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Brissett to announce -- probably for UF -- soon

PALM BEACH GARDENS -- Al Golden said last month the thought of not having enough depth at quarterback scared him to death before going to sleep every night.

Jacoby Brissett before the decision on Friday night Barring a surprise, it looks like there will be a few more restless nights for the Hurricanes football coach.

U.S. Army All-American quarterback Jacoby Brissett will announce shortly if he's decided if he looks better in orange and blue or orange and green. UM, once thought to be the favorites in the Brissett sweepstakes, now looks like the underdog to Florida after a long day of rumors and unconfirmed reports on the internet.

The 6-5, 225-pound high school senior is expected to make his announcement at halftime of his basketball game here on Senior Night. The gym is near capacity.

The Hurricanes, who led all Football Bowl Subdivision schools in interceptions thrown last season, have senior Jacory Harris, senior Spencer Whipple and sophomore Stephen Morris on their current roster at quarterback.

As a senior at Dwyer, Brissett completed 63.5 percent of his passes for 2,473 yards, 32 touchdowns and only one interception. He rushed 63 times for 368 yards and seven touchdowns. As a basketball player this season, he is averaging 15.9 points per game for the Panthers (20-2).

Brissett was ranked the third best quarterback in the country by Rivals.com, ninth best by Scout.com and 25th best by ESPN.

The fact he may opt to sign with the Gators is a bit surprising. Florida already signed Oviedo's Jeff Driskel, rated by numerous recruiting services as the number one quarterback in the country. But, the Gators did sign three Dwyer players last season -- tight end Gerald Christian, receiver Robert Clark and safety Matt Elam. Plus, Dwyer coach Jack Daniels is a Florida grad.

"I'm not saying he can't compete and do well at Florida, but Jeff Driskel is going to be the man there," said ESPN recruiting analyst Corey Long, who said Thursday he heard Brissett was headed to Florida.

"The kid had two chances to really play in my opinion -- at Miami or Wisconsin."

Before UM coach Randy Shannon was fired, the Hurricanes had a commitment from Miami Northwestern's Teddy Bridgewater, also considered one of the nation's premier quarterbacks. But Bridgewater de-committed and signed with Louisville in December. The Hurricanes have been looking for a replacement ever since.

Brissett, who remained uncommitted through the recruiting process until Friday, didn't begin getting recruited by UM until Golden took over as coach. He visited UM on the final available recruiting weekend before National Signing Day "and loved it" according to his mother Lisa Brown, who is a huge Hurricanes fan.

"He can make any throw," Daniels said last week. "He can lose people in the pocket. He's just such a winner. I'll never have a quarterback like him."

With or without Brissett, the Hurricanes could still end up with another quarterback. Former 2009 freshman All-American Tom Savage left Rutgers and has expressed interest in Miami. If Savage were to transfer to UM he would have to sit out the 2011 season per NCAA rules.

"He's a kid that can come in and play as game manager, but I don't think the kid is a great quarterback," said Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services. "He's not very mobile and will need a lot of guys around him to make plays. He struggled at Rutgers."

Even with a transfer or another pickup, the Hurricanes will most likely still sign at least two quarterbacks in their 2012 class. Long said he expects national recruiting coordinator Brennan Carroll to use his West Coast connections from his days at USC to land the Hurricanes a top-flight California quarterback.

Dade Christian's Bilal Marshall (6-3, 180) is considered the best 2012 quarterback in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Marshall, who threw for 1,600 yards and ran for 1,100 yards last season, said Friday he grew up a Hurricanes fan. UM receivers coach George McDonald visited Marshall last week, but UM has yet to offer him according to Dade Christian coach Mike Sonneborn.

"I'm looking for a school that fits my personality, a program that likes to win," said Marshall, who already has scholarship offers from Wake Forest, Duke, Rutgers, Boston College and Kansas among a collection of nearly a dozen.

"But it's not always about what school was your favorite school was growing up. You have to look at the best interest in your future life."


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damn of all places, uf!!! well his choice. goodluck with that 1. dont trash the man, or any body who does NOT want to be at miami. On to the next 1. This is a new start with golden, and it will be about player development and not about the stars and stripes, that a player has in high school. qb depth chart is definitely weak, but moving forward the program is in a better place than it was 3 months ago.

Why is the guy at ESS downing Savage? He ended up with a better passer rating than Morris and Harris this year. And more importantly + in turnover margin.

It ain't over 'till it's over folks.

Did he announce UF? Or is the first comment hypothetical? How drunk am I getting tonight?

guys if jacoby goes elsewhere then thats fine, its not a big deal, he's not gonna make an impact for a while because he's gonna be behind stephen morris. Come next year, al golden will catch a big fish at quarterback, I guarantee he will go out and get his guy. lets trust al golden.

I want depth, but I'm good with Whipple-less Morris and Harris.

I'm not bashing the kid, but he's pretty stupid. They have three QB's plus the #1 coming in. Unless he changes position he'll be a cheerleader on the bench. Typical band-wagon player.

Yes, life goes on, but if he goes elsewhere that's not fine with me. He has held the U hostage when it can't afford to be with so few to recruit and no QB recruited. He is not ignorant to the situation. He is showing a lack of caring and respect for the University of Miami. And in the immediate term, that bothers me. If being "young" is used as an excuse, then I question those around him who should be strongly advising him otherwise.

NOT the end of the world if he goes elsewhere.

MORRIS is our star QB this year. And with good coaching, HARRIS will be a capable back-up.

The next recruit or transfer wouldn't play for 1-3yrs from now anyways.

DON'T FORGET: We just got OL coach Kehoe back. Our QB will see better protection starting now forward, which reduces the risk of the hits that HARRIS took this last year.

he chose Florida.

well done. He'll be playing at FAMU in two years.


brissette to gators.....


Okay... What now? Savage? Forcier?

If he come, cool. If not cool. But is it just me or was Jacory good when Patrick Nix was the QB. I think that was his best 2yr as a QB. What you guys think?

WestCoastCane: We need immediate depth because of injuries and/or incompetence (too many interceptions). Brissett would have provided some immediate depth. (Note that I put this in the past tense as according to Scout he is a Gator, although a LOI in not yet checked.)

lets forget about this kid, wish him well but seriously, rest assured that al golden will go out and get the right guy to succeed morris. GO CANES!!!

Yeah I was going to say I hope he doesn't mind a red-shirt year and then only one year of playing time behind driskel, maybe he is hoping Driskel leaves early for the NFL!!! I am just saying Miami has prime athletes and if I was a QB I would mind handing the ball off or throwing to these athletes!!

Fellow cane fans I agree with Georgia cane let's not bash the kid for choosing the gators. Hey if he felt thats where he needed to go then so be it.We have two QB and I know Golden will pull in two QB in 2012. I dont know about you all but I'm excited, because when we start winning again we wont have to worry about these things happening. They will come in droves(recruits).

Well if the kid is serious about basketball and football, he should go to the gayturds because he will have an equal chance at the NBA or NFL. The NBA won't look at him on Frank Haith's team. Just being realistic. If it were my son, I would want him to look out for HIS best chance at making it to the next high $$$ level. He has a good shot at the NFL with Miami, but the NBA is out of the question with Haith at the helm.
Just sayin.....

Savage, but there is a QB from Clearwater who is supposed to one of the best next season. Golden can get him and he will be better than a grand-standing kid who is all about himself.

If it's true, I'm far from heart broken, I didn't want him anyway, I will spare you all the reasons. Good Luck to him.

On to plan B. If Golden is as good as we hope, he will have the pick of the litter out of next years class. It not like we have no one. Morris might just be great. and I truly believe they will coach up JH and there will be a JC QB brought in. We will more than survive.
I'm more upset that our idiot of an AD is considering moving the FSU came to labor day. Great idea lets open the ACC schedule 0-1, there is no way we will be ready the first week of the season. GREEEEEEEEED its a beautiful thing, They will call it good exposure, yeah right for FSU.

I don't know what kind of game this guy is playing but he says he will not sign a LOI until Monday and his mom says she will try to change his mind between now and then. We will see how much he loves his Mom and ifhe wants to play or sit/transfer.

no worries guys. we don't want anyone who wants to bleed gaytor blue...orange and green only...the only reason florida stepped in was cause the canes wanted him...it's all about mind games. he had two choices wi and mia, and where did florida come in the picture..cause those stupid gaytors wanted to miss miami off...better to wait until next year for someone who really wants to play for the Canes..GO CANES!

Uh oh. Manny says drama with his mama. Hopefully she'll smack some sense into him and he'll become a cane

He won't fax his letter until Monday, so mom has all weekend.

Has friends at UF & wants to be part of the tribe. UF has a senior starting QB while the U's starter will likely be a sophomore.

All those Dwyer kids are Gator lovers!!! To hell with all of them!!! Let's go out and find a true pro-style quarterback for 2012(and it's not Bilal Marshall who is a dual threat spread option type) and move forward. No big loss on Brissett Canes fans!!! Like it or not though Golden has some work to do in Palm Beach County which has for the most part become Gator country!!!

Also Cane Fans this kid was a clown from the beginning no different from Bryce Brown and all these other clowns who want to make a big fuss about their college choice. We don't need prima donnas at the U!!! We just need guys who want to work hard and win so again no need to sweat this. Brissett wouldn't have fit our offense anyway.

We don't want a kid in Miami whose Mom has to convince him to come! If the kid doesn't have the brains to see the writing on the wall, NEWSFLASH - they signed J Driskill #1 ranked QB in the nation THIS year, then maybe UM should find somebody else. Brissett will probably end up playing TE and getting banged up (a waste) or riding the pine for a couple of years and partying in Gatortown, let's hope that he and his buddy Matt avoid arrest. I would rather have Stephen Morris guaranteed as a starter and the Canes can find a decent backup for him! Here's one more reason (AND PLAYER) to hate the Gaytors.

Dale I was just gonna write that. Another Bryce Brown. His mom says she thinks Gators were disrespectful and kid wants to go there anyway to hang out with his high school buds. He is not going to take a team to a NC so why bother with him. He obviously is very insecure.

Someone answer this why did Shannon ruin all these relationships with the local HS coaches it doesn't make sense. Coker did the same thing and he saw that and was going to change that what happen??

Our lost won't be their gain.

It sucks to lose this guy, but he better remember this day when we play each other in 2013.

Hopefully he still be playing QB for them....

Not what I was expecting... Seems like his friends swayed him to join the gators. Doesn't seem like the best career move but whatever. Mom knows UFelons are a bunch of thugs and doesn't want her kid to fall into that trap, what was it like 30 arrests over the past few years. UW seemed like a much better choice if the kid didn't choose miami. Im all for Forcier, he looks like a competitor but gotta get the academic issues fixed. Savage has all the physical tools to be a good QB.

At this point do we even want his mom to change his mind?? We want someone that WANTS to be at the []_[], not someone that wants to goof around with his highschool buddies at a lawless, sinking ship of a program.

the shannon apologists are hilarious... they dont seem to realize that (although he may have been a cane) he made millions off of The U... while doing everything in his power to destroy what made The U, THE []_[]. he did absolutely nothing for the program except recruit talent, and strictly enforce off field conduct. he was a horrible motivator, developer, organizer, and communicator. there was no accountability. im sorry the guys ability AND EFFORT as a coach was horrendous.

and manny couldnt say anything negative because if he did, he would lose his canes coverage access. get a clue people.

Most of the bloggers don't want to hear the truth, but if you continue to write negative/hateful comments on blogs, Miami will continue to lose good recruits. You are very naive if you think your negative comments don't have an affect on these young men decisions. Yes, they will tell you what you want to hear, but in the end other schools are using your negative comments against Miami. Who in their right mind wants to go through what JH had to put up with this past season?? His decision tells me this kid is not affraid of competion, but affraid of the negative reaction from the fans if he doesn't perform up to their expectation. Some cane fans can be very nasty with their words. Wake up people, he will not be the last if you continue this negative backlash against your own players/recruits!!!!
I was not surprise he didn't pick Miami, and neither should you!!!
Thanks Manny for adding fuel to the fire!!!

well his mom is a true cane at least!

Mama knows best. U still can change your mind. Go Canes!!!


@let the truth be told: Dawg you just said the most important things that all of us canes fan should of took heed of. The JH situation that was very rediculous and stupid of the fans, who in the hell woul want to play for some predijuice,abnoxious,ungreatful,ignorant,S.O.B's who? You cane fans that's bashing this kid leave him alone. Grow some sense people support this kid and stop being so negative.

Now this kid has until Monday to sign his letter of intent. Look what his Mom said I will try to change that. Now what parent would do something like that? If she would of cared she wouldn't of said anything she would of been done with it all. So when Monday comes I hope that Miami will be able to have a new Qb @ dept because lord knows we need it.

Mrs.Lisa thank you for helping your son make a better decision. You're a great mom and if he chooses to follow his friends, then I can tell you this mom be prepared to hear all the fusssing and cursing. Because it's going to come and ur going to be heartbroken because you don't wanna see your child being mistreated. So when Monday comes I hope to see your son put on a green hat with the "U" on the front. Just continue on to talk with him and most of all tell him to pray and allow "God" to take him to the team that he see's more suitable for him.

My Dad is a Florida Alumni and my Mother a Fla St Alumni. It has been pure hell this year. Coach Golden if ever we needed someone to pull us out of this mess it is NOW. If Brissett does not want to be a Cane then that is his decision and his decision alone. Driskill is a stud at QB and will play all four years at Florida. Brissett will make a solid back up and might even get some playing time at the end of games. Good thing Brissett plays basketball at least he will see the court.
Good luck young man.

Hell woul like to play some predijuice, abnoxious, ungreatful, ignorant SOB's who? You cane fans are bashing this kid leave him alone. Cultivating a sense, people support this child, and stop being so negative.

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