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Canes draw No. 2 seed, FAU in NIT opener

The Miami Hurricanes have another home game.

Frank Haith's basketball team was selected Sunday night to the National Invitational Tournament as a No. 2 seed. UM (19-14) will host FAU (21-10) on Wednesday night at the BankUnited Center.

The Canes own a 19-1 all-time record versus the Owls, the only loss coming in overtime back on Dec. 3, 2002. UM beat FAU 87-69 the last time the teams met on Dec. 19, 2009.

The Owls are led by sophomore guards Greg Gantt (13.9 ppg) and Ray Taylor (11.7 ppg). 

If the Hurricanes win, they would potentially host the winner between No. 3 seed Missouri State (25-8) and No. 6 seed Murray State (23-8) in the next round.

The top seed in UM's bracket is Alabama.


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Golden showers is a clown

MSU made the Ncaa @19-14 MIAMI was 19-14 and made the NIT Now what does that say about MIAIM Basketball....

well msu is in the big 10 the slection committy seems to like them. how did MICH MSU and IL get in? bunch of bs

Where is this game going to be played?
UM or bank united arena?

who is tito horford?

joaquim noah's secret lover?

After Thursday, the Gatard trash can go back to their roach barbecues and watching spring football.

No, wait. Muscrap close those practices so that the hi illy trash, those same fans that urban called "trash," cant watch.

Oh, well, at least there is still roach barbecue.

After Thursday, the cane breasted can go back to their pigs feet barbecue and watch high school football.

No, wait Golden begs for viewers at high school stadiums. At least all the Julios can grab tri-rail to the game.

Oh well, at least there is still the pigs foot barbecue back in Hialeah.

We should easily bury the Owls but no one gives a hoot.

However, we are WELL on our way to the National Championship Game in 2011 and dare I say our sixth national championship!!

Coach Al has go it going on!

Go 'canes!

Empty greasy seat, that is original. But really, the empty greasy seat is your mom's can.

BWWWAHAHAHAHHAHA. You got Pigged, Pig. Just as it always has been. Gatard trash gets lured in then gets smashed.

You still suck, Pig. I know you hate that you can't do anything about it but you still come here for punishment.


turds benefit from playing in the weakest of the "major" conferences. If turds played in the Big East or ACC, they'd be eaten up. Atleast 12 losses a year.

Good luck trailer boys. Time again for an almost event another one in your 130 year old history.




Posted by: Fake Tito Horford | March 13, 2011 at 09:49 PM

Obsessed troll with mother issues, Dats U.

I think God wants you to learn grammar and punctuation first.


Foley pushes red alert button putting BS program in motion:

1. Coach of player releases statement that he takes this very seriously

2. Foley follows up with his own statement parroting exactly what the coach said

3. Huntley Johnson issues press release praising the latest Gator felon and blames the cops for overreacting

4. Player releases statement prepared by the University of Florida how sorry he is and it will never happen again

5. Player enters a plea at Johnson’s behest and the offender is soon back playing

6. Gator fans call anyone who questions what’s been going on in Gainesville haters/trolls and claim this is nothing (see: “Wag the Dog”)

7. Everything is reset as the Gator athletic department awaits the next arrest, which can be timed in seconds.

Hola Soldy. As big a douchebag as ever?

Yep. Same as always. And a flaming fruitcake to boot. Just like you, Soldy.

You suck Pig.

Meyer Foley, LOL!

It's funny because it's true!

Where is the watch party for the epicenter of NCAA basketball tomorrow as the game is sold out. Tickets for the FAU @ UM game are gone and its a hotter ticket then the Heat games. Dare I say better ratings then the NCAA basketball false tourney the rewarded the gaytors a #2 seed?

Go 'canes!

Go Owls ! Go FAU !

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