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Hurricanes linebacker Ramon Buchanan suspended indefinitely, facing felony charges

Hurricanes linebacker Ramon Buchanan has been suspended indefinitely and is facing felony counts of resisting arrest with violence and battery, as well as three other misdemeanor charges after being arrested last week.

“We are aware of Ramon’s situation and we are disappointed,” UM coach Al Golden said in a statement released by the school. “This is out of character for a young man who has been a positive influence in our program. He is contrite and apologetic for the situation and is currently taking the appropriate actions towards resolution.

“UM’s track record in the community has been very positive and we will continue in our pursuit of the highest standards.”

Buchanan started 10 games last season as a junior and finished fifth on the team with 54 tackles, including eight tackles for a loss, with an interception. He was slated as the starter at weakside linebacker when spring practice began.

> UM released its latest depth chart Tuesday morning. Seeing how the depth chart figures to be tweaked several times over the rest of the spring practices, I would caution you to get too worked up over it.

The most notable nuggets: sophomore Eduardo Clements switched to cornerback from running back; freshman Olsen Pierre has moved from defensive end to defensive tackle. Clements, a tremendous all-around athlete in high school, has always been linked to corner. Pierre is probably better served at tackle because of his size.

Other quick tidbits: Jacory Harris is listed No. 1 at quarterback. Spencer Whipple is back to third; Seantrel Henderson (one of six players expected to be suspended for the season opener at Maryland) is listed as the co-first team left tackle with Malcolm Bunche.

> For those of you wondering where I've been, I'm currently on vacation/paternal leave as my wife and I expect our first child in the coming days. 


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Congrats Manny--enjoy fatherhood!

Manny, enjoy the time off, and get some sleep!

What a blessing Manny!

OAN, I'm SMH at Ramon, he knows better...With the freedom that the players have, an incident during Spring Break in Miami was destined!

Get your mind right Buck!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Actually, we were not wondering!

forget 5 Titles Manny! I was wondering....you weren't tweeting like you usually do...

New blog entry - how long before that pathetic Gators fan comes to religiously read what's going on at the University of Miami?!

Congrats, Manny! Changes your life, that's for sure.

Looks like Coach Golden is running a tight ship -- I'm all for that. Sucks for Buchanan (and the team he let down -- come on, man!), but it was the righ thing to do and someone else will step up. Looking forward to the fall!

manny, i hope everything goes smoothly...catch up on your sleep while you still can!!!

Seriously, we were not wondering! Okay, maybe one person wondered! LOL

These things didn't happen under Shannon. Golden better bring rings in a hurry.

Very cool of you to get the delivery done way before fall practices and the season. Thanks for checking in - I subscrie to Canesport, spend all day on the threads, and somehow you remain the most insightful and best Canes writer.
More importantly, congrats and enjoy!

Congrats Manny! Best wishes for you and your family.

sebastian is a great name if it is a boy..

Get rid of Buchanan, Dyron Dye, kelvin cain, and strom

These selfish pos's care NOTHING about helping the U. I agree with the poster U phoria, who hjas said that,

"Do something before you all get in trouble. Win something" But you all havent done anything.

WOW...amazed at how everyone here is so quick to judge and has full inside details of the things that go on. Also surprised about some of the expectations/comments about the players/coaches. Lets wait and see how things unfold and if the charges stick. Just cuz u get charged does not mean that you were guilty.

Also, I hope everyone here backs up all this talk with purchasing some tickets next season.

Go canes and congrats Manny!!!

It's not like this type of behavior doesn't happen anywhere else. It's just a dumb kid letting Alcohol control his actions and his mouth! However if convicted of a felony, it will probably cost him his career here.

So Buchanon couldn't keep his nose clean for a week??? Way to let the team down. There are no excuses - you should've just stayed home. Contrite and apologetic after the fact does not cut it.

Congrats to Manny. The way things are going in 2011 makes one wish they had a fast forward button till the year 2012. Looks like next season could be a long one. Is it a lost season already? Hope not.


You think Buchanon got arrested because Golden is head coach? He resisted arrest and acted like a blatant idiot all on his own. When Shannon became head coach I think we had a quarterback get arrested...was that his fault?

Welcome to the fraternity of fatherhood Manny !May the love of your child be your most cherished posesion as the love of my children is to me !

After years of not having any, we finally get our first felon, and he's already off the team. What a shame...

We need some outlaws on that field.


Buchanan is an upstanding kid..Alcohol got the better of him..I think he will get back on the team..Hes a good kid..I hope it works out for him , he is a heck of a player.

Why was the Herald scooped on this story by the PB Post? Was it because all their reporters were on furlough (a.k.a. maternity leave, LOL)?

For those of you wondering where I've been, I'm currently on vacation/paternal leave as my wife and I expect our first child in the coming days.
-- manny navarro


Hahahaha, wow I was there last night. I had no idea this kid was a UM Football player a LB for even sake. He is way to small to be the starting LB at UM, maybe that is why he got wasted after 1 "Call a Bab", what a little kid. Maybe that is also why UM is no longer any good. "Im a UM Football player" hahahaha, like that means anything. At least beat USF and then maybe you can get some respect.

Congratulations on your first-born, Manny! Hope the everyone's doing fine.

@Buchanon: Agree to substance abuse counseling, plea out to a misdemeanor, and get your ass back on the field.

@Golden: Good job handling discipline issues immediately, appropriately, and in house before it requires public outcry and the NCAA to get involved (like other schools in the news we know).

@FLGators: And tell me about Janoris Jenkins again? What did he plea out to this month? How was that, and the 30 felonies before his, handled at UF? I'm sorry, I can't quite remember...

@Manny: CONGRATS! And yes, I was wondering...cuz you were on fire during the recruiting season.

Now for the truly disturbing part: UM lists Buchanan at 6-1, 222. Police list him at 5-10, 185.

Hahahaha, wow I was there last night. I had no idea this kid was a UM Football player a LB for even sake. He is way to small to be the starting LB at UM, maybe that is why he got wasted after 1 "Call a Bab", what a little kid. Maybe that is also why UM is no longer any good. "Im a UM Football player" hahahaha, like that means anything. At least beat USF and then maybe you can get some respect.

Posted by: Tom Giraldelli | March 22, 2011 at 03:16 PM

Tom, that was someone else. Ramon's incident was on 3/18/2011, not 3/22/2011. And, we usually beat USF. I guess we had respect all those years. Shannon paid for the loss to USF with his job.

Giraldelli is the blog Pig by another alias. If the idiot could think logically, no LB weighing 185 exists in major D-I football on any roster.

Of course, the Pig eats 185 lbs of Lil' Debbie cakes every day so it is hard for him to judge.

Hahaha, that's great! Why not spend a little more time thinking up stories to write about the University of Miami blog in the Miami Herald Mr. Giraldelli?!

It really is all you think about isn't it!

Posted by: Gtr this

The police report is online. In the report(2nd page) they list him at 185 lbs. I didn't write the report - Steve Gorten posted a link. No wonder we got run on all last year.

Congrats manny

no LB weighing 185 exists in major D-I football on any roster

You were saying? Who weighs more Jacory or Ramon?

Finally, were back! NC next year I've been waiting for the swag and Golden has these kids pissed again. More arrest more NC. The []_[] is finally awake again! Yeppie.......

you all are apologizing for this 21 year old? He is no kid. he is 21!

" I am a UM football player and I don't give an F-- what you do" "Ill get out of this" F--- the police".

Is this the kind of player that you want playing for the canes when UM hasnt done anything since 2005 and we are trying to rebuild and focus to bring this program to what it once was?

Is this what UM needs to build an already thin linebacker core?

Again, between Kelvin Cain, Dyron Dye, Storm Johnson, and Seantrel and Buchanan, these players are HURTING this program. They don't care about discipline, don't care about winning.

Maryland will be tougher than OSU- count on it, and many of you are already counting it as a win.

Apologists, STFU. This is serious. Golden should get rid of boneheads like this. Like Michael Floyd's DIU (also a very serious offense, esp if you've lost a loved one by a drunk driver)- this is serious. this wasn't some small incident. this is a felony.

Get rid of the baggage. Recruit better. Do something. Win something before you begin doing stupid crp like this.

The real question is...how much shenanigans was Randy Shannon able to keep under wraps with his local connections during his tenure? Same players, different coach (with no built in network with cops, coaches, etc). How do 7 guys 'all of the sudden' get in trouble when Randy leaves? I hypothesize this has been going on for a long time but Randy was able to keep it 'in the family'.

The cop asked him to leave THREE times? In G-ville Sheriff Bufford Pusser's ax handle would come crashing into your skull AS he's asking you why you are jay-walking.

It could be worse. He could have stolen a dead girl's credit card, threatened to kill another girl, then driven away drunk. But then he would be a trailertrash Gatard. Urban would have said a prayer right before he faked another heart attack, then made him run some stairs and suspend him for the fame against Weber State.

I am the blog Pig. A Gatard fan. I suck like you wouldn't believe (at least that's what my boyfriend tells me).

Congrats Manny (and, of course) your beloved without whom you'd be up the creek. May you have a healthy baby, and mom do great.
Been there, done this 3 times, and my wife was a champ. They have amazing strength when called upon. Don't take it personally when, in the middle of the delivery she calls you a PITA dumb you know what.
It's what they do! LOL

i hope your child is a Cane!

discipline is the key to building a champion. Self discipline is just as important in building character and judgment in an individual. the lack of character and maturity in this 21 y/o should be a lesson to the rest of the team that each one is responsible for their actions. There should be no favortism just because he is a UM athlete. Coach Golden runs a tight ship lets hope that something good comes out of this incident. Go Canes.

Well no more manly looking Hoop girls to cheer for ...

Now what ?

Ur girly looking boys to beat themselves in Ur out of County Spring game at a Soccer Stadium ?

"Out of character" LMAO!! This is what UM Football has always been about and what it will always be..

What a surprise! No not the new born, but the ability to put a story like this in the back burner. If this was an FIU athlete it would have made front page for 3 straight days. Another reason why the Herald SUCKS!

Selling Steroids from the baseball team, and now selling drugs from the football team.. I wonder what the basketball team is doing during the off season.. LMAO!!

GO Golden Panthers!!

to all of U haters, you have never been drunk before? and why can everybody read the police report? that is not right. let's hope Buchanon learned something from this!
Go Canes
Go Manny!

Had no idea how many perfect cane fans we have on this blog.lol

Why was Oregons head coach Chip Kelly at a Miami practice? can anyone answer this?

On the right track. A player in trouble that is what all great programs have in common!!!

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