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UM releases spring football schedule

UM released the dates for spring practice Monday night:

- The spring game date as well as the policies for fans and media being able to watch these practices remain unresolved.

- Coach Al Golden has extended an open invitation to former Miami football players and high school coaches.

> Saturday, March 5
> Tuesday, March 8
> Thursday, March 10
> Tuesday, March 22
> Thursday, March 24
> Saturday, March 26
> Tuesday, March 29
> Thursday, March 31
> Saturday, April 2
> Tuesday, April 5
> Thursday, April 7
> Saturday, April 9 – Potential Spring Game date
> Tuesday, April 12
> Thursday, April 14
> Saturday, April 16 – Potential Spring Game date


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Well alright then!

This is awesome - we got Forcier. Anytime you can get a Heisman Trophy candidate to play in front of hundreds and hundreds of fans at home - you have to right?!

IS he going to be able to see over Seantrell?

AJ is AJ Leggitt...

Bring on the "GOLDEN" era....we are with you ALL THE WAY! Canes Rule! Gotta love 'em, win or lose! At least we can feel confident that they are going to be properly prepared and coached! Randy's gone....blessings to him...but sorry...he just was overwhelmed. Bring on someone (Big Al) with the energy and charisma to bring back the U to prominence.

Tate Forcier video. Watch and get pumped:


Forcier was a 4 Star coming out of highschool.

Rank the 15th best QB in the country out of highschool in 2008

Played immediately as a Freshman at Michigan (Rodriguez's last yr).

Michigan did terrible last year. Rodriguez is fired.

Kid says this now: ""I had to reach rock bottom in order to see the light, and for that, I am thankful,"

This kid could potentially be a HUGE additional to the team in 2012 and 2013. We could be looking at the next great QB at The U, if Morris doesn't take that title first....





It amazes me that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Why in the world are you all having this discussion about Cane football players or where the spring game is played is beyond conscionable belief. Why must there be inuendo referencing the race of these fine ATHLETES? The truth of the matter is the team consist of many races and cultures and the positions played or held are not defined by race i.e., coach, quarterback, running back, offensive coordinator, etc,. etc. Oh by the way fans, lest we fall into the pitfall of designating us by race or ghetto. When you look at its definition. the world is a ghetto.





all u losers talkin trash bout da ghetto..... some of these kids dnt choose were 2 live.. the have no chose but 2.. if they could live n the suburbs wit ur high class ass they would... but u want hese same ghetto kids 2 play for the U... aint dat bout a witch (b)!! yuck fou... n if u dnt like dat, u can meet me anywhere punks!!

After reading about some of the things that Randy did, everyone has to be impressed to see that Golden is not going to make the same mistakes....Miami Central's head coach said that "Shannon wouldn't even look at his players because he thought they were too small" - what is that about?
Shannon didn't want former players on the sidelines...Shannon didn't want his players to talk to the media.....SHANNON THOUGHT HE WAS A DRILL SARGEANT, NOT A FOOTBALL COACH, AND LUCKILY, IT COST HIM HIS JOB!!

That and the fact that he looked like a deer caught in the headlights on the sidelines, with this LOST LOOK ON HIS FACE!

When talking about injuries, it was always "upper extremity, lower extremity" and "we'll evaluate the player and decided in a few days" - he acted like everything was a secret...and, I think his DRY, DULL PERSONALITY wore off on his players...they played with no emotion, no life, no passion most of the time.
WHEN THEY DID PLAY WITH PASSION (ex: the NC game, they kicked BUTT!!).

I'm happy with the hiring of Golden, especially since many experts called him the "best young recruiter in the NCAA" - anyone who can turn Temple around, can certainly turn UM around with the talent-pool we have here in Florida and now, in the northeast (NJ, etc...) - UM ALWAYS recruited heavily in NJ, PA, etc....!!


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