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Mom says 'it's not over yet', but Brissett does

Palm Beach Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett was so worried about how his mom might react to the news of him picking the Gators Friday he decided to text message her two hours before his basketball game. It didn't make his announcement any easier to take.

His mother, Lisa Brown, didn't hide her emotions after Brissett told a gym full of spectators his future was in Gainesville. But like it or not, the 6-5, 225-pound U.S. Army All-American said after his game, he's sticking with his decision whether it hurts mom or not.

"I feel good about my decision," Brissett said. "I've thought to myself since Wednesday where I could see myself next year? It came down to UM and Florida. And I just had to follow my heart. And my heart [was] with Florida."

For what it's worth, Brissett said he went back and forth over his decision "about 25 times." Then, he made a final decision on Wednesday during school."

Still, Brown, a long-time Hurricanes fan, said she will try to sway him to pick the Hurricanes before he faxes his National Letter of Intent on Monday.

"I'm going to try to talk him out of it," she said. "He hasn't signed it yet. He's just orally committed right now."

Brissett said he was planning on sending his letter of intent on Saturday.

So why wasn't mom happy with her son's decision? It seems while she felt good about Gators offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, she was upset by the fact she hadn't met coach Will Muschamp yet.

Brissett said he's not worried about the impeding competition with Jeff Driskell at Florida. In fact, he's looking forward to it. "He just has to show me he's better than me," Brissett said. "That's all it is."

The Gators are scheduled to come to Sun Life Stadium to face UM in 2013.


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Who likes to feel rejected? No one. It sometimes brings out the worst in people. If Brissett is not on board with the U, so be it. Regarding Jacoby's mom, I agree. God bless her. Canes everywhere appreciate HER HEART for the U!

As far as Charlie Weiss being a superior coach to Fisch, Weiss trashed the Notre Dame program, was roundly hated by fans and alumni, was widely perceived as arrogant and disconnected, and did a poor job, losing to opponents with less talent (sound familiar?). UF can have him. Fisch is a young guy on the way up.

We should pursue Tom Savage and Tate Forcier. Both can play. Forcier in particular is highly competitive, and would do well with Coach Golden's approach. Stephen Morris is also a winner, and will deliver. Coach Golden has us on the way up. For me, as long as the team plays with the fire and passion, we are headed in the right direction. The personnel will come.

There's always Green Eyed Gator Chris Leak...

U ? Kenny Kelly ? Kerry Baker ?

any of U clucks even have a clue as to whom Baker was ?

yeah, thought naught.

Good Luck Arty

Posted by: Brown Eyed White Boy | February 05, 2011 at 03:43 AM

I'm going to take you up on your challenege...

Kerry Baker was the starting QB for the Miami Edison High School Red Raiders class of 1970. He had never played a down of football prior to his senior season having taking over the QB position from his brother Clinton (who stuttered when calling signals) and Gibby Lampasso. Kerry led the Red Raiders to a undefeated season and the Florida High School State Football Championship. Kerry accepted an offer by Fran Curci to play for the Canes, along with his teammates Wilmore Ricihie, Ted Harrigan and Alan Reynaud. These players were tough, talented and bled orange and green, but were the only 4 players on the roster who exhibited those qualities, thus the win/loss record does not reflect their greatness.

Now...do you think I might know what I am talking about?

Get over it folks. He was not coming here anyways. Time to look elsewhere. I am confident Golden can recruit and I have a feeling JH and SM are gonna kick some butt in 2011.

Look at this way miss Brown...he'll never get hurt...because he'll never play behind Driskell.

For the mom,,, Be an adult and let him go and make his own decisions//nothing is more important than family harmony and definitely not football//go canes

Do we need him - Yes! Do we want him - No! He left the U hanging with the scholarship, with a smile on his face and not a care in the world. He pulled Florida out of his hat, looking dumb doing it, in my thinking. He showed the U no respect. The kid is an obvious hot dog wanting to be the center of attention. That might fly in some high schools, but at the U level that would be a detriment to the team. Good bye, good riddance.

Leave him alone Mom, if he doesnt want to be here then good luck in basuraville, we would of accepted him but its his choice. plus his "decision" was awful, kid wanted the spotlight just for him, a bit selfish in my opinion but awesome if he sends his LOI to the U. I would also not recruit any body whos name starts with jaco_y, bad experience, j/k. Good luck

Savage anyone? anybody anyone?

Pete, excellent post but you bring up, with your #8"Did you consider that UM is th#1 in academics in Florida?" the VERY REASON some of these kids choose NOT to go to UM. Our academic standards.

UF and FSU are easily a cut below UM academically, and these kids know it. They want a free ride educationally, and they will GET it at UF, along with plenty of cold hard SEC cash.

Jason Smith, from you, and I quote "the only two teams that compare to the U's talent are FSU and OSU. So this year, if this staff is going to be successful, we should find out very quickly. Saban went to Alabama and made a huge difference in one year with less talent in the SEC"
Not true. Among other things, Saban's first Tide team LOST to Louisiana Monroe, and folks were grumbling.
I'd also add that VA Tech have talent levels equal to UM's, and many would say so did USF, at least last year. Their 3rd string QB destroyed us.
I wholeheartedly agree that our major problem was our coaching staff's inability to take these players to a higher level.

If Stanford can get Luck, than UM, a school NOTED for QB greatness (at the collegiate level at least) should be able to find one. I believe it will NOT come from the state of Florida.

Jason, meant to say VA Tech and N. Carolina.

And oh yeah, he ain't showin' much respect for his mother either.

Guess he feels he has a better chance in basketball than football. Driscoll is already enrolled in Fl. Brissett would most likely be redshirted, but could play bb his freshman year. If bb is his best shot can understand why he would play at Fl.

Please let him go! let's not talk about him anymore!

When a kid doesnt want to come to Miami you people say he's afraid of competition, when Brisset spurns UM and the kid goes to a school with the #1 QB and doesnt mind the competition you say he's stupid...

Then you argue about all of these so called 4 and 5 star players that Shannon didnt recruit in our own South Fl back yard, then you people turn right back around and say the stars dont matter when we bring in a low rated class..

Does anyone have any sanity?

Funny how USC and Florida both have two of the top QBs, and there is only room for one at a time. When you have a chance to take over a program like Miami with a young, energenic staff who I know will bring the program back to the top, it just doesn't make sense to me. However, I have confidence in Al Golden to "fill in the blanks", and Miami doesn't need someone who feels "Gator" over "Canes". Let's move on.

Good luck Brissett!!!!! Mom thank you for trying to talk to him but it's clear that he wants to be a "Gator". Well just remember Miami is on it's way @ being a top contender in football. So give us sometime and u will see. But hopefully you will change your mind and come to da "U".

Jason Zs... lol

Ureal are you referring to the same Charlie Weis who went up to South Bend (Notre Dame) and in 2 1/2 rip that program apart...Notre Dame finally go smart and sent him packing; Florida will end up doing the same thing with him.
Unreal you will be leading the band wagon trying to throw Weis off.

Makes sense to me. Anyway, like it or not, it's the kid's decision and time for us U fans to move on.

The most important thing about being a quarterback is making good decisions. Judging from his decision to ride pine in Gainesville over starting in Miami tells me a lot about this kid. I think his decision was the best thing for the Hurricanes. Let's get Savage on Forcier on the roster.

Wow, I understand your disappointment because I don't understand the decision either. But please do not make insults about Brissett. It is not accomplishing anything. In fact, this is one of many reasons why recruits chose to not attend UM. Seriously, future recruits and most likely Brissett and his mother are reading these comments. You are not helping anyone by just raging about the situation.

He won't see the filed until Driskell leaves for the NFL.

What an idiot! The kid could have started from day 1 at either Miami or Wisconsin. But he wanted to play w/ his friends who went to Florida. If the kid was REALLY interested in playing football, he would have gone to Miami or Wisconsin where it exists the best opportunity to play NOW. Frankly, this decision tells me everything I need to know about Jacoby Brissett and what type of person he is and what he is going to become, a follower, not a leader and thats what we need at UM as far as out QBs go. Please do not switch and come here, we don't need followers and we don't need you Jacoby Brissett.

Fans, it's okay. The kids want to be a gator. That is Cool. The thing is uf was not the best business decision for him. It was UWis or UW.

The HS coach did not help the kid. If the kid wants to play right away, why guide him to a school where he will be behind from day one. The other Fr QB is there already.

The uf HC didn't visit him because he didn't care. He had his QB!

Maybe he could text us a touchdown. If he can,t stand up like a man and discuss his future where ever he choses to play with his folks, than how is he gonna stand up to a 300 lb lineman wanting a piece of him. We need a leader not a breast feeder!

So Driskel is the starter already???... Weis wanted Brisset he had no allegiance to Driskel... Although Driskel is talented he isnt a pocket passer he's a dual threat despite the recruiting services... The kid runs all the time... Brisset is more of the qb Weis likes... Both are talented but Driskel isnt all world and Brisset is a scrubb... The kid made his choice and his mom should support him... I saw red her quotes and it was all about her... Golden didnt pursue Brisset until a couple weeks ago... Shannon pursued him last summer and as a poster said already we accepted Teddy... Golden went after like 5 qbs before Brisset...

This isnt a dumb decision... And Weis is a stud OC...

Jacoby, all I ask is that you take a look at the history of UF allowing black QBs to play quarterback. They are notorious for recruiting black QBs and then asking them to change their position. This goes all the way back as memory would allow me to Derrick Crudup, recently Cornelilus (TE who tore ACL) who was also a two sport star who thought he was going to play football and basketball at UF. This school is not going to allow some dark skinned QB be the face of their program especially when they have the #1 QB in the country who happens to be white. Chris Leak was light,bright and damn near white with green eyes and when Tebow came on board he was almost sent to the bench. Until boosters realized that Tebow could throw worth a crap. Coaches change boosters remain the same unless they don't get what they want and then the checks stop. Money talks bullsh**t walks. You will never get a real chance to be the face of that program. Check their history which is the greatest predictor of the future.

Deonte Thompson. That's who Brisset needs to speak with. I think he wanted to transfer to the U but Shannon was too proud to allow a kid to make a mistake by not picking Tha U first over our rival Florida.

Not saying that Jacoby can't make it in Florida, but the odds are stacked up against him since he is the second QB taken in their class. If he is as good as we believe he is then chances are he will find his way on the field no matter where he plays, but the same can be said about the other QB they have in their class.

I hope he chooses Tha U before when the ink dries. At the end of the day either U for Us or against us. It's your life kid and I wish you the best.

In my opinion, I like what Morris did so far and think that we will be good to go for two years, but Brisset would add depth to a position that will prove to be critical in the next few years.

What makes Golden and intellectual coach and RS not? RS is a UM graduate and if not mistaken, performed pretty well in the classroom. Please substantiate your conclusion with supportable facts - enough of the RS bashing or attempting to do so.

Why sign with a school on the downslide...don't understand this...he has guts though...not afraid of compitition...says alot about him!!

What is it now, 1 in every 3 ESPN 150 even makes it to the NFL. All these talks about stars, this and that, but do we even keep up with what these kids do a few years from now?

I don't care what they did in high school against a bunch of players that shouldn't even be playing football.

It's when they get to this level, realize they are just as good as the guys around them. That's when the TRUE stars come out. Until then...let's shelve this discussion.



P.S. Are Gayturds really on here talking ish? Talk about declining programs... Oops, forgot. You can't decline when you really never have been on the top. 1-6 in 30 years. Good for U! Silly Gaytirds, it was fun before your coach quit, huh? Have fun with Muschump and an OC Kansas City was paying people to get rid of. Yes, I'm over here ROTF-LMAO!

"Next year I will be playing at the University of Florida." Probably not. 3rd string Freshman QB returning punts maybe.

Jacory is a Senior, and while last year was terrible, the new staff might be able to get him mentally tough and who knows. He was just broken by the end of the year.

Morris showed me a lot of poise. Never saw him freaking and he def has more instinct in escaping the pocket while looking to throw first.

Brisset and Morris would be battling for the job by the time Brisset was a Sophmore. That probably won't be the case at UF.

Lastly, he absolutely can't change his mind because his mom told him too. That bird has flown, we can't have momma's boys signs in the stands for 3 years. He's a Gator and now we move forward.

How has starting QB at the U gotten to this point?

Never fear canes fans. We don't need this guy. He throws rainbows and scrambles away from inferior competition. This is Jacory part 2. He'll get picked apart at the D-1 level. The reason he's scared to come to UM is Stephen Morris. He knows he'll be lucky to play one year with Morris, whereas he delusionally thinks he has a chance to beat out Driskell for the QB position at UF. He'll be a bench warmer for his career. Don't mock the guy, feel sorry for him. Plus if he came hear he would destroy our hopes for taking 2 star QBs in next year's class (which we will do.) We're fine for this year with Morris, Jacory, Whipple's son, and don't forget we had Highsmith too in case. Plus our punter we just signed was a QB too. We'll be OK this year, especially if the #1 recruiting class from 2008 plays up to their expectations now that there's some decent coaching on board!

F...U... Larry Coker and Randy Shannon. You both destroyed the program! But our savior is here!

elkino and jacoby shouldve traded mothers lol

Enough already ! All cane fans should move forward and not look back. Al Golden will get his QBs next year, and they will want to be at UM !

Well you don't need to meet the coach when the Offensive Coordinator is slipping you a check $$$$$$$$$. What a dump a_ _. Good luck warming up the bench!

Posted by: Curse of Curse Pig | February 05, 2011 at 06:59 AM

What's it like dangling from my string time and time again U Duuuuuuche ?

Jason Zs... lol

He FLAT OUT SUCKS ... .I have seen him play ... He is NOT a D1 QB ..

Trust me ...

Just got by playing crappy competition as an athlete.

Goodbye Brissett ... Ride the pine at UF and see yourself as a FAIL

He does not want to be here, his heart is in Gaynesville - I wish him luck and hope he is a good student because he is not going to throw a single pass for the Gaytors... he will have to play basketball or another position on the football field. He did not even meet the head coach nor did his mom, but he still picked Florida... that says it all! He's a Gaytor and just threw his football career down the drain to wear the ugly orange and blue uniforms in Deliverance country. I hope he stays out of jail, he has about a 5050 chance in Gaynesville. I for one don't want him to change his mind... stay up there Jethro and enjoy riding the bench.

His quote says it all:

"It came down to UM and Florida. And I just had to follow my heart. And my heart [was] with Florida."

If his heart is with Florida then I don't want him at UM. Mother Brisset don't waste your time trying to convince him. Everyone agrees that it is a terrible decision and he will also realize this in due time. Hope he enjoys Gainesville and hope he doesn't become another arrest statistic. (30+ football players arrested over the last 4 years). I doubt he will see the field, but if he plays in the 2013 UF@UM game, I hope that Chikillo lays the wood on him.

First of all give it up MaMa obviously he did it to break his apronstrings .Gotta BE A MAN!!!! So let go >MIAMI DOESNT NEED SOMEONE WHO DOESNT WANT TO BE THERE PLAIN AND SIMPLE WE ARE GLAD HE WENT THERE!!!

Please, lets let this story GO, the kid WANTS to be a stinkin gator. I don't want him anymore, I don't even want to wish him well, he's dead to me, he's a GATOR, let move on. I hope he rots up there.
I would be far kinder if he had gone to Wisconsin, but He's a Gator and I have no kind thoughts. Don't write me how I should be a good sport, remember "THE FLOP", that what being a Gator is all about.

I would leave it up to his mom to help him understand the big opportunity that he has at UM becoming the starting QB next year and the next great QB to win a national title. If he is able to understand that and changes his mind I will take him if he does not it simply means that he is too dumb to play for the U.

Yawn......we don't need a TE anyways


You won't see this QB in the NFL. Just like Tebow and Clausen.

Going to UiF or ND won't prepare you for the NFL.

Had your chance kid, best wishes ! Hope you can handle the choice ?

This kids heart is not with the U, so its best that he goes elsewhere. He will not be a fan favorite at UF. He is not the type of QB that they want. That other recruit,Driskell, is more in line with their expectations. Ask Cam Newton how his was received.

oye manny, I hear tate forcier is considering the U, whata you know?

Posted by: unreal

Charlie Weiss didn't develop Tom Brady...being drafted after a kicker did.

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