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Hurricanes release 2011 schedule

Sept. 5: at Maryland (Monday), ESPN, 8 p.m.
Sept. 17: vs. Ohio State
Sept. 24: vs. Kansas State
Oct. 1: vs. Bethune-Cookman
Oct. 8: at Virginia Tech
Oct. 15: at North Carolina
Oct. 22: vs. Georgia Tech
Oct. 27: vs. Virginia, ESPN, 8 p.m.
Nov. 5: vs. Duke
Nov. 12: at Florida State
Nov. 19: at USF
Nov. 26: vs. Boston College



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To the indianacane my list:
1. OSU (the heartache they have caused us since that tragedy(best and worst game I've ever been to) in the Fiesta Bowl and we get another chance at redemption what 6 or 7yrs later... D@*n F*ckeyes) You bet I'll be there.
2. FSU...Rivalry. Enough said.
3. VA. Tech.(What usually goes wrong Does)

To our schedule:
It doesn't matter who we play or when. Lets play EVERY PLAY like its our LAST. No excuses.

4 road games. lots of tough opponents but needed more road tests.

Don't complain about UM, take at look at what ACC stuck Clemson with:
7 straight weeks

Bulldine...how exactly do you see our record being worse than last year? We have a somewhat easier schedule this year. We lost a lot of games last year through stupid penalties, turnovers, and mental breakdowns, yet still kept many close. Harris, if he's the starter, will be better than last year. He won't start if he isn't. He has talent, he needs coaching. If not, Morris would at the least still be an upgrade over last year's QB play, and either one could potentially be much better, but no reason to believe they could be any worse. Our O-line should be even better than last year with Henderson having a year's experience as will some of the other young studs on the line. We will focus a lot more on running with Miller and Johnson, two of the most electrifying backs in the nation, with James as a powerful change of pace. The new coaching staff can't do any worse than the previous staff did. Any more mental errors and lack of passion than last year, and the team would just be a bunch of mindless lumps randomly running around the field. So there is nowhere to go but up in that regard. So other than the change in offensive and defensive schemes and playbooks, there are no drawbacks compared to last year. I see 9 to 10 wins as very reasonable and doable.

You guys need to lay off Jacory Harris! That guy has talent, and is a leader. He will be the QB and ya'll better get behind him, cuz J-12 will be back this year!!!

If we aint undefeated goin into da FSU game its time for a change. Randy's gonna go to Maryland and cause us fits from day 1. I miss Randy. We didn't give him nuff respect.

cant wait!GOOOOOOOOOO C-A-N-E-S! In Golden We Trust.

First 2 games of the season could determine how well the "U" finishes the year. If the "U" does not get a road victory at Maryland
(a team which the "U" beat on a late TD earlier this year) and a home victory against an Ohio State team that will have five starters out for the game, then the rest of the season could be tough going. This team has yet to learn how to win on a consistant basis. So losing early could put a dent on this teams early season confidence. Loses to V. Tech, S. Florida and N. Dame are still very fresh on the players mind.

Interesting view "FireGoldenNow". Are you Randy, or one of his friends/relatives? We should fire Golden if we're not undefeated when we meet FSU, but it was wrong to fire Randy despite doing so poorly after 4 years? Yeah, that makes sense. We gave Randy all the respect he earned. I supported him until mid-way through last season, when it became apparent that he just doesn't get it. He's was in way over his head and couldn't cut it as a head coach. The stories coming out now about how he treated players and how he recruited just solidifies that it was the right decision to fire him. As a former player and a very good man, I wish him the best. But he was a terrible head coach.

What about the Brown brothers playing for Kansas State. HOw about that as a story line? If Randy Shannon gets hired at Maryland then that will be another great story line.

By the time we play Va Tech all of our playing styles and techniques will no longer be new. Va. Tech will have enough film to be ready for us. So even if we win all the games starting out 4-0 does not mean that we will be all that good by the end of the year.

I hope the boys learn how to play this sport like men. You win games a week before you play it on the field and you win championships by what you do in the off season all the way up to what you do the week before you play each team. If you ain't put it in the time to win a championship then don't expect the sixth ring.

All in all the strength of schedule is probably going to be one of the toughest in the country with conference games at Va. Tech, Florida State, and North Carolina. And our games don't get any easier with OSU coming to the unclaimed Home field of the Miami Hurricanes. We lose just as many games at home as we do away. Where they do that at?

No matter what, I will be at Blacksburg again rain sleet or snow. The last two years that game was played in the cold and I waited till the fourth quarter before I left thinking that we could do something. The last time my shoes were soaked. Brand new Air Max green and orange decked in my Miami gear while all of their fans wore green raincoats screaming

Let's go .... Hokies. I hope this years trip is different cause I cant waste my money to watch this team say that they run a pro-style offense but cant play like pros at the college level.

At VaTech and at FSU look tough but we have won in both places before...As much as i dislike Jacory Harris maybe he plays with a chip on his shoulder and challenges himself and Morris to be something more then average...10-2 is possible, 11-1 less so...lets show up to the 7 home games and add a dimension not seen since 2002!!!!

Clowns will lose a minimum of 3 games this year. Please don't embarrass yourselfves gain this year. Just shoot for the ACC CGame and be happy if you make it. Don't put unrealistic goals on the new coach for God's sake.


The Ohio State suspended players


They will be reinstated just before kick off. That is how it always happens!

Also, VT lost Tyrod Taylor and its 2 best running backs to the NFL. We will win that


The suspended Ohio State players


They will magically become eligible just before kickoff. That's the way Tressel always
does it. Remember the NC game and Maurice Clairet.

Any news about Kevin Nelson? He is alright in my book. Any kid from gainsville that turns down to play for the Gator and instead options to play for the Canes has to be respected. What he did was childish, but I would keep him on a short chain until he can prove that he still bleeds orange and green.

I mean we do play Florida Next year if I am not mistaken don't let this kid think it was all for nothing. If the kid doesn't want to transfer than let him prove he wants to earn that U on his helmet.

i think with this schedule, the roster we have, and the new coaches will result in either 5-7 losses or a 9-3 record. Having a new staff to learn all from is the biggest task we have to overcome. If we can gel with the players we have and Golden's coaching staff and keep learning new stuff daily then we will be better than last year, but if we fail to learn the new system then we will be in trouble all season long and next year may not get any better.

I just hope and pray that everything is in place cause we have enough talent to win a national championship.

All we need is everything to come together quickly. And what better way than understanding that each play and workout could be the last. It's a good thing we play in Maryland as our opener cause the last time we played them in Maryland was the week before Bryan Pata was slain. No one knew when his last workout or last game was.

Life is precious. Do the things we love to do with passion.

Randy turned down the Maryland job - whew! I thought it would come back to haunt us.

You don't even realize how stupid it sounds- That's the really sad part about it. Become relevant and get back to me.

The TWERPS come back to haunt you? How the mightie have fallen.

You don't even realize how stupid it sounds- That's the really sad part about it. Become relevant and get back to me.

@joser...doing the shaky leg in the quarter sounds like a hoot to watch! It sounds great to go undefeated and I appreciate your zeal...however, 10 - 2 sounds more realistic. I think we win the tougher games and screw the pooch with the little sisters of the poor. J12 is probably gonna be the starter (unfortunately) but I think Golden lights that fire and keeps the fellas motivated.

Go Canes

Posted by: []_[] BLOWS []_[]

Let me guess your a 'nole/gator fan. The U is back and we are taking back college football. I expect 7 sell out home games, a Heisman QB, and our 6th NC this year.

You don't even realize how stupid it sounds- That's the really sad part about it. Become relevant and get back to me.


The Ohio State players who were ineligible


They will be declared eligible just before kickoff. That's how Tressel does it. Anybody remember the NC game we lost and Maurice Clairet?? He was later declaired ineligible by the NCAA and left the team.

Lots of optimistic comments. I'm a big fan of the new coaching staff but the canes have a ton of issues before we can start talking about a 10-2 record. QB play will be critical. It killed us last year with all the turnovers. I hope the job goes to Morris. He showed a lot of heart and fight in the second half of the bowl game. Defense is also a huge question mark. Who is going to step up and stop the run. The secondary is going to be all new faces. I see good things coming for the canes not sure about next season.


Despite all the hate some of you have shown Randy Shannon, don't forget what he did as Defensive Coordinator:

Shannon's Defense rankings:
2001 – 6th
2002 – 7th
2003 – 2nd
2004 – 28th
2005 – 4th
2006 – 7th

That means he's available as a DC starting 2012. If his ego lets him, and the Canes have a need, i could see Golden bringing him back as DC in 2012.

Remember, he's still a kick-ass recruiter despite the strained relationships with certain highschool coaches.


UM has 7 players invited for NFL combine work-out. Only equalled by North Carolina in all the nation. Randy can recruit talent. He just can develop players or manage assistant coaches.

But he can recruit and he can coach the Defense.

Correction: "He just CAN'T develop players or manage assistant coaches"

Randy Shannon back as DC, are you kidding? If they fired you from your job, would you go back and work at a lower-level job for your replacement?

I wouldn't.

I don't blame Shannon for not taking the Maryland job. $1.5M is a lot of cheese.

LIke i said, "if his ego lets him".

Yes, but if he joined a rising Canes team that wins another NC? He could see much better chance of another big headcoaching or NFL position for even bigger money.

Lots of examples of people taking a step back as a strategy to win bigger later.

But i bring the concept up more from the perspective of how it might help the Canes get closer to the Championship.

Look at those defensive rankings again. What team wouldn't want a shot at having those numbers? Undeniable proof the guy can coach defense:

2001 – 6th
2002 – 7th
2003 – 2nd
2004 – 28th
2005 – 4th
2006 – 7th

Randy has moved on and it's good to see that most rational thinking 'Canes fans have also moved on and have let the pettiness subside. I do not blame RS for not taking the Maryland job, he had to fight to get that contract and now to just let that money slip away??!! That would be crazy! What he and his agent have to now do is not interview for anymore DC jobs for the rest of the year. In December, his agent can throw his name back out on the market and I know that he will be in demand. Randy needs to do well as a DC again (lots of head coaches have to become coordinators again) and in 2-4 years, he hopefully will get a chance to become a head coach again. I hope/believe that when that chance comes again, that he will use the experiences that he had as a HC at UM, learn from his mistakes and become successful in his next head coaching stint. I know that Randy is a very good recruiter, but I do not believe that he may have the temperment anymore for recruiting/kissing butt to some of these prima dona kids. He is excessively secretive and guarded. I know it sounds crazy, but his best move may be to become a DC is the NFL (if he gets a chance) where he does not have to worry about stroking the egos of high school coaches and kids everyday. In the NFL, you don't have to worry about a kid complaining ala Patrick Johnson/Peterson "they didn't show me enough love". However it works out, I truly wish Coach Shannon all the best and look forward to what Coach Golden and his great staff are building down in Coral Gables.

Here's the deal stop tripping on the schedule the can and most likely will win the great majority of their games. The only game of concern is the FSU game. Lets just sit back and enjoy the new staff and the team.

acc officials will always call phantom calls on um so they will never win the acc

@Bull Dine man where's ur pride bro you can't put your team down like that man. If you are a true Cane fan you will have to give your team a better winning record than that.

@ChevyBoi Yeah i'm with you homie Miami is going to do good this year I think we might loose two games. V-Tech will get spanked this yr.

I tell you all this "Jacory" is going to do good this year. He has no choice but to get better because lord knows he took enough punishment last yr. So I expect to see a stronger,faster,bigger J-12 this yr. Watch what I tell you Golden is going to have these boys right. L.Miller & Storm Johnson is going to look like Willis Mcghee & Clinton Portis coming out of the back field. And we're going to need Laron Byrd & Tommy Streeter to look like "Andre Johnson & micheak Irvin". Do expect good things from the U. And I think we're going to beat Fl.State not by much but we're going to beat them. Go CAnes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gayturd fans
siemen hole fans


Always and forever

Go away. the U is still the U. If you dont believe me, then, with its big fat ESPN contract, how is it that UF isnt playing on labor Day?

i dont get the schedule... open on labor day against maryland!? i thought we were looking to schedule fsu for that date as long as bethune moved to a different date (which they did)... and then a bye week leading up to a rebuilding and pryor-less osu at home. waste of a bye week.

then a 4 game stretch in which we play at vt, at unc, gt, and then finish off with virginia on a short week. (no bye week before gt!? ...followed by a 4 day week leading up to an improving uva!?)

the rest is managable, but that part of the schedule is really concerning. could've done a better job scheduling, however none of that matters if the team finally plays up to its potential!


I hear your frustration...but I disagree with your assessment. Whipple was not the problem with our offense it was Harris. T.V. only focuses on who Harris was throwing to, not all eligible receivers in the play. It is hard for me to accept that Whipple, with NFL experience, would coach a kid to throw it deep all the time. It was Harris who simply does not have patience to throw to the shorter patterns, nor the ability to read the defense and see who is actually open or which receiver gives him the best chance for completion. Fisch will not get anymore out of Harris than Whipple did. Harris, mentally, has hit a wall and physically isn't strong enough. You can get away with the physical part if you have the mental (Dorsey). While I don't think that Morris is the answer either, he has a high number of INTs too, he is the best of two bad choices. My prediction is we will see a lot of the ground game with a light mixture of short (west coast) style passing. While it won't be flashy, with our offensive line it should be productive and limit QB mistakes.

good assessment by spike

Again, we have the usual "Randy" discussion. Obviously, the guy is not a hot commodity and is overrated as a recruiter and especially as a coach. Maybe the NFL would suit him. Paranoia works better there.

We need to focus on winning the Coastal division of the ACC. I believe that NCs are way off at this point. An issue will be QB next year. I hope both kids gets better, but believe that Morris has more upside. Let's hope neither have injuries.
I believe that Forcier will be a major success in 2012. He is a gamer and a fierce competitor.

Good things are coming at the U, and we all dream of the Glory Days. Hope they come again, but for now, a team that plays hard every down and wins the Coastal works for this alum. Go Canes!

Posted by: dbc

I couldn't agree more. First the Coastal, then the ACC Championship, Harris/Morris/ or I dare say Forcier Heisman, then the 6th NC for Miami. 2011 looks like return to glory.

Go canes!

espn has no idea...

Either one could win the Heisman
6. Miami (FL) Hurricanes -- Jacory Harris vs. Stephen Morris

A year ago at this time, this wasn't even a contest. Harris was the unquestioned leader of the offense as he tried to recover from a thumb injury. However, the spindly, 6-foot-4, 195-pounder never looked quite right in 2010. Too often, he floated passes rather than driving the ball downfield, and a staggering number of those throws went right into the guts of opposing players. His confidence looked completely shot, as if he was a second baseman who couldn't make a simple throw to first.

Making matters worse, Harris sustained a concussion that sidelined him, and with no other viable options, the Hurricanes burned Morris' redshirt. Morris flashed some skills, showing a strong arm and nimble feet. But he still made too many mistakes. Enter a new coaching staff and new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch from the NFL, who needs to rebuild Harris' psyche and settle Morris (he's also serving as QBs coach). There is talent everywhere else on this offense, but if they can't get a QB to take care of the ball, you're still probably looking at a team that can't crack the top 25.

I read the article where Randy Shannon did not accept the Defensive Doordinator position due to complicating his contract agreed upon buyout.

I thought the poll asking if you wanted Randy Shannon back as defensive coordinator was a dumb idea.

Miami has a defensive coordinator, his name is D'onfrio. It is stuff like that poll that makes newspapers so irrelevant these days. JMO but just plain dumb!

Randy needs to go somewhere else. If the whole truth and nothing but the truth were known not many would welcome him back so readily.

I agree 100% with U Anonymous Cane.

I wonder if the people who post here reflect the ideas of the majority of Cane fanes. Hopefully not, but I think it does. Well everyone cant be intelligent. Leaders are always in the minority.

Looks like a 3 win schedule.

who cares who UM plays. Anytime anywhere. This was never something we fans cared about. No all of you are whining? In 1987, UM played 4 SEC teams plus FSU plus Maryland, plus Notre Dame.
I beleive they even played Oklahoma at the end.

Clemson will be playng Auburn, FSU and Va Tech in a 15 day span.

Stop whining. Lets do it.

Auburn is being investigated by the NCAA. Where's the news on that?

I agree with BertDawg. If we beat Ohio State the first thing they will mention is Terrell Pryor wasn't playing. I hope the Offensive Coordinator go back to getting the Tight Ends involved. We're gonna have to take one game at a time and Play every down as if our life depends on it. 7 Home games is good. Hope we sell out everyhome game we have. Let's go Canes. Good Luck to Al Golden and The Team.

We'll do fine against GT. Don't forget that D'Onofrio prepared for the triple option a couple times a year at Rutgers when they played Navy and Army, plus our D has seen it at GT for a few years now. We need to win two of the three games against VT, OSU and FSU. If you look at last year's results, we win 2 more games with a well prepared, focused and motivated team, which we will have this year under Golden.

Posted by: raz

Agreed, we need to play one game at a time, execute our game plan, play as a team, keep our focus, back to basics, that guy is a beast, play hard, play anyone anyplace anytime, and most of all play with swagga.

Sixth NC in 2011

Go 'canes!

raz, Had Jacorry didnt throw 50% of his ints, we'd beaten OSU, USF, and Virginia, and Notre Dame for several reasons: Time of possession, no drive killing ints and the defense rests. Period.

FSU was a blow out. That was an L from the get go.

Va Tech was on Damien Berry and whipple, and Shannon.

This team needs to become a Hurricane team again. we have not had a Miami Hurricane team since 2005. Thats 6 long years. Even with the loss against LSU, the 2005 was the last time Um played with some swagga. The beatdown against Marcus Vick at Va Tech was full of swagga. But thanks to a bust of QB in Kyle wright, the season was a bust.

team needs to play with the swagga and passion that it has been known for. Even in the sanction/probation years of the mid to late 90s, there was intensity and passion. Don't believe me, look at videos of Rohan Marley, Mike Barrow, ray Lewis, etc. There were slobber knocking teeth knocking hits literally weekly.

Team needs aggressive D-line and lbs and a blitzing philosophy. Why did Shannon stop blitzing? That was Miami's mantra when he was DC! we cannot sit back and let QBs pick us apart. even a sorry team like ND has at least one stud (Floyd) that can get open if the QB is given time.

When Um played UF with Tebow, We started blitzing the heck out of him, and that is why UM stayed in the game for almost 3 1/2 quarters! But then Shannon with his genius startegizing, stopped putting pressure on Tebone.
UM has to apply pressure like Ohio State ( I can't believe I'm saying this) did against Dorsey. They blitzed the living./... out of Dorsey. Georgia Tech was always a blitz first D and before the triple option that was their mantra and they sacked Kyle wright 9 times!

Once we begin applying pressure on the QBs we face, QBs will start rushing their throws and we'll see more ints by the lbs and D backs. Guaranteeed. I cannot believe ( well, I can) that Shannon, as head coach did not emphasize that. Instead he'd rush 3 and thinking our DBS were all that (which they havent been)and they would get picked apart (USF with a walk on freshman QB?).

Energy, intensity, passion, love for the U, love for hat U on the helmet, love for the gren and orange, love for thefamily, love for those who walked those steps in the Gables before them. the recruits that Golden takes have to want to be here. No primadonnas who waver, and all they care about is air time. We need 2 star,s walk ons, 3 stars that will play with Cane swagger. And we need a QB that doesnt throw ints!!!!!.

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