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Former Mich. QB Tate Forcier transferring to UM

The Miami Hurricanes didn't sign a quarterback as part of their 2011 recruiting class. But they've already got one lined up to start helping them right away in 2012.

Tate Forcier Former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier signed a financial aid agreement with UM on Wednesday afternoon and will transfer to Coral Gables "as soon as possible" according to his father. 

Forcier will be required to sit out the 2011 season under NCAA transfer rules, but will have two seasons of eligibility remaining as soon as he becomes eligible in 2012.

"He's in the airport now getting ready to fly back to Michigan," his father Mike told The Miami Herald at about 4:30 Wednesday. "He called me and said 'Dad, I'm going to transfer to Miami. It just felt too comfortable. I went ahead and committed. I hope you and mom will respect my decision and support it. And I love you.'"

As a freshman in 2009, he started all 12 games and completed 165-of-281 passes for 2,050 yards and 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He was named to the All-Freshman Big Ten team in 2009, but lost his starting job last season to former Deerfield Beach star Denard Robinson. This past season, Forcier appeared in eight games as a backup and completed 54-of-84 passes for 597 yards with four touchdowns and four interceptions.

The 6-foot-1, 192-pound native of San Diego, Calif. was ruled academically ineligible to play in the Jan. 1 Gator Bowl. Mike Forcier said his son still has a couple online courses to complete before he can begin taking classes at Miami, but he will likely enroll at UM in the summer.

"His grades are fine," Mike Forcier said. "He has to make up some classes and take care of that. But he's already taken care one of the classes that was incomplete, turned in a paper and got an A on it. He has another class he still has to get done. If he falls short, he'll probably have to take a few online classes. But he'll get it done."

Forcier announced last month on Twitter he was leaving Michigan. Mike Forcier said his son was not taking classes at Michigan this semester and was living with his girlfriend in Grand Rapids.

"We want him living as close as he can to school," Mike Forcier said. "One of the problems that happened with the other school was he was living too far away from the school, counting on others for rides, spending his money on taxis. I think we're all on the same page. We want him focused on academics and football."

Forcier was lined up to visit a few other schools in the coming weeks. According to his father, he had 41 offers -- most from Football Bowl Championship programs (formerly Division I-AA). Kansas State, Washington and Arizona were also interested.

"I thought he was going to sit on it for a day, wait to decide. That's what I recommended," Mike Forcier said. "But joining Miami was like buying a Ferrari. You can't wait."

Mike Forcier said his son arrived in Coral Gables Tuesday afternoon, met with coaches and had dinner with offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and national recruiting coordinator Brennan Carroll, whom the family has a prior relationship with. Mike Forcier said his son then had lunch with senior Jacory Harris on Wednesday afternoon and the two hit it off. He thinks his son will be a perfect fit with the Hurricanes.

Harris and former walk-on Spencer Whipple are both seniors who won't be with the team past 2011. UM's other scholarship quarterback is sophomore Stephen Morris.

"Some of the criticism he got in the past are from people who misunderstand him as cocky," Mike Forcier said. "Really all he has is a lot swagger. I know the players at Miami are all about that. He's just misunderstood. He's confident, he knows he can play. He's played since he was a little baby. This is his dream."


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I stand . . . unimpressed.

word, word

he's gonna be in the same situation he was in michigan, he's gonna be fighting with stephen morris, I do like forcier, I just don't think he made the right move

Bring on the nattering nabobs of negativity.

I am a big Michigan fan.

I hardly ever miss a game.

Believe me, from what I have seen, this kid can really play.

He is very athletic and performed well as a Freshman.

Is he better than Morris? Only time will tell. To me (and I am certainly know expert), they seem to be very comparable athletically.

One question that I have is whether Forcier will take care of his academic responsibilities. He seems like a bright young man, but he apparently had problems at Michigan.

This is great news. More competition will be good for everyone. He will get to practice and learn the system this year and will compete for the job in 2012. GO CANES!

Whether he wins the job in 2012 or not is not the point, this just builds depth at a position that is sorely lacking it. The kid was very good as FR he just did not fit the read option offense of Rodriguez. Plus I would rather have a junior starting who has seen D1 action and been in the program for a year than a true FR. We will not win w/ a true FR at QB. 2012 will bring good competition from this position now between Morris, Forcier and whoever Golden brings in. I like the move alot.

I have nothing but great expectations from this kid. The biggest upside is that he wants to be a CANE!!

Great addition. Forcier can pick up yards with both his arm and feet. YouTube highlight video of him as a freshman at Mich is pretty impressive. Welcome to The U.

And we got AJ Leggett back from the Noles! Great day for the Canes!

We needed a quarterback - having been left with none by the previous regime...we still need another one.

Go Canes....just another great 'add' for the Golden Era. Welcome Mr. Tate Forcier!

The warmth of the winter probably didn't hurt any...lol.

17 TDs and 14* INTs

and its Spencer Whipple not Mark

I am not sure this is the right move for Forcier, but it is great for the U. The kid can play. I just wish that he and Morris were staggered a year in terms of eligibility. If Morris wins the job next year, he would have to leave early or get hurt for Forcier to play.

mark my words heisman trophy in 2012

Go 'canes!

I will give him the benefit of the doubt but I have some buddies at Michigan who said he was a head case>>


Reading the Michigan blogs: they absolutely LOVED this kid, until he decided he wanted to leave. Now he's a "head case" and "cocky".

4stars and #15 best QB coming out of highschool in 2009. Played as a true freshman under Rodriguez and a shitty Michigan team. Can't blame his attitude and unhappiness when the coach benchs him and gets fired later for producing another crappy year.

This kids gets a 2nd chance and will come in HUNGRY. He will push Morris in 2012. I LIKE THAT!!!

i am perfectly fine with him coming to the U since we have QB slots to fill. However, I don't think he is a fit to the system.

He is just a decently athletic guy and is very undersized. He can run okay but will get injured often at his size. With our RB corp we have absolutely no need for a running QB. We run a pro style offense which is an edge for us in recruiting with all these spread offense systems that do not translate to the NFL.

He does not fit our system at all but welcome anyway.

PortlandCane: are you in Portland Oregon??

AJ Amos Leggett has committed back with the canes!!!!!

ompetition brings out the best in everyone. wellcome to UM young man. remember you cannot play if you are academically ineligible-hit the books.

The kids was a 4-star recruit and a ESPN150 player. He went to Mich where they were running the spread option. He is good with his legs, not great but they brought in Denard who was/is GREAT with his legs and the perfect fit for the spread. So, it only stands to reason that the kid didn't fit the system and got beat out by someone who did fit the system. I won't judge him until I see him run a pro-style offense like the one we run in Miami. He seems to be a bit short but I don't make the mistake and judge height. I saw him play some great games his FR yr and last yr when Denard got hurt. I do agree it sucks he is going to be the same year as Morris but on the other hand it is good for competition. Let them prove who wants and needs it more. Then we bring in a top level QB for the class of 2012 and that will give us three QBs with a two yr gap between Morris and Tate vs the QB we bring recruit in 2012. I think it works out. Plus, the guy wants to be a part of Miami, the weather is much better then Mich. and with a pro-style system and good coaches who knows where he might end up. Let the competition begin!!!!!
Oh yeah and it's a great day to be a 'Cane when we take back our DB AJ. Leggett from FSU.

My fellow cane Fans,

Be glad we have a QB that 1. wants to be here 2. coming in with big game experience on a D1 level and a prima donna out of high school, and 3. has shown the ability to lead, made some mistakes he so desparately want to amend.

Whether he's undersized or in the right system...Most of us believe we have the coaches in place to develop Forcier and even Jacory for that matter, into a decent college QB...remember, its not Goldie's job to prepare them for the next level, its his job to win championships.....Great Choice Tate!


I'm a Michigan fan - Forcier is a good quarterback and won a couple of games for us, including the Notre Dame game. I would have liked to see him stay to back up Denard. I think he's a good kid and that he will do well at Miami.

Competition and depth ~ breed success....simple as that. Talented player that will be groomed to succeed. The U has not depth for some time and that has been a big problem. Coach Golden is fixing that, just look at what he did at LB this recruiting class. Feel very happy about the future.

Happy Forcier is a Cane. Unhappy we haven't solved the QB depth problem in 2011. My immediate concern. Seems like nobody cares, or thinks it is a very big potential problem - not that anyone on this or any other blog can do anything about it. I'm sure Golden isn't completely happy with the '11 QB situation. Not the best case scenario going into his first season, but maybe he can perform a Hail Mary Miracle and eliminate the problem between now and opening day kickoff. Hope so.

thinks it is NOT a very big potential problem -

Tate coming to Miami is huge for us. Can't really see big things happening for us until 2012 when golden has his own recruiting class and a year with the team.

Talk Talk Talk, Tate Forcier was let go, he didn't run from competition. The AD even said Tate Forcier was no longer with the team at the intro of the new coach. Also, yon need something else to complain about man. If you are a Cane fan be happy you are building depth at a position that your former coach found a way to have zero depth.

Great for Depth. Great for competition. But it wont end well for both Forcier, and Morris when it comes to playing time. Only time will tell who will be the odd man out. If Forcier beats out Morris coming into the the 2012 season, look for Morris to transfer enabling him to sit out a year and still play for 2 years.

Different system at Michigan vs what Miami runs. You just never know how he will do. Welcome aboard.

Instead of people hating on Forcier and his decision, just think of this...HARRIS WILL BE GONE! Only Morris and Forcier will be competing for the position. But Forcier may have a slight advantage over Morris. The competition may or may not be there...who knows? But one thing is for sure...if either go down to injury, it will certainly HELP Miami win games. Forcier has come on at Michigan and led them to wins when Robinson was hurt. As a starter at Miami, he could instantly provide help to us. As a backup he could be there if Morris goes down. But lets be honest, how is this NOT better than having Harris? Jacory Harris is worse than Forcier by a wide margin! Harris has NO potential to be an NFL QB. Morris and Forcier have potential to be. Harris has lost many games for us with his risky decisions by passing into coverage. Don't give me this garbage about Whipple's play calling either. When the open man is not there, THROW IT TO YOUR FANS! Forcier will help us more than we all think.

Maybe Golden should try to sway this kid to transfer: Johnny McEntee 3rd string QB for U Conn...



Was backup at an AWFUL Michigan school.

Only had interest from DIV 2A schools.

Has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in his entire career.

CHOMP CHOMP, baby. Sounds like GATOR BAIT to me!

Might be Golden's first mistake for several reasons: (i)transfer stories rarely have happy endings; (ii) the kid has documented academic issues; (iii)there are least some questions about his work ethic. That said, I wish him the best and hope he has a great career at The U.

@ Orlando Cane, Hurricanes Stu,Sunny Dee, I 'm with you guys on this. I 'm glad we have another experienced qb on our debt chart. To all the Cane fans that's against this decision ya'll kiss my a#@. Here's a kid who is willing to sit out a yr and willing to fight for the qb position next yr. Now all the qb's that left us for other teams has no experience and not to mention no clue what they are getting themselves into. So Welcome Tate and thank u for going with the orange and green brother.

Hey Manny:
Great work on gettng the scoop. I think anytime you build some depth and competition, it will benefit the program. Playing as a freshman in front of that huge crowd has to count for something.

I saw this kid play and he has a fire to him in the field. Something that we have been lacking for a long time at QB. Remember that Ryan Mallett was a Michigan transfer and he went on to do well at Arkansas. Best case scenario, he becomes a starter (which means that he's the best QB we have at that time). Worst case, he competes for the job and raises the level of competition and adds depth to the position.

Forcier's a highly-rated (ninth by Rivals) pro-style passer. I've seen him play. He makes good things happen on the field for his team. Miami's running a pro-style offense. He wants to play at Miami; Miami needs quarterbacks.

So, it's a good fit. I've been saying it for weeks now; the 'Canes need to get Forcier. Now they have him, and he has the 'Canes.

But I really wish people would stop all this talk about "swagger." "Swagger" isn't something you have. It's something you earn with hard work and success over time, and nobody wearing a 'Canes uniform has earned it for a long while.

When you're in the final three minutes of the championship game, and your teams is undefeated and leading by 21 points, THEN you can "swagger."

When you're undefeated two seasons in a row and in your second consective national championship game (and have won the previous one), THEN you can "swagger."

But when you let the privileged prima donnas at schools like OSU and FSU walk all over you . . . no.

Does this count as a 2011 or 2012 commit? Where does this leave Savage?

What about Tom Savage (from Rutgers)?

Does the U still have a chance to get him, now that Forcier is onboard?

Glad the Gayturd fan can read...if you just use the little arrow button to go up to the story, it says as a freshman, Forcier threw for 13 TD and 10 Ints..now how does that show he throws for more INTs than TDs all his life?? Too bad the school in Nebraska took the N for nowlege because if it isn't a police report, they cant read it in Gainesville...

Garbage President,Garbage AD,Garbage Football Coach,Garbage Quarterbacks

Too many Negative Nancys on this board. Selfishly, I think it's a win-win all around for the Canes whether the kid pans out or not. Nothing is more motivating than being given a second chance to prove your naysayers wrong. You can't judge Forcier's potential based on his FR year stats in that lousy Rich Rod system. Only time will tell if he will walk the walk.

Glad he is on-board.

this is directed at all of you that have posted on here after the article. What a real bunch of HUEY. Except for 2 or 3 real positive posts all of you sound like a real bunch of JV wanna be's. Come on for crying out loud. First your talking about 2012 alot can happen from now till then. As for the new recruits and 2011 why start your bashing now. Can you not wait till we loose the first game before you want to go lynching the QB (Harris) or the new coach. I'm not alone in this so all of you PLEASE READ MY POST....If you can not stay positive about this team, this school, our new coach and the rest of the "U" fans then just stay off this blog. Most people just skip your silly comments anyway. FInd another NCAA team to root for or JUST GO AWAY PLEASE!!!!!

If anything it gives us a great scout team QB. Our defense will be well prepared. The only reason he was a back up was because Denard Robinson is such a beast.

@Mad Ibis I agree with u a 100%. Not to mention along with NJ Cane. You guys are hitting home with these comments. And so is the other positive remarks that the fans are leaving. The thing that I will have a problem with is that when Forcier get this team going again don't jump on this man's band wagon and proclaiming he's the best and give him a Heisman trophy. You negative fans are very ignorant and selfish when it comes down to supporting your troops. Forcier Get out on that field and kick some Florida State, Ohio State,Virgina Tech ass.

Talk Talk Talk, lets see Shannon could not talk or win at least we know Golden can win and talk. How many games would Shannon win at Temple? Maybe 1 or 2 depending on how many D2 teams they scheduled for him.

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