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Mom says 'it's not over yet', but Brissett does

Palm Beach Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett was so worried about how his mom might react to the news of him picking the Gators Friday he decided to text message her two hours before his basketball game. It didn't make his announcement any easier to take.

His mother, Lisa Brown, didn't hide her emotions after Brissett told a gym full of spectators his future was in Gainesville. But like it or not, the 6-5, 225-pound U.S. Army All-American said after his game, he's sticking with his decision whether it hurts mom or not.

"I feel good about my decision," Brissett said. "I've thought to myself since Wednesday where I could see myself next year? It came down to UM and Florida. And I just had to follow my heart. And my heart [was] with Florida."

For what it's worth, Brissett said he went back and forth over his decision "about 25 times." Then, he made a final decision on Wednesday during school."

Still, Brown, a long-time Hurricanes fan, said she will try to sway him to pick the Hurricanes before he faxes his National Letter of Intent on Monday.

"I'm going to try to talk him out of it," she said. "He hasn't signed it yet. He's just orally committed right now."

Brissett said he was planning on sending his letter of intent on Saturday.

So why wasn't mom happy with her son's decision? It seems while she felt good about Gators offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, she was upset by the fact she hadn't met coach Will Muschamp yet.

Brissett said he's not worried about the impeding competition with Jeff Driskell at Florida. In fact, he's looking forward to it. "He just has to show me he's better than me," Brissett said. "That's all it is."

The Gators are scheduled to come to Sun Life Stadium to face UM in 2013.


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Tweezers; the kid needs tweezers to pull bench wood from his butt.

Charlie Weiss "developed" Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen. Teblow is a better NFL QB than those two so what does that say about Weiss' developmental skills?

Just another example of insecure Gatard trash grasping for anything. UFelony remains a joke. Redneck backwater.

Sam Shields is a great story in personal perseverence. I remember watching him trying to play CB here after some horrible Randy Shannon coaching. Kid never quit on himself.

Hopefully he can make a couple of plays tonight.

Damine Berry was stopped at the 1 yard line toprevent a game winning TD inthe last all star game, the NFLPA all star game. Earlier in thegame he had a 72 yd runfor a TD.

What is it withBerry and the 1 yard line?

Georgia tech
Va Tech

In all of these he had the ball handed to him at the 1 yd line. In 2 of those games he fumbled. No TD. 2 of those games were crucial.
He needs to be called out. I am sorry but that was a problem for us.

I say leave the kid alone. We have 2 good qbs. Remember 2yrs ago everyone was loving jacory. I think if golden run the ball like he said he will that will help jacory and morris out. When miami won titles the had a running game. We got one now. With the stable coming back and the o-line we got we should be better. It think jacory was put in a bad spot. Whipple wanted to throw a 100 times a game.Run the ball.I think golden and his crew will get this thing rolling this year. I see 10 or 11 wins this year.N.C in 2 yrs.Lamar Miller for heisman.Go canes!!!!!!!!

How about recruiting some white drop back passers that Miami has always been successful with? No more porch monkeys!

Why are you guy's so worried about this kid? We have a coach that seems to be able to develope players and if he can get Jacory to stop with the INT's and develope Morris we are good for a couple of years. Next year we can make a statment and land a couple of QB's to Follow up Morris. Morris will likley be the future at UM and next year we will choose his successors. If you ask me Golden did a hell of a job with this short class. Just wait until next NSD when he has had some time and a season under his belt.If we can win 10 games next year there will be no doubt about his coaching abilitys and the prospects will be lining up. I CAN'T WAIT 'TIL SEPT. See ya'll there.

How about recruiting some white drop back passers that Miami has always been successful with? No more porch monkeys!

Posted by: Gerardo | February 06, 2011 at 11:42 AM
Care to repeat the same crap in person? You can go to any inner-city of your choice. It's funny how folks do not have any qualms with rooting for black folks when it comes to sports but still have hate in their heart. That is crazy.

I like that he chose to follow is heart and is not afraid of competition. I wish he would have come to miami but good luck to him.

Manny you would serve the U better if you focused on what this new regime needs to do to get back to prominence instead treading backwards. Things did not work out with Randy ok move on it's getting a little redundant at this point. One arrest in like four years, graduation rates up and a total facelift from the thug U reputation. Maybe if you tried a little harder to monitor some of this garbage on this blog maybe we can get those coveted recruits that Uf or state is getting. I here people on here constantly dogging jacket but not whipple. How did whipple get a job anyway he was absolutely the worst oc we have had. Why didn't he tailor the system for j12 to be successful he only won like sixty games in the shotgun. Yet we hardly ran the shotgun with five wideouts. I think he is second in touchdowns in um history. Testeverde or torreta were no better than he was the just had better teams. We know that Randy didn't get it done what else is there to say about a man that has done more for the U than u.

Tally cane- NOT getting arrested is not something to jump up and down and congratulate someone for. Its expected.

winning and not throwing to the other team is something to cheer about.

DO not compare J12 with Torreta or Testaverde. They were all winners. Ok maybe not Testaverde. But he at least won more games than ja-pick

Golden hasn't done jack

Charlie Weiss didn't develop Tom Brady...being drafted after a kicker did.

Posted by: Canesjunkie

lol..so im sure he didnt need any coaching...anyone foolish junkie

You have to question Testaverde being a winner??!! Yeah, the guy did not win any NC's, but I would take him everyday of the week over Torretta. Vinny had a very bad game against Penn State in the Fiesta Bowl, but so did also lost a bolw game that we were a lock in (Sugar Bowl versus 'Bama, their fans will nevbe let a UM fan forget about it). Just because Testaverde did not win a NC, don't question him being a winner.

Posted by: unreal

Yeah Charlie Weiss. I believe that like I believe Rothliesberger owes all of his success to our former OC.

I agree with MIKE:

If he doesnt want to be here then I dont want him to change his mind and come here just because his mom wants him to. Let him be a gator and ride the bench. He could regret this decision the rest of his life.

Posted by: Mike | February 04, 2011 at 09:19 PM

Simply, if the boy doesn't want to be a CANE then let him go - he's just ONE player - Please.

I like Morris better than Brissett ... We got our future already here !
Stephen Morris - a True Miami Hurricane - from Miami Shores...
Let's Go National Title 2012 !!!


1) Got to a school needing a QB badly to re-establish itself. Has the MOST POWERFUL NFL CREATION MACHINE in college football.

2) Got to a school with TOO MANY QB's to hang out with his friends.

Mom Brisset should be telling him: "momma didn't raise you to be some damn fool boy! The Canes need the next great QB boy. You worried 'bout hanging with yo homies. Boy please! Get your ass in that room and sign that LOI to Coach Golden now before i beat your ass!"

First of all how in Gods name can anyone even put Harris in the same sentence as Torretta and Testaverde. Jacory belongs with Ryan Clement, Ryan Collins and Kirby Freeman as the worst QBs in the last 30 years. Secondly Manny did more for the U than Shannon by having this blog so we could voice our displeasure with Shannon's failures. Manny is the U. Keep rockin the truth Manny.

Who in the heck is this Mrs. Brown? I can see Brisset's mom wanting to influence his decision but who is this Brown person trying to inject herself into the discussion. It's not like Mrs. Brown can even sign the LOI, it wouldhave to be Mrs. Brisset. She should come out and stop this craziness by telling Mrs. Brown to just stop it.

Spike, It's not "Mom Brisset." It's "Mom Brown."

Need players that are "All In" for The U and if he changes his mind or his mom changes his mind that is not the type of kid that The U needs.

cane 4 life- i wouldnt take testaverde over torreta. No way. Vt had his chances. Um was more of a lock to win it all in 86 at the fiesta bowl than against Bama in 92 at the sugar bowl. It was more that bama was underrated and UM came unprepared for their speed. After all, how does lamar Thomas allow someone to catch him from behind and strip the ball from him? That was a TD that may havebrought us back and had nothing to do with Gino.
My point was, don't include any of those QBs in the same breath as Harris.

Can't wait for spring.

Sam Shields has a super bowl ring! Who would have thought after his struggles at UM. Good for him. Good kid. Never gave up. Didn't sulk. Still a rookie. Made some mistakes and got burned a couple of times, but so did others like that Jordy Nelson who dropped like 3 catches in his hands.

i do not want a kid that does not want to be a cane 100 percent .... why would you? get on board or go somewhere else it is canes (team )first and then you . best of luck !lets move on !

I also like Morris to QB for the next few years. Matt Savage could also come in and challenge in the future.

AL Golden is a bum..just wait and see. He talks a lot and does very little.This guy came to temple with 3 times the budget of any WAC school. He had open admissions to get all kids in that didnt not qualify for others schools. His staff made twice as much money, his recruiting budget was twice as much as any school in the WAC and this clown simply couldnt get it done. Bad play calling , bad time management, he interviewed for a new job twice a yr. He is an overrated bum. I can't wait this will be funny this time next yr

If he wanted to prove something against uf quarterback, then show him who is the better man in 2013 when you play against him as the Miami QB. Obviously the kid doesn't want to be here so I wouldn't want him even if mom did convice him to stay.

Brissett's LOI was fax to G'ville at 8:17 AM. He has joined the Gator Nation!!

He made the right choice,joins the program with the better football and basketball teams and coaching staffs.

Go Gators!!!

All of you Cryami fans are funny to be critical of Brissett's decision just because he didn't choose the PeeeeU. His mother should be more supportive in his decision. It is his life and if he chooses to go to another school, that's his decision to make. It is about time that he starts making decisions on his own. Yes, parents can help in advising you but how do you know which choice is better? Can you tell the future without Orange and Green glasses? Only time will tell if it was a smart choice. Do you think he should have chosen scUM because his mom said so? Please, that's a choice for the wrong reason. And who cares if some fans at the pregame booed... those fan's displeasure has nothing to do with his decision nor his life.... it's just a bunch of fans disappointed that he didn't pick the PeeeeU.


A lot of sh#it talk from a program that didn't do too well last year either and has only 3 Championships and negligible numbers of NFLers compared to THE U.

It is over Brissett signed this AM with the Gators

typical Gator trolling in action.

Step 1. Post a claim that is proven false.
Step 2. Did anyone prove it wrong yet? No? Then claim Canes fans are afraid of you. Yes? Then IGNORE the original comment, and claim that Canes fans are on a yo-yo because they responded to your sick lies.

Step 1. Post a sick racist comment while pretending to be a Canes fan.
Step 2. Did anyone call you out for it? No? Then claim all Canes fans are racist and are hypocrites for not ripping the comment. Yes? Then IGNORE the original comment, and claim that Canes fans are on a yo-yo because they responded to your sick lies.

Step 1. Post an attack on all Canes fans for daring to question a kid's poor decision on a COMMENT BOARD.
Step 2. Did anyone disagree? No? Then it must be true. Yes? Then they are wearing "orange and green glasses".

Mix, repeat daily, 24/7/365 for four years, and claim "victory" while the UM coach is upgraded and the UF coach is downgraded.

How sad, to have such a low goal for yourself that trolling day and night is your high point.

Gator turds here:

Youcan't talk smack to the U, You are still our red headed step cousins which we shoe like a gnat.

Pouncey looked like a sad little beeyouuch on the sidelines last night ( my ankle mya ankle). Dang it if I had a bad ankle I'd wrap the danged thingand still play. That is Soft gatorland for you. That said, Sam Shields has a ring and fat boy Pouncey does not. Nuf said.

That is a microcosm of how much the U dominates florida in almost everything related to football.

Better coaches? Ha ha. Fat boy Weiss, who even lost when he tried to sue his surgeons for the bariatric surgery. He is a loser in all aspects. He "groomed" Brady Quinn. wow, success. He "groomed" Jimmy Clausen, wow, one of the worse QBs in the NFL. Good luck withthat turds.

Muschump- His final record at Texas, 5-7. Good job Muskrat.

Now, what were you saying, gaturds?

Good luck jacoby.

#1 - agree with SCUM guy, Brissett can do whatever he wants, it's his life, lay off the kid.

#2 - pipeline, you sound like an idiot, do you even watch the NFL? Pouncey is sick, he was one of the best interior linemen in the game this year as a rookie. Also Sam Shields got hurt and couldn't finish the game either.

Quarterback Jacoby Brissett is officially a Gator.

Florida confirmed that the 6-foot-5, 225-pound dual-threat QB from Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer had faxed his Letter of Intent, ending a week of drama surrounding Brissett.

Now tell us Cane Fan, just how much he Sucks and how he would have never played at Duh U ... Too bad Momma Brown doesn't get her bag of dirty Cane money trying to sell off her son.

IT'S OVA!!!, showing that he follows his troll rules to the letter.

Funny how he posted this garbage along with a bunch of other lies to Gator Clause, and they got deleted, because even their Gator moderator knew he was wrong.

Now tell us Gator Troll, just how much he Rules and how he will be a star at UFelony ... Too bad Baby Brissett does gets her bag of dirty Gator money trying to sell off herself, and that the NCAA will not look too deeply into the payoff, just like in the Pouncey case.

can,t wait to smash him in 2013 if he see,s the field!


Was hoping that Brissett signed with Miami, but alas, he obviously cannot handle the foreseen pressure and the challenge of being a number one quarterback. Better he ride the pines with the Gators...I say, get Highsmith ready...I was rooting to see him play @ qb. What a pedigree...what a Cane! Gotta love'em, win or lose! It's the Golden Era! Go Canes!

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