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Hurricanes release 2011 schedule

Sept. 5: at Maryland (Monday), ESPN, 8 p.m.
Sept. 17: vs. Ohio State
Sept. 24: vs. Kansas State
Oct. 1: vs. Bethune-Cookman
Oct. 8: at Virginia Tech
Oct. 15: at North Carolina
Oct. 22: vs. Georgia Tech
Oct. 27: vs. Virginia, ESPN, 8 p.m.
Nov. 5: vs. Duke
Nov. 12: at Florida State
Nov. 19: at USF
Nov. 26: vs. Boston College



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if you follow golden u will see a 4 yards and a cloud of dust offense.with this huge o line and the speed of lamar, the big bruiser with speed storm, and our most sure handed back in and out of the backfield mike james it should be fun.Remember whipple was as good a play designer as u will see but a terrible play caller.As bad as we looked with penalties , false starts and the rest we led the acc in total offense and moved the ball against everyone but murdered ourselves.lets take the pressure off jacory or steve and grind it out.

Gtr This and Cedric:
Good analysis and to the point!
Go Canes!

let me get this straight... we took forcier over savage!? his coaching abilities seem to be through the roof, but im not sold on goldens recruiting/evaluation abilities just yet

I also liked Savage, but who knows what happened.

I'm glad Forcier chose to come here and I wish him well.

Just saw an interview of Hankerson on his training with Bomerito to prep him for the NFL combine:

Hankerson: "I never trained for speed until now"....

Unbelievable. It's another sad testiment to the poor quality of coaching this kid and the teams had the past few years.

The difference between Hank running 4.3, 4.4, or 4.5 is probably worth millions of $$ to this kid in terms of draft position.

That he had to go to an outside source like Mark Duper to get coached up on how to catch balls and route running, is even worse damning evidence of the utter lack of coaching under Shannon's tenure.

So sad.

How many kids of huge potential completely missed their chance at the NFL over the 4yrs of Shannon's lack of ability to monitor and pick the right assistance coaches to properly develop these players????

I am a huge believer in respecting Shannon for his contribution to the U, but the more i hear about stuff like the above, the more i realize that Kirby Hocutt and Donna made a terrible decision to have renewed his contract for +2 yrs, of which they only got one out of. And they eat $1.5million for cutting him early too.

Kirby was in a tough position when he gave Shannon the extension since at the time record wise Shannon had shown improvement each year in total number of wins from year to year. He had to offer him something as far as an extension but was smart not to give him something like Dee gave Coker. Then this year with the mess Shannon had created come to light and Holcutt made the smart move in firing him.(thank God Almighty) Look at the bright side at least Shannon is gone and all the great things we as Canes fans can look forward to for the first time in years. We no longer will get pushed around in the trenches and will not be beating ourselves with undisipline play and lazyness like we did under Coker and SHannon.

If what Shannon did to the U football program from his lack of coaching, lack of development, and lack of passion was criminla, he should be doing time in guantanamo

Interesting that both QBs lost their starting jobs. Who knows how Savage will fare in the Pac-12? I like his prostyle credentials, but wonder about his desire and fire...

For me, I really like Forcier. He is a highly competitive and confident kind. He will be the kind of leader that the Canes need, and possesses some natural swagger. With the right coaching, he will be a major leader and a success at the U. A good thing for us, and ultimately a better choice, all things considered. But we shall see...
Go Canes!

Posted by: Gtr this | February 17, 2011 at 05:06 PM

Dumbest comments in the history of the world.

taylor cook
it is quite obvious that your tiny little frontal lobes only think concretely, so it would be impossible for a functionally lobotomized sage such as yourself to understand gtr this' point.

I believe he meantthat what shannon did to the U was criminal. And I agree. Ever week something else comes up about how poorly prepared, poorly motivated, poorly trained, poorly coached this team was under Shannon the robot...It may have caused so much damage to this team, and in fact you could see it in the recruiting or lack thereof, of a QB for this recruiting season. He only focused on Teddy B, while alienating players like Rudock and Brissett (or others around the country) who would have loved to play for the U. Did you know that Rudocks family has season tix to the U?

But Golden Al seems to be pathcing things up. Check out the spring training video on you tube. The U hasnt run like that in practice since the Butch days!

We don't need to trash Shannon. He as a bad HC- everone agrees.

the hell with Shannon.

When Um played UF with Tebow, We started blitzing the heck out of him, and that is why UM stayed in the game for almost 3 1/2 quarters!

Posted by: Gtr this | February 17, 2011 at 05:06 PM

What?!?! We never crossed the fifty in the second half and lost by 23 points. We almost won that game huh dumbass? Seriously man, what the F are you smoking? You're part of the problem , not part of the solution. Dumb fans like you make the rest of us look bad.

CANE FAN: Go jump off the Brickell cause way, you blabbering idiot. You didn't see the game? 9-3 in the early 4th q, UF has it on the 50 yd line, and Teblown throws downfield and whats his name makes an OOB phantom catch at the 10 yd line? Game over. miami was in the game until that gift. The game should have ended 23-3, if not for Urban the liar kicking a FG with 35 sdeconds left.

Where was I? Where wer you? Up yo mommas a%%?

The "rest of you"? Are U fing serious? You mean the rest of the retrds that live in tents under bridges in Miami? YToure no better than therenks who live in traylers outside of Gainseville.

dont camoe her e and throw insults if your panzie a55 can't back it up.

I never said we almost won the game durche bag. DOnt you know how to read? Did that education at Coral park Jr high teach you anything?

My point, for those who care, was that UM used to be a full out blitzing team. As recently as 2005. Then Shannon stopped that. And he didnt emphasize it as a HC.

"CANE FAN" Go back to traylorville or to tent city where you belong. D--- a--s.

The Golden Age,
I remember thinking that blitzing Tebow was a great strategy. He was not quick enough to leave the pocket in terms of first steps. He was a target and it was a great, disruptive strategy.

Time after time I watched Shannon's D sit back and get beat, when blitzing was called for. What's the point of having quick linebackers? Our secondary was not that reliable (see Notre Dame), so maybe that was a factor, but a good blitz package can benefit the D-backs in terms of broken routes and errant passes.

Hope we see more blitzing, although I am liking the idea of Jordan Futch at 6'3", 240, as the middle backer. He might have the speed to blitz in some situations. No reason the weak and strong side backers can't blitz more, as they will have the speed.

We shall see. Go Canes!

Our defense was terriblelast year, blitzing wouldn't have made that big a difference. There were several plays where we blitzed diectly into the play and still missed the tackle.

Blitzing Florida worked because they didn't have a sofisticated passing game. The Tebow teams were running offeneses. Big pass plays were 3 yard completions with big runs. No Percy Harvin also made a difference.

I agree with Golden's comments on being a scheme team. I'd like to see us adopt a philosohpy to hurt the opponent for the week and not blitz everyone the same way.

Blitzing Florida worked because they didn't have a sofisticated passing game.

True, Florida's passing game was unsophisticated, much like your spelling abilities.

how could anybody say fsu, north carolina and vtech are automatic loses. yall dont know what this coaching staff can do yet. this coaching staff is young and full of energy, shannon and coker had boaring old guys. just let the boys play. the difference from being 12-0 and 7-6 last year was turnovers, penalties and being scared to tackle. these boys need a tune up, not a new engine

Big Meach,

Totally agree!
Go Canes!

Got to agree Big Meach, and terrible coaching.

Agree with Meach. McCarthy was ok at times, and other times he gave up the big play because he was way out of position. he did well in the post-season all-star game. Was all over the field. But his inconsistency, week in week out hurt Miami. One game he would be a beast ( Carolina?) Next game or two, he would be stupified (va Tech?).

Along with Futch, Golden has recruited some beasts at LB: Perryman, etc, as well as some preferred walk-ons that have good size and tackling skills (see Jon Alvarez, 6 ft 230). What about Kevin Nelson?

The mind set has to change. Defense hsa to come out waaaayyy more aggressive, esp the D-line. Allan Bailey for example, while aggressive, was also inconsitently aggressive, and always tried to bull rush people. Newsflash Alan, Wont work against the 350 lineman in the NFL, who is almost as quick as you on his feet.

Hey you all, it's cane season along the sugar regions near pahokee, the muck, Clewiston, belle Glade, etc.

Baby, around here, it's always Cane season!

Go []_[]!

Sorry but 5 - 7

Maryland - W
Ohio State - L
Kansas State - W
Bethune-Cookman - W
Virginia Tech - L
North Carolina - L
Georgia Tech - L
Virginia - W
Duke - W
Florida State - L
Boston College - L

Your crazy GO CANES!

Da []__[] will go 6-6

You're an idiot.

forcier isnt a leader. hes a cocky *** whos work ethic was called into question by his own teammates. hes very much about himself. dudes got red flags/baggage. i personally dont like him or his game on the field. he makes plays improvising, not reading the D from the pocket. he provides depth only IMO.

i think we still need another qb in this class as well. crow isnt the answer. from what ive read, not alot of people say good things about him and his numbers havent been great. i do like thompson though. hes a beast and has some real potential... but hes more likely to follow through with baseball.

Gator Schedule should be interesting:


You're looking at 7-5 this year lizards!

Foley is right. He shouldn't schedule the Canes. FAU, UAB and Furman are sure W's for trailernation.

If you had quality opponents instead of those three you'd be looking at 4-8.

Gaturdtroll, you need to buy a new pillow. You'll be biting it a lot next football season.


My bad. Should've had a L for FSU. So you're really looking at 6-6. With real team in place of UAB, FAU and Furman, you'd be 3-9. Nice.

There is a lot of wisdom in Foley's buck teeth!

Would disagree with the analysis of Tate Forcier by the Illumated One, though I often agree with his posts. And here's why:

After starting as a freshman in the Big House (not bad, right?), Forcier was dumped when a Pat White clone came along (Dennard Robinson). Forcier did not feel the support of Rich Rod, who probably thought Robinson could duplicate his success at W. Virginia. He is a kid that needs to feel the love. His teammates called him out because he was considering transferring before his second season. He was not motivated for a backup slot, and should have handled it better. Agreed, there.

Yes, he is cocky. Yes, he improvises. And yes, he is a winner who will make plays, create excitement and LEAD the team with his desire, and hopefully, his performance as well.

Agree that a classic prostyle QB is desirable, but Tate has a good arm, can run and isn't afraid to give a blow to a tackler. He is my kind of kid! Check out Tom Lemmings' analysis of Tate's skills and upside.

We will be very glad he is a Cane when he hits the field. He is a natural Cane in the spirit that us long-time fans desire!

Another note: Golden's workout program is several levels up, and the kids are taking to it. This guy means business, and we will see a conditioned team that plays with fierce intensity this fall. Watch. Once everyone is on the same page, we're gonna love it! It will make every Cane heart proud, baby!
Go Canes!

Posted by: Soldy

Kind of like the Pig that posts how the Canes will lose every week. Different sides of the same coin, Pig?

Still the same ol' virgin troll. Get yourself a shower and a woman, Pig.

Funny. The mowron posts about how only title IX sports are doing well at the U, but he goes on to ramble about UFs ranked women's gymnastics and softball. LOL.

UMs womens tennis team is also ranked higher than UFs

So what

UF has 5 NCS in football and basketball combined

UM has 9 NCs in football and baseball.

Last time I checked, fool, 9>5

That from that lil ol private university in coral gables. YOU should be

So called Soldy shows the rambling of a petty jealous girl.

UF willnever be the []_[]. Get used to it

Hahahaha - "living the life", i.e. sitting inside and obsessively refreshing the blog of a team you don't even support hoping there will be new material for you to comment on.

F*cking loser.

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