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Golden: Seantrel staying at UM (but didn't say whether he is suspended)

OK, the important thing here for Canes fans is that Seantrel Henderson is not transferring. His dad said based on conversations with his son, his son is not suspended for Maryland. However, I have no idea if he's suspended or not, especially since Al Golden won't comment on internal situations with individuals.

I do know that UM offensive linemen are not producing very well academically -- as a group. The GPA (grade point average) of that group is lower than any other position group of the Hurricanes. I don't know if Henderson has academic issues.

Quote from Al Golden, provided by UM: Seantrel has every intention of remaining with the University of Miami and our football program. It is disappointing that individuals are taking the liberty to hypothesize on his future. He is coming off a strong finish to off-season workouts, rotated with the first team on Thursday and is well respected and liked by his teammates. Seantrel is growing into a leader, loves the game and cares deeply about being a part of the Miami Hurricane family.”

And this quote just in from Seantrel, provided by UM: "I am committed to my teammates, coaches and the championship goals we are chasing at the University of Miami. I have no desire to play anywhere but at the U."

I asked UM several hours ago to ask Al Golden if Seantrel Henderson is suspended for first game against Maryland. UM said it would relay the question to Golden. I recently got a reply from UM associate athletic director for communications Chris Freet on the suspension question:

"He will not address it,'' Freet said of Golden.

I also talked to Seantrel's mom and dad. Both said he's completely happy at UM.

Sean Henderson, his dad, said:  "To my knowledge, Seantrel is not suspended at all. Based on what he’s telling me, nothing is wrong.''

 "He’s enjoying himself down there. He loves it down there. He loves that Al Golden actually has a plan and feels real confident down there for this fall. He spoke real highly of Coach Kehoe. He has been working hard. His weight is down. He’s having a great time. He has no intention of playing anywhere else.

"The first thing he said when he saw me was, 'Dad we’re going to kill it this year. we’re going to take the whole thing.'''




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What exactly is going on here?



Internet Idiots.

I am very pleased with the clear and unambiguous way the university handled a silly rumor. Issue a statement of fact to get the gossip ended.
Everything the U does since day one of 2011 has been flawless.

Also, great reporting, Susan - straight to the sources.

Isn't InsidetheU the same Gatard-like, trailertrash rag that said Gruden-to-Miami was a "done deal?". These clowns are almost as stupid as a UFelony valedictorian.

Here we go again- Susan, ask coach Golden what is going on with the preferred walk ons! That aren't walking on because of unreachable standards.

Hopefully this is all much ado about nothing. Seems like there should be nothing written about this until there is something substantive to write.

And Arthur Brown loved it at UM too! Just saying.

I hope that NOBODY is suspended for the season opener, or any other game. And I hope that Seantrel is not going anywhere as well. Let's get our best players on the field and crystallize as a TEAM. But this stuff is really a downer. Let's hope none of it is true.
We don't need negativity around the UM program.

There's no guarantee of an NFL career, but don't take my word for it, ask Mel Bratton.

Hit the books big man.

This sounds like a bunch of crap about nothing. Like Junk said hit the books Seantrel and the rest of the linemen as well. Just because somebody is the #1 recruit out of highschool doesn't mean they are entitled to anything but a chance to compete. I like the way Golden, Seantrel and staff handled the situation by squashing it in a clear and concise way. Stick to your guns Al and we will be back on top very soon. The only thing that can hold us back are us and those SEC azzkissers in the polls.

you either produce both on and off the field at the UM with coach G. this is a healthy sign for the program and the young man's response is responsible and appears he has gotten the message. Go CANES

'Dad we’re going to kill it this year. we’re going to take the whole thing.'''

Let's Just Leave it at That

Championships and junkie - you two are among the select few that actually post anything worthwhile on here but you're both wrong on this one.

Seantrel Henderson is guaranteed nothing because he's the #1 recruit out of high school. He's not guaranteed a starting spot, he's not guaranteed playing time, and he's not guaranteed an NFL career down the line.

He is 100% guaranteed all three of those things because of his size and his talent and he doesn't need help from Miami. He was a true freshman last year. He can transfer to WHEREVER he wants, sit a year, play out his junior year, and be a #1 pick regardless of how he performed, because most NFL teams would take him with a first round pick right now on potential alone.

He's not a running back like Mel Bratton. He's not a linebacker like Arthur Brown. He's an offensive lineman, and you can't teach being a manchild. I like what Golden's done thus far with stifling Shannon's rampant favoritism, but sometimes taking things case by case makes more sense than taking a "moral" stance.

None of these players on scholarships are being encouraged to get degrees that will help them make a career for themselves if football doesn't work out, it's all just a publicity game for the higher ups at UM. Henderson's major is undecided, soon to be sociology, criminology, or sports management. Good luck finding a job with #s 1 and 3, and he could've knocked out police academy in a year if he wanted to be a cop.

Point being - Golden needs to make sure Henderson's private tutors are writing better papers for him, because if he feels unwanted, he's going to leave, and that will hurt UM football.

Eudocimus, first off allow me to say that I too respect U as well in that U are one of the few that post pretty insightful and intelligent points on here. I do agree with some of your statements such as Seantrel has the potential to be a manchild with his size and talent. But then again there have been a boat load of guys just as big and powerful as Seantrel who have not done anything but look big. Yes it is true that he has the right to transfer should that be his decision and yes that would hurt us this year.

However, for all of his potential and physical attributes, that does not guarantee him playing time nor a spot in the starting rotation. Golden is laying it out to everyone from Seantrel, Jacory and Stephen, to Spencer Whipple and any other walk on or 4th string player that no one is entitled to jack squat except the chance to work and compete at everything they do to earn a starting position whether it be in the weight room to perfomance on the field. Now we all of sound mind realize that it is what is done on the field that will ultimately decide who plays and who stands on the sideline. This is just like what determines whether a coach keeps his job or is fired, its wins versus losses and the direction the program is headed in. Case in point Larry Coker, who won a National Title but allowed the program to decline from then on until he was ultimately and justly fired.

Seantrel is much like Jacory, and the others from that number 1 recruiting class who have been told how great they are for so many years by people and have unfortunatly believed it to the point that they have forgot that they have to work and push themselves to actually reach the level of greatness that they can become but have failed to reach as of now. If what Golden is doing ruffles Seantrel and other's feathers by challenging them and their ego, and they believe they must leave, then so be it. The University of Miami Hurricanes is bigger than any player or his ego. Now that being said I don't for a second believe that Golden has let Seantrel believe that he is unwanted unless he is being a disruption to the plan that the coaches are trying to implement or impede our team's journey to another championship. And I do not believe the latter is the case either.

I too find it hilarious the way the administration acts like they are so concerned about the players careers in their major should football not work out. That PR crap kills me at how stupid they sound when it comes out of their supposed distinguished intelligent mouths. Thats why I said all along that if Randy Shannon did nothing else he found what he truly is good at, guidence counselor not winning football games.

The path that Golden is setting and the rules of the program that he is implementing will undoubtibly pee some off but it is this structure that will propell us back into championship contention again and National prominence. Whether its with some players or not remains a decision that they will have to make as young men themselves. Take care Eudocimus can't wait for the season to start.

My, my, my....you all sure put a lot of time and thought into...well....nothing. Leave it alone all ready. You keep stoking the fire like a bunch of middle school valley girls.
InsidetheU sucks! Worst journalism I've ever seen.


Bright side, the Sun’s just coming up but U still sUck as an athleteic program …

Penthouse to the outhouse … Weren’t duh U just wonderful for 42 seconds and then 19 mins. n 59 seconds ?

Good luck with that NIT road bid.


still not tired of being wrong again and again and again huh U dopes ?


it must really suck to be continually U Cane Fan

It doesn't suck as bad as being a Pig like you. The real Soldy would drop a 10 pound crap on you, Costco security boy.

I can't imagine what a school in a trailerpark does to an 18 year old mind. Maybe that is why this state has such an uneducated workforce. UFelony pumps them out by the thousands.

His bags are packed. I know this for a fact. His dad would lie to the pope.

Golden Age, you keep asking about the walk on, do you want an answer. If you do I'll give it to you. Better yet read Susan Degnan's column on 3/1, it'll tell you all you want to know about them, including their names. There were only 7 of them that tried out. All were U students, and didn't need to be accepted to the U. I'm not sure when you're getting your information but it's bad.

Here's a piece from the column;

Chris Gustafson looked the part: 6-5, 230 pounds with big hands and big feet.But the University of Miami sophomore cheerleader kept slipping on the grass Tuesday afternoon at Greentree Field, practice home of the Hurricanes. “No cleats,’’ said the blonde, ruddy-cheeked Gustafson, who, when asked what he lifted when working out, responded, “girls.’’ Gustafson, a premed student, played offensive tackle his freshman year at Delray Beach Atlantic High, but his cleats are long gone.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/03/02/2092814/miami-hurricanes-walk-ons-are.html#ixzz1GObFLb4u

Point being - Golden needs to make sure Henderson's private tutors are writing better papers for him....

Posted by: Eudocimus


Hilarious! I agree that some team will draft this kid based on size. But I think he has a real chance of going very high in a draft if he shows maturity and leadership. This kid will cost himself millions with this type of laziness.

I also agree with Championships about Golden having to take a stand on this lack of discipline. It's his responsibility as a coach to teach Seantrel hard work and discipline. However, this isn't only a lesson for this kid, but for the program as a whole. If Golden doesn't push now he'll have problems in the future. Like Carlito Brigante said..the streets are watching.

Michael- that's hilarious. But I meant the preferred walk-ons that recently were told...nah. Grades not good enough after being told they were "in" by the coaches.

The last four years we talked about accountability but that coaching staff never knew how to get it out of the entire team. From the coaching staff to the players this team is accountable. Just cause there is a new sheriff in town does not mean that the good things that Randy Shannon established have to be thrown to the wayside. It's just that we finally have a guy who is able to help this team turn the corner.

I don't want to sound too optimistic as I have in the last decade, but this guy seems to have a blueprint in place. It's one thing to talk about it and it's another to do something about it. If only Golden would have come last year cause that team was star studded but we will see that when we watch the NFL.

Imagine if Bailey and Hankerson and B. Harris were around for one more year. Honorable mention would go to McArthy too cause he was a beast that often overplayed his position cause the next guy was out of their position.

But this might be our year. A lot of teams around the ACC are going through a transition with their personnel as many have to replace Good QBs and running backs on offense and DT and Safeties on defense.

Last year would have been great to rebuild and have this year to reload cause after this senior class there is a drop in talent but it is still good enough to reload.

If we would have had this coaching staff last year then last years team would've been our 2001 team and this years team would've been our 2002 team. That is how loaded we were last year. Don't believe me? Look at how many players we sent to the combine. It is more than all the players Auburn sent to the combine.

REALLY...I alwaize wundered what GPA mint!!

Thanks Susan for ANOTHER enlightening, professional and investigative report...how much time do you spend on your writing skills?


You think Cane fan finally realizes how a well coached Hoops team plays a full 40 minutes ?

naw, probably not.

Golden Age did you read the whole article.

Say what Cane fan ?

that's what I thought ...

U enjoy that Women's Tourney now U hear .

Hola, Soldy. Douchebag? Arty? Soldy? Same Costco security guard?


The Gators football program is in such disarray that their new head coach, ole what’s his name, closed spring practice for the first time in the history of the school. They also didn’t want the press seeing those rag arm Gator QB’s shootin chili peppers out of their arses and calling them forward passes…hee-haw hillbilly’s.

The only question left is when will the NCAA launch an investigation into all the Gators wrongdoing (code for cheating).

MasterCard is trying to sign the Gators for one of their commercials…

• Playing a junior high school schedule every year………..: $25.00
• Urban Meyer and his 53rd nervous breakdown…………..: $35.00
• The Gators 69th felony arrest………………………………: $45.00
• Jamar Hornsby stealing a credit card off of a dying girl:.....PRICELESS!!!

Please filter the inane, offensive comments, or ban people who post them. Miami is the laughingstock of the country.

only al and seantrel really know the truth, but to transfer to a d 1 school, sit a year and delay the 20 million in first round money does not make sense.But stranger things have happened.The depth chart will change 20 times before labor day just like every other school in the country. the good news is the word depth, something we have been lacking for 5 years. As a 25 year season ticket holder all we have heard from cane nation is we want big changes, well u have them and there will be more.Look at goldens last 2 months, massive recruiting blast to get a solid group, especially on d, solid coaching changes with nfl experience,diet and weight room goals and the list goes on. more than randy did in 4 years.u know that on opening day barring a suspension that 77 is on the field so is lamar and the rest of the number 1"s.

Hola, Soldy. Just thinking of the young men we shared last night. Younger a monster you silly goose.

See you at next month's NAMBLA meeting. Oh, yeah, Go Gatahs with two snaps and a swirl in your ear.

What nonsense. Seantrel Henderson will play in the NFL. He doesn't need a degree to be able to succeed in life. Let ther brother just play football if that's all he wants to do. making positive name recognition ny playing big time sports at the U will do way more for a person than a degree ever can do.

I didn't know so many NFL scouts and GM's wrote on this blog. It's great to get all the inside info. Thanks guys. Why even bother playing in college...just wait til you are eligible and collect your millions in NFL.

Canestime posted the Gruden story, not ITU. Ferman took a vicious round of volleys from everybody on that one.

If this is about academics, then Coach Golden needs to get the young men squared away before they fall too far behind. Academics is job one. It can snowball on a player and then what? No football. Also no life after football for a few of these players. No pass, no play in accordance with NCAA rules right?

Coach Golden's teaching these kids football skills, but he's also teaching them "life" skills. I hope the kids understand this and embrace it.

Nice job nailing the facts (not fiction) about this story Manny and Susan.

Bomber, Canesport not Canestime on the Gruden story. Gary Ferman is Canesport. In Gary Ferman's defense about the Gruden sytory, he was being fed supposedly reliable information from an inside source and he decided to run the story. He got burnt by his source on this one (it happens), but in my opinion, since I follow his stuff, he's about as reliable a guy as you can find. Right behind Manny, Susan, and Barry of course. LOL

Championships and junkie - good points, Golden's probably better off making an example of Henderson this year if he needs to and Henderson's better off playing two more years because there's millions of dollars of difference between being a late first round prospect pick and a top 10 proven pick.

Sergeantmajor - see above posts for how ridiculous it is to think that these guys are being helped by UM to have post-football careers.

Great job today gators!

You really showed those Wildcats whose boss.

A #2 seed...means one and done in the tournament...hee-haw hillbillys!

How long before Donovan pulls a Urbie Meyer and quits...AGAIN?!?!

You clowns keep showing up in you orange and blue costumes after playing nobody all year and get waxed. If there's any justice in the world the most overrated basketball coach in history will also be led off the baseketball court in a straight jacket like crazy Urbie.

Even with all the cheating in all of the gator athletic programs and foley trying to schedule championships the little girls from that trailer park still look like the stoned version of the Keystone Cops.


Ur funny ...

U amuse everyone outside of Ur 305 Mediocrity Coke filled Meeeeahmee Snow Globe .

Some outstanding coaching shown by Eddie Munster today

Johnny Cal once again made Munster look like his lil beyatch on a national stage

ESPN: "Florida is the most over seeded team in the NCAA Tournament"

But alas, were actually IN the tournament U f'ing clown

No blocky... No blocky

Lots of orange in this joint

Rudderless athletic programs


Foolish Pig. Gatard football was a joke again. Suck on that, Pastor of the porkchop.

Kentucky beatdown. First round exit. No title for the baseball team.

Same as it ever was. Failure in Trailerville. It's what's for dinner (along with a helping of yardbird stew).

Someone is a Cane-obsessed troll. Can't really remember who it is but he is a pig, smells of cabbage and works the graveyard shift at Costco. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Sound familiar, Porcine of the Trailerpark?

Eudocimus, No no. Not what I meant as far as post-football careers. What I mean is getting the degree is important to UM and Coach Golden. Especially for life after football and UM does have a program to put former UM students in the job market. That is fact and it's documented. It's called Hire a Cane. http://www.sa.miami.edu/toppel/mainSite/

Secondly, Coach Golden is teaching these kids "life skills" as well as football skills. If that's ridiculous, then I think you may have missed his every word. I haven't.

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