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Report: Five more UM football players suspended; And Ohio State fiasco

Nearly a week after InsideTheU.com reported that UM left tackle Seantrel Henderson had been suspended for the opener at Maryland, Adam Kuperstein of NBC Miami reported five other players have been suspended for the opener as well.

According to Kuperstein, those players are defensive backs Keion Payne and Devont'a Davis; running back Storm Johnson, linebacker Kelvin Cain; and defensive lineman Dyron Dye. Kuperstein said the suspensions were not academic related, and that all six players "broke team rules.''

I put in a call to UM associate athletic director for communications Chris Freet, and he said coach Al Golden is on vacation this weekend and will be back next week. Spring football practice resumes Tuesday.

I cannot confirm the suspensions, but it is quite obvious by now that Golden runs an extremely tight ship, and I can almost guarantee he won't comment on the report. He wants to keep everything within "the U family,'' as he calls it.

My guess is that if six players were suspended, the infraction is related. I don't know for sure.

> Golden also didn't discuss injuries at all at Temple, but will comply with the ACC suggested policy of divulging injury statuses the Thursday before a game (you know -- doubtful, probable, out, etc.) Don't know if he'll go the "upper extremity" and "lower extremity'' route.


> You've all probably heard by now that Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel said he wants the same punishment as his five players who took improper benefits (selling autographed memorabilia and receiving discounted tattoos): suspensions for the first five games of 2011.

Ohio State conducted its own investigation of the matter and suspended Tressel for two games before he came out with his newest suggestion yesterday. He was suspended because it was learned he knew about his players' improper benefits for more than nine months (including all of the 2010 season) and never reported it to anyone. Tressel had signed an NCAA disclosure form last September that he didn't know about the violations -- "even though he had exchanged e-mails in April and June with a Columbus lawyer who told him of his players' relationship with a Columbus tattoo-parlor owner and of the benefits the players had received,'' according to an Associated Press report.

Tressel could be handed down a more severe punishment by the NCAA.

So, when UM play Ohio State in Miami on Sept. 17, here are the Buckeyes who will not be playing in that game: quarterback Terrelle Pryor, starting offensive lineman Mike Adams, leading rusher Daniel Herron, first-team receiver De Vier Posey and backup defensive lineman Solomon Thomas.

And Tressel will not be coaching against Miami.




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well, NORMALLY you want to be the best at their full strength, but in this case, a WIN is a WIN, and will get them a better bowl if they fail to get to or win the ACC in 2011-12.

Besides, OSU deserves everything they're getting, and MORE. No punishment during the Clarett fiasco, the tutoring scandal, etc.

Let the feel what it's like to lose when you cheat.

funny, I really had grown to admire Tressel and his team post game last year, as they played a clean game, and Tressel went easy on us at the end.

Turns out he is just another Bruce Pearl (TN basketball) who put his own job, and record ahead of doing the right thing.

Whoops, meant to say BEAT the best, etc

It doesn't matter who we put out there - we are THE U and we invented Swagga. I changed my 'ships to 23 as dare I say we win in beisbol and football.

Go 'canes!

I see Shandel Gorten also posts over here
4 years and hes still going on with the same boring garbage

Tressel is a scheming, lying, slimey, shady little hypocrite in a sweater vest.

His "apologies" were empty disingeniuous farcical rebounds that were like syrup of ipecac.

a real man would have saud the following,

" I am sorry for allowing cheater Clarett to play in the 2002 National Ch. As a result, we were ineligible;therefore, the Sears trophy belongs to the real National Champions, THE University of Miami, as they were also the victims of a terrible officiating call"

" " I am also sorry for not doing anything when I learned that Prior and the other 4 players essentially violated NCAA rules and in essence, cheated. because of that I hereby forfeit the 2010 season in its entirety, which will make OSu 1-10 against the SEC".

As for the i-diot players who were punished- the players do not deserve to be canes. they let their team down, through selfish actions. Kelvin cain was supposd to be growing into theleadership position of ILB,, but he obviously isn't ready. Seantrel henderson, the man child, is just a child. He is not ready for the NFL, and that is good because the NFL wont be ready for him.

These players, we dont need. Please do something before you get suspendd. beat someone. win the ACC, beat VT, win a NC. Then you can act like fools. At least former "real" canes like Lamar Thomas, Playmaker etc, did something before acting out.

Yeah lets hope we are spared the upper and lower extremity crap. I like what Golden is doing with our program. The guys will learn from their mistakes and be better for it.

Why hell is Golden on vacation? Jimmy would never take a vacation! He hasn't done one thing and he is on vacation!!! This guy doesn't have it I am sorry to say.

Nobody asked what you thought

My conclusion is that Tressel ignored prima fascia evidence concerning a violation by his players. I hope the majority of college football coaches, or coaches of any sport on whatever level, would step forward and call his players to account for their actions. Isn't part of what his coaching entails is that of teacher and leader of young men? People young and old occasionally make mistakes. Isn't it better to investigate the issue and apply an appropriate discipline to the violators for their future benefit and the preservation of ethical image of Ohio State University?

The situation should never have progressed to this point. The players made a mistake. But, theirs has been overshadowed by Tressel's even worse action. Ohio State University needs to take action to make sure all observers know that they will make sure both players and coach must conform to the highest standards of a major university. Presently, the standards and integrity of the school are in question.

IMAwriter, you are NOT a writer. You make constant typos. You never proofread. You lack cohesiveness.

You shouldn't call yourself a writer when your writing skills are terrible. Any chump with a Hewlett Packard can do what you ATTEMPT to do.

Wake up.

coach golden has team rules for which everybody is required to maintain. the inmates of the previous regime where not held accountable now each and everone is held responsible for their actions. discipline is the key to the begining of a championship at the UM. Keep up the good work coach. I for one fully support his approach and would hope each and every other UM fan does the same. If we start 11 guys and that is all we have so be it.

Webster aka Shandel Gorten shut up already and head back to the Sentinel where those 2 welcome you with open arms

Stinks that OSU is going to be missing Pryor.

As for suspended UM kids, I'm glad that Golden is laying down the law.

I heard that the co-ed cheering squad and the drum major were told by Coach Golden they should prepare to be called up for the Ohio State game.

I'd rather beat them at full strength, but whatever, we'll take it.

Bad Choir Boys ...

Heard they got caught smokn by the RA an he snitched...

TRESSELL's always been DIRTY, going back to the Maurice Clarett days.

These "self-imposed" sanctions should not make any difference with the NCAA...they should STILL COME DOWN HARD ON OHIO SKANK....!
The ONLY reason that they are using "self-imposed" sanctions is that they think it will make the NCAA think that they are sincere...THEY ARE NOT!!

Screw OSU!!

am i the only one who thinks bruce pearl would be great for miami? our basketball team is in need of a spark. he gives us that. as long as he stays in line, i think it'd be a great hire. just my opinion...

Bruce Pearl would put a few more seats in the BUC but Shalala won't bring in anyone with baggage I guess except Golden who finds it necessary to take vacations in less then 5 months on the job. This guy is a used car salesman.

Again - keep LUKE away from the program. Taxing strippers is not the way to get a stadium

Al Golden and staff barely had a chance to unpack their bags since they arrived. They've been balls to the walls ever since. They deserved a spring-break vacation to unwind, spend some time with the wife and kids, and re-charge their batteries.

As for our suspended players, it's disappointing that they apparently put themselves before the team. Golden ain't screwing around boyz. If these young men want a championship they best get their heads in the game pronto; otherwise, we'll just have another collection of talented players who turn on and off like they have the past several years.

I expect as we get the infusion of Golden's young 2011 class, there'll be some real surprises down at Coral Gables when a few of our supposed veterans are sitting because of their "me attitude" and kids like Perryman, Paul, Chickillo, and Finnie, etc., are starting because of their "team-want attitude". All slackers best get with the U-program now before they're banished permanently.

Change "team-want attitude" to "team-first attitude" at the end of my rant. My bad. Sorry.

Copy~N~Paste, are you some kind of idiot, Golden can't take a vacation. How stupid is that. As for Pearl, just like Leach, no one will touch them for a good long while, not just the U.

Vacation = no dedication.

"Make it rain - its on me, I finna be da maya"

- Uncle Luke

Wow, I knew it wouldn't be long before we would get a post stating that Coach Golden is a disciplinarian an Coach Shannon ran a renegade program where the players were raping and plundering anyone and everything. RS had only 1 arrest over 3 yrs. and you never heard about any 'Cane players getting in trouble. Why? Was the media covering up for RS...? Was Coral Gables and campus police covering for RS? No on both counts. The reason that you did not hear about players getting into trouble was because they were not getting into trouble. You can blame RS for lots of stuff (you can even blame him for what happened in Egypt, what is going on in Libya and for Carlos Alvarez being recalled if you would like), but to say that he did not stress discipline off the field is being either blind, stupid or both.

I always love it when EA comes out with the new NCAA game. And of course, THE U is featured along with a video running over some Swamp Lizards. Enjoy and of course for you trolls, Envy:

EA shows off first screens of NCAA Football 12

F-U Canes.

Yeah, cane4 life- Shannon was a disciplinarian in his own way- he picked and chose who he would discipline, or sit or suspend, and he did not have an even hand. He played favoritism with some of his "boys", and that is why many players acted like they didnt care.

And also explains why several transferred out.

Regardless, the point here is that those 6 players are not "team" minded. I say, cut them all lose, give scholies to players who are coachable, with character andabove all, who want to take the U to the promised land. No "me" attitudes. No more being late to meetings, getting caught with spliffs, or breaking curfews. No fights in SO Be, or anything. Mind you I don't know what exactly happened (but I dont care either).

Cut the players that wont follow the rules. Cut their scholies. Send them package.

U are either with us or against us.

Uh, ok. Who said anything about RS other than making fun of his injury reports.

And of course RS didn't have many kids in trouble. That's because he recruited a bunch of wanna be's without Swag. He missed out on the true Gladiators. Tired of watching these soft Canes losing to the likes of UVA. Time for these boys to man up. No more talk just do.


Another idiot, dedication has nothing to do with taking a one week vacation. How old are you.

Will the natives give Al hell for not releasing info like the previous coach? Come on Manny, where are the reports regarding this? Oops, we will see them once Al is no longer with the program.

Uh, ok. Who said anything about RS other than making fun of his injury reports.

And of course RS didn't have many kids in trouble. That's because he recruited a bunch of wanna be's without Swag. He missed out on the true Gladiators. Tired of watching these soft Canes losing to the likes of UVA. Time for these boys to man up. No more talk just do.


Posted by: 360cane | March 19, 2011 at 10:23 AM
You can have swag & still be sorry as hell. I have no idea wtf swag has to do w/winning.

Jim Martz from canesport reporting on Scnhellie celebrating his birthday, and achieving a dream he could never fulfill at UM: an on-campus stadium.

FAU will open its stadium soon.

That makes UCF, UF, FSU, and FAU with their own stadiums. Small colleges like Wake Forest Princeton U., and Duke also have their own.

Why not Miami? Why not, after 5 National Championships, a total of 9 or possible 10 attempts at National Championships, Money upon money from the likes of A-rod and others, and no stadium?

Because the "geniuses" and corrupt politicians and city planners in the city of Coral Gables and Miami, and the goofy, no-nothing, greedy, PC administartions and Trustees at the University have never ever had the courage, or outside the box thinking, love for the U, appreciation for what the U has done for south floridians, to make it happen.

You need about $300 Million to build a 45,000 seat stadium with a capacity to go to 50. You need to tear down the Hecht and incorporate it into the new stadium, which would house offices, weight rooms and locker rooms. I've seen it done at georgia tech, or others. Practice fields can also be incorporated. Don't tell me there is no room, because I am en engineer and ther is. Of course the city of Coral Gables would need to be involved and on board. That's my ---ing point!

The most pathetic problem UM has continued to have has been the lack of a stadium. Donna Shalala, tad Foote, and every single one that has been involved with UM, since say 1980 are at fault for this travesty. This is ONE of several reasons Um has not continued to dominate florida football in thelast 8 years, and the reason why UCF, USF and soon FAU and FIU will continue to catch up while Um falls by the wayside because recruiting will be lost and the younger generations, who have never heard of "the glory days of Miami" will not even care and end up at cheaper, up and coming schools, with their own facilities!

mark my words.

Wow are we really getting off by a video game - we have fallen far from grace.

All I am saying is that Jimmy Johnson would not have gone on vacation but we also wouldn't have suspended Seantrel/Storm.

Jimmy took lots of vacations in the off season to Islamorada. Are you even old enough to remember the late 70's. And the suspensions are necessary to instill discipline, and to put fear of the coach in the team. BTW Jimmy did suspend players.

Hey Michael

Name one star player Jimmy suspended. He did not take a vacation during the spring of his first year.

Michael, where is it that you read that Al is on vacation for 1 week?
Its a little creepy you ask everyone what age they are
Maybe this isnt the site youre looking for

Off the top of my head Warren Williams, starting RB. Reason undisclosed.

during the springs it's arecruiting blackout period, between springs practice dates, no camps which happen in the summer, no game plans, no scouting. When better.

On another note do you remember Magic Benton....

Uphoria, trust me, the problem isn't the university, it's coral gables. And actually we don't need their permission to build whatever we want on campus, but we do need their permission to do anything that affects roads and traffic in the gables, i.e. host the games.

They spent two years negotiating a road to cut from San Amaro through the arboretum to alleviate the traffic leaving those big student lots behind Memorial Building - Coral Gables would and will never let UM build a stadium, period, end of story.

Copy~N~Paste, maybe you're a little know nothing high schooler, that's the way you sound anyway when you question a well deserved one week vacation from a workaholic coach.

Learn to read the article "I put in a call to UM associate athletic director for communications Chris Freet, and he said coach Al Golden is on vacation this weekend and will be back next week. Spring football practice resumes Tuesday"

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/03/report-five-more-um-football-players-suspended.html#ixzz1H3kkTvCr

"Vacation this weekend"
What happened did Chris Hansen catch you on one of his shows so you feel like you need to ask everyone their age?
Work those issues out with your PO

Copy~N~Paste, I'll do that when get smarter.

Please the man just got here. I'm sure he needs a break just to get his family settled into their new home and take care of personal things that have so far gone undone.

I going to with hold comment on the suspensions until Coach Golden gets back. But it is not a good start.

Guys if what we are just learning is true, we have gotten off to a very bad start.

BTW stop planning on putting OSU in the win column. You all know about wounded animals, they will be very tough to beat even at lower strength. Remember we have a group of guys here that haven't beaten any good in a couple of years.

Bob BBA70

Hmm, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Four days equals a week?

During Spring Break when the players are not there anyway?

Fake ID Gator troll shows his lack of math skills yet again.

Sorry, forgot he's not allowed to take 4 days off, not a week. That really sound unreasonable. Get a life.

Good football coaches in their first year, taking over for a fallen program with a fan base that has championship aspirations don't take vacations. He has a lot of work to do.

Of course they do you idiot, every one of them do. BTW it's 4 day as you can see by the last 2 posts.

Okay, the city of Coral Gables will not let us build a stadium on campus, what about Tropical Park as a site for a future stadium? How far is Tropical Park from campus? If I am correct in my thinking, isn't it also right off of the 826? All we need is a stadium that seats 50K, with the possibility of 55-57K for games like FSU or any other big game/opponent. The intimacy would be great and believe me when we are contending again, the 55K will sound like 75K.

Cane4Life, that sounds like a great plan, and that would be a great place for a stadium. If only the city would donate the land.

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