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Will Forcier be a good fit for the Canes?

Tate Forcier agreed to be a Miami Hurricane Wednesday when he put his signature on a financial aid agreement, setting the stage for his transfer from Michigan to Coral Gables later this summer.

Tate_Forcier Forcier won't be eligible to play in 2011. But in 2012, the 6-1, 192-pound quarterback from San Diego is expected to give current sophomore Stephen Morris a fight for the starting job. Will Forcier -- a quarterback who has only run the spread in college and high school -- fit UM's pro style offense?

National recruiting guru Tom Lemming said Forcier definitely can and expects him to be successful. "They obviously needed a quarterback and Tate gives them that," Lemming said.

"But this kid is also a polished veteran of the college football and has always looked pretty good when he's been on the field against good competition to me. He's not real tall, but he has a good arm and can run. He's confident, athletic and you'll be surprised with what a good arm he has. Yes, he's only played in a spread offense before. But he can throw the ball from under center, too. I really like him."

Lemming rated Forcier the ninth best quarterback in the country in 2009 -- two spots ahead of former Rutgers' quarterback Tom Savage, who was also interested in transferring to UM. It's unknown if the Hurricanes still have interest in bringing Savage in, too. But it only makes sense he's helded elsewhere now Forcier that is bound for Coral Gables. 

The big question for UM moving forward is if Forcier will be bringing any of his baggage from Michigan down with him. After starting 12 games and playing well as a freshman, Forcier lost his starting job this past season to former Deerfield Beach High star Denard Robinson. A few teammates accused Forcier of not working hard enough in the off-season because he missed voluntary workouts. Forcier ended up playing in eight games a sophomore before being ruled academically ineligible for the Gator Bowl. 

Lemming, however, believes Forcier has learned from his issues at Michigan. And his father Mike Forcier said living closer to campus (Forcier was living off campus at Michigan) and being around Al Golden's coaching staff will make a difference.

"Coach Golden has a lot of attributes that we really like," Mike Forcier said. "He came from the [Joe] Paterno coaching staff. Tate originally had Penn State at the top of his list [coming out of high school]. It was them, Michigan, Oregon, Texas A&M. When he took that first trip to Michigan he just saw too much of an opportunity. But we really liked the coaching staff of Paterno, the discipline, structual organization. I think it had a lot to do with why he picked Miami now.

"Golden brings that structure. He wants the players to be players, but he also wants discipline, structure and respect to the program, the school and each player back to each other."


> Mike Forcier said even if Palm Beach Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett had opted to sign with the Hurricanes last week, Forcier would have still probably chosen the Hurricanes.

"I think he was coming here no matter what," Mike Forcier said. "He told me he didn't care who they signed. Last time this happened, he was at MIchigan and [Greg] Paulus was talking about coming to Michigan. [Rich] Rodriguez had a prior relationship with Paulus. It looked like it was going to happen. Tate put on his Facebook, he said 'It's fine if he wants to come here and be my backup.' That's part of people misunderstanding Tate's cockiness. He was just confident he was going to beat Paulus out."

> ESPN named former Hurricane defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt the No. 1 recruiter in the country for 2011. Hurtt, who parted ways with UM after the 2009 season, cleaned up in South Florida -- signing Miami Northwestern quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (a former UM commitment) among a group of 10 players from South Florida. 

> In case you don't believe following recruiting is for crazy people: Gulliver Prep defensive back AJ Leggett, one of the top local players in 2012, switched his commitment back to UM on Wednesday. Leggett was committed to UM last season before Randy Shannon was fired. Then, he switched to Florida State and is now back with UM. He's not even a senior yet. We'll let you know where he's really, really going on National Signing Day 2012.


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Hes definitely a head case. But everyone says hes good on the field. Only problem is off the field with all the temptation of south beach. Its a LONG WAYS AWAY from ann arbor. thats for sure, but on the field, hes a winner.

All we need and want is that the U gets back to winning and winning big !!! I don't care if they don't graduate, I'm not paying my top money for that, I'm paying to see them WIN !!! WIN and WIN BIG !!!!!

We need to be careful with signing just anybody. AJ Highsmith is twice the athlete and ALL CANE. Neither USC now UCLA offered Forcier and he was in their backyard, plus all the baggage, plus he didn't do a whole lot at weak Michigan. Hopefully he just gives Vernon and Dye someone to sack on the scout team.

Bad Move..let's say Stephen Morris plays decent this year..goes 8-4 with the new system and coaches... in 2012 do you bench him and replace him with Forcier who will have to play in the new system for the first time after sitting out a yr?..this make no sense. Al Golden this not a wise move. You are showing you lack of know how. moves like this can split a team. This also make 2012 QB recruits question a chance to compete.

Don't like this.

Morris will beat him out, and that means its one less player we can take next year.

I like the addition. Forcier will have a year to run the scout team, learn the offense and then come in and compete with Morris and whoever we sign as a freshman next year. It doesn't matter if Morris wins the starting job this year and what he does, the next year he still has to go out and prove he is the man. Nothing is given to anyone anymore at the U.
Welcome to the family Tate.

can u believe that hurtt was named the espn recruiter of the year. all he was doing here was recruiting for charlie strong at louisville. now u know how he felt about randy.With the job that ag has done so far, u know he will get his man at qb next year which is a lot stronger class than this year. we have bigger problems like corner and undersized linebackers which is why a 6 foot 3 240 futch will be welcomed back with open arms.All we need to know is with the biggest o line in the country and thes backs get ready for 5 yards and a cloud of dust.

Tate is a quality addition but he is more of a band-aid until UM can sign a QB that will fit the system. I like it b/c it shows players are transferring in and not out of Miami but I don't like it b/c Forcier reminds a lot of Robert Marve......

i dont like this one bit. headcase and attitude problems and wasnt really that great anyway.

savage is the better option and is a WAY better player. he would instantly be the best qb on the team.

reminds me of marve too...

At least then he is better than Harris if he reminds you or Marve.


Way to go, Golden!

Not a bad sign. Living just 20 miles north of Ann Arbor, I get a lot of Michigan football on my TV. He's a good athlete, and has a decent arm. If he can stay focused, he might remind people of old #11 Scott Covington.
Go Canes!

We'll see, not very impressed though.

well nearly everyones better than harris... lol but golden said he wanted a qb like andrew luck. which in my mind means a qb with pro potential. savage has that and was excellent as a true freshman. tate on the otherhand is an arrogant(not swagger), undersized, running, spread quarterback with off-field issues. aside from adding depth, i dont like the pickup. players like him are potential cancers for a football team.

in 2012 Morris goes down to injury and who is going to be the back-up coming into the game - a true freshmen? Everyone take a deep breath and exhale. Relax - were talking 2012.

Yeah lllum, U are right there. I agree that Savage better fits the mold as well but I do think there is alot to like about Forcier's game. Maybe the kid has grown up some and will not be problematic. Theres always 2 sides to every story and really all I care about is what he does on the field here. One thing to like about the kid is he plays big on the big scene and he played better competition than Savage did. We'll just have to wait and see.

Anybody at least pumped we got a whitie?


Tate's pick up is a positive , he has played on the big stage and has potential , if nothing else he will push Morris to be better and if he works hard has a chance to have two good years to salvage his career . I still believe that Morris and Harris under these coaches in their system can surprise if they work hard and prepare - I think they have talent, the question is do they have the desire - the work ethic , the will to win.

Sure are a lot geniuses here who seem to know more about recruiting the college game than Golden's staff.

Why even pay the big bucks for recruiters when we got guys here who know all there is to know about a player just from reading Manny's article.



lol yea hes changed about as much as roethlisberger and vick... in general, i dont believe in players changing. its all a PR move until they get back on the field. i agree with you though. we'll see. i hope im wrong.

The Forcier family produced three quarterback and not one of them has made it through a high school/college without a transfer.

the best thing about this article is leggett becoming a cane again. golden just stole a committ from the great jimbo fisher. so dont worry about forcier cause he will land a blue chipper at qb

Welcome aboard, Tate, and welcome to the UM Family! I am thrilled to have you in the program, have watched you play, and think you will bring something real special to the program. You made a great choice, and you have the attitude for the rebrth that is about to take place at UM! Welcome!
Go Canes!

Tate will be a major positive force for the Canes! If you watched him play as a freshman, and when he subbed for Robinson last year, the kid has attitude, talent and a HIGH level of desire. This will be nice to see in a Miami QB, no? He is a leader who will flourish in a positive atmosphere that appreciates players within a disciplined context. Believe that he will be a difference maker for us.

USC and UCLA did not offer him because they had abundant choices and were on a roll. He is 6'1", and not the size that Pete was looking for. The kid has got the swagger and the fire, qualities that are catchy! He needs coaching and to get his head into the program all the way.

Nice work, Coach Golden! Go Canes!

Guys, come on. Whats wrong with some of you? You can never have enough good QB's. Let them compete and let the best one start. Why become enamored with just one? Do we have an absolute guarantee that Morris is "the one". NO! Do swe have a guarantee we're going to land a top flight blue chip QB next year? NO! If we do, do we have a guarantee he'll be any good? NO! At the very least, we now forcier is a proven commodity. Forcier has already proven his talent on the field. He is an ASSET! Geez, let's use our heads here!

Some of you guys are legitimate retards. There should be an I.Q. Test that you should be required to take and pass at an average level before you are allowed to post on here.

Sure are a lot geniuses here who seem to know more about recruiting the college game than Golden's staff.

Why even pay the big bucks for recruiters when we got guys here who know all there is to know about a player just from reading Manny's article.

Posted by: MiamiMoe

Well stated. I think some them are also psychic.

Great addition to a to a 2012 roster that will finally be back with 4 or 5 capable QBs.

I liked Savage better, too. But he wanted to be here, which is a plus. He may never start here, and that is fine. It is still great to have that depth, and a talented backup in any case. We have decent depth next year (either way, a guy with previous starting experience will be in the backup role), will have the year after that, and by Morris's senior year, you will have two senior QB and a RS Freshman at the very least.

I like this, although I would have liked Savage better because Savage has better physical measurements. All of you who think Savage had better numbers than Forcier during their freshmen seasons are dead wrong. Forcier thew for 2600 yards with 17 TD's and 10 INT's. Not bad numbers. Savage was 2200, 14, and 7. Forcier was a crowd favorite during his freshmen year because of his ability to rally his team when behind in the 4th quarter.

Is it me or is this guy remind you of a Robert Marve?

He'll be fine give the guy a break he was thrown to the wolves in the Big Ten and responded well in a system that didn't have the personnel to run Rodriquez's offense. He competed an did well. They had no supporting casst for him. Let him compete and see if he can make it at the U.


The guy is 6'1" 190/195 not really that undersized.

2600, 17, and 10 are pretty good numbers for the Big 10, Marve NEVER put up numbers like that. I don't get the analogy. And Marve never brought the U back after being behind in the 4th quarter.

Forcier's the very same type of QB, that Brett Favre is. Very accurate with a quick release...great with his feet, when he has to be.

Welcome to the U Tate!

Has he grown any? The kid can play football, but is better suited for a spread offense and the "U" is not going to that type of style. We need a pocket passer who can read defenses before, during, and after the snap of the football. With him, however, I believe that competition will gear up until we bring in a real pocket passer with the 2012 class. He reminds me of Robert Marve - Best wishes to Tate.

No he hasn't grown in the last 2 weeks... but...neither has MVP Superbowl winnering QB's Drew Breeze and Brett Favre.

Tate possesses those kinds of intangables

Seems everyone posting is making the assumption that Savage is not considering a move here. Second guessing Coach Golden at this stage of the game is lame. We need quarterbacks and one that has experience is a good pick. To me that door swings both ways if he pulls some Marve stuff. Stay on the positive side fans and let this play out. Coach has a plan , let him implement it!

Welcome to DA U Tate. Never listen to the haters man. these same guys will be all on ya jock once you come in and prove that you're a winner. Coach G is doing his best while the best is yet to come from him.Lets show some support people !!!

MArve didnt have the football IQ to win at Miami. I guess the problem is every QB will be compared to Kenny Dorsey, who was a football "geek". He spent countless hours studying film, studying opposing defenses. To me, that is 75 % of what makes a QB successful. The arm and athleticism are secondary. List of "dumb" QBs that were exceptional athletes but lacked between the ears:

Kyle Wright
xavier Lee
Kirby Freeman
Kenny Kelly
Jacorry Harris
Robert Marve
Chris Rix
A slew of LSU QBs, not MAtt Flynn who was the opposite

Posted by: Jimbomama

I was just thinking to myself - Forcier is then next Brees and Farve rolled into one!

We should have 10 rings in the next 2.5 years.

Welcome to The U AJ! Hey 239CANE, I live in 239. Where you at in 239?

Guys stop hating!!! I swear if I see one more negative comment I am gonna find you and B-slap you!

Yo BACKSPACE, I really agree with having Mike Leach would've been a power move. But we got Coach G and I personally think the guy is gonna do great things here at DA U.I wanted Leach real bad though,but like what I see in Golden.

Yep, bunch of experts here ... Forcier is SO undersized at 6'1 195 and Morris is massively larger @ 6'2 185 ...

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