an offer when every other school in the country did. But once Miami Northwestern's Teddy Bridgewater committed to the Canes, Shannon pulled back the reigns. No need for a Plan B right? Apparently, Shannon and his staff took this approach more often than most of us realized. 

Want to know how many times UM went to visit Miami Central, a school that won the Class 6A state title this year and produced 17 Division I players on Wednesday (and as Golden pointed out produced more D-I talent than the entire state of Connecticut)?

Telly Lockette "They came out once in the spring," Rockets coach Telly Lockette said Thursday night, shortly before Golden hosted nearly 100 head coaches and assistant coaches from Miami-Dade County at UM's basketball game against Georgia Tech.

"I remember the recruiting coordinator [Aubrey Hill] and the [defensive backs] coach [Wesley] McGriff came out to see us. McGriff came one other time. I'll say they came three times total to be safe."

Lockette, one of three on the board of the Miami-Dade County Coaches Association, doesn't want to take shots at Shannon or his staff. He's known Shannon since he was a teenager, grew up playing at the same park where Shannon frequented up in Northwest Dade. But Lockette still isn't sure why the Hurricanes didn't come around to recruit his players more often or other local players many thought were good enough to play for the Canes but ended up elsewhere.

The thought process here isn't that the Canes need to get every local kid. The thought process is at least come and make your presence felt so if you have to offer a kid late in the game, you don't come in as a total stranger.

"I remember Randy coming in personally about a year ago, we sat down and talked," Lockette said. "From then on, we thought it was going to be better. I'm not trying to throw Randy Shannon or his staff under the bus. I just thought they were recruiting a different type athlete. They would say, 'Well this guy can't play at Miami.' Jeffrey Godfrey? He can't play at Miami? You look at the guys who are going off to Louisville and what they're going to do. You know and I know you've been watching football for a long time -- that's sickening.

"At the end of the day, if you look at the track record, I've been here for three years. You mean to tell me I'm sending 53 kids off to school from here, 38 are D-I and only one is going to UM? I don't know what the deal was. They have to answer that."

That player UM got from Central, cornerback Thomas Finnie, wasn't even recruited by Shannon or anybody on his staff. Golden came down and swooped him away from South Carolina -- right under Steve Spurrier and Lockett's nose. Lockette was a little bothered at first that Golden nor anybody on his staff called to let him know they were meeting with Finnie on the morning he was set to leave for South Carolina.

But that's ancient history now.

Jacoby Brissett "He came in and we sat down a week ago Tuesday," Lockette said. "He wanted to apologize for the whole ordeal and how everything went down. I told him I understood. I was telling him at this point if he wants to recruit my kids I don't have any problems with him doing it. That's when they jumped on [offensive tackle] John Miller. Once coach [Art] Kehoe got in and saw John Miller, he was ecstatic, wanted the kid bad, but it was too late.

"Coach Golden is a good guy, a straight up guy. I don't blame him for coming after the kids the way he did late in the game. It's unfortunate they were caught in that situation. I just would have liked a courtesy phone call saying coach I'm going to go after your kid. But I understand they were under the gun. That's called recruiting. I didn't have a problem with that."

Golden promised Wednesday the Hurricanes won't ever be under the gun or strangers in their own backyard again as long as he's coach. His plan to change htings: put all nine of his coaches to recruit what he calls 'The Eye Of The Storm' -- Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

"All of Florida is vitally important ot us. We’ve got to get back to our roots...," Golden said. "We’re going to get back to being really strong in those areas. We’re talking right now about which areas we’re going to allocate. Not only do we have all nine coaches within two hours of where we are right now, which is what we call the Eye of the Storm, we have all nine coaches in-state, which is really important to us. If we take care of our home state, we’re going to be in great shape. We’ll have all nine guys in the state and all nine guys here in the eye, which I think is a departure from what they’ve done before. We want to make sure we get it right here.

"There are too many kids signing late, too many kids that are the next Ed Reed or the next Ray Lewis who was the last player taken, or the next Reggie Wayne. There are too many of those kids locally to go all over the country when they’re right here in our backyard. We want to make sure our central focus is here and then go out of state to get kids that want to be a part of this tradition.

"The number of kids that come out from down here and play Division I football is the reason whywe’re developing our recruiting philosophy... if there’s 350 or 400 kids that sign Division I scholarships in Florida, we only need 18 to 20 a year to be a great team. Not to compete, but a great team. So let’s get it right at home and go from there."

Golden isn't just taking a new approach to recruiting, he's taking a new approach all around. Among other things on tap: junior days, camps, coaching clinics. In essence, he's extending his hand out and shaking hands with people who often wondered why that old football powerhouse down the street was ignoring them.

"We are the University of Miami, the University of all of South Florida," Golden said. "And we want to make sure we are giving kids an opportunity to learn, to be exposed to the University of Miami, our mission on campus. And clearly we want an opportunity to evaluate to see which ones are good enough to be Hurricanes and who wants to be Miami Hurricanes.

"Our last four years at Temple, 78 percent of the kids that we signed attended [our] camp. So obviously you have a chance to evaluate them in the camp. There’s nothing like seeing a student-athlete live. There’s nothing that compares to it. If you can take that, plus the academic transcript, plus the film and then the intangibles, you have a chance to mitigate risk."

UM's camp used to cost $390. Golden has slashed it down $55.

"We're going to keep that price low," Golden said. "It's $40 through President's Day weekend, then will go up to $55. It's not a money maker for us. It’s about getting to know the high school coaches, giving kids an opportunity. The camp is designed so if you don't get a scholarship offer from Miami – FIU, FAU, Bethnue Cookman, MAC schools, a bunch of 1-AA schools – all those schools will be here and represented so there's a safety net in there. It's not just going to benefit you if you want to go to Miami, but it will benefit you if you want to go to one of those other institutions as well."

How does it work? "You show up at 8, you get introduced to the staff, we break you down into groups and you do a bunch of drills on offense, then you do a bunch of drills on defense, then you have a chance to go to lunch on campus - inside, for a barbecue," Golden said.

"We'll finish up with some one on ones and some competition at the end. It's really an 8 to 4 deal. We coach the heck out of them. We have it down cold. We’re going to develop them. They're going to learn. Hopefully, the goal is to get them back again. We have six of those dates in June."

Of course, Golden still isn't done with 2011.

The Hurricanes, ranked as having the 36th-best recruiting class in the country by Rivals.com, could end up moving up a few more notches tonight if Jacoby Brissett decides UM (which didn't begin recruiting him until three weeks ago) is really the best place for his future.

But gain a quarterback or watch him go elsewhere tonight, we've learned at least one thing over the last six weeks: Al Golden is not going to be a stranger in his own backyard very long.


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Was a big Shannon supporter. Never wanted to see an old Cane fail. But the more I read what coach Golden has to say the more it becomes obvious that Randy Shannon just didn't have the experience necessary to run a top flight college football program. Best to coach Shannon but as Manny pointed out a year or so ago, Shannon was fudging up the "U" recruiting pipeline in South Florida. That he was slipping up by not recruiting all South Florida schools and many other areas in Florida. And as a result the "U" began to lose more local kids to USF, FSU and UF. Damn shame. Hope Goldy gets it back.

5 Titles I agree with you but in defense of Manny, Manny is reporting what he knows and what he experienced and Shannon wasn't very media friendly. I'm excited to see that Coach Golden is reaching out to the South Florida Coaching community and mending fences that have been broken for a while. I'm ok with whomever Brissett decides on committing to this evening. If he comes to the U then welcome if not, we can't be upset for someone we didnt have. I believe we will be in the hunt for a top QB in 2012 anyway.

For all those of you who LOVE what Golden is doing..myself included, for recruiting..IF we dont get Brissett today, just think about this too...ALL of us LOVED Jacory his first year, and Randy got fired for NOT coaching up kids, so imagine what Golden and Company could do for both QB's we already have...Problem MAY not have been Jacory or Morris...could have been a coaching thang...so lets hurry up and wait and see what Golden does with these kids in spring training before we panic about losing Brissett....

Actually my post has nothing to do with sucking up to RS, but a post articulating an objective opinion. My comment was not about star ratings (who cares), but about QBs being recruited in this year’s class and players we have on hand to win the ACC NOW! RS’s issue was not with recruiting players who can play football, read, write, and graduate on-time; RS and his underpaid assistances failed to develop players – period. If Golden is in fact the “Golden” boy Kirby and our “U” believes him to be, let him develop the talent on hand and go from there; it would take a miracle. This reporter’s comments on RS over the years, not just today, have been biased, unsubstantiated, and lacking in details. Who cares about Manny’s opinion other than those folks who agree with his position? If anyone posts an objective counter argument to what is being presented here, people like you cannot seem to cope with what is presented as simple logical conclusion. Every positive note posted about RS is not sucking up, just like posting a negative comment about Manny’s columns does not constitute treason.

I was an RS supporter, but no longer. RS didn't have multiple top 10 recruiting classes, he had 1 (one), the NW kids, period. The other 2 classes were mediocre at best. You always want at least 4 QB's on the depth chart, we really only have 2, Whipple doesn't count. We are loaded at tight end and running back but not at QB, or LB. His recruiting strategy had no system. RS did ignore Central end though they had the best talent in Dade. Recruited Sr Thomas badly, and wasn't an embassador of the program.


I have to respectfully disagree with a few if your statements. Randy had just received the assistant of the yr award and his named was being mentioned around college football as The next best assistant to be a head coach. People like Charile Strong at Louisville and Turner Gill have gotten head coaching jobs Randy would have more than likely been considered for before they were. Also, Shannon was let go Nov. 27. National signing day is feb 2nd.... If any visits weren't planned it was on the staff that was still in place after Randy was let go, or Golden himself b/c he was hired Dec. 12.

I am not apologizing for Shannon but I think he did a pretty good job recruiting talent to the U. I just think he is a great recruiter and great defensive coordinator. I think he did not have what it takes to be the head ball coach.

K-Canes: Regardless of his title, if he is able to speak on issues now, then he should have been able to do it then. I disagree w/the notion that Randy made it harder for the media to do their job--that's some bs.. All they can do is report what the staff is telling them, so how is that making their job even harder? I wonder if the reports in N.O. & Mass hate Sean Payton & Bill for not releasing info regarding their QBs? Regarding the visits, it is normal to have these things in place during the season? I ask because I do not know. I never see any reports about schools having recruits come in during the season. I might be wrong, but I am only going by what I read.

Look, Shannon did recruit good talent to the "U", the only problem was he couldn't develope it and motivate them to play consistantly on game day. Who actually knows how a kid is going to turn out in 4 or 5 years, regardless of stars. Shannon started out recruiting So. Flo. hard and once he got those boys from N.W. in just cruised. That's the same thing that got Coker in hot water. They both started using So. FLo. as a back-up plan. We had 7 recruits on board befroe Shannon got canned but at the same time who else was he planning on recruiting, for those final 8 or so slots. He had no visits lined up. I think in the long run he just got complascent and arrogant about recruiting and therefore, once he was let go, we were doomed for the toilet. Golden salvaged what he could and did a good job at that. We struck out big on S.D. and will probably strike out again on Brissett. At least he gave those kids something to mull over once they did visit and at least 8 had had us in their top 2. Golden will turn this whole mess around. Think about the kids from around that area that left and went to other schools:
Roberson, Lane, Holliman, Johnson, Greene, Bridgewater, Rodgers, Davis, Benjamin, O'leary, Debose, Jackson & Therezie. Most if not all were 4 star players and we got none. We had Bridgewater and Jackson still on board before Shannon was let go. Rogers had already decommitted. The rest of those guys he really never recruited hard. The only good thing about this whole situation was that it came in a year where we had limited schollies to give.

Canesbos, Golden couldn't contact recruits until after the Bowl Game. That was 1/2............remember. RS didn't do a good job period. He either recruited well, and didn't develop the kids. Or he didn't recruit well and didn't have the talent to win. Let me know which one. Also tell me how many St Thomas kids he recruited, Hank, Dorset and who else. This a HS team that that has won 2 national championships in 3 years.

K-cane, well said! How about explaining the 7-6 record if Randy was such a great coach?

Well, it looks like Brissett may sign with UF, but maybe not. It will be interesting with 2 top QBs there, and Brantley a senior. I think Florida is on its way down the ladder, and UM on its way up.

Kirby, don't schedule FSU for another meat grinder first month for the Canes! Wake up man!
Let the team become acclimated to the new coaches first. Tne initial month of the season is challenging enough, and has been the last few years. Enough masochism already! Keep the game in October where it belongs!

And Stephen Morris is a gamer and will flourish. We will be OK at QB if he stays healthy. Don't discount that kid!!!

This is not about what RS did. Its about what he did not do. The guy had 0 people skills. He did not develop good relationships with the majority of the So Fl HS coaches. Not good. He did not have the type of camps Golden is developing. Again Not Good on RS's part. RS kids and coaches had masking tape over their moouths 24/7 when it came to the media. NOT Good again RS. Bad track record of developing players, example took 3 WHOLE yrs to find out Sam Shields should be CB. NOT Good again RS. He was never honest about injuries,again NOt GOOD! Having Highsmith be the #2 QB on the team backing up JH for 2010 is INSANE to me,now he is a DB, took years to figure that one out as well? Insane. All these things add up to bad coaching. Yes he is a good man, good character, etc, just NOT HC material for the U.

BTW what Manny is reporting is of interest to me. I just don't want to bury my head in the sand and think that everything RS did was good, it wasn't. I want to know what went on, and why the program is in the state it's in.

Brissett to UF makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever with Driskel (i.e.; the next Tebow) already signed.

If that is true, he's an idiot. I hope it's not. Also, if it's true it's on to Savage.

I still think the QB situation is more solid for '11 than it was for '10 even without an incoming Frosh. You don't have to have a new QB every year. Depth is great, but I can't remember too many good UM teams that went 3-deep at quarterback anyway. The only thing not getting a QB this year would do is ratchet up the pressure to get one next year. Which I'm not worried about.

Casper, he or no other Shannon advocate can give a substantial reason because Shannon sucked as a coach and they have run out of excuses for that loser.

Interesting opinion K-Cane. It is pretty surprising that there were no scheduled visits for January.
The rest of you get off RS back already. Not everyone can be a D1 head coach. He did not ruin the U. AG is lucky he isn't taking over from what Coker left. He's got a lot of talent that RS brought to the U. They might not be coached up real well, but they're there. RS is probably a better man than most of you jerkoffs on this blog. Also, he's a better recruiter and coach than you'll ever be able to claim. So take all your bashing and stuff it already. So he wasn't the savior of the U, but he's certainly not what some of you are making him out to be. Move on already and stop with the hate.

Canes5title: He let go Cook, Smith & Marve walk. If he wanted to be a jerk about it, he could have simply not honored their request to leave. Joe Patino just recently told his QB no. I'd rather see a coach let a player go instead of putting his own best interest first. Both Cook & Smith left right before the season started, so there was no way in hell he would have been able to get a quality player to replace them. That's why it was only AJ & Harris.

Maybe RS is better suited for TV than the sidelines. In AG we trust.

@ 5Titles - thanks for trying to stop the piling on RS.

If Brissett goes to UF than he'll be making a HUGE mistake as far as getting to play. We won't be that bad off. JH started on fire, but his confidence cracked and it's up to the COACHES to help him get refocused, which they did NOT do. Golden and company may be able to get him back to how he was his soph year. Also Morris was on fire as well, so here are 2 qb's that with a little coaching could BOTH end up being great. Who knows?

To Brisset: Good luck to you if you sign w/UF; but we are going to whup your ass when the 2 schools play 2013.

Moving zen- stop smoking the spliffs. You are hallucinating. he was neither a good coach nor a good recruiter. If he was a good coach, well... don't get me started. If he was a good recruiter, his "recruiting class of 2008" you know the 2008 Northwestern heavy #1 class would not have been the incredible BUST that it was. He was a bust all of those bulls (except for 2) were busts, and teddy bridge will be a BUST. Eli Rogers, maybe not.

Why would Brissett go to UF? There is absolutely ZERO chance he will play in the next 3 yrs, unless there is a major injury to Driskel or Brantley (or the other big dude). At UM, once J12 is gone, Morris (who I am still not sure about) has only 1-2 yrs left after that, then the team is Brissett's.

Golden would have won at least 8 games or more had he taken over for Coker back then. Shannon was so stupid he took Wright out aat Oklahoma and reinserted Freeman, after Wright had led us to scoring drives. When he made that switch right then anybody who knows football were saying "What the hell is he doing?"

202cane, the Paterno thing is not all together correct. Paterno wouldn't release the QB (Bolden) until after the Christmas break. After the break he would sign the released. The QB just changed his mind over the break. No coach would not release a player. Some add conditions to the release like RS did to Marve, but 99.9% of players are given their release. It's just bad to recruiting when you don't release a player. Opposing coaches use it against you in recruiting.

202, Shannon ran those guys off and everyone knows it. He had is mind made up that Harris was going to be his starter no matter what those guys did. And they knew he was not going to let them get a fair chance to start so they bolted.

Manny, writing this blog slamming Shannon for signing one top rated QB and not recruiting at Central is not fair. You just don't know all the REAL facts or just chose to ignore them. I have never read where you mention the activity of the street agents that have surrounded that program lately and the demands that some of the kids placed on coachs to sign with their school. Never have you mentioned that the University did not want the program to have anything to do with Uncle Luc. Uncle Luc was on the coaching staff at Central. Did you ever interview him and get his take on the situation. How much money has been paid and how many cars have been purchased. You will never know because you don't speak to the people in the neighborhood. Lets face it, Shannon was a homer and more was expected of him to play along and he just refused. Now he looks bad for having high morals and ethics. I cannot say that all of the programs that he did not recruit had this problem, but I know that this was the problem with a number of kids that Shannon did not recruit and he is constantly slammed for not offering their players. I can almost assure you that Basset will not be going to Florida. They have already sold their sole to a top rated QB. We had a Bridgewater all season long and nobody complained. As soon as this kid decommitted then he was labled as a bust and a misfit in our system. What hypercrites you are. While I cannot defend Shanno for not winning enough games, or hiring the right assistants to coach the players up, I cannot slam the man for having high morals and love for the U. Fair and balanced reporting is your creed, how about writing that way all the time. Shannon is gone now and its Golden's show. Let the dead bury the dead. Leave it alone.

Someone paste the link where they read Brisset is going to the Gaytors.


If he is a football person first there is no way he goes to UF...but if he is a basketball person first then I can see why he would want to go even with Driskle there.

Thats all Manny does is tell the truth. Too bad if some cannot accept it.

Big ups to you MiamiCane. I share the same thoughts. Manny covers the local high schools and should know what the local coachs and players were saying. If you report the news, report what's going on when it is going on and maybe the problem could be corrected early and this program will not have to suffer as we are.

Strom where did you read that Manny slammed RS for recruiting the NW kids, I sure didn't read that. What he said was that he didn't have positive relationships with many of the HS in SoFla. He didn't go after kids at St Thomas, Hank, Linder, and Dorset were the only recruits from there. He should have gotten some of the others that went to FSU. They had no street agents, and they had the grades. His recruiting strategy was flawed. He over recruited some positions, and under recruited others.

Granted, we have not seen Golden's production on the field, but man, this is a guy with a plan, says all the right things, and is going an exceptional job, in my opinion. On behalf of my Alma Mater, I want to thank Coach Golden and staff for trying to make The U the best football team in America. Incredible job! I always liked Randy, still do, but man, the more you read on him, it seems like he and his staff were lazy. GO CANES!!

Spike just go to Sun Sentinel and you'll see about JB, but again it says no LOI has been sent yet, so who knows, it could ALL be BS.

Storm we ALL love RS and he's a Cane through and through, he's just not a HC. I don't care who you are, you CANNOT go 6-7, 7-6, 9-3, then BACKWARDS to 7-6 again and expect to keep your job. Some of the games, the way we lost them, how in the HELL do we THUMPED by FSU at home, sell out rocking crowd, and those kids looked as though they didn't want to be on the field. It was time for a change.

I can not agree any more with the overall opinion that RS recruited talent but was not able to develop and show for it on the field by winning games and championships. The fact is that we have players that after getting drafted by the nfl have developed and blossomed into major players whereby at UM they barely were noticed or played to their potential. Now we have coach AG and it is a complete different approach, attitude and philosophy like the one from JJ and it will pay dividends immediately. We are all glad that the nightmare we lived with RS is finally over and now we have moved on to be the Canes of old. Coach AG will turn this program into a championship one and regain the respect, fear and winning attitude that was nonexistent with RS.

Enough with Randy, it is over now so let's move on. Hope Brissett comes he would be a great addition. Someone earlier said they could not think of one QB who played BB and FB and was worth anything. Apparently, they have never heard of Charlie Ward FSU, Heisman Trophy and long NBA career, that should probably qualify. Miami could use another hoops player for sure and Jacoby is a high two star and very good. Hope he comes, but if he does not - no single player will break or save The U. Going to Florida would be a bad move for Jacoby, if he loses out starting he will end up transferring, he could not take pulling out splinters. Driskel is a stud, although you have to respect a kid that is not afraid to compete, we need those kind of players. This is a team effort and Coach Golden and staff are making all the right moves so far, it will get better of that I am sure.

shannon had teddy right?

202cane, the Paterno thing is not all together correct. Paterno wouldn't release the QB (Bolden) until after the Christmas break. After the break he would sign the released. The QB just changed his mind over the break. No coach would not release a player. Some add conditions to the release like RS did to Marve, but 99.9% of players are given their release. It's just bad to recruiting when you don't release a player. Opposing coaches use it against you in recruiting.

Posted by: mike33076 | February 04, 2011 at 03:39 PM
Ok. Thanks, Mike...

202, Shannon ran those guys off and everyone knows it. He had is mind made up that Harris was going to be his starter no matter what those guys did. And they knew he was not going to let them get a fair chance to start so they bolted.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | February 04, 2011 at 03:41 PM

So why recruit them in the first place? Why didn't Jacory start until the Cal game? Well, he started the first game because Marve was suspended? Also, no disrespect to Marve but JH was a better QB during their time together, so you mean to tell me that you would have picked Robert or Jacory?

And you know it's not the record, but how some of the games were lost.

51 - 13 Oklahoma
48 - 0 Virginia
41 - 23 Georgia Tech
31 - 7 Va Tech
36 - 24 Ohio St
45 - 17 FSU
24 - 19 Virginia
31 - 17 Va Tech
23 - 20 USF

Those are some pretty bad losses.

Heck yeah, Marve has much more upside than Jacory ever would have. Jacory is a backup who can't handle the pressure of being the starter. Thats why when things go bad, he runs off to his little "happy place" on the sideline to sulk.

NFL pipeline, I'm originally from Immokalee. You have to add Edgerrin's uncle, Albert Bentley in there. He's from Immokalee, former walk on at The U, and a first round NFL draft pick in the day.

Mike, we got back at Okla, so I cut them slack on that one, and we drummed GT 2 years in a row, so that one can slide too. The FSU loss and UVA and USF losses just make me want to puke, lol. I'll never forget UVA getting us in the OB finale, I mean are you F'IN kidding me, 48-0 at your OWN house. That one stings bad.

I agree dorsey 1, Jack Daniels is a Gayturd.



If Randy is so great, how come he can even land a DC job anywhere? What happened to his attempt at a DC job at UCLA?

Answer: NOT HIRED and NOT WANTED!!!!

Caneboss i disagree with your opinion completely
1. your point referencing albert louis jean and the rest of miami's recruiting class is a false statement because i would rather take a kid who has a burning desire to be a hurricane, that same kid will be the one giving it all on a 4th and goal on the goaline, not like teams from these apparently talented classes that shannon has brought in that have not produced crap. I loved shannon but he sucked as a coach instead of looking at the stars which is by the way the biggest joke of a system i have ever seen look at the heart. How about Andre Johnson he was not a 5 star or even a 4 star prospect coming out of college but look at him now, he has won a NC and his the best reciever in the NFL and he will be in the hall of fame someday. I would rather take him then Lance Legett who was 5 stars but ended up being a bust. So all in all i would rather have finnie then louis jean.
2. Shannons apparently good classes were also the ones to bring the downfall of the program along with coker. I saw kids on that team giving up from shannons class!!! That would never happen on the teams in the 80's or from 2000-2002. And give manny a break jeez he's a great reporter god.





Shannon absolutely sabotaged the U football program. Shalala should never have hired an Irish coach.

TrueCane, Shannon had a QB committed the same way that Larry Coker had a QB committed in 2004, 2005, and 2006. All three withdrew late in the game, and we did not have a fallback. Coker was able to get just three quarterbacks between 2002 and 2006 (Freeman, Crudup, and Ortega).

Recruiting 1 QB is a very dangerous gamble that has not paid off often for Miami.

The 2007 Canes that everyone loves to say had no talent had more NFL players on it than any other ACC team.

Cry me a river with the poor Randy crap. He was the worst HC since before most of us were born.

He recruited ONE QB, and had no backup plan. You should never ever ever go without a backup plan. He recruited NO DTs, when we needed about two or three. He IGNORED most high schools down here. He scheduled NO VISITS for leading up to NSD. ZERO. He had a grand total of 7 recruits, but Rogers dropped him, Jackson and TBW were wavering already.

Randy Shannon is NOT a Cane anymore bc he is either mentally disabled of deliberately sabotaged the program.

I would have to agree with those that say if manny didn't report any of this when randy was here he should abstain from doing it when randy is gone. Let the man be. He lost his job, no need to pile it on.
Randy left Miami better off than when he took over from coker.
And lets not forget there are two sides to every story. Maybe Shannon wanted to recruit those kids and the coaches wanted something in return like jobs or who knows what. Its hard to tell what really happened but hearing one side of the story does not indicate thats how things went down. We will never know what happened between Randy and the other coaches but that is history.
On the other hand Randy deserved to get fired. Poor coaching, poor preparation, poor leadership etc.
But lets not forget what he did for the kids of the program and actually helped them grow and made the U one of the highest rated in terms of graduating players.
Looks like Randy left a mixed big of good and bad for various reasons that we will never know. But in the end let the man be, stop attacking him and lets all move on and hope Coach Golden can right this ship.

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