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Canes ink 16 recruits; Brissett watch begins

At 4 p.m. UM coach Al Golden will meet with local reporters to talk about his signing class. You can watch it online at Hurricanesports.com

For all intent and purposes it feels like the Canes are done for today. There is still at least one possible addition out there:

> Encino Crespi (Calif.) receiver Devin Lucien could still end up picking UM when he announces his choice at 6 p.m. EST. But the expectation is he will stay out west at either Arizona State, Colorado, UCLA or Utah.

So, for now, it appears, the next big news will come from Palm Beach Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett, who will make his announcement on Friday during halftime of his basketball game. Brissett is said to be deciding between UM and Wisconsin. 

"I'm hoping he's the last big surprise," said Tampa Alonso defensive end Anthony Chickillo, who signed with the Canes Wednesday. "Jalen Grimble was the one I knew about. I thought there might be a few others. Right now, I've got my fingers crossed for Jacoby."

NEW VIDEO: Coral Gables LB Denzel Perryman spoke with our Andre Fernandez this morning. Here is the interview.

DUBOSE SWITCHES: Northeast defensive end Bryant Dubose said he started having second thoughts the moment he left his official visit from the University of Miami last Sunday. Now we know he probably should have never committed to the Canes in the first place.

Dubose, an All-Broward First Team selection, switched his commitment to Louisville during a ceremony in front of his teammates, coach and mother. He's the first Canes commitment to flee the class. The 6-4, 245-pound recruit, rated the 24th best defensive end in the country by Rivals.com, said he just felt more comfortable with the Cardinals.

"We have a great recruiting class there," Dubose said. "I love the environment there, the coaching staff. I feel like that's where I will be best at in my future."

Dubose still needed to qualify academically at UM. I believe grades definitely played a factor.


Ricardo Williams was so jacked up about signing with the Miami Hurricanes on Wednesday he woke up eight minutes before his alarm clock was set to go off at 5:30 a.m.

The 6-6, 218-pound defensive end from Homestead High wanted to be the first player to fax his signed National Letter of Intent in to coach Al Golden. Unfortunately for Williams, who sent his fax through at 7 a.m., here was a slight glitch. He had forgotten to send his financial aid form in along with his signed letter of intent.

"Coach [Micheall] Barrow called and told me I had to resend it," Williams said. "I guess you can say we were a little too excited."

When UM finally received all of his necessary paperwork at 8:20 a.m., Williams was the sixth recruit to become an official new member of Golden's first recruiting class. Melbourne Central Catholic receiver Rashawn Scott was the first to get his letter in at 7:10 a.m.

As of 11 a.m., UM had recognized 14 signees as part of its 2011 class. The others: St. Thomas Aquinas receiver Phillip Dorsett; Coral Gables linebacker Denzel Perryman; Lakeland Kathleen linebacker Gianni Paul; Tampa Alonso defensive end Anthony Chickillo; Dallas, Ga. offensive tackle Taylor Gadbois; Hargrave Military Academy (Va.) linebacker Antonio Kinard; North Atlanta Ga. linebacker Eddie Johnson; South Fort Myers cornerback Dallas Crawford; South Broward running back Kevin Grooms; Las Vegas defensive end Jalen Grimble; West Hills, Calif. kicker Matt Goudis; and Taft, Calif. punter Dalton Botts.

The big surprise for UM: Grimble, a 6-2, 280-pounder from Bishop Gorman who was rated an ESPN Top 150 recruit and a four-star prospect by Rivals.com.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Grimble told the Las Vegas Review Journal. “The coaching staff is great. The school’s in a nice area. The student-to-teacher ratio is 11-to-1. You could go across the country and that’s hard to find.”

The other surprise was Johnson, a player most Canes fans hadn't heard of until Wednesday. A three-star prospect according to ESPNU and Rivals.com, the 6-1, 230-pounder had originally committed to UCF. He had 90 tackles on defense and scored four touchdowns on offense.

Golden went after several other recruits -- and didn't land them all:
> Jacksonville Ed White offensive tackle Kaleb Johnson opted for Rutgers.
> Lake Butler Union County Lonnie Gosha took a late visit to UM, but opted to stick with his commitment to Arkansas.
> Osbourne (Va.) athlete Dominique Terrell decided to stay home and play at Virginia. He was set to choose between the Canes and West Virginia.
> Inglewood (Calif.) receiver Patrick Onwuasor chose Arizona over Miami, Arizona State, Washington and Hawaii.


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Of course Golden can coach! "Failed at recruiting"? You seem to be one the few with that opinion. Lousville? Wow. Watch 'em get ground up by TCU. Why are you so bitter, dude?

They chose Louisville because they didn't qualify at UM or most colleges. Louisville is a joke, no academics.
FSU has so many scholies because they don't stay and graduate. Wonder if the promised more than they have? Jimbob trying to stockpile since he knows the battle he is about to have with Golden and Co when they have more than 6 weeks. UM unraveled for several weeks and topped it off with that Sun Bowl disaster. Shannon only had 7 guys lined up???? How disheartening is that.

Gaturd trolls on here instead of looking at their class. Hilarious. Worried about the Canes?

D-bag Sean, go away!

GO CANES! I love this class. We will have a chip on our shoulder all spring and into Fall. The underdog role is when we do best. Let's go to Monty's and celebrate.

I am ready to boycott ESPN, RS on there is sad to me after he basically promised a few guys a starting spot and was done recruiting. Even worse, Urban the Fake, Meyer (I want to be with my family really URB????) has been hired.

It ain't over yet!!!Will still get some big surprises in this class! WATCH and see. Remember what CHIC., said: He knows of a couple of surprises...The Dude fromDade!!!!!!!

Muschamp at UF was hired 4 days before Golden so stop making excuses for Al Golden failure as a recruiter. He needs time he needs time Come on grow up!! He came from Temple did you really expect him to woe kids? Hi i am Al Golden I Coached at Temple..click

Get'em in is step one. Step two is to coach'em up. Step three is to win - ACC Title then a NC.

I hate to say it but UF showed up and played in the their bowl game. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE besides UF having more schollies. You can't compare the numbers fairly. UM will be fine so you can crawl back under your rock.
I was in El Paso and it still makes me sick, watching that game and what took place prior. But that is all over now. New year, new staff new attitude: Golden and Co will turn this around.
I am turning the TV off!
How can ESPN ask RS his opinion? How can the media embrace him after he muzzled everyone.

Your Mother is your sister, who is your aunt, and your Wife is your cousin.

THE TRUTH HURTS when it comes to inbreeding...

I think with the limited number of scholarships we had to offer we did real good. I hope everyone had fun with this but write is write not right. I still think as much as I liked RS when he was hired I think Golden will do a much better job. It seemed RS was fixated on Northwestern players and only NW players, they are good but there is alot more in So. Fla then just MNW players. Plus all I can think about is Sam Shields a bust at UM a good player at GB.


This class is very very good, a nice crop of solid young men... - BUT WE WIN THE NATIONAL TITLE BASED ON CURRENT PLAYERS LIVING UP TO THEIR POTENTIAL !!!!

RAY RAY-SPENCE-FORTSON-VT-VERNON-Whole Offensive Line & QB's... all have to do it NOW !

We've lost a couple of big-time transfers to Louisville as well in the past few years that have not amounted to anything. The reason so many start-up programs like Louisville have been permitted to thrive is precisely because we've had coaches that haven't walled off South Florida. Golden is going to starve these programs. If we wins 9 games next year, that will be enough to get every kid he wants from south florida next year.

I like these players. But we got to shore up linebacking. Kehoe and OL will be fine. J12...I don't know. I got a feeling that Morris might start. J12's world could crash then.

any word where the rest of the cali guys are going like lee and farmer?

Gotta love all the SWAMP LIZARD TROLLS and FAKE SWAG UNIVERSITY dunce-cappers that come to express their love and interest in EVERYTHING MIAMI. WE LIVE IN YOUR HEAD CHUMPS! But it gets better because this is just the beginning of the Golden Al juggernaut.



Muschamp at UF was hired 4 days before Golden so stop making excuses for Al Golden failure as a recruiter. He needs time he needs time Come on grow up!! He came from Temple did you really expect him to woe kids? Hi i am Al Golden I Coached at Temple..click

Posted by: LMAO | February 02, 2011 at 02:22 PM

I'm a big Gator fan, but anyone that thinks Muschamp outperformed Golden is in need of a mental tune-up. Muschamp did start recruiting before Golden and could only muster 2 committments. Whereas Golden turned the whole Miami class around and gained numerous commits and posted a very solid class that may even get better in the coming days.

If it were not for the recruiting that Urban did before he resigned this would have been the worst recruiting class in Gator history.

Those that follow the program closely and understand college football are very, very concerned about what transpired under Muschamp and whispers have already begun at the highest levels about the man's qualifications.

Time will tell, but one thing is for sure there is no comparison as to the job Golden has done and the job Muschamp didn't do.

Manny, if we go over 16 commits do they release a few holdovers from their scholarships or will it be a grayshirt situation?

Many of the guys who signed with The U were also being recruited by FSU and Florida, three star or not. You now consider them mediocure because they are CANES and not gators or seminoles.
Go Canse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TRUTH HURTS is just fat wanker kid who lives with his mom and is probably on the registered sex offenders list.

Lmao Mushchump pulled 3-4 kids. All the kids in that class were recruited by Meyer who was still with UF until today. Can't wait till next year. Then we will really se who failed at recruiting.

FSU with its 25 commits and better recruiting classes than UM (except for 2008) still doesnt have as many NFLers as Miami.

Rememember Xavier Lee? If there was a six star rating he would have gotten it coming out of hs.

Same with Miami's Kyle Wright or jacorry harris.

I hate to hate on Jacorry, but his stint at QB at UM is over in my book. I mean. Coach Golden had to have reviewed his tapes, and he was at the ND game. No way he can rationalize starting him over Morris.

I don't care if Miami had Tony Steward, Jadveon Clowney, and all of the DT studs coming out this year. If Jacorry harris is the starting QB, it will be another 7-6 year guaranteed!

that is why we need a QB to back up Morris!

People want to trash Golden, People he had a month to get in their and get kids to buy into what he was selling and he did a damn good job! All of these kids can come in and fill roles being true freshmen....2012 class will be a top 5 and I predict the U will go 10-2 this year and spank FSU and go to a BCS game!

Excuse me @thetruthhurts...it's very pleased, not very please...poor little guy. I guess that's why he had to go to gator land...

Way to go Coach Golden!


Ignore the stars. Trust AG and his staff.

Star system, Rivals, and other recruiting rankings are notoriously inaccurate.

Take a look for yourself. Go to the Rivals site. Pull up the 4 and 5 star players that UM has signed since 2002.

There is no way to get too excited or depressed on NSD. It's just too difficult even for the so-called "experts" to predict how a kid is going to perform academically and athletically.

Kevin Grooms
is going to be
a star.
Big swag!

THE TRUTH HURTS................... hey jerk, what's the hostility all about? Why don't you get lost for a while on a gator board for a while and chill?

Any news on Lee, Lucien, Carter, or Pompey? We need at least a few of these guys , in addition to Brissett!

Jacory was a 5 star recruit? I thought Spence & Washington were the highest graded recuits from NW that year.

Please check the link for the coach's 4 p.m. meeting with local reporters. It doesn't seem to be working correctly......

The link is in your second sentence - "You can watch it online at Hurricanesports.com."


failed?? what a moron. golden did a hell of a job with the little amount of time he had. very solid class. cant wait for ohio st game. lets hope brisset says yes friday to us

good jod al golden, this is a good class, but still need a QB....go canes

truth hurts....beat it you dead beat... gotta love what golden has done in a very short time...canes for life!!!!

someone tell Jacoby Brissett the temperature in Madison Wisconsin is -6 degees and the still have four QB's on the roster...just something to think about.

Like Coach Golden said he recruits players not gold stars. I trust his ability to size up players. He is looking them over and not just following a recruiting list. I bet they will be talking about this class in the near future as I like the players we signed. How about Pete's son Brendon Carroll is he phenominal or what? I can't wait until he has a full year to work a class.

During Golden's press conference, I caught he said he we would be open to two sport athletes. We know who he is targeting when he said that but does he realize our basketball team blows. That's not a good selling point.

LMAO is the perfect name for you... your post made me LMAO at how ignorant it is.

Great job Coach Golden and staff as well as welcome to all our new Canes.
LMOA, U think Golden failed at recruiting just shows what an idiot U are. Golden did a great job of bringing in a talented class. By the way how many games has your boy Muskrat won as a head coach? At least we know our coach knows how to turn a program into a winner. Your coach only knows how to get run over by UCLA. I'll take my chances with Golden.

Man, why do some of you people think this class stinks? Did you not get the memo, that Randy was fired and we now have a new coach who had a month to put it all together? Since when have we ranked high after a head coaching transition? When you decided to comment, did some of you have "brain farts" or something?

Bust President, Bust AD, Bush Head Coach, Bust OC...now a BUST Recruiting class!!! Al Golden is hot air. No ones buying his Temple Talk..Muschamp started recruiting after Golden and he hits a home run. Golden hits a wall and get out recruited in Miami by Louisville...Im done with the crap program. Donna must go!!!! Kirby was the wrong hire!! Golden is a JOKE. We couldnt even get a kid from Booker T. while these coaches are running to NJ Penn Cali..JOKE JOKE JOKE

I wonder how many recruits we lost because of Shalalya imposing hiring academic standars? Donna must go!

Lmao Mushchump pulled 3-4 kids. All the kids in that class were recruited by Meyer who was still with UF until today. Can't wait till next year. Then we will really se who failed at recruiting.

Posted by: sickofthefans | February 02, 2011 a

Yes Muschamp kept the players that committed under Urban, Golden failed to keep all the UM commits, his top recruits were committed under RS. He sux as a recruiter in the big leagues..He was too worried about sniffing Pete Carrolls rejected coaches. Who buy the way delivered nothing

Awesome job by golden. this team will be so much better this season just because of coaching. d.terrell was the one that hurts, we needed that guy but he went to virginia

Posted by: bill_cnnrs@yahoo.com | February 02, 2011 at 12:34 PM


Bill, even with ZERO recruits, Golden would have done more with last years soft lazy bunch than Randy.
TCU has no better athletes than the U, but they have/had a heck of a lot better HC and staff than Randy Shannon.

That's now a thing of the past.
Our 9-4 bowl winning team will PRESENT THEMSELVES like champions.
Yes, we'll probably lose 4-5 games , but not in the soft, slovenly, undisciplined, uninspired manner the 2010 bunch did.

I just cant see Brisset announcing during halftime of his BB game, in front of a bunch of So Florida kids, that he decided to go to...Wisconsin??

I hope Golden can coach because like expected he has failed at recruiting. I guess kids are a lot smarter than fans for NOT BUYING KIRBY HOLCUT'S "BIG SPLASH" AL GOLDEN. Player's choose Strong at Louisville with who has rings (UF Def Cord) to show off and a bowl victory in his first year as a head coach and all Al had to show was hot air and a Temple sweater. What a joke of an Administrations.

Posted by: LMAO | February 02, 2011 at 01:58 PM

Apparently some people arent aware of how the recruiting process works. Apparently the fact that AG was recruiting vs coaches who had been in the game with these kids for overe a year, or more, than AG doesn't matter.

Charlie Strong and Louisville have a lot going for them. Sorry to disappoint some of you guys but Miami isn't all that great in anything these day, including college football.


All you need to do is read these posts to see how pathetic and moronic some of my fellow Hurricanes fans are. The same people that whine and complain about everything Miami football, profess their die hard love for their beloved Canes... but never go to a single game. T-shirt fans always talk the loudest.

Go Canes. Bring on the Golden Era.

Since their are 2 guys who enrolled early dont they count against last years numbers instead of this years recruiting class

thank you Jacksonville Bull Gator for some sense.
Lmao. We'll see how good muschamp does. He already sounds like Shannon: a lazy recruiter.
Racercard, why do you have to come on our page? Louisville hasn't been relevant ever. Congrats on a good class. Let's see how far that takes you in the Big Least. TCU will mop the floor with you.

Yes Muschamp kept the players that committed under Urban, Golden failed to keep all the UM commits, his top recruits were committed under RS. He sux as a recruiter in the big leagues..He was too worried about sniffing Pete Carrolls rejected coaches. Who buy the way delivered nothing


So Muschamp kept the players that were committed under Meyer. Got two players. You just made yourself sound and look more stupid.

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