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Golden on Seantrel, Streeter, Nelson, young Swasey, OL-GPAs, and more...


Early morning practice today at Greentree Field. Coach Al Golden addressed reporters before the 9 a.m. session.

> On wide receiver Tommy Streeter, a player Golden previously said he wanted to get a better look at during spring practice: "Tommy is one of our most improved players right now. He did a nice job in the offseason and right now he's really starting to mature. I'm excited about the direction he's going. I'm not ready to annoint anybody yet. We haven't been in any of these scrimmages, but you can see, in what we're getting done everyday, the progress that certain players are making. Certainly, his trend right now is positive.''

> On the other players who have stood out to Golden that didn't play a lot last season: "[DT] Olsen Pierre is a guy right now that's making a move. So we're excited about him.

   "The tight end group in general is a positive issue for us. Right now, obviously Blake [Ayles] didn't play for us. He's improved, Chase [Ford] has improved. Clive [Walford] is really doing a nice job now because he's getting to be a more physical tight end.

   "I really like what receiver [Allen] Hurns is doing. I like the way he is preparing. Eduardo [Clements] we already talked about. I'm sure there are other guys. When you guys give me a question like that I always leave guys out. But those are the guys that jump out.''


 > Golden is allowing all UM students to attend the next practice, which begins at 2:15 p.m. Tuesday. UM students and employees that plan on attending practice that day (March 29) need to bring a valid Cane Card for admission. No video cameras will be allowed.

 Gates to the Greentree Fields will open at 1:45 p.m. Golden was asked Saturday if there were any ground rules (other than no video cameras) students must adhere to if they attend practice -- just in case they want to distribute any reports of what they see. "I hope not,'' he said of the prospect of students relaying information from practice. "Again, we're all partners on it. Look, with the scrimmages it's going to be, whatever you see is in the public domain. So, that's kind of like where we're drawing the line. Hopefully when they come here -- it's a little bit more intimate, because they'll be walking around our field. That's a little different than watching a scrimmage. We just hope that they'll be courteous of that and respectful of that.

"We want the students here. It's a great opportunity for them at the end of the school day to come over here and watch the players and get to know the coaches and just get an inside look. It will be great for the students and hopefully, our faculty and employees to come over and watch us.''


 Golden on a Seantrel Henderson update and the commotion over whether he wanted to transfer, etc. "Well, No. 1, you should talk to the young man about the commotion, because he's extremely happy here and he's excited to be here and as I said last week he has made an incredible amount of progress in the last two weeks. His weight is in the 340s now. He was probably close to 380 when he came back in January. That's not a young man that's despondent or disheartened or disenchanted. That's a young man that's working. And when you watch him play, he loves football. That's the one thing about Seantrel. He gets excited. The other day, Streeter made a great catch and he ran down there and that's great for our program that we have guys like that."

NOTE: Seantrel, who is 6-8, told us today he weighs 345 now. He said he "weighed 385 coming in last August,'' and his playing weight last season was "around 375.''

"All I would say to you is I'm excited about him,'' Golden said of Henderson. "The expectations with him are almost unrealistically high. But if he just learns to follow the process and doesn't have the ups and downs and just can ignore you guys, if you will, and the outside expectations, he's going to be a really good player. He's a really, really good kid. He's the kind of kid that is really easy to like, a really likeable kid. That's why his teammates think of him so highly.''


Golden talked about walk-ons Saturday. Who has impressed him among walk-ons? "I can tell you this, [Andrew] Swasey (a defensive back and the son of strength-and-conditioning coach Andreu Swasey) is probably the guy that jumps out right now. He is the guy that, as we're sitting in meetings, we're saying, 'OK, we've got to get him on multiple special teams.' [Linebacker Erik] Lichter is another guy. We always talk about being ready for your opportunity, and next-man-in mentality and obviously we've had some injuries. We're a little bit depleted at the linebacker position right now. He gets an opportunity and he executes. He knows where to align, he knows how to execute, he knows what the plays are, he has studied, he is prepared.

    "We're a little bit behind in the kicking game because of all the offensive and defensive installations but the heart of the spring is when we're going to focus on the kicking, starting today.

   > On linebacker Kevin Nelson, and how he did his first day of practice last week: "He's doing good. Today he'll be in a helmet and then he'll be able to be in full pads with the rest of the team Tuesday. For us it's about being educators, and if there's any reason why a student is not with us it's to teach him something, it's to get him to grow, to learn, and I think he's done that. We're excited about having him return and we're anxious to see what he can do over the next three weeks.''


> On the players' academics, and in particular the offensive line having the lowest cumulative grade point average of all the position groups: "I'm sorry that you see that, but whatever is in the building is in the private domain, so if you've seen that..''

   On that information having been tweeted by other people, including one former offensive lineman: "Yeah, well, those are all the things we're trying to work on here at the University of Miami, but we post it because we want everybody to know what the expectations are, and we want all the positions to be accountable to each other. Plus, we want improvement. It doesn't matter what your GPA was in the fall, we want to see improvement. That's the kind of culture we're developing, academically, socially and athletically.''


   > Rehab/injury report: The guys who were pedaling on the rehab bikes today were CB Eduardo Clements, TE Asante Cleveland, DL Dyron Dye, OL Joel Figueroa,  WR Aldarius Johnson (who wore what resembled a shin guard, from his ankle to the top of his right calf -- with the plastic guard part actually covering each side of his leg, as opposed to the front and back), and LB Kelvin Cain, who had a large black boot covering his left leg, and was limping.



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Great stuff Susan. thanks.

How many more times does Seantrel have to say that he wasnt/isnt going to transfer before the media drops it? Sheesh....

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

To Go Canes: This was the first time we spoke to Seantrel since those reports. A written statement provided by UM is nice, and helpful, but...

Susan-Understood. Just seems like that should be enough. Its a shame that anything short of a sworn affadavit is met with skepticism..

Timmy I'd rather have more than less information. Keep it coming Susan.

Sorry Timmy, that was for 3G.

Does anyone know if UM has any more scholarships to offer ? preferably for some DT's ?

The midnight oil is burning in that ‘plush’ office of Jeremy Foley’s as he tries to figure out how he can petition the NCAA for an easier schedule in the tournament. Foley’s reasoning is he is allowed to try and game the system by trying to schedule a national championship in football, so what’s the big whoop if he does the same in basketball.

Immediately following the beat down tonight Foley called a perplexed Butler Athletic Director and informed him the Gators will never schedule them in football.

Donovan got owned by a better coach…again! Anyone taking bets as to when we will have another nervous breakdown in Trailersville…with a resignation soon to follow?

Posted by: Mamma's don't let your baby's grow up to be Gator felons | March 27, 2011 at 12:55 AM

you're as much a part of the problem here and the other blogs as the ignorant Florida fans are.

ha ha he he absolutely no nothing to offer

Posted by: 78Cane | March 27, 2011 at 02:51 AM

Jamar Hornsby was holding me at gun-point and made me do it...

The Florida Gators...a proud history of cowardly actions!

Butler? Really?

Immature bloggers ruin blogs. No one wants to listen to your crud buddy so can it!

If you go to the NCAA official statistics page you will see that UF's football schedule was rated more difficult than Miami's last year and the previous year. Keep trying to perpetuate the falsehood that Miami's schedule is tougher. Common sense dictates that an SEC schedule when 5-6 teams end up every year in the top 25 will be more difficult than any ACC schedule with or without Ohio State. Remember UF plays FSU on top of an SEC schedule also. we play ,otells


Uf #8 RPI

Um #74 RPI

The little school that could just can't u chumps keep livin in the past

SEC difficulty of schedule is a myth. Top heavy conference. Ark and South Carolina were bad teams. Overrated by virtue of simply being in the SEc. Tenn, GA, etc., were horrible. But ooooh, every year that is hyped as a tough game. Same for the UFelony-Tennessee game. Lots of white noise.

But that, as is typical of Gatard trash, deflects attention from the Gatard fail. All those resources and 5 stars and they puked themselves. So the fallback loser argument is, "yeah, but we play in the SEC.". Yeah, but FSU and Miss State pounded you.

Try again, Gatard trash.

Timmy: Sure sign of your education to go right to the name calling, just what anyone does when the facts are not on their side. Top 25 Final Rankings: 7 SEC teams, 4 ACC teams (no top 10 teams). Final recruiting rankings Top 25, 9 SEC teams, 4 ACC teams. Yeah real top heavy.

Name the 7 top 25 teams.

Refute that ISC and Arkansas were severely overrated.

Recruiting rankings? Wow. Gatard trash has to dig deep to feel good about itself. What's next? Strength of shoelaces?


Timmy, Typical Miami fan I'm sure, you couldn't find the Miami campus with a map.

I could find the Trailerville campus by following the prevailing winds blowing the stench of rotting garbage.

Way to change the subject when your argument is exposed for the lies. Cmon Gatard trash. Show you are better than that.

The Gators football schedule is tough?

Let's start with--when was the last time the Gators played a top 10 out of conference opponent away?

Why do the Gators either schdule a tomato can or bye the week before they play FSU every year. Next year, 12 weeks into the season they schedueled Furman a week before the FSU game. That's right...FURMAN! Real brave!

Last year the Fightin' Gators (tee-hee) scheduled exactly 4 away games out of a 12 game schedule...this year...you've got it...4 away games! Yeah, that schedule reflects the true spirit of college football.

The Miami Hurricanes have been trying to reschedule the Gators in football for 30 years since the Gators tucked tail and quit an IN STATE SERIES. The Gators have made up every lie under the sun for not playing the Hurricanes. Finally, last year, the Hurricanes athletic director went public with his frustrations at how cowardly the Gators are and called them out. Even after being called out those brave soldiers from Gainesville still hid under their beds waving their white flags whimpering...NO MAS!

And for those Gators who complain about having to read the truth about their second rate University--here's a novel thought...stop trolling and squatting on University of Miami athletic blogs day and night.

Way to study UF's schedule guy.

Go outside, it's nice out.

Coaches invade: There were close to 1,200 high school coaches in Tuscaloosa for the two-day clinic ending Saturday.

The group heard from former University of Miami coach Randy Shannon, Jets coach Rex Ryan, former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden, and Philadelphia Eagle offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.

"We offer hospitality so we can give back professionally to our peers, the high school coaches, who do so much to help us in terms of developing players we have success with here, as well as help us with recruiting, and all the things they do to impact young people to do what they want to do," Saban said.

I hear Susan is going to leave the Miami Herald. I can't reveal my sources though. And, Susan hasn't commented on it yet. I wonder why?

"Go outside, it's nice out."

Posted by: Eudocimus | March 27, 2011 at 02:17 PM

Here's a guy too stupid to see the irony of his own advice to another...as he sits in his basement pecking away on his mommy's computer he tells another blogger to "go outside, it's nice out" believing he's really come up with a zinger.

Your continuing self-appointed role of protecting the Gators who post their lies on this site has become tiresome and obvious, along with pathetic.

As for me studying the schedule...being educated on issues is not an insult...“Guy”! You should give it a try sometime.

Haha, I went diving off Key Largo earlier today brotha, you've been at this since 3:00 this morning!

There are no "issues" being discussed here - you're studying the Gators so you can trash talk their loser blog trolls, end of story.

Haha, I went diving off Key Largo earlier today brotha, you've been at this since 3:00 this morning!

There are no "issues" being discussed here - you're studying the Gators so you can trash talk their loser blog trolls, end of story.

Posted by: Eudocimus | March 27, 2011 at 04:12 PM

Yeah, now you have convinced yourself that you are Jacques Cousteau. Blowing fart bubbles in your bathtub water and bursting them with your tongue, while claiming to be snorkeling off of Key Largo does not make you the great white hunter of the seven seas…“Brotha!”

Here's the deal, Mike Nelson of Sea Hunt fame, my post was a response to the lies of the Gator troll and his seven dwarf buddies whom you constantly defend that have taken over this blog and several other Canes blogs. Now you might not like that, but as we Canes have said to people like you for the last 25 years… “It’s a Canes thing—YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND!”

Gatard fans: the classless trash of a classless conference.

Oh man. Diving, not snorkeling. And all I was saying is that there are better things you could be doing with your time than studying the Gators. We don't play them for another two years, none of this back and forth nonsense matters. At all.

And get it straight, I've never once defended that Gator troll, he's a pathetic loser who obsesses with the University of Miami. Granted he's worse than you guys who stoop to his level of lameness since he's the one who initiates it, but the underlying childish mindset is the same.

The University of Miami doesn't need you to defend it against obsessed Gators fans. Real UM fans who base their interest on the field and not on internet blogs know why.

I'm an alumni and I'm still in grad school at UM. My family has had season tickets since I was born, I've been in attendance at 6 of 9 national championship games, and since I've been going here I've travelled to every FSU away game, every V Tech game but one, the UF game, and OSU this year.

But yea, if you think throwing up your virtual "U"s on some blog is a "Canes thing" - you're right, I don't understand.

Right now you're just studying the Gators football schedule, if you don't knock it off you're going to wake up one day and find yourself researching how many errors UF's baseball team has and looking up UF's basketball "API", whatever that is.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

By the way, great idea opening a practice to the students but in case any students who are interested haven't figured this out yet - you can always watch the practices from the top row of the tennis stadium or from the third floor running track in the wellness center.

This is the kina stuff we as Canes fans like to read about. WE will be smashin up the comp like we use to in about 3 yrs. I have my season tics. Lets go Canes!

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Posted by: Eudocimus | March 27, 2011 at 06:02 PM

You're just a kid who doesn't know what he doesn't know.

Throwing your resume out to me is a non-starter. I've read your posts over the months and you trying to play the role of the person that flies above the riff-raff is laughable and disingenuous.

Again, you are offended and intimidated by the knowledge of others. It would serve you well to educate yourself on the history of the Canes versus the Gators. Yes, I know you are going to tell me that you know everything there is to know, but your comments don't support that stance.

You make too many assumptions that make you to look the fool...you pointed out my 3am posts never once thinking a time zone difference may have played into your snarky comment…just a kid as I said before…and not a very worldly kid at that.

If you are in grad school it would serve you better and honor your parents who have most assuredly financed your way if you paid more attention to your studies and less attention to a message board that you’ve come to believe is your private sphere of influence. Here again you will go into a childish denial, but I know better.

It’s a Cane thing junior and you might never understand!

Only reason I check this blog is to gain the knowledge of others. I'm looking for one or two posts of interest by knowledgeable canes fans in between the dozens of posts about the gators.

I'm a UM fan and I'm interested in UM. I don't care about the gators and I'm not interested in hearing from anyone who does. They're not even our rival, they just have a blog on the Miami Herald and so they have a bunch of trolls that are one click away from posting junk here.

And my resume being worldly and in paying my own way as both an undergrad and in grad school is to expansive to be believable on a forum like this, but suffice to say you make too many assumptions yourself.

Lol @ cane on cane violence above. U dumb clucks burn down your own house. It's the frustration of a decade of horrendous sports teams. Yeah.. Duh U family

Back and forth posts hardly rise to the level of violence, Unaborted wart.

You have been pleasantly silent. Food stamps running low? DSL account suspended? Tornado through your trailerpark? No matter. The Unaborted wart can only sit and troll a Cane blog because, well, what else can a wart do?

It's ok to call you "wart," right Pig?

Only reason I check this blog is to gain the knowledge of others. I'm looking for one or two posts of interest by knowledgeable Canes fans in between the dozens of posts about the gators.

Posted by: Eudocimus | March 27, 2011 at 09:34 PM

Reading Manny and Susan, Milian and Gorten's blogs for their posts is useful, but it will not be likely that you will get much real discussion from folks here or on the Post while this guy lurks. "Stan", BTW is just that troll again. Every now and then he will try that tactic to have Canes fans fighting amongst themselves. Notice that nobody called "Stan" was writing about anything prior to that. That is why I can see your point is from principle, while "Stan"s is from a desire to prevent those that know his history from warning others. The fact that he stole the ID of "Golden Age" and others did not recognize who it really was is just one example.

You want discussion with knowledgable Canes fans without dodging the chaff, look at some of the Canes websites that restrict access. No reason to be offended by this guy when he can't get on them.

I'm an alumni and I'm still in grad school at UM. My family has had season tickets since I was born, I've been in attendance at 6 of 9 national championship games, and since I've been going here I've travelled to every FSU away game, every V Tech game but one, the UF game, and OSU this year.

Posted by: Eudocimus | March 27, 2011 at 06:02 PM

Minor disagreement there. There were 12 title games Miami had in the past 28 years. No biggie.

9 games where if we win we get the title with a win.
3 games where it might have happened as well of other bowl games turn out differently.

We won 7 of those 12 games, pretty good overall. Any other teams claiming 12 title chances in the past 30 years, a 40% clip?

1/2/1984 Nebraska*
1/1/1986 Tennessee
1/2/1987 Penn State
1/1/1988 Oklahoma*
1/2/1989 Nebraska* (Might have had a title share if ND had lost their WVU game)
1/1/1990 Alabama*
1/1/1992 Nebraska*
1/1/1993 Alabama
1/1/1995 Nebraska (Might have had a title share if PSU had lost their Oregon game)
1/2/2001 Florida* (Might have had a title share if Oklahoma had lost their FSU game)
1/1/2002 Nebraska*
1/1/2003 Ohio State

I agree with Feral cat. UM has "played for >9 national ch. Recall that until the B() S was invented, Nationla Championships could be won depending off the results of other bowls. There was always that possibility. In 1984 it was just like that. UM beat #1 Nebraska, but Other teams had to lose for UM to win the NC and it did happen.

You all should alos include "stolen" national championships.

1988- Stolen game against ND. UM wins, UM is NC. No buts about it.

2000- No way Oklahoma beats that UM team. The U was 1000% more balanced offensively than FSU, which relied mostly on Chris Weinke throwing for 500 yds a game. Oklahoma teed off on him. Um actually had rbs. The BCS robbed Um of the opportunity to play Okl.

2002- nuf said. OSU luckeye fans still think that it was a fair result. The rest of the nation knows better.So did Dan Fouts who called the game. His words when Terry Porter (may he burn in h--ll) threw the yellow falg, "Bad call! Bad call!"

Lol @ cane on cane violence above. U dumb clucks burn down your own house. It's the frustration of a decade of horrendous sports teams. Yeah.. Duh U family

Posted by: Shake Spear | March 28, 2011 at 06:15 AM

Aww, did someone get banned from the Sentinel for the "Shake Spear" type comments, so they want to try to stir things up here with their "cane violence" comment?

One guy (Eudocimus) wants to stay above the fray with your cheap shots, racist comments, and murder jokes. The other (Mamma's don't let your baby's grow up to be Gator felons) says that he wants to make sure your lies on here (like the Gators 4 away games is normal) get displayed as false.

That is far from "cane violence", it is a simple disagreement. You are the last person to suggest folks cannot disagree on a message board, hypocrite.

Oh, and a decade of horrendous sports teams? For someone that follows the Canes night and day, you should know that the Canes won titles in baseball and football this past decade. I guess, since the Gators won NOTHING in any of the three sports before the mid 1990's, you have three quarters of a CENTURY of horrendous sports teams. But then, you were an FSU, UGA, or Alabama fan before jumping on the Gator bandwagon.

Since baseball is the only season we are both participating in now, how many baseball titles did you guys win in all this time? Zeee-roh.

Posted by: good kids? | March 28, 2011 at 12:56 PM

Yep, 15 out of the past 28 years, > 50% of the time, Miami was either in the title picture, or cheated out of it.

Only probation and Coker were able to stop that record of multi-decade dominance.

In addition, Miami's dominance has led to us at least getting SOME semblence of a title game. Remember, Miami CHOSE to play Penn State rather than take a freebie in the Orange Bowl in 1986. Although we lost the game, we were brave enough to take the chance when we didn't have to. It started the trend of fans demanding a 1 versus 2 matchup in the bowls, created the Bowl Alliance and then the Bowden Charity System, both flawed, but both better than what happened when #2 offered to play #1 anywhere in 1988. In that case, Notre Dame chickened out, and soon after ended the series against the Canes. Their cowardice cost them though, as they have not been a factor on the national scene since then.

That Curse Pig sure is one awful Unaborted wart.

The sweetest revenge to anyone on this blog is that the blog loser wakes up as himself everyday.

So, Pig, the best response to anything derogatory, racist, etc., you say is simple:

"Mirror." As in, "look in the mirror." That ends it. Which is what you should do with your life.

Here he is. Just found this YouTube video of the Unaborted Wart. As I suspected. Classic unwashed blogging loser:


Damn, 12 games in the last 30 years!

Make it 8 out of 12 then - I was also at the 89 Nebraska OB and both the UF/UM game and the FSU orange bowl game a few days later in 2000.

I distinctly remember thinking that there was no hope for UM in 2000 though - at the OB, I wore my UM jersey in protest that FSU was getting the opportunity.

And I truly believe we have the stallions to make a run at it this year. Golden brings tough as nails, intellectual, quality to our staff and will install discipline and obedience on the beautiful plantation called green tree. I just hope the boys who got suspended for the Maryland game for smoking the ganja learned a lesson - a lesson I hope we don't pay for in a loss.

No hope in one poll, but a split title with the AP giving the Canes their due if FSU had squeaked out a win would have been possible.

See USC-LSU for an example of that happening just three years later. The AP would have had a tough time voting in a weak winning FSU over a Canes team that had beaten them head to head.

I know there is a lot of coulda, woulda, and shoulda's there but with out brand we shoulda had the benefit of the doubt. Although some may think this is irrelevant we do have a record for 130something plus weeks scoring a TD in the NFL and we did invent swagga.

I don't understand what they are yapping about. Over the years, the strength of the conferences and the schedules have come and go. The history speaks for itself. Miami Hurricanes come from a small school and they beat big schools. Nothing new about it. No small school has won more national championships than Miami. No school has more first draft choices. No school has the most players playing in the NFL. Of course, it's been a while since Miami won the championship. So what. There are plenty of big schools that are still trying or won a few. It's all about the U. Enuff said!

Oh, Miami Hurricanes has been a major part of NCAA College Football. They invented the fourth quarter signal (four finger signal). They also invented the swagger. Enuff said.

3:19 and 4:33 PM posts are another example of the scared troll. His team gets embarrassed, so he chooses to post under other IDs, talking racist and attempting to start fights among Canes fans.

Fails again. How sad.

Manny, a little research please. In the new "Adidas is All In" commercial it appears that a Notre Dame fan or cheerleader is tackling the Ibis. Its a quick shot around 47 or 48 seconds into the spot. Is Adidas serious? Do they ever again want to sell so much as a pair of tube socks in South Florida?

guys take a break. basketball at UM is a mess. we need a new coach who can bring defense to the fore front and make UM competitive with Duke, UNC, Maryland, Va, Clemson and yes Fla St. there is no reason this cannot be done with the appropiate coaching staff. we have made the correct move with football and the positives are going to outweight the negatives. it is time to move forward with the basketball program. pressure must be put on the present adminstration to move in the right direction. Go Canes


"But these rbs- if Goldenknows anything, he has to run them at least 30 times per game (combined). He MUST have a 1000 yd back (or two) this season. If he does, we win the ACC and we are top 3 gong into the end of December!"

ACC 'Ship and Top 3 going into December huh ?

When will U ever learn ?

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