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Canes land '12 commitment from QB Gray Crow

The Miami Hurricanes may have struckout on signing a quarterback for their 2011 signing class earlier this month, but they're making serious headway for the 2012 season.

Gray Crow Sunday, UM picked up a verbal commitment from Clearwater Countryside junior Gray Crow. The 6-3, 220-pound pro-style passer hasn't necessarily shown a lot on the field yet, but scouts believe he has a lot of upside.

Crow, who received his first verbal offer as a freshman from former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis after attending one of his camps, is rated the 95th-best player regardless of position in the state by The Herald's Larry Blustein. Last month, Crow was tabbed by Rivals.com as the second-best junior quarterback at the U.S. Army All-American combine in San Antonio.

Although his junior numbers weren't very impressive (103 for 194, 1,439 yards, 8 TDs, 7 INTs), he did play on a team that ran the ball 433 times for 2,978 yards and 45 touchdowns and finished 12-1, losing to state runner-up Tampa Plant in the Class 5A regional final. But, more importantly for the Canes, he's someone offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch apparently likes a lot.

Countryside coach Jerad Davis said Fisch offered Crow about a week before National Signing Day and said Fisch fell in love with what he saw of Crow on tape. The Hurricanes were the first school to offer Crow a scholarship. He committed to UM on Sunday, shortly after flying down with his parents to be a part of UM's Junior Day with about 50 other high school student-athletes.

"I just liked everything Coach [Al] Golden and Coach Fisch told me," said Crow, whose older brother L.D. Crow is the third-string quarterback at UCF. "I got to meet and spend a lot of time with them. I didn't really see any downside of it. Going into the Junior day I knew I really liked Miami from an academic standpoint and the program in general.

"Me, personally I'm a very hard worker. I feel like I can compete against any quarterback in the nation. Yes, the fact only two QBs will be there helped in the deciding factor. But if any QBs would have been in this signing class, I probably still would have committed.

"As far as the offense, we run a college style offense. I'm used to having to see a lot different reads. It's a complex offense. The playbook is very complex. So, I think the transition will be easy because what we do is very similar to what a college offense does such as Miami."

If Crow sounds smart, it's because he is. He has a 3.8 GPA and recently scored a 1380 on the SAT.

"You can hold on one hand how many B's he's ever gotten," said Davis, who was the high school teammate of former UM kicker Jon Peattie. "He's a great kid and a great person, too."

Crow said he's planning on graduating in December and enrolling at UM in January.

The Hurricanes, who picked up a transfer from former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier on Wednesday, have reportedly offered scholarships to at least two other quarterbacks in the 2012 class. One is Kentucky's Zeke Pike.

> Westminster Christian slugger David Thompson, who set the Miami-Dade County home run record last season with 19 longballs, also attended Sunday's Junior Day event at UM. Last summer, he verbally committed to playing for the Hurricanes baseball team.

Sunday, he told Canesport.com he's committing to UM's football program as well. But Thompson, who was named to Baseball America's All-American Second Team, probably won't ever end up playing in college. He's considered one of the best young up and coming baseball talents in the country.


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I really like what Coach Golden is doing...

The top QB's should be excited about the possibilities for early playing time here at Miami. The offense has to show improvements during the season as well though.

Looks good even with these being freshman highlights. 6-4 220 qb with a good arm sounds good to me. still early and kids do change their minds alot so just got to wait and see. Hopefully charlie weiss and the gayturds dont try to steal this kid with their dirty recruiting tactics. Dont want to get my hopes up like what happened with Brissett. Go Canes!!! Anybody know when the schedule comes out I would hate to play FSU or VT first game.

Way to go Coach Golden and Coach Fisch! This young man gets what is beginning to happen at the U, and wants to be part of it. He sounds like a real solid kid. As a fan and alum, I am excited about the way the program is moving!

Welcome to the U Family, Gray and your family!
Go Canes!

Thought for sure he was a golden domer but he's a Cane for now he's a smart kid with a strong arm accuracy right now looks slighlty above average but reminds me of fsu s ponder mixed with tebow wow can't believe I jus said that but that what probaly best describes him what a name gray crow sounds like a football player or one of those two first name players ...think about it a lot of great atheletes had two first names

Great news! He looks like a leader.

hmm... dont know about this one... the good thing is signing day is a long way away and we can always get more qb commits. i think if we're going to be eagles on the recruiting front as golden stated, then we should take our time... scout nationwide... and make sure we get the best qb prospect possible. seems a little early in the game and a little quick triggered, to take a relatively unproven player like crow. i can see where the staff sees potential because he looks the part, but the only thing i question is his ability to get it done on the field.

Dude looks like BigBen back there in the pocket.
We haven't had as solid a presence at QB since Vinny.
The film may be deceptive but it doesn't seem like his throws have major zip. He also could be a little more fluid. Bring him in and coach him up!

We need guys that can get the ball out of the pocket quickly, if you look at our last NC quarterback he got the ball out very fast giving our WR's plenty of chances to make the defense miss. I like bringing this guy into the fold.

A QB that can take a hit. Tired of seeing WRs playing QB. Good pickup. Hopefully we hold on to him.

The best part is he seems smart enough to read defenses.

what are you all talking about. These freshman highlights show that he has excellent accuracy, and poise in the pocket. How old do you all think he was as a freshman? 14? 15? So do not judge him on that.

He is now 6-3, 6-4. Will probably be 6-5 in college. Dude is a beast. He seems to have it between the ears as well. UM cannot let this kid go. With Brissett, Driskel, Reed, and whomever else they recruit, no way the turds can make an offer for him. I'd be more concerend about the simenholes, since Xavier Lee II I mean, the current QB has only 2 yrs remaining.

I guess I will wait till his next season stats, the fact that last season he had more INT's than TD's really scares me. We seen a lot of that around here the past years.

I really don't care about guys commiting this early, they haven't seen every school and haven't been recruited yet, chances are high that he can switch his commitment, he will be welcomed regardless, but I'm not gonna pee my pants over this.

Crow... QB's... they say, size isn't everything when you're 5'11/6'1, but when 6'3/6'5, it sure is.

I can see why the coaches were excited with this one and still another year to go... This kid has allot of up side and at 16/17 still growing as man and as a QB...

Good pick... Welcome to the U

Very good.
Now, big running back. 230 lbs.+.

Strong arm, seems accurate, book smart. Good starting point. Let's see how it works out, from NSD on.

"Anybody know when the schedule comes out I would hate to play FSU or VT first game."

Not me, I would love to play either of them first...they won't know what kind of offense to prepare for..

the kid runs a nice play fake!

Welcome to the []_[]. Not only does he look the part but he has what it takes between the ears to be a good one.


How could you not be good with a name like Gray Crow?

Is there a kid out there with the name Blackie Raven that Gray Crow can throw to? A Crow to Raven combo would be sensational. In any event, I hope those that rate players will end up eating crow when it comes to this kid who will light it up for the Canes.

I will overlook the interceptions to TD ratio for now. Looks like last year they ran the ball 75% of the time so he did not have a lot of throwing opportunities. Still, he threw for 1400 yards and 8 tds...not bad.

Upside...strong arm, great size (does matter), and a brain.

By the time this kid gets to UM Al Golden will be gone. Once the UM nation see how below average Golden is as a coach and recruiter he will be run out of town. Man if only Talking could win games this Golden Guy would...ahh not been at Temple

Here I go getting myself in trouble again for being negative. Verbal = BS. As the year goes on if this kid is any good then we can get serious. Haven't you guys here learned anything regarding these kids. Offers are like pretty girl, there heads get turned left and right by the last one that blows a kiss at them. This is almost not worth reporting yet. Lets let him get through his Senior year. He might blow out his arm or who knows what. NOT wishing the kid ill. I hope he has a great season. I'm just saying this verbal commitment isn't worth the paper its written on. Why because it isn't on paper. Go Canes

Welcome to the U!

I agree with Bob... we'll see come next January if he's still here.

But in the meantime, welcome.

I really don't see a downside with Crow's commit. He's got brains, size, speed, and a strong work ethic, and he's from a west coast (although its the Gulf Coast rather than the Pacific Coast), and The U's tradition of strong QBs have often been from the "west coast".

Golden and Fisch are trying their damnest to make up for what I thought at the time was some troubling personnel decisions at QB in 2007 (three transfers out of the program.) That has hurt the U ever since, and I'm glad to see Golden's staff being aggressive in finding some top commits to fix that issue.

This is awesome. Between Gray, Morris, and Forcier we will been in the NC hunt for the next 15 years. I am predicting back to back to back to back championhsips.

He is probably the 10th best QB in the state. Miami, you can do better than that. It says a lot that his ONLY offer is from Miami.

That offer from Charlie Weis 3 years ago while he was at ND was to get his brother to commit.

Miami needs a better QB in this class. Good thing they plan on taking at least two.

Scott could you tell me how you got that information. I'd really like to see it.

3.8 GPA and 1380 SAT Score....I think Coach Golden is onto something. We haven't had an intelligent QB since Ken Dorsey...and we all know what Ken accomplished with a "less than NFL arm"...I really, really like this approach!

so, Scott, in a state with 350 legit high school quarterbacks, he is number 10? Not too bad, I don't think, for starters.

But maybe they can get a QB the caliber of John Brantley. That would do the trick.

i'm not comparing him to him talent wise... but the first QB i thought of when i watched the above video was Dan Marino... for several reasons... 1. his torso... even though he could not run Marino had or at least looked like he had thick legs when in uniform... 2. his drop back... try to find a clip of Marino and tell me you don't notice the similarity... and finally the best... 3. his release... this kid doesn't hold on to the ball very long, does he?

Testing, testing. Wow this Golden is a whirlwind. We know he can coach from his days at Temple, but I was worried about his recruiting prowess. Two top qbs in one day? Sick!
Go Canes!

And how bout them soon to be Top 10 Lady Canes!

Just saw our schedule. How do I book my tickets for the ACC championship game in Charlotte?

scott, Gray Crow is one of only 4 QBs from the state of Florida on the ESPN 150 watch list. When you add to the fact that many of the Florida QBs are more of the athlete/dual threat type, Gray Crow's value as a true pro-style, drop back passer is even higher. As for his only offer being from Miami, so what? Many top players for 2012 recruiting are just now beginning to get offers. Many schools have expressed interest in him. It'll be interesting to see how many offer now that he's already said he's solidly in with the 'Canes and he plans on enrolling early. That's the problem with recruiting rankings. He'll be ranked lower if he doesn't get all of the big school offers he would have gotten had he waited to commit, even though he's still the same exact player. Then on the flip side, you see all of the fuss made over Brissett. Even though he is a solid prospect, his hype grew only after all the other QBs were committed and he was the only decent QB left to recruit.

6'3", 220, 1380 SAT, drop-back, pro-style passer . . .

That's our quarterback.

Go, Fisch, go.

He's a little bigger but reminds me of Christian Ponder which would be an upgrade at QB

I am excited but lets face it boys, we pretty much a year to wait, so lets be realistic and not get our hopes up to high. If he signs on signing day then lets make some noise, but til then lets stay grounded.

Remember guys its 'smarts" that seperate the great QB's from the athletically gifted QB's. I always wonder what a kids IQ is whenever I want to know about a QB. Guys like FSU QB can be tricked by desguised coverages becaused he is inclined to run when he doesn't recognize a coverage or gets pressure.

MontanaCane is right; IF the guy signs a year from now . . .. Even then, it'll be another year before he plays. So this is a couple of years down the road (if I have the math right--1+1 still = 2, right?).

We still have a long way to go before the 2011 season starts, and it's going to be the two guys the 'Canes have now: Namath and Starr.

UM Junior Day - what a concept. 50 fooball players came in for it. Whether the verbal sticks remains to be seen; but the concept of having additional Junior Day's is going to pay huge dividens. You have like the "mo-jo" that's being generated in Coral Gables.

I bet Butch will be on Crow, as will FSU, if only to screw us. Florida does that regularly...offer guys, then sit them on the bench just to keep them away from a rival.
BTW, the most impressive throw (IMO)was the roll out to the LEFT and the trow across his body to the left end zone corner. Not a lot of guys make that throw.
He also like to carry out his play fakes...wish Marino had. LOL

Sorry Mike B, missed your comment regarding Crow's play fakes. I don't steal...usually. LOL

This kid's going to be a star. Watch his tapes. Look at his pocket presence and poise, footwork, release, throwing motion, his size, and much more. Gray Crow guided his 2010 team to an undefeated season until they lost to Plant in the playoffs. Crow was a game manager at Countryside. He was not asked to win every game by himself. He used what he had around him, much like what Jedd Fisch will ask him to do. Do not judge this kid by his TD/INT ratio last year. Those stats are very misleading. Think about it. 12-0 regular season, then one close loss in the playoffs. Crow is a winner on the field, in the classroom, and if you see his interview tape on youtube you'll be able to catch the poise and his leadership potential. This is another home run by coaches Golden and Fisch for us Canes fans.

This is good to see and I would love to see him in the family come Jan 2012. he'll get more offers I'm sure ,but we have to stay on this guy and win big games this year to keep him committed as well as attract high caliber receivers and other talented recruits to help us out in all areas on the field.Love that the kid is smart and has nice mechanics as also good mrasurements. he'll grow more as well. Nice job by our recruiting staff of getting him on the line but we gotta get him in the boat before we celebrate.He can be developed to be great.Best looking QB I've seen us get a commit from in a while,we just have to stay in his ears. DA U !!!

I hear Blackie Raven is a stud at WR. He's an under the radar guy and plays at a smaller school. He runs a 4.4 40, has good hands, and racks up yards after the catch. Reminds me of Santana Moss. Crow to Raven could be a deadly combination.


U must keep in mind that this is the same way RS started out, recruiting real hard. golden hasn't done anything to put him in a separate category from RS.

How do U get rid of somebody after four years? Is that enough time in today's college football, where parity is the norm?

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