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Two Scrimmages and Spring Game Open to Public & Jersey # Changes

   It appears that single digits are in for 2011.

   The University of Miami football program announced some of the jersey number changes for the upcoming season.

   Tailback Storm Johnson has snatched up former cornerback Brandon Harris'  No. 1. Last season Johnson wore 24.

   Wide receiver LaRon Byrd exchanged his No. 47 -- Michael Irvin's former number -- for No. 2, previously worn by Graig Cooper.

    Receiver Tommy Streeter has gone from No. 86 to No. 8, previously worn by DeMarcus Van Dyke.

    Former offensive lineman Cory White has switched from No. 71 to No. 84, formerly worn by Richard Gordon. White is now playing tight end.

    Jordan Futch, who switched to tight end before the bowl game, is wearing 58 again.

    Former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier, who will sit out 2011 because of NCAA transfer rules, has not received his number.

     Early enrollee Blake Ayles, a tight end, will wear No. 86; Thomas Finnie, a defensive back, 25; and defensive end Olsen Pierre, 91.

   Linebacker Kevin Nelson, a redshirt freshman from Gainesville, is listed on the roster. There were questions as to whether Nelson was transferring.

> The Hurricanes released their spring football media policies Tuesday, as well as the football scrimmage schedule. The first practice session will be at 9 a.m. on Greentree Field. Most of the other practices are at 2:15 p.m., although other Saturday sessions are in the morning.

All three scrimmages will be open to the public: Saturday, April 2, 10 a.m., at a venue to be announced; Saturday, April 9, 10 a.m., at a venue to be announced; and Saturday, April 16 (spring game), likely at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale. The time for the spring game has not been decided.

The media will be allowed to watch the first 15 minutes of each practice. And in a new policy, reporters now will interview players and Coach Al Golden before regular practices, instead of afterward, as previously had been the case at least since Butch Davis took over in 1995.

Practices will be open to all high school coaches, prospective student-athletes, NFL scouts and UM football alums (former players), as long as they have valid passes.

>Anybody going to the UM baseball vs. FAU in Boca Raton on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.? The new bats have made the games faster for sure. But the bunting and baserunning strategy really come into play more than ever. UM coach Jim Morris thinks home runs will be cut in half for the team.









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Im glad they kept Kevin Nelson on the roster. I like his swagg

Hopefully he and Kelvin Cain will get some playing time.

has a final decision been made for kevin nelson?

you cant hit a FLY with those new bats. My god they suck. They should just use wood bats. I understand the cost, but my god they are awful.

To Mike: I know. It's painful, right? Did you see those high-pops they were hitting on opening night? If they went as far as they did high, they'd all be out of the park. Of course that was more how they were hitting than the bats themselves, but it made you wonder.

Kevin Nelson,
Get out there and give 100% in everything you do, and you will be on the field. You have many fans that want to see you play up to your potential. Don't let anything, especially yourself, stop you from being a winner!
Go Canes!

Well said dbc. Mr.Nelson we need you to do what you do. Here is your chance to shine and do what you came here to do. Coach G will start you only if you preform and work hard for it . STUDY FILM, WORK HARD IN THE WEIGHT ROOM, GO CRAZY IN PRACTICE AND KILL'EM ON GAME DAYS. PLUS LET US NOT FORGET... KEEP YA NOSE IN THE BOOKS. YOUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS.

Good Randy Shannon debate.


I like this, new season, new regime, new mentality, new numbers, it all starts now!!! laron byrd should be proud to wear #47 though. Go Canes!!!

Have there been any new commitments for c/o '12 lately?

@Johnny They probably made him change the number, because as a receiver he has not come close to living up to what that number has meant (receiver-wise).

MAn i wish I could get south to witness some of these early practices. I get the feeling that Golden will bring out the best in some of these wildly talented players. I'm interested to see what he can get out of Tommy Streeter, and if Spence can play his way into the top half of the first round.
All in all I doubt if Big Al will stand for anybody be it Nelson, J-12 or anybody else giving less than their best to make us great.

Go Cane and Da Bears!!!!!!!!


Say what you want about Shannon, but one thing he did do was recruite NFL type players. Al is recruiting College players as far size and abilities go. I will love to win with these college players but I want to continue our NFL pipeline.

Not for nothing but L. Byrd didn't do much to honor the number #47. Good move on his part. Give it to someone who will play up to that numbers legacy. Unfortunately, M. Irvin made more big plays in one game that L. Byrd made during the course of the whole season. I will add that M. Irvin did have a much much better QB throwing him the ball than L. Byrd has ever had.

@ Dallas Cane

Wait a minute, you are disparaging the players Golden is recruiting and making your assessment as to their NFL potential based on what exactly? Their performance on game day? Their work ethic? I mean, you can't be talking about the recruiting class he just brought in because he was behind the 8-ball as far as how much time he had to put the class together and yet still brought in a group of LB's with more of a prototypical NFL size and skill set. In addition, you know absolutely nothing about these guys until you see them play on Saturdays against other D-1 college programs. If you are talking about the verbal commits he has so far for next year, you know even less about them, and it's going to be a huge class (probably somewhere in the order of 25-30 kids) so it hasn't even been close to filled out. Your comment seems more like an effort to prop up Shannon than anything else. Shannon bleeds green and orange and is a Cane to the bone, but as has been pointed out ad nauseum, he couldn't get the job done. He's gone, let him go.

Dallas cane- that was a dumb comment, dude. Makes no sense whatsoever.
So...you are saying that of the current recruiting clas for 2011 which Golden put together last minute, none have NFL potential, and you are judging him based on his 4 weeks of recruiting (total)?

The NFL pipeline continued because these are excellent NFL type athletes. And it will continue becasue unlike Shannon, Golden will actually recruit in schools other than Miami NW


What relief, I thought we'd given up our football program or that next years schedule had become the new groundhog day. So what if the article is only about a numbers game. I like numbers. It excites me to know that 24 is 1 and 47 is 2. Hey, any port in a storm.

Go Canes.

Shannon failed at recruiting qbs. I think he recruited very well at every other position. I even believed they developed their players more than many think. This year was his first draft eligible class and as far as its looking, Miami will be well represented in the draft this year. His qbs sucked point blank. In football, you don't win without a good to great qb who doesn't turn the ball over, you don't win. How many games were lost on poor qb play? Osu, Virginia, v-tech(second half), south florida.

At the end of the day, when you don't produce, all the things people don't like about you will be thrown back at you. Nick saban can run a cia program, randy can't.

Golden better win this year by the way. This is the best um team since 05. If you disagree, tell me why or the difference

@ looney cane fan

"Developed their players more than many think"? Really? Besides Hankerson, who attributed his improvement to his training regimen with Duper, which draft eligible player from UM got significantly better under Shannon? You can't say Brandon Harris, because that kid came in as the 4th or 5th rated corner in the country coming in and kind of just lived up to expectations. Who came in and outright exceeded expectations? Allen Bailey never had a breakout season. Orlando Franklin seemed to stay the same if not regress slightly, and in four years they couldn't seem to teach him how to concentrate on the snap count. Berry? The kid played out of position for 2 and a half years, and once he got to tote the rock, he showed the ability he obviously had all along. McCarthy or DVD? They were pretty much the same players last season that they were in their first season. I truly believe there will be 4 or 5 solid NFL players to come out of UM's draft class (the talent is there), and I would postulate 1 or 2 of them have the potential to be Pro-bowl caliber players. But if that is true, it is just a further indictment of the poor stewardship Shannon exhibited as far as player development (Sam Shields being the most glaring example of this already). Just stop with the Shannon stuff already. Love the guy, loved watching him as a player, loved his defenses when he was DC, and loved that he got the opportunity to be the HC @ UM. But please quit making arguments that he was good as a HC, because when you are at UM, and you lower your expectations so far that you don't think missing the ACC title game is a disappointing season, you are clearly in over your head.

How many guys from NW did Randy recuit? Each day some retard post the same crap as if Randy passed out schlorships to the school as if it was candy.

NFL Size? The what f? Look at Dan Morgan, J. Vilma, D.J. and the list goes on. Spence is 6 ft 215. He will play this year at 220, but still be a buzz saw. Morgan played here at 225, Vilma 215, D.J. at 228. They all were all pros and beefed up in the NFL but kept the speed. God I remember Rohan Marley at Linebacker playing at 5-8, 183! About attitude and speed. We have a lot of guys in the NFL that are NOT NFL size. We are are about speed first. Speed, intelegence, and quick to the ball give ya some. That is Cane Ball! Can't believe that someone is already wanting size for the NFL! Hell, I want an ACC Championship first for God's sake. Golden knows what he is doing. And yes I believe spring ball will be very nasty this year. Bring your cups baby! Go Canes!

I can see where the poster is coming from regarding NFL talent. I brag all day every day about The U. As long as Al is winning, the guys will come. One of his former players will be drafted in the first or second round.

UM is, and will continue to be, NFL U.

CAne4life- Spence will not be drafted as an ILB if he is 220 at the end of his senior year. Guaranteed.

Clay matthews is about 245
Ray RAy about 255
AJ Hawk 245
Brian Uralcher? 250

Please. I'd like to see Spence tackle that beast from Tampa BAy ( that dude that played at Oregon who punched theBosie dude). He'll get run over

Your a idoit if you think Sean Spence wn't get drafted. 4 yr starter 2 yr all conference. In 220lbs in college is not small by a long shot. He'll be 230 in the league. Ray lewis didn't get to 255 pounds until his 8 or 9th year in the league. The kis has great instincts you take that over size anyday. London Fletcher in 5'9 230 and is a beast in the league. Tackling machine.
Sean Spence will make someone team and eventually end up being a solid starter in the league. 4-3 teams will be all over this kid after next year. especially when he runs 4.5 in the 40.

How can have been setting back the program for ten years when he's only been AD for three years u dufus?

And what the heck are big blasshes?

Speak English paco

Hey cane phool, u are a clueless asssclown. Um is a pile of cra p now. U eat that cra p through a straw. Did u make a faaaat joke? give up chump holcut hates u

I didn't like the Shannon extension, that's been Holcutt's only mistake. Aside from the $1.5M misspend I'm OK with him as an AD. It was a mistake and he addressed it so I've accepted it and moved on.

How can have been setting back the program for ten years when he's only been AD for three years u dufus?

And what the heck are big blasshes?

Speak English paco

Posted by: Poop U | February 24, 2011 at 10:47 AM

Great job Gaytor boy - I can see from your failed attempt at a retort that you received a sterling edumacation at Florida, and your bigotry comes shinning through; but please tell me what language you are speaking Jethro??

Yeah, I didn't like the Shannon extension either but at the time he was in a difficult situation and SHannon had to be given the benefit of the doubt since his record had progressed year after year. Kirby or anybody in that type of position would have had to extend him too. The great thing about Kirby is that when he had concrete evidence that was undeniable that Shannon was a loser, he fired him and hired a good up and coming coach in Golden. Plus the extension didn't hurt us like the one that Coker signed either. Kirby's a pretty smart guy and I hope he stays here for a long time to come.

To Golden age is here. First off linebacker size in college is not what the NFL looks at without speed and BIG time closing speed. I will bet you what you want that Spence will play at 220 this year, jack up many a big running back this year AND be in the NFL spot light. He has hit enough 245 lb backs and took them backwards, so careful what you post. He reminds me of Vilma when he played for us. Mr Lewis played here at 235. Yes they beef up when they get to the pros. Remember our guys are still growing at 18,19,20 years of age. Secondly, like i said, let's win the friggin ACC for once and THEN... go NC hunting and the NFL will always be calling. No issues! Go Canes!

Spence has great instincts. He's going to be 225 least by the time he gets to the league. Most likely a 3rd to 4th rounder.


I'm not saying randy was a good head coach. What I am sayin is that he isn't as bad as the people in this town want him to be. We have a real serious culture issue with our team. All our kids think their better than they really are. They don't work hard in the off season, but still expect championships. We all want to point to Sam shields as the example for the so called lack of development. When randy switched the knuckle head from wr to db, I heard nobody saying that was a good move. By the end of the year, Sam was draftable. He screwed up by getting arrested. NFL teams were already aware he was a knuckle head and he ended up not getting drafted.

Why cant a kid like brandon Harris be credited for being improved by the time he's ready to go to the league. You blame coaches for not developing the players, but we can't credit them for kids being draft eligible because they were highly recruited.

Do we credit Shannon for all those first rounder he coached? Do we say they made it regardless of who coach them? I love Howard and all our former coaches, but I haven't seen him or Erickson do anything special since. Players make coaches look good and they make coaches look bad.

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