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UM at FAU tonight; Figueroa waiting and hoping


    UM baseball fans in North Broward and Palm Beach counties won't have to drive as far tonight to watch the Hurricanes (2-1) take on the Owls of Florida Atlantic (3-1).

   FAU Junior right-hander Ryan Garton, the Owls' No. 1 pitcher in 2011, will make his second start of the season tonight against UM left-handed sophomore Steven Ewing. Garton (7-3, 4.78 ERA in 2010) started the season opener last Friday and threw three innings. He was on a pitch count of 50, and got roughed up a bit, allowing four runs on seven hits.

    Had the Owls defeated Florida Tuesday night in Jupiter, this game would have been more intriguing. But as expected, the No. 1 Gators dominated with 18 hits in a 13-2 victory. UM goes to Gainesville March 4-6.

    Expect the Owls, who swept opening weekend by averaging 10 runs a game against Hofstra, to be fired up tonight.

    Of note: FAU hit two homers yesterday, one by Nathan Pittman and one by Eddie Cassidy.

  This will be Ewing's 2011 UM debut. He was 2-2 with a 5.18 ERA last season.

    "I'm really excited,''  Ewing said yesterday. He said last year he started to get "dead arm" after his first two outings, but has been working hard "to get in better shape.'' He played this past summer in the Northwood League in Duluth, Minn.

    Ewing, out of Orlando University High, was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 37th round of the 2009 draft. He was recruited by all the Florida schools and Penn State and Columbia. His SAT score was an impressive 1270. 

    General admission to tonight's game is $10 and reserved seating is $14 at the gate.

    To get to FAU Baseball Stadium, take I-95 to Glades Road in Boca Raton, go east to the main FAU entrance (less than a mile; first FAU entrance you come to on Glades), make a left into the entrance and then go to the first traffic light, hang a left and the stadium is there.

> UM offensive lineman Joel Figueroa will not participate in spring football practice, which begins Saturday, March 5. Figueroa, 6-6 and 323 pounds, had surgery near the end of the season, reportedly on his back -- though former coach Randy Shannon said in early November that the surgery was to a "lower extremity.'' UM applied to the NCAA for a sixth season of eligibility and still is waiting for an answer.

Figueroa graduated from North Miami High. He redshirted his freshman season in 2006. By 2008 he played in all 13 games at right guard with starts against Charleston Southern, Florida, North Carolina and NC State. Shannon switched him to tackle last season, when he started against Ohio State and Pittsburgh, and also played at Clemson. He has had injury problems throughout his career, also sitting out last spring to rehabilitate from shoulder surgery.

The move to tackle didn't work out, and if he returns, he would likely be at guard. For now, according to UM, he can still condition and work out at UM, but will not be part of practice.








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Por la calle!!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Good luck to Fig!


I wish Fig the best, he stepped up and gave it his all. He deserves to still be around the program.

Canes suck at pretty much everything now.

Hey they're the highest ranked university in Florida academically!!! Yeah! Now we need the new coaching staffs to be just as smart!

Susan and Manny are DipSticks!

Please Kirby Holcutt Leave Now!!!, you have set UM back for 10 years with all your Big Blasshes!!!!

How can have been setting back the program for ten years when he's only been AD for three years u dufus?

And what the heck are big blasshes?

Speak English paco

Normally I would say - BYE to Holcutt because if you are with us - you're against us. BUT I have still have friends over in Gables and this Nevin Shapiro stuff is coming to light. Hopefully, not as bad as it sounds but damn you Devin Hester!

Figueroa is a bum!
send him packing

Posted by: David Wyman | February 24, 2011 at 12:10 PM

You mean the book that was coming out in December? Yea whatever. Keep dreamin turd boy....

The U is irrelevant, Gatard trash? You are right. Irrelevant teams go 7-5. Oh, no! Gaard trash. All that money and five stars and you are irrlevMt?

Colossal Fail.

Fig's a warrior and plays hard but he won't see any PT this year...

Hey cane phool, u are a clueless asssclown. Um is a pile of cra p now. U eat that cra p through a straw. Did u make a faaaat joke? give up chump holcut hates u

My list for the new AD:

1. Jimmy Johnson
2. Dwayne Johnson
3. Andre Johnson
4. Lydon B Johnson
5. Will Manso

Thank you

Posted by: Corn clog | February 24, 2011 at 01:06 PM

He's not only fat he is morbidly obese. LMAO watching him waddle the sidelines in southbend with frozen snot on his face.

Nice AD list, but you would be remiss if you didn't mention

1. Avery Johnson
2. Johnson & Johnson
3. Big Johnson
4. Fulton "Flip" Frederick Johnson
5. Skip Johnson ( Avery's third cousin)
6. Tommy John
7. Clogged John
8. John Smith
9. Jersey Mike
10. Papa John

My dark horse would be RuPaul

Not bad at all, I forgot:

1. Ernie Johnson(this would help in hoops)
2. Charles Johnson(this would help hardball)
3. speaking of hardball Warren Cromartie
4. Caryn Johnson(Whoopi Goldberg) - This would help womans & mens hoops as she coached the Knicks in Eddie

Thank you

I think Fig would add depth at Guard. I'll welcome him back for another year and wish him the best.

Posted by: Corn clog | February 24, 2011 at 01:50 PM

As long as it's not Jeremy "Buck Toof" Foley we can't go wrong. Ever ate corn on the cob through a picket fence? Jeremy has......

Posted by: Ur OC is FAAAAAAT!

You're crazy - you would hate for him to bring the 2 NCs in Football and 2 NCs in basketball here. I would take him in a heartbeat.

dennisdoddcbs Dennis Dodd

Too restricted at UM. No money. RT @TomDienhart: Miami AD Kirby Hocutt has interviewed for the same job at Texas Tech, according to reports.

Geesh the whole nation thinks we are broke.

Man I hope that Holcutt stays here since he has our football program finally heading in the right direction.

Kirby Holcutt was way over his head from day 1. UM should dis-associate itself with these so called "head hunters". These groups started in the south and mid west who are in the business of recycling RED NECK COACHES and ATHLETIC DIRECTORS. Kirby is in that circle, the same guy who gave him his first job now runs a head hunting agency, Kirby pays him $50k to bring in Al Golden, now that same "head hunter" is working with TX TECH to bring Kirby back. Its a cycle. MIAMI NEED TO GET OUT OF THAT LOOP, but of course DONNA isn't wise enough to see she has no business making athletic decisions.

I don't believe that Holcutt is in over his head. What is your deal with calling Holcutt a redneck any way? At least he had enough sense to get rid of that loser SHannon instead of making us endure another year of misery watching him try and imitate a real head coach. But I do agree that Shalala has no idea about athletics or making decisions in regards to athletics but she is the president so I guess that she can make it her business.

I agree Kirby needs to go, he is just another who see UM as a stepping stone. He hasn't did jack..go bye !!

You're all a bunch of dumb paella rednecks that don't know how to spell HOCUTT!

If you can't SPELL your opinion is USELESS!

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