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Will Forcier be a good fit for the Canes?

Tate Forcier agreed to be a Miami Hurricane Wednesday when he put his signature on a financial aid agreement, setting the stage for his transfer from Michigan to Coral Gables later this summer.

Tate_Forcier Forcier won't be eligible to play in 2011. But in 2012, the 6-1, 192-pound quarterback from San Diego is expected to give current sophomore Stephen Morris a fight for the starting job. Will Forcier -- a quarterback who has only run the spread in college and high school -- fit UM's pro style offense?

National recruiting guru Tom Lemming said Forcier definitely can and expects him to be successful. "They obviously needed a quarterback and Tate gives them that," Lemming said.

"But this kid is also a polished veteran of the college football and has always looked pretty good when he's been on the field against good competition to me. He's not real tall, but he has a good arm and can run. He's confident, athletic and you'll be surprised with what a good arm he has. Yes, he's only played in a spread offense before. But he can throw the ball from under center, too. I really like him."

Lemming rated Forcier the ninth best quarterback in the country in 2009 -- two spots ahead of former Rutgers' quarterback Tom Savage, who was also interested in transferring to UM. It's unknown if the Hurricanes still have interest in bringing Savage in, too. But it only makes sense he's helded elsewhere now Forcier that is bound for Coral Gables. 

The big question for UM moving forward is if Forcier will be bringing any of his baggage from Michigan down with him. After starting 12 games and playing well as a freshman, Forcier lost his starting job this past season to former Deerfield Beach High star Denard Robinson. A few teammates accused Forcier of not working hard enough in the off-season because he missed voluntary workouts. Forcier ended up playing in eight games a sophomore before being ruled academically ineligible for the Gator Bowl. 

Lemming, however, believes Forcier has learned from his issues at Michigan. And his father Mike Forcier said living closer to campus (Forcier was living off campus at Michigan) and being around Al Golden's coaching staff will make a difference.

"Coach Golden has a lot of attributes that we really like," Mike Forcier said. "He came from the [Joe] Paterno coaching staff. Tate originally had Penn State at the top of his list [coming out of high school]. It was them, Michigan, Oregon, Texas A&M. When he took that first trip to Michigan he just saw too much of an opportunity. But we really liked the coaching staff of Paterno, the discipline, structual organization. I think it had a lot to do with why he picked Miami now.

"Golden brings that structure. He wants the players to be players, but he also wants discipline, structure and respect to the program, the school and each player back to each other."


> Mike Forcier said even if Palm Beach Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett had opted to sign with the Hurricanes last week, Forcier would have still probably chosen the Hurricanes.

"I think he was coming here no matter what," Mike Forcier said. "He told me he didn't care who they signed. Last time this happened, he was at MIchigan and [Greg] Paulus was talking about coming to Michigan. [Rich] Rodriguez had a prior relationship with Paulus. It looked like it was going to happen. Tate put on his Facebook, he said 'It's fine if he wants to come here and be my backup.' That's part of people misunderstanding Tate's cockiness. He was just confident he was going to beat Paulus out."

> ESPN named former Hurricane defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt the No. 1 recruiter in the country for 2011. Hurtt, who parted ways with UM after the 2009 season, cleaned up in South Florida -- signing Miami Northwestern quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (a former UM commitment) among a group of 10 players from South Florida. 

> In case you don't believe following recruiting is for crazy people: Gulliver Prep defensive back AJ Leggett, one of the top local players in 2012, switched his commitment back to UM on Wednesday. Leggett was committed to UM last season before Randy Shannon was fired. Then, he switched to Florida State and is now back with UM. He's not even a senior yet. We'll let you know where he's really, really going on National Signing Day 2012.


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Competition for the starting job will make both Morris and Forcier much better. Not having anyone pushing you is where QB's get complacent. Seattle won an NFL playoff game with a backup QB.

This is not a bad thing. This is a wise move on the part of Golden.


Posted by: Canefan


Well, I would personally find a yellow QB to be problematic.

Competition will make both Morris and Forcier better. You need to have someone pushing you or you'll get complacent. A quality backup is necessary in today's game. Just ask the Seattle Seahawks.

This is a smart move on Golden's part.

Go Canes...a nice addition......these guys are so under the microscope....let them grow up and I think everything works itself out. Tate brings NATIONAL ATTENTION to the Canes...a definite plus and adds to the excitement. Canes RULE! Go AG! It's the 'Golden' Era of Canes Football.

Tate brings NATIONAL ATTENTION to the Canes

Huh? So what? Who cares about national attention,I want 6th, 7th, and our 8th rings before 2050.

Go canes

Dear God: Please let me see another national championship win for my beloved canes before I die.

Playing quarterback does not require black or white skin, just a lot of gray matter!

I saw Kirby Holcutt and Blake James at the UM womens basketball game leave together at half time..HOW DISRESPECTFUL.. someone please get rid of these JOKES. Let them meet in the mountains once a year and bring UM some real AD's

Did Holcutt hire those losers haith or Shannon? NO! At least he hired a good up and coming football coach. THe Joke is the coaches he inherited.

Forcier coming to the U will give Morris the encouragement he needs to work hard, study film and improve on the field. It will only make whomever wins the job better. It's a good thing for the U to have the depth and I'm sure Golden and Co. will pull in a couple of highly regarded QB recruits next year, you know the kind, ones who can make a decision and deliver the ball on time. The kind that will end up playing QB in D-1 and not tight end or transferring.

Fourcier is a good pick up after losing brissett. And both would have redshirted anyway. the difference will be next year, when fourcier will have the opportunity to compete with morris and will have experience that Brissett will not have.

Did Holcutt hire those losers haith or Shannon? NO! At least he hired a good up and coming football coach. THe Joke is the coaches he inherited

Holcutt hasnt done jack Golden has done less. Not a Randy fan but please AL came from Temple he finished 3rd in the WAC with and no bowl..give me a break

Lisa, obviously U have no idea or knowledge of football and what it takes to win. Nor can U recognize a good coach. Just because he came from Temple means nothing. However what he did at Temple means alot.
Oh and Temple plays in the MAC not the WAC and he went to a bowl the year before. Not to mention had we played Temple there is a good chance they would have beaten us. Learn a little and do some research and then U can come on here and somebody may start taking your comments a little more seriously. At this point U just sound stupid.

Lisa, just out of curiousity, whom do U feel that we should have hired? Remember Jimmy Johnson came from Oklahoma State and Dennis Erickson came from Washington State and neither really did alot there so using a Temple argument doesn't help U look any smarter.

Lisa Newton is an alias for the blog Pig.

Your stench gives you away, Pig.

Lisa=Curse Pig=Purple Drank=Rawpimple n

Die, Pig.

Told you. Why do you hate your race, Pig?

Manny ask Clint Hurtt if he has violated NCAA rules by contacting prospective student athletes I'd quiet and dead periods, Hurtt is a disaster waiting to happen and if I was a student athlete I'd run away.

who wrote backspace on there post. You can never be THE BACKSPACE chump!!!!

Yeah Lisa (or Pig), he made no bowl in 2010 despite a >.500 record and I believe 8 wins. They got scrwd big time out of a bowl.

Your arguments and comparisons hold no water.
Looking at number, what was Texas (under DC Muschump)'s record in 2010? 5-7

Good hire, turds

Al Golden at Temple had twice the budget of any MAC school and open admissions for his football team. They got kicked out of the big east and dump all resources into shaving football. kinda like Rutgers did when they sold their soul for a winning football team. Big East team joining the MAC unlimited resources and open admission for kids that couldnt get into Penn St Pitt and Va schools and the best he could do was 8-5 after 4 years and tied for 4th in MAC?...do you research and understand why he went on 12 interviews in 3 years and no one offered until UM. And he was UM's 4th choice AKA "Big Splash"..All will soon see how much of a clown he is but talks a big game just wont deliver. I will good to see Holcutt and Shala moon walk away from him and make excuses. CAN WAIT !!

Forcier has a lot of talent , and is fearless .
He also brings a higher level of competition , so it should be beneficial to the Canes .

So "Lisa Newton,"

Besides getting several facts wrong, what have you got besides being negative about the coaching selection? Like us alums and real fans, you obviously have no pride or love for the University of Miami. Can you at least try to be fair?

While it is surely a free country, and everyone can express their "ideas", wish some would do it somewhere else. Some opinions are better informed than others, no?

I think Coach Golden is a good choice and he will be a winner at the U. I don't know why he wasn't chosen for other HC jobs, or how many he interviewed for. But he was offered the U job, and I am glad we have him! For sure, we will see how his teams do on the field. I believe we will see substantial improvement. I am looking for a team that plays with fire and executes well. Go Canes!

dbc, I agree whole heartedly.

OH Lisa girl, He took over a bottom feeder after they were let go from the BIg East and turned the Temple program into a winner. Before Temple went to the MAC they were an Independent and he actually won 9 games as his best season at Temple. U may want to hit that research button ole girl. ANd really I could care less how many supposed interviews he went on or whether he was our 4th choice or not, I am glad he is here and he actually was one of my top choices to be hired as well. U see I unlike U obviously have an eye for talent so blabber all U need to but I will stick with Golden. Also, He has done a great job fixing the mess in recruiting he inherited so if U really knew anything about football other than what U read from Wiki-links and actually had a brain U would pipe down with your stupidity. LIke I asked U before whom do U think we should have hired instead that would have done a better job?

Great two page article about Art Kehoe by Andy Staples at SI.com. A must read.

I've liked everything Golden's said but I am also suspicious that he might be a snake oil salesman.

Forget the interviews, who knows how those decisions are decided.

The one fact that's inarguable is that Al Golden took over Temple right as they were deciding to invest in their team - they dropped all academic standards to poach players and they did in fact spend far more money than any other MAC team.

It's all about results, we'll just see how he does, but he didn't win at Temple with every advantage over his competition and he didn't blow away recruiting like everyone said he might.

I'm not buying "no quarterback" or "he needs his own players" as excuses for next season - he has what he needs to win the ACC, put up or shut up.

A better hired would have been any of the MAC school coaches that with half the budget and who actually had academic admission standards for athletes..those same 3-4 teams that owned AL Golden and Temple the past 3 years..OHIO, Northern Illinois, Miami Ohio..Lets be fair, you are calling him a great coach his win loss record is
27–34.. How about Mario Cristobal..UM ties South Florida recruiting ties Conference Champion, Bowl Game Champion (beat a team that Golden couldn't)..that's a short list..and lets not stop with Mario, bring in Pete garcia and get rid of Holcutt he is cluesless about championships..he has never been a part of Championship football..Kansas St? are u kidding me

Mario Cristobal hasnt done crp.
I like the guy though. Listen, you are entitled to your opinion, however wrong.

As far as Tate is concerned, which of all of the QBs who have dissed Miami or transferred, or de-committed after committing, or said no after Miami went after them hard have done well at other schools?....NONE>

Recall that kid from Pa that Coker heavily recruited, who then went to Penn State only to ride the pine, then he transferred and never did anything? can't recall his name. Memba?

I think Um recruited Mitch Mustain pretty hard as well. Where is he?

Robert marve?

Taylor Cook?

Canon Smith?

On the other hand, transfers to Miami, I only know of one. He "only" did something No UM QB has ever done:

He went undefeated against UF and FSU in 6 games.

His name, Brock Berlin. He got lambasted in the press because "we" wanted more. "We" just got done having our hearts ripped out by a referree. But "we" didnt realize that after Frank Gore left, our rb cupboards were left bare. Tyron Moss showed flashes of brilliance abut a knee injury and weight made him a bust. Charlie Jones, etc etc were all busts. Javarris James, B-.

tate Forcier will come in with can be arguably the best backfield in college football. Give him a chance.

Devlin. He ended up at Delaware and did a good job as QB there. Graduated and will enter this draft.

You have to ask yourself...

Does Lisa Newton know more than Bill Parcells, Joe Paterno, Al Groh and Tom O'Brien just to name a few that believe Al Golden is going to be a superstar?

Not to mention that Lemming and other experts in the recruiting world consider Golden to be the best recruiter in all of college football.

Clint Hurtt is a good guy, but this year was a perfect storm with Randy being fired and some idiot UM fans who ruthlessly and stupidly attacked Jacory and our recruits, thus opening the door for Clint to have a big recruiting year in South Florida.

Next year will be a completely different story and Clint/Louisville will be lucky to end up with the recruits UM won't take.

Also, all this QB crap is more overblown than Charlie Weis's waistline. Next year top QB's will be lining up hoping for a schollie offer from the Canes. You twits who have your panties in a bunch over this need to go have your toe nails painted or get a bikini wax or not post while you're having your periods...a bunch of little girls!

Mario has done more than Al Golden..a great recruiter doesn't finish behind Kansas Louisville and Rutgers.

Who on the list below have been relevant since in the last 20 years? Bill Parecells see Dolphins.. Joe Pa see dementia..Al Groh fired at UVA ..Tom Obrien-LMAO ZERO CHAMPIONSHIPS..Enough Said

Does Lisa Newton know more than Bill Parcells, Joe Paterno, Al Groh and Tom O'Brien just to name a few that believe Al Golden is going to be a superstar?





Al Golden will be who we(those without blinders) thought he will be..
an above average Coach. 8-4..a lost to OHIO ST with half their team gone will be a disaster. WHY you ask?..who will show up at Sun Life for the likes of Duke and Virgina ?..away games NC, V Tech, FSU, will overwhelm Golden. Cant wait for the exUses.

Talk Talk needs some Grammar Grammar Help Help.

Right, Curse Pig? You do, don't you.

Luke wrote an article for the Miami new times saying the Miami central coaches were indulging in pettiness. They were upset wit golden at first for not getting in contact with them first. He also explained that the coaches knew more than the parents about the kids future. I guess that's y randy said screw them. Luke left the school recently and must have heavy dirt in the program.

I hate coaches who care about playing middleman agents instead of being regular coaches. Now that Miami springs doesn't have any all dade starting players to hand the rockets, what will telly do?

White boy from California playing QB at THE U.....hmmmm....has worked out in the past. Toretta & Dorsey.

LSU assistant Frank Wilson named national recruiter of the year...

What is Manny talking about regarding Clint Hurtt? Maybe Manny appointed Clint the national recruiter taking another snarky shot at the "U".

Fourcier is a good pick up after losing brissett. And both would have redshirted anyway. the difference will be next year, when fourcier will have the opportunity to compete with morris and will have experience that Brissett will not have.

Posted by: canesrule21 'ships | February 11, 2011 at 07:49 PM

Brissett ain't none of yo[]__[]r bidneth ass's clown.

Da[]__[] is screwed. Theys Gots no kwadduhbaks.

J39 = self-loathing Curse Pig/ Sean Wilson.

You hate your race so much, don't you, Pig? Being laughed at by women make you bitter?

Brissett ain't none of yo[]__[]r bidneth ass's clown.

Da[]__[] is screwed. Theys Gots no kwadduhbaks.

Posted by: J39


Unlike the gators who have that nationally acclaimed Brantley as their signal caller....hee-haw hillbilly the septic tank needs pumping out as those felons are stacking up and smelling awfully bad.

Tell me you saw Driskell shootin' those chili peppers out of his arse all over the field at the all star game...pathetic would be a compliment.

PS: There's no question that Brissett is going to be an all world...basketball player!

PPS: Did Urban quit on you again today?

Ol' Urban's been talking scourging, Gatard trash. Having lived in a filthy trailerpark the last 5 years, he knows you are trash.....errrr garbage:

Urban Meyer thinks college football is full of "garbage." And given the 31 arrests at Florida under Meyer's watch, he ought to know. In a recent interview with 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis, however, Meyer indicated that college football's "garbage" extracurricular activities had worn him thin.

Lisa have U ever seen Mario's team play? They look almost as bad as Shannon's teams here making dumb penalties, being out of position defensivly and constantly beating themselves. Listen up sugar bumps, at least try to act as though U are halfway intelligent before blabbing a bunch of nonsense and for god sake learn the game of football.

Talk Talk Talk, after 4 years of Shannon's excuses U should be glad we have a Coach that will not make excuses.


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Apart from agressive recruiting, Coach Golden is transforming the current team into a powerhouse. There is a whole new attitude on campus. Remember, the upcoming senior class at the "U" is the number one class in the country...we only lost Brandon Harris and Therion Collier. The potential for next Fall 2011 is beyond limits. It will be exciting to watch.

Has anyone ever seen Temple play?..Yuck

Vinny Beebop= Curse Pig.

Embrace your race instead if hating it, Pig. Maybe then you won't be so bitter.

Now, the stupid in you is beyond help.

Pig, your are elite at nothing. Your life is a waste.

End it now. No one will care. One less Pig in the world.

Some great posts here as usual. Thank you for that! And some real haters. It is really quite amazing, and I wonder if some have considered medication, finally enrolling in that elusive GED program (again) or taking their "talents" elsewhere. Calm down.

FACT is we won't know how good a coach Al Golden is, and how effective his staff is, until they have had time to work with the team and we see what shows up on the field.

Sure, there are some MAC stats that cause concern. Fair enough and well-analyzed on some posts. Temple DID play hard (look at the films), something we have not consistently done.

The other FACT is that there IS a new optimism at the UM, and this is always good news. A little snake oil never hurts. And for those of us who share that optimism, it is better and long overdue for true fans and alumni. So, why not be hopeful when all the early signs are positive? What's to lose? Go Canes!

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