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Hurricanes linebacker Ramon Buchanan suspended indefinitely, facing felony charges

Hurricanes linebacker Ramon Buchanan has been suspended indefinitely and is facing felony counts of resisting arrest with violence and battery, as well as three other misdemeanor charges after being arrested last week.

“We are aware of Ramon’s situation and we are disappointed,” UM coach Al Golden said in a statement released by the school. “This is out of character for a young man who has been a positive influence in our program. He is contrite and apologetic for the situation and is currently taking the appropriate actions towards resolution.

“UM’s track record in the community has been very positive and we will continue in our pursuit of the highest standards.”

Buchanan started 10 games last season as a junior and finished fifth on the team with 54 tackles, including eight tackles for a loss, with an interception. He was slated as the starter at weakside linebacker when spring practice began.

> UM released its latest depth chart Tuesday morning. Seeing how the depth chart figures to be tweaked several times over the rest of the spring practices, I would caution you to get too worked up over it.

The most notable nuggets: sophomore Eduardo Clements switched to cornerback from running back; freshman Olsen Pierre has moved from defensive end to defensive tackle. Clements, a tremendous all-around athlete in high school, has always been linked to corner. Pierre is probably better served at tackle because of his size.

Other quick tidbits: Jacory Harris is listed No. 1 at quarterback. Spencer Whipple is back to third; Seantrel Henderson (one of six players expected to be suspended for the season opener at Maryland) is listed as the co-first team left tackle with Malcolm Bunche.

> For those of you wondering where I've been, I'm currently on vacation/paternal leave as my wife and I expect our first child in the coming days. 


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The real question is...how much shenanigans was Randy Shannon able to keep under wraps with his local connections during his tenure? Same players, different coach (with no built in network with cops, coaches, etc). How do 7 guys 'all of the sudden' get in trouble when Randy leaves? I hypothesize this has been going on for a long time but Randy was able to keep it 'in the family'.

Posted by: The Power of Randy | March 22, 2011 at 06:01 PM


And your reduced-size ball hoops team boards another bus for another long ride home. Boohoo, the lady canes get the boot. Too bad not a single person outside off canesrule the bu t t p l u g cares. Those dykey types do it for him.

Tonight Alabama produces yet another bus pass for your sorry men's program and your ridiculous chest thumping will be all wrapped up. The No Invited Tournament doesn't have a "Sweet Sixteen." that phrase is actually copyrighted by the real basketball tourney administrators, the NCAA. They call the next round the "Elite Eight" because these are the final eight teams standing in a brutal season that includes 346 D-1 teams. It's truly elite. Anybody that suggests that the NIT round of eight is "elite" is nothing more than an Internet clown. The round of eight in the NIT matches up teams ranked roughly 65 through 72.

Doesn't really matter where u are ranked because Bammy puts the Whammy on your soft a s s hoops team tonight and mercifully pulls the plug an a pathetic season. Sorry candy canes, no Big Apple 4 u.

" Golden said he was concerned about someone leaking information but then added he was not aware which players(suspensions) were named in the report."

OH GAWWWD! Tell me Golden Showers hasn't been taking lying lessons from Shamwow? Was there ever a more transparent liar than Shannon in the history of Da U? Now Goldy is runnin' the same c r a p?

Remember, they's was jus' 'rasslin 'round. (almost broke my apostrophe key) Hey Shannon u flaming jakazzzz, ur lying is part of the reason that you got run out of town. The other reason is that you are a terrible coach.

Godly do yoself a favor and don't fall into that trap of lying to spin your PR.

gator dumb a55es

gator dumb a55es

Posted by: []_[] phoria | March 23, 2011 at 06:34 AM

Clownsrule, u just got worked bad and that's your response? Yeah right counselor, you're in the " legal profession.". When faced with futility u Lon out straight s h y t. Give up beech mtn chump. Dump that Portland shank.

Go lady canes!

Pig, Golden took a page from Urby Liar and Foley's "How to cover the trash in your team" book. At Trailerville U, it is required reading. That and the bible.

It's what ignorant people do. And Gainesville U calls itself an institution if higher learning? Either that is a lie, or the Pig never went there.

One thing remIns true: the Pig is a Costco graveyard shift security officer.

You suck Pig.

sad but true, There aint a top 10 program without some arrests.


Posted by: Ungar | March 23, 2011 at 05:29 AM

Hard to imagine a dumber by-line as it goes straight into talking about other teams. This on the uber-homer cane site. And it also amply demonstrates that you are mired in hate for other teams. So Shallow.

Posted by: Ungar | March 23, 2011 at 08:12 AM

Huh? I didn't write that. I was asleep at 5:30 in the morning, and not online at 8:12.

I guess while Manny is off on maternity leave, you guys use other names.

Weird. Oh well, I guess I can stop reading here. On Canespace, we can disagree, but we still have respect for others. You might want to try it.

Pig, I'm not Canesrule and by calling you "Pig," I am not name-calling. It is what you are as a person. A fat slob with zero personality or intellect who rips everything out of insecurity.

Thus, you are a Pig. That's not me talking. Those are the facts.

"got worked"????

Are you f*cking insane? You really think you're "working" people by talking trash on some internet blog? What a delusional, self aggrandizing, sad little man you are.

By spending all this time on this blog you're the ones obsessing over the University of Miami's football team. Enough said.

Congratulations, Manny!! Wish your family health and happiness!

Go Canes!

P.S. - you know what round the University of Miami's basketball team is playing in the NIT, who they're playing, and when they're playing.

Even UM fans don't follow the University of Miami that closely!!

If you think you "worked" []_[] phoria with your petty little gator anti-Miami comments, you are a lesser pathetic sub human than we all think you are.

Gator nation:

Please STF-U until you have beaten Miami more times than UMhas beaten you.

Please STF-U until you have won at least as many football NCs (or any baseball NC) as Miami

Please STF-U when your "institution" has fewer arrests in a 3 year period than Miami

Please STF-U when youstop having racist Klan memmbers of your community threaten to burn religious books

Please STF-U until your IQ surpasses your number of teeth

Congratulations to you and your wife!
Enjoy God's gift!
A future Cane, no doubt!

LOL, this is an interesting stuff :)

SUSPENSIONS, ARRESTS!!!! Sounds like the good ol' days...6th 'ship here we come!!! No man I'm not a turd. Just tryinna have a good day...LOL...

nu-sens- difference was the 80s and 90s thuggery was AFTER hey did their thang and won ships. these clowns havent won anything

Posted by: good kids?

That you Shandel?

Congratulations to you and your wife Manny, may God bless you with a healty, happy child. Of course, we hope he/she grows up to be a Hurricane!

Congrats Manny!!

Congrats Bro...you will love it! Kinda scary at first then it goes down hill from there! Just sayin'

Go Canes

Folks, U got problems: This arrest would never have happened under RS. Clements to cornerback, I dunno about that.

But Whip is back to 3, although should not even be on team. Looks like U might have a looooong season next year.

Cat, the arrest would have never come out under SHannon but then again the team would never have beaten anybody that was anybody under Shannon either. At least we don't have to worry about losing to Virginia anymore.
The only season that is going to be long is waiting for baseball season to get over with to get to football season.

By the way congrats to Manny and his wife on their first child.

So here's what I got out the article....

Some stuff about Buchanon....good job.


Congrats Manny!

congrats manny!

his still a young kid so dont be harsh on him mr.perfect.

Yeah Baby, The Canes are back!

We Cane fans have to face the TRUTH: our players are the same classless thugs that we became in the early 80's. There is no way to polish trash & have it not still be trash.

Congrats Manny!!!

Manny....congrats to your lovely wife on the new addition!! Another Canes' fan added to the list!!

Brilliant contributors! Most with the mind of a 10-year old.

Shannon will never be offered the FAU job and you are full of crap. Quit making stuff up loser.

So you all want the Thugs back? If that's the case, let's all become FSU fans now... Because the NCAA will give Miami the Death Penalty if we go back to the Thug U days... SMH @ some of y'all

The thugs were a lot more entertaining to watch. And they won't give us the death penalty. They screwed up once doing that to SMU and will not do that again.

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