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Golden's quest to solidify state of Miami has begun

If you listen closely enough, at around 7 p.m. tonight you'll either hear a roar of celebration coming from Coral Gables or Canes fans across the country cussing up a storm.

Al Golden Tonight is the night U.S. Army All-American quarterback Jacoby Brissett will announce where he's going to college. He will choose between Florida, Miami or Wisconsin. Although he can't say it publicly, UM coach Al Golden desperately wants Brissett to be the 17th member of the Canes' 2011 signing class.

There's been a lot of speculation over the last couple days about where Brissett will be going to school. Dwyer coach Jack Daniels said he thought Miami had a great shot, especially since Brissett's mom is a huge Canes fan. Then, yesterday, we began hearing Brissett may now be favoring Florida. Brissett will announce his choice before his basketball game scheduled for a 7 p.m. start.

The Hurricanes, quite frankly, shouldn't be in this mess. After leading the country in interceptions thrown last season, finding and landing a quarterback should have taken place a long time ago. But this isn't Al Golden's fault. It's Randy Shannon's. And the clean-up of his mess continues.

Golden spoke for nearly 40 minutes on Wednesday about his first signing class. Between talking about how happy he was to land the 14 recruits he did in a matter of five weeks (15 real recruiting days) -- and the eight he was able to steal from others -- Golden made sure to apologize plenty too. Being a thief is something Golden didn't like having to be to sign players. Being the new guy on the job was difficult enough. What was even tougher was being seen as a total stranger in his own backyard.

You see Golden didn't just have to introduce himself and his new staff when he went out recruiting. In many instances, he had to introduce The U to coaches and players that hadn't seen anybody come around with that U in a long time.

Brissett? The previous staff gave him an offer when every other school in the country did. But once Miami Northwestern's Teddy Bridgewater committed to the Canes, Shannon pulled back the reigns. No need for a Plan B right? Apparently, Shannon and his staff took this approach more often than most of us realized. 

Want to know how many times UM went to visit Miami Central, a school that won the Class 6A state title this year and produced 17 Division I players on Wednesday (and as Golden pointed out produced more D-I talent than the entire state of Connecticut)?

Telly Lockette "They came out once in the spring," Rockets coach Telly Lockette said Thursday night, shortly before Golden hosted nearly 100 head coaches and assistant coaches from Miami-Dade County at UM's basketball game against Georgia Tech.

"I remember the recruiting coordinator [Aubrey Hill] and the [defensive backs] coach [Wesley] McGriff came out to see us. McGriff came one other time. I'll say they came three times total to be safe."

Lockette, one of three on the board of the Miami-Dade County Coaches Association, doesn't want to take shots at Shannon or his staff. He's known Shannon since he was a teenager, grew up playing at the same park where Shannon frequented up in Northwest Dade. But Lockette still isn't sure why the Hurricanes didn't come around to recruit his players more often or other local players many thought were good enough to play for the Canes but ended up elsewhere.

The thought process here isn't that the Canes need to get every local kid. The thought process is at least come and make your presence felt so if you have to offer a kid late in the game, you don't come in as a total stranger.

"I remember Randy coming in personally about a year ago, we sat down and talked," Lockette said. "From then on, we thought it was going to be better. I'm not trying to throw Randy Shannon or his staff under the bus. I just thought they were recruiting a different type athlete. They would say, 'Well this guy can't play at Miami.' Jeffrey Godfrey? He can't play at Miami? You look at the guys who are going off to Louisville and what they're going to do. You know and I know you've been watching football for a long time -- that's sickening.

"At the end of the day, if you look at the track record, I've been here for three years. You mean to tell me I'm sending 53 kids off to school from here, 38 are D-I and only one is going to UM? I don't know what the deal was. They have to answer that."

That player UM got from Central, cornerback Thomas Finnie, wasn't even recruited by Shannon or anybody on his staff. Golden came down and swooped him away from South Carolina -- right under Steve Spurrier and Lockett's nose. Lockette was a little bothered at first that Golden nor anybody on his staff called to let him know they were meeting with Finnie on the morning he was set to leave for South Carolina.

But that's ancient history now.

Jacoby Brissett "He came in and we sat down a week ago Tuesday," Lockette said. "He wanted to apologize for the whole ordeal and how everything went down. I told him I understood. I was telling him at this point if he wants to recruit my kids I don't have any problems with him doing it. That's when they jumped on [offensive tackle] John Miller. Once coach [Art] Kehoe got in and saw John Miller, he was ecstatic, wanted the kid bad, but it was too late.

"Coach Golden is a good guy, a straight up guy. I don't blame him for coming after the kids the way he did late in the game. It's unfortunate they were caught in that situation. I just would have liked a courtesy phone call saying coach I'm going to go after your kid. But I understand they were under the gun. That's called recruiting. I didn't have a problem with that."

Golden promised Wednesday the Hurricanes won't ever be under the gun or strangers in their own backyard again as long as he's coach. His plan to change htings: put all nine of his coaches to recruit what he calls 'The Eye Of The Storm' -- Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

"All of Florida is vitally important ot us. We’ve got to get back to our roots...," Golden said. "We’re going to get back to being really strong in those areas. We’re talking right now about which areas we’re going to allocate. Not only do we have all nine coaches within two hours of where we are right now, which is what we call the Eye of the Storm, we have all nine coaches in-state, which is really important to us. If we take care of our home state, we’re going to be in great shape. We’ll have all nine guys in the state and all nine guys here in the eye, which I think is a departure from what they’ve done before. We want to make sure we get it right here.

"There are too many kids signing late, too many kids that are the next Ed Reed or the next Ray Lewis who was the last player taken, or the next Reggie Wayne. There are too many of those kids locally to go all over the country when they’re right here in our backyard. We want to make sure our central focus is here and then go out of state to get kids that want to be a part of this tradition.

"The number of kids that come out from down here and play Division I football is the reason whywe’re developing our recruiting philosophy... if there’s 350 or 400 kids that sign Division I scholarships in Florida, we only need 18 to 20 a year to be a great team. Not to compete, but a great team. So let’s get it right at home and go from there."

Golden isn't just taking a new approach to recruiting, he's taking a new approach all around. Among other things on tap: junior days, camps, coaching clinics. In essence, he's extending his hand out and shaking hands with people who often wondered why that old football powerhouse down the street was ignoring them.

"We are the University of Miami, the University of all of South Florida," Golden said. "And we want to make sure we are giving kids an opportunity to learn, to be exposed to the University of Miami, our mission on campus. And clearly we want an opportunity to evaluate to see which ones are good enough to be Hurricanes and who wants to be Miami Hurricanes.

"Our last four years at Temple, 78 percent of the kids that we signed attended [our] camp. So obviously you have a chance to evaluate them in the camp. There’s nothing like seeing a student-athlete live. There’s nothing that compares to it. If you can take that, plus the academic transcript, plus the film and then the intangibles, you have a chance to mitigate risk."

UM's camp used to cost $390. Golden has slashed it down $55.

"We're going to keep that price low," Golden said. "It's $40 through President's Day weekend, then will go up to $55. It's not a money maker for us. It’s about getting to know the high school coaches, giving kids an opportunity. The camp is designed so if you don't get a scholarship offer from Miami – FIU, FAU, Bethnue Cookman, MAC schools, a bunch of 1-AA schools – all those schools will be here and represented so there's a safety net in there. It's not just going to benefit you if you want to go to Miami, but it will benefit you if you want to go to one of those other institutions as well."

How does it work? "You show up at 8, you get introduced to the staff, we break you down into groups and you do a bunch of drills on offense, then you do a bunch of drills on defense, then you have a chance to go to lunch on campus - inside, for a barbecue," Golden said.

"We'll finish up with some one on ones and some competition at the end. It's really an 8 to 4 deal. We coach the heck out of them. We have it down cold. We’re going to develop them. They're going to learn. Hopefully, the goal is to get them back again. We have six of those dates in June."

Of course, Golden still isn't done with 2011.

The Hurricanes, ranked as having the 36th-best recruiting class in the country by Rivals.com, could end up moving up a few more notches tonight if Jacoby Brissett decides UM (which didn't begin recruiting him until three weeks ago) is really the best place for his future.

But gain a quarterback or watch him go elsewhere tonight, we've learned at least one thing over the last six weeks: Al Golden is not going to be a stranger in his own backyard very long.


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Man if jacoby Brisset picks the UFelons he must not realize they signed Jeff Driskill who many thought was the best QB in the country. He would spend his entire career backing up Driskill. He could start at Miami and I am sure the QB job is wide open for the taking. If he cannot process that then he is better off going elsewhere. I feel really excited about the future and the relationships Golden is building. Does this guy remind you of Jimmy Johnson? Recruits you better commit early and not waver one iota cause someone else will grab your 'ship. Miami looking for 20 special athletes.

Will the next flamimg idiot that says anything about Shannon not being able to develop talent go and jump off a bridge!! Or set yourself on fire! You read these blogs and you think you know, but you really dont know squat!! These are athletes Shannon had direct contact with as there position coach or their Def Coordinator....

92 UM Dline coach -Anthiny Hamlet Drafted

93-97 UM LB Coach- J. Armstead , Micheal Barrow 2nd, Darren Smith 2nd, Ray Lewis 1st, Twan Russel.

2000 Dolphins LB coach- Zach Thomas pro-bowl

2001-2006 Miami Def Coordin

Rank defenses finished

Players Dfated under Shannon as Def Coordinator
Jerome Mcdougle 1st, Jamaal Green, Andrew Williams, Matt Walters, Damione Lewis 1st, William Joseph 1st, Vince Wilfork 1st, Orien Harris, Nate Webster, Dan Morgan 1st, Jon Vilma 1st, DJ Williams 1st, Darrell McClover, Rocky Mcintosh, Leon Williams, Jon Beason 1st, Calias Cambell 2nd, Tavaras Gooden, Leonard Myers, Phil Buchanon 1st, Mike Rumph 1st, Sean Taylor 1st, Ed Reed 1st, Alfonso Marshall, Antrell Rolle 1st, Kelly Jennings 1st, Marcus Maxey, Brandon Merriweather 1st, Kenny Phillips 1st..........

The man knew how to develop talent and developed talent better than any coach in college football. If the U would have gave the man enough money to hire competent assistants that could develop talent as good as he does we wouldnt be in this crap now. Saying he was a bad HC isnt the full story. He made a bad choice in choosing to be the coach of UM where his options for success were limited.l And as a result his brand has diminished and you have idiots like the ones on this post saying all types of foolish statments about the mans work ethic. I wish Golden the best, but people who know football and know Miami know what a talent Randy Shannon is and what he did for UM football.

guys, if we don't get brisset then lets not worry, shannon is gone and thats all that matters. if we don't get brisset, trust me! al golden will snatch a great quarterback in next years recruiting class. I guarantee you he's already looking ahead and will have his eyes on the quarterback he wants early!!! trust al golden!

The thing that makes me say wow is the price of the old summer camp, 390.00, if the new coach can cut the price to 55.00 why didn’t randy Shannon do it for the kid, he is from Miami. I was a randy supporter but the more I hear the more I’m glad he is gone.

RS was able to recruit some talent but should have been able to secure a lot more from So Fla. RS was able to win some games but should have won more. RS had players that showed little to moderate improvement when they should have improved more. RS was adequate at best and his team's play on the field reflected that. Their win/loss record reflected that. Their effort on the field reflected that. I supported RS til the bitter end and wanted him to succeed but he was lacking in soo many aspects that it wasnt even funny. I didnt want to hear it when he was our coach but now that he is gone I can admit that he was a failure. BTW Manny tried to hint at his failings over the years but no one wanted to hear it. Lets stop beating the deceased equine, its the GOLDEN ERA baby!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

What Shannon did or did not do is in the past. No need dwell on the would of, should of, could of. Whats important now is that Miami has a motivated coach who will cultivate the relationships with all the local high schools and make sure the U is front and center.


Impressive research on Coach Shannon's history as a D coordinator. That is where he belongs. Not to bash, he simply is not HC material in Division 1. It requires a broader skill set than he can easily muster. But as a warrior and tactician for the D, he is not so easily discounted. And the positives he accomplished at the U of M should not be forgotten. Nor should the not so positives be repeated.

Now, on to what will hopefully be " The Golden Era" at the U! If a team adopts a HC's personality style (aloof and distant versus energized and rabid), I see good things ahead for us Canes.
Go Canes!

How do you enjoy sucking Golden's little 3rd leg Manny? Youn are a joke!!!


Great comment.

Couldn't agree more.


You do a great job and the majority of us appreciate your work and general vibe in reporting on the Canes.

Is is apparent that some of the posters here may benefit from the Obama expansion of the availability of mental health services. If only they can pull themselves away from the Noles and Gator blogs long enough to seek help.
Let's hope for a maturity pill for those in real need...

Keep on writing, Manny!

Lets get the facts right CanesBoss. Shannon didn't have the qb from Miami Northwestern locked in before he got fired. The wide receiver decommited about a month before and the qb was wavering weeks before his firing because he turned from not looking at no other school to opening it up to everyone. The word on the streets was he was leaving anyway. Randy's firing put him in a position where he didn't have to come up with an excuse. Stop defending Shannon because I defended him for too long. Shannon and Coker screwed up the relationships the U had with all of these high schools in south Florida and Jimbo(FSU) and all of these schools out of state came in an cleaned up. Facts from another black man who supported the black man

Guys, the whole rumor about him signing with UF started because he Twittered "561 later!" (561 being the Palm Beach county area code). So everyone is speculating that he was hinting he would travel to the 561 area code, meaning UF. That's absurd. I can easily interprete that as Brissett saying "see you later alligator!". That would mean he is saying goodbye to UF.

Many people have already talked about the factors in this race so I would go into the details, but a quick summary will do: if he plays in Miami he will be close to home, he will make his mom happy, he will be playing with his high school teammates, and he will have a reall good shot at starting position early. What does UF have to offer? He may get stuck playing backup QB for his entire college career.

He will announce UM as the pick tonight. Mark my words guys.

GOLDEN - SELLING US - let's just wait 8 more months, and we will all know. I like this guy! I like what / how he states the Hurricane Nation is all about. It is US anainst them all...we like it that way. -------- BUT, Brissett or not - we cannot forget MORRIS - only a freshman and thrown into some tough situations...he'll get better and stronger...we have to provide that young man some support, and JH too...they are here and will be in uniform. GOD BLESS ALL MY CANE BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

If Brissett goes with the Gators he should be ashamed holding the U hostage this long. He knows we have a limited number of scholarships and in need of a QB, with none recruited. It isn't fair to any school to have to wait this long while having to hold on to a scholarship, but in this case, with him being from So. Fl., knowing the situation, he should be more mature, more of a team player, and less of a hot dog. Hope he signs with the U.

Hey Caneboss: YES! And HeLL YES!!

Canesboss, U are an idiot, if he was such a great talent developer and recruiter then why are players better off when they first come in or when they left us ala Shields and others than when they played under SHannon. Jon Beason was someone that was too slow and not good enough, then he gets with the Carolina Panthers and all of a sudden he's an all pro. He had all the money to hire any assistants he wanted and he did, so your argument about the "poor man didn't have the money to hire top flight assistants doesn't hold its weight in water. Remember Nix was his hire because his offense always gave Randy so much trouble. It was not that Nix's offense was so difficult as much as Randy was too stupid to know how to stop it.

Jacoby Brissett would have been nice for the future to compete with Morris, but actually UM WINS NATIONAL TITLE with the current QB's and players - Jacory & Morris will become much better QB's under the new system... so UM fans don't sound so desperate - we got the goods right now to win it all !!!

Cane Boss,

Thanks for your comments!!! I enjoyed reading what you wrote instead of Manny's. Your comments are on target. I hope Manny gives Shannon credit when Al Golden wins the ACC Title this year with Shannon's recruits. Coach Shannon had to meet the objectives of Donna, and he did that with players who had charactor; stay out of trouble, and got their degrees. Shannon grew up in this area, therefore, he knew the landscape. Who to say what this class would have been if Shannon was still the coach. Let's see how many kids of Golden will keep their noses clean. This guy was given an open check book in order to win games at any cost, with no restriction; unlike Shannon when he took over this program.

Manny, do homework before throwing one of your own under the bus!! Oh by the way, which player from Central during Shannon's tenure who had the size, and was able to meet Miami's academic standards??

Enough RS bashing. I wanted him gone too and now he is. But enough is enough. I am so stoked over Coach Golden. He has vision, intensity, boldness, finesse, charisma, and he doesn't take any crap. Love him. I am so grateful that UM got him. He is so sold on this program, I've started to wonder if he wishes HE had gone to UM back in his day. I know we will do better in 2011. We will definitely be contenders for ACC Champ. We will not go to a schmuck bowl. It would be nice to get another QB for depth, but I'm not worred about Stephen Morris. I see his talent, intensity, and attitude. He just needs to be coached. JH, well, I believe it's time to put that bashing to rest as well. Maybe he can be coached up as well. I am sure the word is getting out about our new coach and we will NOT be in this recruiting deficit position ever again as long as AG is at the helm. Which I hope is a very very long time.

Lets get the facts right CanesBoss. Shannon didn't have the qb from Miami Northwestern locked in before he got fired. The wide receiver decommited about a month before and the qb was wavering weeks before his firing because he turned from not looking at no other school to opening it up to everyone. The word on the streets was he was leaving anyway. Randy's firing put him in a position where he didn't have to come up with an excuse. Stop defending Shannon because I defended him for too long. Shannon and Coker screwed up the relationships the U had with all of these high schools in south Florida and Jimbo(FSU) and all of these schools out of state came in an cleaned up. Facts from another black man who supported the black man

Al G is doomed according to some of you. If we win next year, you will say he did it with Randy's kids. If he loses some of you will gloat. Is this a true hurricane fan????
Sadly many of these young men regressed in their playing production. In a couple of years it caught up with us. They were not being coached! It killed me to admit it. As a coaches daughter I knew to always support the coach and when I didn't keep my mouth shut. Mainly because fans don't see everything that goes into wins and losses. After the 3rd disappointing season with penalties, erratic play calling, and inconsistent player output you could no longer ignore the elephant in the room.
The media and Manny took a lot of rude and disrespectful crap from our former coach. I grew up with a father, brother and uncle all football coaches I never saw them treat any media that way. Even if it was a reporter that may have not been favorable to our football program. There are certain unwritten rules in the world of football. But that will not be a problem now, we can already see the fences being mending among the media.
The high school relationships are being rebuilt. It will take time to build trust. I an confident Golden & Company will be able to do this.
I hope Brisset makes his decision based on football. Our BB program and its current issues are not helping this young man make a decision. I am hoping he is mature beyond his young high school years, Like Anthony Chikillo and some of our other newbies coming in, and I hope he sees his chances to be a part of something new and something essentially starting from the ground floor. If I could speak to him I would say something sort of Art Kehoeisk!!! "Young Man you can join us in the journey and be a part of tearing up the college football landscape once again or you can be one of our causualities!

Thank you K-Cane. Some common sense at last

Sadly, the reason I believe Randy Shannon was hired over other potential candidates was the "belief" in ability to recruit S. Florida athletes being lost to other schools. We have to acknowledge the Northwestern Group, but other than that...well, not much to this point. As a Cane Fan, I must respect Coach Shannon as a Hurricane, and as a Man, but I believe he was not ready to be a HC at the Division I Level...JMO.

When are you guys gonna look at the big picture- Randy Shannon did not screw the program. He did what he was asked to do : graduate players, keep players off police blotter, and clean the image of UM, all of which he did quite well, according to published college athletic documents.

Also, Randy had the #4 QB in the country all locked up from Miami Northwestern, who decided to opt out.

Randy was good for this UM program, problem now is college FB has more parity & competition.

As far as Jacoby Brissett, he will face much competition right away at UF from #1 QB Recruit Jeff Driskel -


To all UM fans, we win this National Title NEXT YEAR with the people we got right now !!!

Talk to me ....

It's funny how these Gators are constantly on our blogs criticizing Al Golden; even if Brisset goes to Fla, we will wish him well. But that's not a life or death problem to UM. Yes, we would have liked to have him, but the UM program is not going to fail just because he decides to go north. The job Golden has done in 15 days is incredible, and he isn't the shortminded coach Shannon was; his football smarts and wisdom, tenacity and energy bids well for what he's building down here, and we all need to recognize that; I'm sure he already has plans B and C in case the young man goes elsewhere. One thing is for sure, the U is looking to the past for tradition, but forward to build pro QB's and if Brissett is as good as they say he can definitely beat out Harris and maybe Morris for the starting job, and he would be joining the big family that is the U, where former greats come down for games and practices. We are proud to be Hurricanes, the excitement is in the air, we can't wait till spring. GO CANES!

Cane Alum... you said it right,

"if Brissett is as good as they say he can definitely beat out Harris and maybe Morris for the starting job"

"IF" is a word for every 3star-4star-5star recruit that comes in here... don't always believe the next young recruit is going to save your program. The Program Saviors are already on campus, attending classes, lifting weights, studying film, and getting ready to show the world about THE U !

They all come out of HS Highly Rated, so let's coach up the star athletes we already got !

Mark From ATL ... AMEN !
I like the players we got right now !

You people are setting him up for failure by claiming NC's and ACC titles next year. Not saying it couldn't happen. But with a brand new staff it could be tough. Just being real.

1. Let's stop bashing Randy Shannon. He left the cupboard very full for Coach Golden and the new regime (Seantreal Henderson, Storm Johnson, Sean Spence,etc.He did his best but it was time for new enthusiasm.

2. UM's world will not rise or fall on Brissett's decision.If he comes here, GREAT. If he doesn't GREAT, Al Golden will recruit somebody else, this year or next. One way or another we'll be fine.

3. All of the outstanding UM coaches and recruiters from Howard to Jimmy to Butch focused on South Florida athletes. Al Golden is wisely following that formula and it will prove successful starting in 2012. And, he is building a staff which knows how to coach and recruit (Coaches Carroll, Franklin, and Kehoe for example).Canes fans should feel very positive toward the future.

the real shame is most of these anti shannon posts were the same morons supporting the guy.there were a few like me who saw it after the virg game in the OB. it was plain as day and you people were fooled. that disgusting night should have cost him his job. coker was a better coach and recruiter. but i am glad for coach golden, he will revive the program. dont listen to these reporters, manny or susan, we would still have randy if they had their way. and to bash the guy now, after they said he should have 1 more year, they are not true canes fans

Exactly K-Cane. Well said and spot on.

I was excited when he got the job, and he did nice work cleaning up the program,and getting the academics in order, but...

Methinks RS was sitting high on his laurels and forgot about the people at the bottom of the mountain.

And unlike Golden (or Butch,Jimmy, Howard), he didn't have the goods to run an entire program successfully. I'd hire him as a college DC or pro LB coach, but that's about it.

His HC career defines the Peter Principle - he rose to the level of his incompetence.

I can't comment or respond to fools.

Thats funny since you continue to make up excuses for Shannon being a failure.


Your overview was spot on!

Randy Shanoon was and will always be a great Cane that those that know anything realize the man helped us win several National Championships and helped set the tone for the program.

If it were not for Randy Shannon we would most likely be talking about 2 National Championships in our distant rear view mirror and many of the johhny come lately experts claiming to be Canes fans would be no where to be found.

Hey idiots--you are clueless as to what this program is all about--you don't get it and never will--Randy didn't make it as a head coach, but he is a major reason the Canes are who they are and you clowns have NOTHING to do with the Canes legacy--N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!

I haven't got time to read all these comments. But as far as Shannon not recruiting High schools in his back yard, could it have been due to Miami's academic requirements. I come from NY/LI but live in Atlanta now. I know up here that their has been all kinds of problems with the local Atlanta High Schools meeting their basic accreditation requirements. I have no idea about the Miami High schools and their status, but perhaps the reason RS didn't go to them was he didn't think he could get their kids into Miami. I don't know I'm just saying, there has to be a reason. I wish he would speak out and defend what he did. There is time to be quiet and there is time to defend yourself. I think Randy better start defending himself. Right now he is looking pretty bad, and I know he wants to coach again, somewhere. He can't allow this cloud of incompetence hang over his head.

F all the RS apologists. You are all without the b-lls.

Just because Shannon was a Um player aand DC and HC doesnt for one minute excuse him for almost single-handedly destroying the program. I liked Shannon. Then the whole stoopididty of the marve- Jacorry situation came to light. then his team didnt show up at Oklahoma (flag number 1) then his team lost 48-0 at theOB, with 75,000 fans including all of the former U players (flag #2). Then he lets 3 QBs leave within 6 monthsand doesnt recruit more Qbs (except Bridgewater form...you guessed it, Miami NW-Flag#3).

I'm tired of talking about shannon. The worse head coach in Miami history. and I dont care if he was born and raised in the Rathskeller.

That s--t just aint right.

manny- I applaud you for your article. Had you come out earlier with something like this, you would have been shunned by UM. And it may have affected Susan adversely.
You speak the truth. we all (ok 99% of us) felt this way. this is despicable.

Miami central had 17 D-1 players this year. More than the state of Connecticut. UM got 1.

hahaha @ respecting a person that decides to keep his mouth closed until the person is no longer around to defend himself. that is a coward in my book.

And your book counts for what ....... Oh thats right nothing unless U count getting blew out 45-17 by FSU, losing to South Florida and Virginia Tech all on our home field and and losing to Virginia. Duke is a really tough place to play at, right.

There is a young man in Brevard county that Coach Golden and his quarterback coach might want to look at. His name is Richard Burrows. His story on why he was not recruited is in the Florida Today newspaper Thurs. edition sports page 5c. He has the grades his gpa is 3.87.

truth based on facts is not to hard to understand-shannon did play, asst coach and head coach. the results of his being hc is what is in ?, his inability or refusal to recruit in his own backyard and allowing multiple players with d-1 scholarships leave is a fact. what is most revealing is his lack of communication with the area coaches. manny was just giving the facts as not only he sees them but also the coaches of the hs too. rem this is the coach who has a loosing record in the acc. whether he is a good individual or not is not the ? but what was his results as the hc of the canes. ag is trying to change the perception of the university to both the hs coaches and players. rem facts are facts whether we like how they add up not.

In 1991 I attended a 3 day camp at THE U for $35 dollars that's right $35 dollars for 3 days meals included my position coach for the weekend was Tommy Tuberville. It is absurd that the price went up to $390, because with that you eliminating some of the hungriest and usually your best players because they can't afford the doggone camp. The more I read the more I am astounded by Shannon's ineptitude.

Why is the Miami Herald SPorts writers intimaded by Shalaya. She is the person that is ruing the CANES. SHe was totaly behind Randy getting hired. She is the responsible for the CANES losing prospects because of grades. She must GO! I hope Golden has the guts to go to the media and the guts to stand up to Shalaya! The truth should have come out years ago how Randy and his arrogance set the Canes back.

Brandon mcgee- plantation
brandon Harris- BTW
devonte Davis- gainsville
van dyke- pace
Rogers- Texas
Chambers- miss.

I call that local recruiting with a mixture of in and out of state players at corner. that's how the roster looked last year at cornerback. the Albert kid was rated as a top ten kid at his positionn that can mean great things or even bad things, but don't act like south Florida doesn't have the Doug wiggins of the world either. don't tell me the man didn't recruit. one high school with a bunch of checkered history guys on it dont mean u can't recruit

According to ESPN, randy's 07 class was #15. That was after a brawl and a player dying. Could of had kids like major wright from st. Thomas if it wasn't for the bad P.R. we had at the time. He still brought in kids that will be drafted.

His 08 class was number one but alot of you guys looked at that as a promise of championships. I didn't. Since we only had one qb one the roster, we got three qbs that year. We only had shields at wr who at the time still was a headache, so we got a bunch of wrs. Our defensive line was below par, so brought in guys at dt and de. This class was a stock class with depth for skill positions and defensive depth.

His 09 class, my personal favorite, bought size. ESPN rated that class number 7. Kids like lamar miller, ray ray, Curtis porter, Washington, mike James, and Vernon came then. This class had south Florida kids along with Tampa and Orlando kids.

2010 class was rated #13. Most of this class was redshirted for stock purposes. we landed storm, Henderson, linder, our qb, and a bunch of young secondary players. now some people might say rankings mean nothing, n that's cool with me. just don't turn around and scream about how great chickillo is going to be.

Best of luck to him either way.

For all we know its 50/50 he's a star or he's a bust. That's how the recruiting game goes. We'll know for sure once he actually plays at the college level.

Maybe the U will get better once the maturity of its fanbase gets better. Living and dieing on where a 17yr old chooses to play football is effing creepy.

Best of luck to him either way.

For all we know its 50/50 he's a star or he's a bust. That's how the recruiting game goes. We'll know for sure once he actually plays at the college level.

Maybe the U will get better once the maturity of its fanbase gets better. Living and dieing on where a 17yr old chooses to play football is creepy.

Best of luck to him either way.

For all we know its 50/50 he's a star or he's a bust. That's how the recruiting game goes. We'll know for sure once he actually plays at the college level.

Maybe the U will get better once the maturity of its fanbase gets better. Living and dieing on where a 17yr old chooses to play football is effing creepy.

The man knew how to develop talent and developed talent better than any coach in college football.

Posted by: Caneboss | February 04, 2011 at 05:21 PM

Wow! You seriously need to get hit by a bus.

TN CANE - Great points! Our best quarterbacks were recruited out of the state of Florida. my problem with this whole quarteback thing is that many of the top recruits are running style quarterbacks from South Florida. We have been a pro-style offense with drop back and read quarterbacks. So, to me, if we are going to a run style and get out of the pro style, then go after the speed merchants, if not look at Texas, California, hell even Arizona have great, big, hard throwing quarterbacks, that seem to be a lot smarter than some of the recent past guys we have recruited. Golden was really in a no win situation; 3 weeks to get recruiting going in one of the most celebrated schools in college football history? And following Shannon's debacle? If he can get our guys fired up, stay with assignements, and practice like champions, he will get us there. This is a solid coach. GO CANES!!!!

The man knew how to develop talent and developed talent better than any coach in college football.

Posted by: Caneboss | February 04, 2011 at 05:21 PM

Wow! You seriously need to get hit by a bus.

Posted by: R | February 06, 2011 at 02:26 AM
hahahahahaha! I was with Caneboss up until that point. We have more NFL talent on the team now compared to when Randy took over. So, I do not get some of the stuff that people say about his staff not developing the talent.

I wish someone does some real reporting and instead of only telling me What Shannon didn't do, tell me WHY he didn't do them. Why did he not recruit some of these local kids, was it academics, size, speed, attitude, background? What. It had to be a reason. Did he have marching orders from Administration telling him not to recrit certain types of kids? I just find it hard to believe that Shannon coming from the inner city and having a championship background just decided not to recriut the kids from the same area he grew up and or somehow forgot what D-1 level talent looks like. IJS

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