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Golden: Seantrel staying at UM (but didn't say whether he is suspended)

OK, the important thing here for Canes fans is that Seantrel Henderson is not transferring. His dad said based on conversations with his son, his son is not suspended for Maryland. However, I have no idea if he's suspended or not, especially since Al Golden won't comment on internal situations with individuals.

I do know that UM offensive linemen are not producing very well academically -- as a group. The GPA (grade point average) of that group is lower than any other position group of the Hurricanes. I don't know if Henderson has academic issues.

Quote from Al Golden, provided by UM: Seantrel has every intention of remaining with the University of Miami and our football program. It is disappointing that individuals are taking the liberty to hypothesize on his future. He is coming off a strong finish to off-season workouts, rotated with the first team on Thursday and is well respected and liked by his teammates. Seantrel is growing into a leader, loves the game and cares deeply about being a part of the Miami Hurricane family.”

And this quote just in from Seantrel, provided by UM: "I am committed to my teammates, coaches and the championship goals we are chasing at the University of Miami. I have no desire to play anywhere but at the U."

I asked UM several hours ago to ask Al Golden if Seantrel Henderson is suspended for first game against Maryland. UM said it would relay the question to Golden. I recently got a reply from UM associate athletic director for communications Chris Freet on the suspension question:

"He will not address it,'' Freet said of Golden.

I also talked to Seantrel's mom and dad. Both said he's completely happy at UM.

Sean Henderson, his dad, said:  "To my knowledge, Seantrel is not suspended at all. Based on what he’s telling me, nothing is wrong.''

 "He’s enjoying himself down there. He loves it down there. He loves that Al Golden actually has a plan and feels real confident down there for this fall. He spoke real highly of Coach Kehoe. He has been working hard. His weight is down. He’s having a great time. He has no intention of playing anywhere else.

"The first thing he said when he saw me was, 'Dad we’re going to kill it this year. we’re going to take the whole thing.'''




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