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UM releases spring football schedule

UM released the dates for spring practice Monday night:

- The spring game date as well as the policies for fans and media being able to watch these practices remain unresolved.

- Coach Al Golden has extended an open invitation to former Miami football players and high school coaches.

> Saturday, March 5
> Tuesday, March 8
> Thursday, March 10
> Tuesday, March 22
> Thursday, March 24
> Saturday, March 26
> Tuesday, March 29
> Thursday, March 31
> Saturday, April 2
> Tuesday, April 5
> Thursday, April 7
> Saturday, April 9 – Potential Spring Game date
> Tuesday, April 12
> Thursday, April 14
> Saturday, April 16 – Potential Spring Game date


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Coach Al Golden has extended an open invitation to former Miami football players and high school coaches.

when in the world would randy shannon do such a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

god I'm glad he's gone!!!

me too, thank the lord!

The Golden Era is off to a fantastic start!!!

I am glad he has it open up!! I hope they do a T.V series it opens your program to a lot of recruits!! If you notice Alabama and FSU had ESPN at there Spring/Summer practices for a week and look at there recruiting classes!!

Golden hasn't even coached a game at the U and he's already 100 times a better coach then Randall was..

The U is going to be relavent very soon...and I am pumped. I live in Pac 10 country and have been "catching hell" for far too long. Back come the days where I can tell them to it up theirs with an orange and green poker. GO CANES

i'm really liking what golden has done thusfar.

fwiw, i don't see the need to bring shannon up to bash him retroactively. let's be happy with the good things he left in place!

Here's an important question...will the spring game be played in the ghetto or at Sun Life stadium?

The news is getting better all the time; what is the down side of having former players and area coaches attend spring practice? Hello?? Exactly. Nothing! ALG - so far you are pushing all the right buttons.

Marked on my calander... See ya'll there.

I like money!

@ Just wondering..wonder no more U r a d-bag.. the "ghetto" is where some the players are from and if u are referring to Tranz Powell stadium its at a college & is more accesible than stadium for some of the parents of these players.. i know.. The U is all of south florida havent u heard..

Sorry got to agree Tranz Powell stadium is in the GHETTO'S !!!! Play it somewhere we're we the canes fans won't be scared of either getting your car stolen or getting robbed after the game !!!!!!

I assume u never been to the Orange Bowl, you know that was not the best neighborhood. If your scared to attend the game @ Traz Powell, then stay you butt home. Let real CANE fans show up.

True cane fans would not have a problem with a ghetto arena for a spring game and I am cuban american ( white to the bone) so enough of that crap !

Sorry I did not see " amazingcane" comment but he is correct !!!

"I am cuban american ( white to the bone)"

Really? Seriously? LOL

I am a real Cane fan and don't want to be there myself. I had my car broken into during my son's little league game and it was in what I consider a safe neighborhood.

Either go visit the part of town where most of these guys come from or stay home until you grow a pair.

at what point are we going to start WISHING for Golden to be fired and Whipple to hit the bench...Miami Fans (all sports) are awful.

the only Cane fan willing to go drive 300+ miles to a UM vs. Sisters of the poor game when the guy wishing for his coach to be fired wont even walk across the street and show some support.

Washington Cane,
I too am exiled in the northwest.
Where are you located? When the U rises again, that's at least 2 of us out here who can
sling the orange and green poker!

Didnt mean Whipple, Meant Morris...Whipple is not very good by a long shot

Here's an important question...will the Gator spring game be played in the ghetto or at the septic tank?

@jus wondering and all his friends. You guys should be a shame to call your self cane fans.....most importantly human beings. Its amazing how you are ready to damn a kid to hell because he doesnt want to come to UM and be part of the fam but your ready to insult where some of those kids are from, Miami Dade College, and a whole area. Humble your self and look at the person that looks back at you in the mirror.

^ Man, they can care less about these kids. As long as they put on a good show for them then they are good.

First off stop dividing the Cane nation about where the spring game is played let's all come to gather under the new coaching staff. One of the reasons I beleive that the game was played at Traz Powell was that is a great site for recurits in Dade County. Beside Randy was trying to create community good will by playing the game at both Traz Powell and Lockhart Stadiums, and I have been to Traz Powell and I felt very safe.

It doesnt matter where they play cause ill show up everyday day of the week to support the Canes i dont give a fid duck if its @ the O.B. Traz, Lockhart, Greentree, Tropical, Milander, Curtis, Sun Life, or Marlin stadium they can count my ass in attendance. The ghetto the burbs the sidewalk none of that has nothing to do with the product thats being coached on the field! By the way i grew up down the street from Nathaniel "Traz" Powell Stadium & actually its not Ghetto it is located on a college campus, fyi there more criminal acts around Sun life stadium then it is around Traz! nuff said either support the team or get the hell on!!! Lets Go Canes!

I used to make the Kool-aid and used to drink about 5 gallons a day, but that gets old very fast. The only thing that matters is results.

I don't want to jump on a Golden is better than Shannon bandwagon until I see Championships. Truth is that all of his shananagans have nothing to do with winning. Coach Shannon or the next coach can do the same things he is doing and not win. All that matters is getting this team to play up to its potential.

It doesn't matter if you have open practice for the world to see or closed practices. All that matters is wins. If Va. Tech can win 10 games each season with average recruits then there is no reason we can't compete immediately.

So stop making the Kool-aid. Too much hype for 9 years and counting.

"I don't want to jump on a Golden is better than Shannon bandwagon until I see Championships."


Finally someone with me here TY EK. Let's snap a football in a meaning full game and see what we have before we wet our pants here with all this Kehoe/Golden excitement. All I have seen so far is a below average recruiting class, but I'll give them a pass on that, and a lot of talk. I want a string of W's next fall to back up the talk.

LIke I said if Sam Shields is progressing well in the NFL, that proves that the previous coaching staff could not develop these guys. I watched the 2002 National Championship Team and when they went out to play, they overwhelmed Nebraska. Hopefully Golden will bring the swagger back something that has been missing for the last 6 years.

Johnny, STFU!

Ben, u r a smart man.

The racial comments are way out of line here. The U is not to be associated with attitudes like that. Having attended the U for undergrad and student taught at Jackson Sr. HS, I think the game can be played anywhere and attended safely. If you are scared, then perhaps best to stay home.

listen we lacked depth at qb and lost every meaningful game because of it. Get some depth at that position please. Win the conference for once; before we talk any other championships.

Why do these pages go sideways...All stadiums in every city are in tougher neighborhoods. Your car can get broken into at the mall!! Take your candy arse to the field and show some support!


Now BAM BAM Michael Barrow get me a group of solid hitters on that DEE!

Manny get the open times posted so those of us who will make the drive and park anywhere regardless WILL BE THERE!


Traz Powell isn't bad. Everyone was really cool, so not a big deal.

You want Golden to connect with the community, well this is how it's done. We owe a lot to those neighborhoods because they are where most of our players come from.

Thanks for the MUCH NEEDED dose of reality Canesjunkie... So of these people need to THINK b4 they type!

Golden you rock bro!!!!! @ Susan & Manny thank you both for all the info you guys are providing. With all that being said now allow me to get on to some of the fans. I don't give a damn where their sping game is being held. All I want to do is be there I grew up and hangout in the hood. I feel like this if you look scared they will bother u but if you speak and show no fear they won't bother u. And most of all don't be all flashy.

I've said on here numerous times these "fans" only care about these kids for the 3-5 yrs. (and the ones who are fortunate enough to make it to the NFL) that they play at UM. MOST MIAMI FANS DO NOT CARE ABOUT THAT THESE KIDS ARE HUMAN BEINGS!!! They insult their intelligence, heritage, communities, and families, but then they are shocked that some kids go to play at other colleges. Oh, I forgot, "they are not true 'Canes", "they are scared of competition", and the old reliable "I'm glad he's going somewhere else, we didn't need him anyways" LOL!! Remember, eating all those sour grapes are bad for your digestive system. Thank goodness they are SOME real 'Canes fans out there who respect where these kids come from, what they have had to overcome to get to UM, the work they put in while there and wish them well after they graduate (especially those who never play a down in the NFL).

BTW. There was a night time scrimmage that was played up at Lockhart stadium last year, besides the Spring game at Traz Powell (I attended both). Also, if you don't want to go see the so called team that you love play at Traz Powell on a Saturday afternoon (not night game), then stay home!! We don't need you on Coach Golden and the 'Canes bandwagon. Maybe you can go root for FAU, they play their games in Boca. Maybe you can use your sour grapes to make wine and then all you need to bring is some cheese. You will fit right in.

You are more likley to have your car broken into at Ben Hill Griffin Trailer park than at Traz Powell. Ask Gainesville P.D.

Traz Powell is located at Miami Dade North Campus, with a large parking lot, ample police presence and a great atmosphere.

The stadium is centrally located between Miami Dade and Broward County, and adjacent to the heart of the city (where we get most of our local talent).

I don't have a problem going there as I didn't the OB. I rather go to Traz than Sun Life (better atmosphere).

For selfish reasons, I wouldn't mind Tropical Park (very close to me and 5 min from campus).

Hopefully, we get access to more than 1 spring practice.

Doesn't matter where the Gators play our spring game, we will still get over 50,000 to show up. Golden is the perfect coach for Miami, he knows what its like to coach home games in front of crowds of 10,000 or less.

To quote the bombastic Bart Scott... CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

High school playoff games are played there with no problem.

Traz Powell is safe, has parking, and lots of folks of all races moving around there.

You can go to Dolphin Mall and get your car broken into, so why act like one area is where cars get hit.

You can get your car broken into in Weston, or outside Starr island. Who cares.

Or, you can park outside that dump in Gainesville, get out of your car, step on a big pile of cow dung, follow the trash smell, and when you come back, get jacked by a bunch of toothless rednks who will take you down river and play the banjo while they eat possum burgers, all the while pining and longing for Timmy tebow.

Either go visit the part of town where most of these guys come from or stay home until you grow a pair.

Posted by: 202cane | February 07, 2011 at 11:06 PM
Really? O.k. tough guy. Not going doesn't make me weak...and going certainly doesn't make you tough. I am a teacher and taught 2 years at Carol City Sr. High...doesn't get any rougher than that. I've been there, I know and I choose not to go with my pair intact. Jerk!

It is a good thing for Golden to "bring the U to the 'hood." This will allow little kids who live there to see a major college program up close, and hopefully, they will see college as an attainable goal through football. This will also allow the U to "mend fences" with the inner city Miami community. Golden keeps making the right moves, so this would be another great move for the U program. The U will become part of the culture of inner city Miami again.

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