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Mom says 'it's not over yet', but Brissett does

Palm Beach Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett was so worried about how his mom might react to the news of him picking the Gators Friday he decided to text message her two hours before his basketball game. It didn't make his announcement any easier to take.

His mother, Lisa Brown, didn't hide her emotions after Brissett told a gym full of spectators his future was in Gainesville. But like it or not, the 6-5, 225-pound U.S. Army All-American said after his game, he's sticking with his decision whether it hurts mom or not.

"I feel good about my decision," Brissett said. "I've thought to myself since Wednesday where I could see myself next year? It came down to UM and Florida. And I just had to follow my heart. And my heart [was] with Florida."

For what it's worth, Brissett said he went back and forth over his decision "about 25 times." Then, he made a final decision on Wednesday during school."

Still, Brown, a long-time Hurricanes fan, said she will try to sway him to pick the Hurricanes before he faxes his National Letter of Intent on Monday.

"I'm going to try to talk him out of it," she said. "He hasn't signed it yet. He's just orally committed right now."

Brissett said he was planning on sending his letter of intent on Saturday.

So why wasn't mom happy with her son's decision? It seems while she felt good about Gators offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, she was upset by the fact she hadn't met coach Will Muschamp yet.

Brissett said he's not worried about the impeding competition with Jeff Driskell at Florida. In fact, he's looking forward to it. "He just has to show me he's better than me," Brissett said. "That's all it is."

The Gators are scheduled to come to Sun Life Stadium to face UM in 2013.


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This is the worst decision he could make. Florida just signed the #1 QB in the country and now Brissett wants to go ride the bench behind him?

Recruits: I am a UM fan, but one piece of advice....God put your parents there for a reason and unless they are unfit parents, you have to honor them and follow their advice. I always say that if a kid wants to go to UM but his parents want another school and now I say the same with this situation. For a kid to do this publicly to his mom, I frankly don't want him at the U. Shame on him!

This kid is bizarre. Did you hear the boos toward the end of the video?

Good luck kid try not to get arrested while partying with your buddies!! I would have understood UW cuz they need a QB but UF has like 4 QBs plus jeff drisskel. only reason i think he choose uf was that if it didn't work out in football he can play b ball for them.

Time to get the Rutgers transfer???? Savage

have to give him some credit for balls, he's either going there thinking he can win the starting spot over the #1 QB recruit or is fine with not going to the NFL and being a water boy.

His mom knows whats up...she doesnt want her kid used by Florida like Mitch Mustain was at USC. He was promosed the world by Pete Carroll, transferred, never saw PT and recently was arrested...possibly for a felony charge....the dynamics of life go deeper then hatred for the Gators. He may have made a great decision, problem might be living with it once he realizes they might want him at DE or TE...good luck.

This decision truly is baffling. He could compete and likely start at UM right away and face a pretty reasonable path to a BCS bowl game through the ACC. Instead? He chooses a school where he definitely WON'T play this year due to Brantley and, in all likelihood get beat out by the #1 recruit, riding the bench for his next 3 years. Not to mention, be part of a team that will be lucky to get to a BCS game in a brutal SEC conference. Plus....seriously...spending four years in Gainesville over Miami and South Beach? You gotta be kidding me. I won't denigrate him as a person as everyone has the right to make their own decisions, but I just don't understand ANY logic in this. Wisconsin or Washington make far more sense on every level (other than geography) than this decision. Totally perplexed. Time to go seal up Savage.

Peter, that is the worst advice ever. Your parents are supposed to support you, not guide you through selfish means. If he wants to be a Gator then so be it. That's his life, get over it and grow up. Miami needs a QB and a leader who wants to be here. Not one who's here just because of momma.

Kid will be holding a clip-board for the next 5 years.

Strange choice, let's see what happens over the weekend. Just does not make sense. PT is the key to money down the road (unless you are Matt Cassel. Get him Mom!!!!

I disagree Jonathan. If mom wasn't even consulted on this and Brissett makes a decision just because a close friend talked him into it, she has every right to say "Let's talk about this son." Even though she's a Canes fan, she's gotta be sitting there just like us scratching her head saying "You want to go to the NFL? How are you going to do that playing backup at Florida for 4 years? You could be a STARTER in your first game at the U. This is about his future but he may be mired in what his self-focused friends may be telling because hey, they just want their buddy with them in college.

Momma get to work and make him realize that if he cares about his future UM is the way to go! JH has no shot to start so you are competing with Morris in a new offense. UF is not going to be a top 25 school under Muschamp. We shall see you in 2013 so hope your not on the bench or transferred to Jacksonville St. Bring in Savage or Forcier!!! Al golden only had 15 days to get this class it should look promising for the 2012 class! Hopefully his Northeast connections will lead us to a top shelf QB next year or Brennan Carols west coast connects.

At this point do we even want his mom to change his mind?? We want someone that WANTS to be at the []_[], not someone that wants to goof around with his highschool buddies at a lawless, sinking ship of a program.

Peter, your post is disgusting. You only get to go to college ONCE. It is his choice, not hers. The fact that she is acting like this shows that she is a selfish, pathetic narcissist. Rather than supporting her son on the biggest day of his life, she is spitting in his face. Shame on you Ms. Brown. You are the epitome of a domineering selfish mother. I hope he tells you to get lost.

Who needs a kid that was only looking to put himself in the spotlight. That announcement will be the biggest moment of his football career...he will get swallowed up in a sea of QB's at UF.

I don't care if his mom can switch his mind...UF can keep him. Don't need anyone with an inflated ego and a super sense of self entitlement.

not really the style of qb miami needs. he is a spread type according to recruiting sites, miami is pro style. win, and they will come.

Interesting, this kid will not lead UF as a QB. What is the history of UF and its QBs? In my opinion, Newton's skill sets were higher than Tebow but he never saw the field. The word was put out that Newton had issues with stealing a computer, but be for real. He transferred because of other reasons and look what AU ended up with at QB last year. Brisette will end up transferring or playing another position; UF has its starting QB for the next four years in this class. Even a red shirt year playing basketball will help this situation for Brisette. Mom is right, she just needs to step up and say what's on her mind without being PC. The "U" has proven that it will give kids like Brisette an opportunity to shine.

there were so many people in the stands that weren't clapping. hysterical. I think his mother and travis benjamin might actually be able to knock some sense into him so he can throw bombs to his cousin.

Go U ! ! !


Having a background in recruiting I would have asked Brissett the following:
1. Where is your best opportunity t6o advance to the starting QB position?
2. Would you like your family and friends to see you play?
3. Would you like to be remembered as the cornerstone of the resurrection of UM football?
4. Did you visit Wisconsin in the winter? The snow is piled 12-15 feet high on the streets and its cold. Very cold.
5. Have you considered by choosing UF you have to battle the returning starter and Driskell, the #1 choice of UF for the QB position?
6. Did another offer you the option to play basketball as Golden and Staff offered you?
7. Do you really want to become another Savage (Rutgers) or Forcier (Michigan)?
8. Did you consider that UM is th#1 in academics in Florida?
9. Does your family want you to attend a university where 34% of the football team is felons?

If these questions are answered truthfully the choice is Miami. His mother has common sense and comprehends the positives. Unfortunately his friends don't have his best interest at heart. Sad. Very sad. If I was the mother and the paperwork required my signature, I wouldn't sign for him.

Enjoy the rat hole in trashville.

If he doesnt want to be here then I dont want him to change his mind and come here just because his mom wants him to. Let him be a gator and ride the bench. He could regret this decision the rest of his life.

don't want him...let him go. He can go shine something else.

kellen winlson father made hime swicth what school he wanted to got maybe brisset mom cna do the same

Why do we want a kid whose heart is somewhere else?

wow this kid has no idea what hes geting into.. of course charlie weise will be a good guy and tell you wat you want to here but the truth is that the #1 qb in the country is going their and im sure they promised him the same thing. um has no qb of the future and has more probowl players in the nfl then any other school not to mention the tradition and pride of playin at the u. this kidd is crazy and all the kids that went to louievill better pick a career because louisvill cant develop players thats why they suck check the record. WAT A WASTE OF TALENT

Let's face it Pizza Man...UF has built a little tradition for themselves too. We haven't seen anything close to our glory years since 2002 so you can't blame kids for wanting to go to other recently successful schools.

I just don't think the kid really wants to play football. He want's to play basketball and is content with being a backup qb so he can keep his scholarship. He wasn't offered for BB.

Let him go we don't need him.

PS but whose was the last great cane that was successful in the NFL?

Obviously too dumb to be a Cane. Plenty of physical skills, but nothing between the ears. In college and the NFL you play QB from the neck up. This kid just disqualified himself. Pull his offer...let's look elsewhere for someone with a brain.

Emgee...well said.

@Huge Canes Fan,

Being that they live under the same roof its pretty easy to assume they have already talked about his options time and time again. Yes, from our point of view it looks like a much smarter decision to be a Cane, especially considering he has to compete with the #1 recruit in the nation. Plus Brantley for another two years, but that is not our problem, or quite frankly, our business. In the end this is not big hit to Miami anyway. Ruddock was the big miss, but it was too little to late for the staff to get him (same as Brisset). Golden will sure enough bring in a great class for 2012, and the 4 DE's that are in this class will be eating Brisset for breakfast in couple years if he even makes it to the field.

Mom Brissett don't waste your time.

New coach recruits HIS qb,has no history with Driskel,Brantleys probably gone now,other qb's will be making position changes,it's wide open for him,and Gators hive vastly superior talent to work with.Pretty smart decision when you boil it down,plus no hometown pressure and great friends to guide him,again,great decision

My vote
Let him go
Take in a transfer and move on

He can't be that bright to sign with a team that just signed the number 1 QB in the nation to the same class as him. This decision makes no sense but hey its his decision. If his friends are the reason he committed then that tells us he is a follower not a leader and that is not really what we want or need here at the U. In any event good luck to the kid in his decision. Next year we will get a top flight QB anyway. Besides in Dorsey's 2nd yr or so we had Ethnic Sands who was a receiver as a backup QB and we made it through the year. Next year we have Morris and Harris plus we are going to rely on the running game much more and not give teams as many chances by leaving our QBs vulnerable. So things will be fine.

Chris in ft myers...I hope you are kidding, if not I can tell you graduated from UF.

Mama knows best. U still have time to change your mind. It will cost U a ring or 2. GO CANES!!!

My post is directed at the comment that was addressing the Mitch Mustain situation, his mother was the one who got involed in his transfering to USC. The story goes that Houston Nutt had to get this kid into the Arkansas program and to make sure he did he hired the kids high school coach as his OC to seal the deal. Once Mitch's PT was effected his mother first attempted to get Houston Nutt fired as the head coach when that didn't work Mitch Mustian and Damian Williams both transfered to USC.
So Ms. Brown in normal situations I would say to you don't get involed in your sons decision, but in this case it seems might funny to me that Your soon goes to lunch with Bill "The Tuna" Parcells on the day before NSD and then delays his announcment only to come back 2 days after NSD to go with the Gators. Jack Daniels Florida grad, Charlie Weis Florida OC, Jack Daniels father-in-law all these individuals are friends with Bill :The Tuna" Parcells. YOu can make of it what you want.

Don't blast the kid. It's his decision. Al Golden says they are looking for kids who want to be Canes. He does not want to be a Cane. So be it.

By the way, sean wilson can hug a root!

Good luck kid try not to get arrested while partying with your buddies!! I would have understood UW cuz they need a QB but UF has like 4 QBs plus jeff drisskel. only reason i think he choose uf was that if it didn't work out in football he can play b ball for them.

Posted by: Cane4life | February 04, 2011 at 08:48 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/02/brissett-picks-uf-mom-says-it-might-not-be-over-yet.html#ixzz1D33iPzml

We post using the same name, except I use a capital L, anyhow, I agree 100% with your basketball assumption. If Frank Haith had this team playing 1/2 way decent, I think we may have had a chance. Anyhow, good luck to him. I will never down a kid from not coming to the school that I love with all my heart, but as a football decision, I think he made a mistake. I also don't like the fact that he did not listen to his Mom, but when we were his age did we always listen to our parents? Either way, I wish him all the best (except for 2013 when we play them and if we ever meet up with the lizards again when he is their). One thing you can say about him is that he isn't afraid of competition (unlike some kids who want to be the only kid recruited in their class). Again, he will have to live with this decision whether he is playing or riding the pine. I truly hope it works out for him.

It is a free speech country so I will blast the kid!

The kid is a complete idiot. Choosing UF with all the current facts because your buddy is on the team? Oh boy it is obvious he is an immature little boy in a man's body. The better move for him and his football development was UM. Forget his mom's feelings. The better move for his future in football and life was an academically superior private school with better education and better football opportunities for him.

Good riddance!!! This kind of stuff will only put a bigger chip on Golden and the current Canes' shoulders!

We will use this to further trample everyone out there who thinks the U is history. It will be a sweet ride to the top!!

Momma's don't your sons become Gator's.

@Johnathan: You are right on. His decision to face, for better or for worse, down the road. Time to move on.

I have faith in Morris. Love his attitude. And for what it's worth Jacory is still hanging in there. Maybe with the new regime we'll see improvement from him....who knows?

Guess now we've got a pretty good shot at getting Savage. I can roll with that.
And can't wait to see this current defensive class knock the Gator QB on his ass...over....and over....and over again in 2013.

Miami (with Shannon) offered Brissett before UF did. That's a fact. However, UM got a commit from Bridgewater first and it was pretty solid. They did not want both QBs and backed off Brissett. Is there anything wrong with that? I would argue that there isn't. In fact, I think that it is better to do that, as opposed to continuing to recruit a kid when you no longer want him. UF (with Meyer) offered Brisett a grey-shirt, which equates to "we will take you, but we really, really don't need you....but it may work out if you come". So both coaches depart and in come Golden and Muschamp. Golden promises two QBs and does not produce one, while Florida wins the recuiting battle for Brissett. Folks....we have two no-name coaches, and UF has Muschamp and Weis, get it? If you don't, you don't understand jack about recruiting.

Moreover, understand this....different coaches recuit differently, which means that they have a preference for certain types of players. Would I have liked Godfrey at the U---sure I would have---now that I have observed his success at UCF. But I, like Shannon and staff had doubts about his ability to be successful on the next level. That happens. In addition, coaches also recruit for some schools while neglecting others for several reasons (i.e. H.S. coaching staffs).

Point is......there is a lot of sentiment here that UM was lacking for talent. While we certainly lacked depth at some positions, honestly, of the teams Miami played last year, only FSU and OSU were comparable as it relates to talent. Hence, my concern is not recruiting nor talent, but rather game preparation and execution. In this area, we clearly were not consistent and did not execute. Basically, we did not play up to our talent level. So with that being said, we shall see how this staff performs. No excuses about not having talent, because again this year, the only two teams that compare to the U's talent are FSU and OSU. So this year, if this staff is going to be successful, we should find out very quickly. Saban went to Alabama and made a huge difference in one year with less talent in the SEC. So did Meyer at Florida (with more talent than Alabama, but comparable to that of Miami next year)

Let him go where he wants. Next year UM will recruit 2 QBs who are better than Brissett. The important thing is that the Canes are reestablishing their recruiting base in South Florida and will have a top 10 class next year. In the meantime there is plenty of talent left on the roster for the 2011 season.

he has chosen fla. having said that he needs to remember that there will only be one qb that plays. he was the second choice for fla and no way he plays next year then he has to battle the #1 prospect in the country for playing time. i am sure pride is involved. his mother should have input into the decesion and i am surprised he did not discuss with her. this may be a blessing in disguise and not have a drama over family, football, coaches, and playing time. something tells me the whole situation smells. change course and recruit someone who is genuinely interested in playing for miami and who has the "potential" to bring miami an acc and nc title.

@championships is all that matters

Agree with your leadership statement.

We only ask 17,18..year olds to make a career/life changing decision at this time of year. Some don't make the right decision. With Driskel at UF, he will have to be really exceptional to get any playing time at UF. But, he will have to live with that. As far as D1 transfers, they won't help the depth situation at QB this year. Unless there is one that is "really good-just got to have", we should look elsewhere. JUCO's would be a better deal for this year if there is one out there that can play here. Regardless of who comes in, they had better come ready to compete or they won't get playing time here either. Remember coach Kehoe's remark the other day "the depth chart here is chizeled in SAND". COMPETITION CREATES CHAMPIONS

Between him and his mother they are trying to ride out their 10 seconds of fame. I hope both UF and Miami pull the scholarship off the table for this A....

Words of wisdom--- Grow up!

Guys we don't need him. Let him go...I am so sick of these athletes who think they are the Ricky Ross, Puff Diddy Money, Uncle Lucas, and the Jason Zs. We will bring in kids to our camp and if they are good we keep them, if not FAU, FIU, and FAMU will take you. We now have an intellectual coach who will lead us to the NC in 2011 not a coach who can rhyme "diddy" and "extremity"

Yes Boooy.

Go Canes!

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