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Haith says poor decision making from his point guards has hurt Canes in crunch time

Frank Haith's basketball team will wrap up it's home schedule Wednesday night when it hosts Maryland (18-11, 7-7) at the BankUnited Center at 7 p.m.

Frank Haith Haith is holding out hope the Canes (17-12, 5-9 ACC) will at the very least earn a trip to the NIT Tournament with a strong finish this week and potentially a win or two in next week's ACC Tournament in Greensboro, N.C. 

What would a post season trip anywhere mean for the Canes after finishing 20-13 and staying home last season? For the future success of Haith's program one could argue that it's vital.

"I think this team needs to play games," Haith said Tuesday. "Outside of Adrian [Thomas] everybody is back [next year]. Whether it's the NCAA Tournament or NIT, we'd be very happy to compete in the postseason. It's important for this team to get into the postseason."

All Haith needs to do is look right down the hallway at UM to see how much a trip to the postseason can help a team the following season. Katie Meier's team reached the NIT finals last season and is now ranked in the Top 10 nationally.

If anything, the Canes might finally learn how to win tight games more consistently. UM has a record of 6-8 this season in games decided by six points or less. Asked how his team could win more games late Haith said it starts with better decision making from his point guards.

"One thing really need to get better at is our decision making and ball handling," Haith said. "Our guard play has to be really good. [But] the teams that are really good in those last four minutes, you have to make good decisions. You got to get to the free throw line, you got to make free throws and a lot of it is guard play. We have good guards. Durand [Scott], Malcolm [Grant], those guys are good. We just need them to be better in late game situations."

When Scott and Grant first joined forces at UM last season they were expected to be improvements at the point guard position. But both combo guards have struggled when it comes to distributing the ball. UM's assist to turnover ratio a year ago was 464 to 448 or -0.5, eighth best in the ACC and 210th nationally. This season, UM's assist to turnover ratio ranks 10th in the ACC (336 assists to 400 turnovers). The Canes are 11th out of 12 teams in turnovers per game. 

Grant, who finished sixth in the ACC a year ago with a 1.8 assist to turnover ratio (117 assists to 66 turnovers), has slipped to 1.3 (94 to 70). Scott has gone from having a 1.5 (113 to 73) turnover-to-assist ratio in 2010 to 1.1 (93 to 83) this season.

"You improve by experiences, what you've done in the past games so you know what to do and what not to do," Haith said. "I think we've had some improvement there. I've pointed out to you before the comparison of what happened at N.C. State and Wake Forest, same type of scenario. Obviously Wake Forest was a positive play. We executed better."

Still, Haith admits there have been conversations between he and his staff that the program might be better off finding natural point guards instead of combo guards going forward. That's something he hasn't done very often in his first seven years in Coral Gables.

"There's no question it's something we've talked about," Haith said of scrapping the combo-guard concept. "I think Durand is going to be able to do it in terms of what we need him to do. It's just a matter of him... It's a learning process. He's doing something he's never done before."

It should be noted that the Canes don't have any natural point guards waiting in the wings for next season. The only high school recruit UM signed, North Carolina native Bishop Daniels, is known for his dunks not for his passes. Trey McKinney-Jones, a transfer, is a 6-5 shooting guard.


> Former Canes cornerback Demarcus Van Dyke opened some eyes at Tuesday's NFL combine in Indianapolis when he posted a 4.28 time in the 40-yard dash, faster than any other competitor in the field. Van Dyke (6-1, 176) ran the third-fastest 40 at the combine since 2000 behind Titans running back Chris Johnson who turned in a 4.24 in 2008 and Raiders cornerback Stanford Routt`s 4.27 in 2005.

> According to UM, baseball coach Jim Morris remains hospitalized after having his gall bladder removed on Feb. 25. Morris was recovering from surgery before an infection required him to check back into the hospital. According to UM, doctors have stopped the spread of the infection. No word yet on when he'll be back on the field. Pitching coach JD Arteaga has served as interim manager during Morris absence.

"I'm progressing and getting better day by day," Morris said in a statement released by the school Tuesday morning. "I'm anxious to get released from the hospital and rejoin the team as soon as possible."

Originally, he was expected to rejoin the team for the Hurricanes' trip to No. 1 Florida for a three-game series beginning Friday. But UM spokesman Bryan Harvey said in a Tweet that's unlikely now.


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Yawn...Manny, basketball coverage always appreciated -- its Haith I am yawning at.

Its the same story and excuses year in and year out. PG play, late game decisions, turnovers, youth, experience, etc.

I am tired of him and the product he is producing. Its time to move on

Poor coaching has hurt the Canes. Haith is another Shannon, blaming everyone but himself. If we are ever going to be a respectable basketball program Haith has gotta go.

7 yrs without a point guard and 7 yrs of being a looser. what does it take for the powers to be to realize we have another program that has not been held accountable or does not warrant sufficient consideration to be corrected. Enough is enough. No AD is not an excuse. Make a move now.

Good stuff Manny.. BINGO!! Malcom Grant has been killin me all season with his untimely turnovers.. Also, he is not a pt guard he is a 2. The problem is he is to small to be a 2. If i was coaching he would be a 6 man and start Rion Brown at the 2. We need to get more atheletic FSU made us look slow..

4.28 for DVD. Wow that's blazin but only 5 reps @ 225 not good. Strenght and Conditions is the reason why we got pushed around against Notre Dame, Ohio State, FSU, Wisconson and Georgia Tech 08. Hopefully that's the first change of the Golden era..

Yea, DVD looked awful. His technique is the worse. Looked like he's never done offseason anything. But...

Some coach will probably get him to play at the level he should be. It is funny the kid is only a buck 79. When the rest of the CBs out here were 200 .

My goodness, WTF was Shannon and Co. doing down here?


Shannon is gone and he deserves to be, but don't call out DVD and say "what was Shannon and company doing?" Yeah, what were they doing with Brandon Harris, Colin McCarthy, Allen Bailey, Leonard Hankerson, Graig Copper? These guys (during the games) did not play they way they were supposed to, but all did well at the combine and all their "stocks rose". You guys wait for one guy to screw up so that you can sling more mud on Shannon. Why did you not comment when they were post about how well these players did? Oh, I forgot, you couldn't bash Shannon, so you did not take the time to post.

This NIT or Bowl victory stuff is such non-sense. It doesn't matter one bit if you make the NIT or win your bowl game the year before. If the 'Canes make the NIT it means nothing. They should do away with it along with any bowl game before Dec 31. These meaningless games are cruches for mediocre coaches like Haith and Shannon. And for some reason the press buys into them.

Haith needs to go bye bye.
We need a change in our Basketball program. Haith is not the guy to get things done, period.

Um, this guys worked in the offseason on their own because of their drive to be the best. You have other personalities that are NOT self-motivators like each kid you named. So as a coach you have to treat every personality differently. DVD obviously needed motivation and this falls on the coaches. So yes, here's mud in your eye Shannon. Thank goodness we have a HC with Sports Psychology under his belt therefore he'll hit on all the personality types. Ya dig?

Here Frank goes again. It is always someone else's fault. Frank if your point guards continually do the wrong thing at end of games it is YOUR fault. What is your excuse for the other six years as your teams have never closed out well. I'm sure in your mind that you think you are a great coach, the product tells us differently. Please some school, any school, make him an offer that he can't refuse because UM doesn't have the guts to fire him.

Wow, hypocrite Gator fan, spewing hate, then whining when someone retaliates.

Cowardly Gator afraid to meet face to face.

Are you serious?!! How is this guy going to pawn the blame on a young kid? This coach hasn't proven a damn thing, no where near the top of the coaching ranks...below average at best. He has the audacity to blame a player for their failures? I'm tired of these um coaches and their lack of professionalism.

Haith is pulling his best Shannon impression.

Speaking of banned. Haven't seen moldy around at the sentinel.

Somehow, Arty got posting rights back, and the first thing he did was complain that someone called him a bad name.

Hypocrite, you are a bad person, so you deserve every bad name that comes your way.

But yeah, their OC is camped out at CiCi's, and making them go broke.

Sean Slob Wilson:

Sorry I haven't been crushing you worse than usual. Been busy banging your fat tramp wife.

No way what happened at BYU could ever happen at Gatard trash U. There is no Honor Code. That trash institution, dropping fast in the academic rankings, is a joke.

Of course, Pigfat Curse doesn't care about that. He never graduated and why would a Costco security guard need a diploma anyway?

ESPN is going to cover FOUR FIU football games and only two UM games this year!


From SI.com: "DeMarcus Van Dyke/CB/Miami: Van Dyke finished up a phenomenal two months with a terrific workout. After a terrific performance at the Shrine Game in January, then a solid showing two weeks later in the Senior Bowl, he gave scouts more to think about with his combine effort. Van Dyke never ran slower than 4.30 seconds in the 40 then displayed quickness, explosion and balance in the position drills. He's gone from backup with the Hurricanes last season to potential top-100 pick in the draft."


Excited about those TUESDAY night games huh?

The kids are suppose to be good by the time they get to the college level. College coaches are suppose to make them great. If they are just good after playing for you for two years, then I blame coaching.

Just as the basketball team is struggling the baseball team is doing worse. USF beat the weak hitting canes yesterday 4-2,4-4 for the season and the #1 gators waiting in the wings,looks like a losing record after this series is likely.

It bothers me that Haith publicly blames a player(s)for the team's shortcomings, perhaps looking in the mirror wouldn't kill him. It annoys me that a coach can act like he has it all together and the players are the source of everything wrong with the program!

Hey Reggie Johnson is a stud. This kid is growing into maybe one of the best the UM has ever had, including Barry and Tim James

championships is all that matters posted: "Poor coaching has hurt the Canes. Haith is another Shannon, blaming everyone but himself. "If we are ever going to be a respectable basketball program Haith has gotta go."

Agree. When does a coach own the dropped ball and say, "I did not coach them well enough to make good decisions?"

I'm thrilled that we signed 2 more 6' nothing players. They'll fit in great with the rest of our under sized team. I guess HAITH can't recruit a rebounder or shot blocker.

This is CRAP!! Haith must go!!!

NativeCane, do your scummy Lamespace brethren approve of your canesrule persona?

NativeCane, did your skanky Portland wife ever get her dripping gash fixed up?

Does she know about booger?

ESPN is going to cover FOUR FIU football games and only two UM games this year!


Posted by: Quijote | March 02, 2011 at 01:13 PM

Rise to what exactly, you f-ing pathetic retard?

Hey Reggie Johnson is a stud. This kid is growing into maybe one of the best the UM has ever had, including Barry and Tim James

Posted by: Fred | March 02, 2011 at 08:46 PM

The best UM ever had? Calm the F down. And on top of that, you don't even mention Jack McClinton? Idiot.

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