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Hurricanes release 2011 schedule

Sept. 5: at Maryland (Monday), ESPN, 8 p.m.
Sept. 17: vs. Ohio State
Sept. 24: vs. Kansas State
Oct. 1: vs. Bethune-Cookman
Oct. 8: at Virginia Tech
Oct. 15: at North Carolina
Oct. 22: vs. Georgia Tech
Oct. 27: vs. Virginia, ESPN, 8 p.m.
Nov. 5: vs. Duke
Nov. 12: at Florida State
Nov. 19: at USF
Nov. 26: vs. Boston College



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[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

very manageable...At VA Tech and At FSU will be the biggest conference tests...

Nice job scheduling. Allowing the team to get some work in before taking on the good ACC teams.

can you imagine the storyline for the maryland game if Randy Shannon accepts the def. coord job for Maryland? wow, ESPN is on it

Seems like a manageable schedule. Unlike the last 2 seasons.

The schedule is HORRIBLE. The BYE week is way too early. Three game guantlet of @ Virginia Tech, @ North Carolina and GEORGIA TECH followed by Virgina on a Thursday night 5 days later. What kinda craziness is that? I'd much rather have those extra days to prepare for the Triple Option rather than Duke. The only real positive is the COLD should not be a factor as the last real road game is in early October. After Carolina, the rest of the games reside within the State of Florida.


Maryland W
Ohio State L
Kansas State W
Bethune-Cookman W
Virginia Tech L
North Carolina L
Georgia Tech W
Virginia W
Duke_ W
Florida State L
Boston College W

We're gonna beat Ohio St (the one guy who gave us fits in that game last year is suspended)...we're gonna beat VTech as well (who's their QB again???)...same with North Carolina...only game I'm probably concerned about is FSU

One thing I can garuntee is that Coach Golden will have the team prepared to play

7 home game
Gotta love that!

at VT and at NC back-to-back. That's not right.


The schedule actually sets up pretty well other than the bye week before Duke. I too would like to have seen it the week before GA TEch but its still a very doable schedule. Va Tech OSU and UNC will be breaking in new QBs and we get FSU late when our guys will have much needed time to get the offense and defense in a flow.

f@ck yeah 0-12 here we come.

Just joking I see us going 11-1. only lose is the the noles.

Then we beat them in the ACCCG.

I love this schedule. Ohio State's key players are suspended so that game is very winnable at home. So we get 4 games to get aligned before a tough VT, UNC, GT gauntlet. Then we get Virginia and Duke at home for a light rest before surely our toughest matchup at FSU. And 4 of the last 6 at home is a nice place to be because the team will be more in synch by then. This is a great 2011 schedule with just the right pace. No matter what, the tough games have to get played. My only complaint is the early bye week but I'll take that any day rather than having to start with our toughest games to start the season.

This team should be 9-0 when we travel to Tallahassee. If we are 9-0, we should beat fsu!

Alright! Get it done, Golden!

8-4 is unacceptable! This team is very talented and primed for winning! All that is needed is Direction. You are supposed to be that direction, Golden.

Get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring it on!!! It's all about this U!

Half the ACC will be breaking in new QB's,so that's one thing in our favor. What's not in our favor is V. Tech, UNC & Ga. Tech, tri-fecta. 3 out of 4 times when we visit Va. Tech, it's a house of horrors. Anything that can go wrong, goes wrong & Playing at UNC has been the same way. We can be anywhere from 8 & 4 to going undefeated. We have to cut the int's, penalties, and dropped passes in half for that to happen.

why is everyone worried about north carolina????????????...new QB and half the team gone to the NFL (even though they were suspended for most of last year)...they had a pretty good year ONLY bc TJ Yates played well...at Va Tech and at FSU are the only games that SHOULD be tough...OSU will be tough too but the suspensions, distractions and etc should work in our favor since we're HOME.....

Here we go! I hope we spank Ohio State!

I believe we will break our own win streak this season.

It's Golden time, fellas. We have seven home games to break attendance records!!!!

I don't see any games on the schedule the 'Canes can't win. None of those teams are real powerhouses (with Ohio having those suspensions).

The 'Canes have a new coaching staff, so all bets are off.

FSU got a good class of recruits this year, but they'll be freshmen, and any sports analyst will tell you that those rankings don't really mean a thing.

Beamer always gets the best from his players at VA Tech but, again, Miami has a new coaching staff, and it's a good one, so all bets are off.

Posted by: LakeWorthCane

So you're saying all bets are off?

Like the schedule. No gauntlet to start off the year. Isn't it funny how some of us now feel some anxiety about an NC and a G Tech, and a Va. Tech for that matter? When it gets down to true Canes power, our only real ACC challenge should be FSU down the line. But for now, let's see a team that plays with desire on every down, and executes without penalties, interceptions and self-defeating mistakes. It would be Golden!
Go Canes!

Maryland W
Ohio State W
Kansas State W
Bethune-Cookman W
Virginia Tech L
North Carolina W
Georgia Tech L
Virginia W
Duke_ W
Florida State L
Boston College W

I can't see the Canes losing to GA Tech. The Canes have blown them out two years in a row. That offensive does not work against good defenses. North Carolina has lost too many players, so I see the Canes winning that game as well. I think the Canes will beat OSU with all of those suspensions. At VA Tech will be the toughest and most important game. The Canes can afford to lose to FSU if they've won the rest of the games, as they would probably get them in a rematch in the title game. Although who knows how good FSU will be with their quarterback situation.

Maryland W
Ohio St W
Kansas St W
Bethune W
Vi Tech W
Ga Tech W
Virginia W
Duke W
Boston College W

with this lineup they can be very successful



Wish we had Gray Crow this season!!! We will be 10-2 with this schedule. Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson are going to be monsters this season!!! Lets just hope Morris can just manage the games. GO CANES!!

Guy's and Gal's let's just play one game at a time. Play a full sixty minutes with as few mistakes as possible. Time consuming run offense and a strong 3 and out deffense. Lets have a strong special team play on both kickoffs, and punts. Strong returns when we recieve the kickoff's and punts. Cut down on the silly errors that cost time off the clock and wins. To the players I just ask Keep your feet and heads in the game and play your heart to the clouds. Victory will come to those who play the game to the fullest. To the fans Go to the home games and make sure that you make all the noise you can. Supporting this team in the seats as well as on blogs like this is very instrumental in truly becomming a number 1 team. Thank you

I agree with NC Cane fan since 1963...as real cane fans do..no mattere if we have a nationa champ. season or a sorry season.. we as the canes nation need to go to the games and support our team..and i dont mean to go to the game so we can look at u sittin on ur butts...we need to get crazy and make some noise....GO CANES...see u at the stadium...

I wonder how much the "U" would have to pay to cancel the game with Kansas State on Sept. 24. I'm worried about our guys having to play against former U.M. linebacker Arthur "The Fireman" Brown and his brother (former Tennessee running back) Bryce Brown. I believe that "The Brown Brothers" will play with "chips on their shoulders." I'm also concerned about going into Manhattan, KS. that early in a season that will feature new coaches and schemes while relying on an inconsistent Jacory Harris at Q.B. Unfortunately, this may turn out to be a very sad day for all true Cane fans.

The only drawback this year is if we do beat Ohio State, everybody will say well Pryor and 4 other guys did not play that game.

I prefer a later in the season bye week to let some of the inevitable injured players have a chance to heal.

Canes Fan in Kansas...really? I also live in KS, and as a Cane we should never ever be concerned with playing any school from Kansas. EVER! K-State and old man Bill can't match The U!

The K State game is in Miami.

(W, 1-0, 20-17) at Maryland (Monday)
(W, 2-0, 16-14) vs. Ohio State
(W, 3-0, 19-17) vs. Kansas State
(W, 4-0, 56-0) vs. Bethune-Cookman
(W, 5-0, 16-14) at Virginia Tech
(W, 6-0, 21-20) at North Carolina
(W, 7-0, 20-17) vs. Georgia Tech
(W, 8-0, 41-3) vs. Virginia, ESPN, 8 p.m.
(W, 9-0, 45-9) vs. Duke
(W, 10-0, 27-10) at Florida State
(W, 11-0, 38-10) at USF
(W, 12-0, 18-17) vs. Boston College
(W, 13-0, 24-7) ACCCG vs. Florida State
(W, 14-0, 21-0) BSC vs. Oklahoma

Morris is the starting QB and only throws 15 passes per game. Golden makes Stoops and RS cry as he wins an NC in the Sugar Bowl. I do the shaky leg dance on Bourbon Street in a green shirt and white Miami cap.

Ahem. We'll takem on, one game at a time - thank you. What anyone thinks the record will be in February really dosen't amount to much. Just like a verbal commitment - come game day is when it really matters. I guess no sense going to the games this year; already know the result. Can't wait for 2012!

Virginia and USF must get spanked.

So what if other teams are breaking in QB's and Pryor isn't playing. We have Harris and Morris. Harris sux and Morris has limited snaps starting under center. I am always hopeful but not so much this coming year. Golden needs time to implement his plan and the our QB situation is horrible. As long as Harris has a U on his uniform the team will suffer. I think 8-4 (although doable) is not likely. This team is looking at 7-5 or 6-6.

10-2 with or without Harris, but I sort of agree with you Bulldine.

This is a much better coachign staff then the one shannon had. While we dont know much about fisch as a playcaller he cant be any worse then lets throw it deep half the time wipple. As for the defensive staff they have a prove track record. This team went 7-6 under shannon playing the same schedule only at osu last year. one thing u can be sure of is u wont get games where the team doesnt show up like in the past. This team went 8-4 2 yrs ago with harris at qb against a tougher schedule then this one. To say its a 7-5 or 6-6 record is just plain ignorant of the facts. harris if he can rebound and stay healthy has the talent to be a great qb. look at the first 4 games of 2 yrs ago. his issues usually start once he gets hurt. This year we have a backup who has proven he canw in games in morris. So whichever way the qb competition goes this team can go 804 easy. Those sayign otherwise arent real fans if u were ud realize this team will be in much better shape and play much harder then the one the last 2 yrs.

THere is no way that this team goes 7-5 or 6-6 unless God Almighty says they will be. I agree Harris could be a problem but I also see our coaches changing him into a more confident QB by asking him to play to his strengths and get him to throw the ball with ZIp instead of lobbing passes. That is assuming he starts which I doubt with Morris much more talented and younger.

I also doubt Harris will start. I think Morris is just more talented. We might need him at some point in the season.

Just for fun, rank OSU, FSU, and Va. Tech in order of who you wish to beat the most.

1. Florida State (Rivals. Need revenge for that awful game.
2. Va Tech (So sick of them winning coastal year after year and kicking our butts.)
3. OSU.

I predict we go 10-2. When I look at the schedule I see all games that we can win. But I just see some sort of slip-ups along the way causing us to lose 1 or 2 games.

This most likely will appear delusional but I do think it is possible for Miami to win all games. I personally will be shocked if that were to happen, but Miami has the players and hopefully the coaches and motivation to come to every game and win.

I do see success in the future this season and the seasons to come because of the hungry coaching staff and quality recruits we are getting.

not even going to say what are record will be did that last year and we lost to virgina and south flordia so lets get ready for maryland.GO CANES!!!!!!

Joe, VT and NC back to back, or Auburn/Alabama back to back like several teams in the SEC have to do on a regular basis?
Lets get real here, VT lost all the games last year that meant anything, other than us, and we weren't that good.
NC barely beat a horrible 6-6 Tennessee team in the Music City Bowl...I was there. NC had nothing.
They will have less next year...when the real NCAA investigation culminates. It's a dirty program, right up there with MOST of the teams in the SEC...and OSU. Had to get that in there. LOL
Don't discount Duke,. They have one of the best coaches in the league, and will be much improved.
I think 9-3, IF our QB play rises to a consistent, competent level, and whomever is in there TAKES CARE OF THE FOOTBALL!

I honestly believe we can go 12-0...as long as Jacory or whoever becomes our starter eliminates dumb mistakes. We also have a young talented O-line & we're loaded in the RB department...god I can't freaking wait, GO CANES!!!

I think Maincane is on the right track here. My take is...of ALL our opponents, which teams would conceivably get better prospects than UM?
Of the top of my head, OSU, FSU, and maybe VA Tech.
That said, if our coaches coach with the same ability as those of those 3 opponents, but no better, we lose those games, baring a total collapse from those 3.
So, THEORETICALLY, 9 wins should be a probability, IF UM plays to their potential. You never know, but that's my take. Superior talent, coached in a superior manner SHOULD yield superior results.

Just off the top of my head 8-4 and a trip to the Champs bowl to settle our Hash with the Golden Domers. Then watch out 2012 10-2 and a BCS bowl.
But like some have said here lets get past Maryland and take it a game at a time and enjoy them all.

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