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Report: Five more UM football players suspended; And Ohio State fiasco

Nearly a week after InsideTheU.com reported that UM left tackle Seantrel Henderson had been suspended for the opener at Maryland, Adam Kuperstein of NBC Miami reported five other players have been suspended for the opener as well.

According to Kuperstein, those players are defensive backs Keion Payne and Devont'a Davis; running back Storm Johnson, linebacker Kelvin Cain; and defensive lineman Dyron Dye. Kuperstein said the suspensions were not academic related, and that all six players "broke team rules.''

I put in a call to UM associate athletic director for communications Chris Freet, and he said coach Al Golden is on vacation this weekend and will be back next week. Spring football practice resumes Tuesday.

I cannot confirm the suspensions, but it is quite obvious by now that Golden runs an extremely tight ship, and I can almost guarantee he won't comment on the report. He wants to keep everything within "the U family,'' as he calls it.

My guess is that if six players were suspended, the infraction is related. I don't know for sure.

> Golden also didn't discuss injuries at all at Temple, but will comply with the ACC suggested policy of divulging injury statuses the Thursday before a game (you know -- doubtful, probable, out, etc.) Don't know if he'll go the "upper extremity" and "lower extremity'' route.


> You've all probably heard by now that Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel said he wants the same punishment as his five players who took improper benefits (selling autographed memorabilia and receiving discounted tattoos): suspensions for the first five games of 2011.

Ohio State conducted its own investigation of the matter and suspended Tressel for two games before he came out with his newest suggestion yesterday. He was suspended because it was learned he knew about his players' improper benefits for more than nine months (including all of the 2010 season) and never reported it to anyone. Tressel had signed an NCAA disclosure form last September that he didn't know about the violations -- "even though he had exchanged e-mails in April and June with a Columbus lawyer who told him of his players' relationship with a Columbus tattoo-parlor owner and of the benefits the players had received,'' according to an Associated Press report.

Tressel could be handed down a more severe punishment by the NCAA.

So, when UM play Ohio State in Miami on Sept. 17, here are the Buckeyes who will not be playing in that game: quarterback Terrelle Pryor, starting offensive lineman Mike Adams, leading rusher Daniel Herron, first-team receiver De Vier Posey and backup defensive lineman Solomon Thomas.

And Tressel will not be coaching against Miami.




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By the way, it shows lack of respect by the players to get suspended by Golden. I do not like where this is going - then he high tails it out of town?

From twitter - Kuperstein reports that the players were at a Luther Campbell fund raiser for his mayoral campaign and it ended up at King of Diamonds where bottles were purchased by former canes.(One being Bryant McKinnie who just got back from Africa). Of course, the herald will report this 3 days later.

Prediction: Before long, the U will be playing home games at Marlins Stadium, the former Orange Bowl, which will be easily converted to profitably seat and park 40,000 for football games. No more of this "away game" feel at Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphin/Land Shark/Sun Life Stadium. My guess is the Marlins and the U will be able to negotiate a suitable lease that creates a win-win situation. After all, a Marlins Stadium that sits empty most of the year and only partly-filled during baseball season would appreciate having a cash-paying tenant.

Michael is the Shandel Gorten from the Sentinel blog
That does explain why he asks the age question so often

Miramar, I normally wouldn't scold a poster for expressing an opinion, but you have no clue at all based on your repeated posts. This is NOT a normal-type vacation for Al and Co. This is a time to get settled in, unpack their bags, catch their breath, see their wives and kids. What part of that don't you understand? Have you ever spent an extended time away from your family? Ever?

This is all for the best because we want the staff to come to work every day knowing that all is well on the home front and that everything's been taken care of. Golden and staff have been work-a-holics since they arrived. I don't understand why you keep knocking and questioning their dedication.

No,that's not why, you just sound really stupid when you say a coach shouldn't take time off during the off season. I have no patience for someone as obtuse. Period.

Coach Golden needs time to "settle in" with his wife and family and probably also take care of some personal business. Since he has been the coach at UM he has been going full speed ahead. We have to remember that he is a football coach and leader/developer of young men, but he is also a husband and a father to young children. He can do both jobs well with planning and hard work (he seems excel at planning and has a god work ethic). Even though many do not want to hear it, the latter job (keeping his marriage together and raising his children) is more important than the first job. Cut the guy some slack and let him take his vacation. This is one of the few times all year that he will probably get a break.

I hate to see these suspensions at the beginning of the season. Clearly, Coach Golden is a no nonsense guy, and this will pay off with the kind of kid that wants to come to the U. H With his approach, some kids may shake out.

But, let the team be at full strength to start your first season! We are tired of almosts!

UCane, agree wholeheartedly on the stadium issue. Someone needs to take this project on and make it real and ON CAMPUS!

"Contract" - a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties with mutual obligations.

UM has a 25 (now 22) year contract with Dolphins stadium.

We're not going anywhere, stop crying about the lack of intimacy and buy a damn ticket.

Thank you Eudicamous, these posters can be so obtuse. No stadium, players don't respect the coach because Luke is telling them how they can make money on the side, and a coach who isn't committed.

Another long year.

I heard they were caught smoking dope..

Posted by: MH

No they aren't in Gainesville. This Miami where we pop champagne and we have too many outside influences.



U, Bitter 88

RS ran a tight ship and that's why players did not get suspended; what a joke. Stop chewing on Golden's jock strap dude.

Contracts can be bought out Eudocimus, Contracts can be altered, etc. And even then, Miami can still build a stadium. But that exactly proves my point. The genius lady who worked this deal with the satdium was exactly the opposite. The soiclaist troll made aA short-sided narrow minded deal that did nothing but hurt this football program. She clearly knew nothing about UM and the mystique of the OB. Had she worked a deal out to repair or modernize the OB, eventually building a stadium exclusively for the U would have been a real possibility.

Proof that the so-called elite smart academics are exactly the opposite- dumb a--es.

And why would I want to "buy a damn ticket" as you put it, when it will cost me another $25 to park my Ford Escort, $27 for 3 beers, $10 for a dog, and another $50 for my kids and my designated driver's food and drinks? Do you have that much money? Good for you, 'cause I don't!

Posted by: []_[] phoria |

Guess that UM education really came in handy, Juan. I can afford it but I choose not to go because our coach isn't committed and I refuse to have another mediocre(9+ years) year. Our players suspect he is gong back to Penn State and Mayoral Candidate Luke is pushing a black coach to take over. If you don't believe me - read Uncle Lukes tweets - clear as day

Well obviously there's no "altering" a contract like that -if UM wants out, they'd have to pay some huge part of 22 years worth of rent.

And UM could spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a stadium, but realistically they won't. Remember, the Orange Bowl wasn't ours either, we just rented it from the city.

And I'm sick of hearing about the Orange Bowl mystique. I'll admit I got a little teary eyed during the montage after the UVA game but it just reminded me that the thing that made that stadium special was the teams that played in it.

I've been to sold out Orange Bowl games and Dolphins playoffs games at Joe Robbie - when the teams are good, the crowd is there, and when the crowd is there, the stadium has every bit the atmosphere that the OB did.

I know I'm in the minority of Miami fans that actually goes to sporting events when the team isn't undefeated but I'm sure you saw on TV how empty the OB was for games against the Dukes and FAMUs of the world. The crowd for the USF game would have been just as embarrassing if they were filling out a quarter of the OB.

Tropical park is extremely close to another football stadium. Let's say that both schools have games at the same time. WTF will happen to the traffic?

And STFU "Miramar Cane" - you choose not to go because you're a Gators fan.

Racist prick.

I will say this though - the first UM game at Joe Robbie I remember hearing the crowd and feeling like something was missing.

It took me about four games to realize it was the tin signs. They need to make some new signs to hang up during UM games that the fans can bang on.

Miramar Cane = The Pig.

Pug, get a woman or a friend. Your hand and computer don't count.

Oh yea, the "money" in Coral Gables really wants a stadium down there. You know, so sloppy, drunk fans can trash their yards with beer bottles, cigarette butts, BBQ trash, etc. They would also love for people to park in their yards ruining their landscape. Not to mention, where in the heck are you going to park the 25K-50K-75K that come? There is a reason THE U only enrolls 16,000. If they could build a bigger campus, they would. Makes me wonder if the people making the comment has ever even been on campus.

The idea for the school was built on academics not athletics. They didn't become a football powerhouse until the late 70's, early 80's, and the school has been around since 1925.

If talking about getting a stadium floats your boat then go for it. But it will NEVER happen. If it were going to happen, it would have already been done.

BTW Miramar Cane sounds a lot like OGV. Bash Golden for suspending players and bash Tressel for not suspending players. To suspend or not to suspend, that is the question...

Miramar Cane is the Pig Douche. Common thread through all of his posts. Clear as day.

Countdown till the 'necks are demanding Muscrap's head? Game 6. Another HomeComing beatdown cometh, porcine of the processor.

Cane4Life and Uphoria I do agree with you both. We need our own home to play in and, it will help our program rise once again. It sucks not having a place to call our own.

Miramar Cane has to be the stupidest person I have seen on here since that idiot Bull Gator that talked from his aszzz. WHo gives two craps what uncle Luke is pushing? Golden is here and will be here for the forseable future building a winner that Shannon failed to build and Coker destroyed. I bet U would like a few days off to spend with your family if U had one to get them settled in. The man has worked day and night relentlessly to fix the mess that "lower extremity or upper extremity" Shannon left him and has done a remarkable job doing so. Glad we finally have a real coach unlike those gators who have a bunch of assistent coaches.

There was a time, that even during "off years" i.e. non-national championship yrs that the OB would be a huuuge home field advantage. The crowd especially on the closed end was extremely loud and boisterous, esp b/c they sold beer. Definite home field adv and most colleges hated to play there because of that. Dump or no dump it was 1000X better than the dump where they play the Citrus Bowl in Orlando (which is indeed in a crack neighborhood), and 100X better than the former Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, and still better than that dump in gainesville. It was pure So fl with churro and pork venders on the sidewalks, palm trees, and, so what if there was no where to park. I alwasy managed to find someone's back yd for $10-$20. The bathrooms were horrible, and I had a seat behind a huge pole in 2000 when we beat FSU. On that day, the stadium literally swayed and rocked. When Shockey caught that TD and when FSU missed the tying FG, the stadium rocked. Literally. 81,000 people. Nothing like it. Louder than 100,000 people at Michigan or Penn State.

That... was the OB mystique.

239, Canes for Life, guys I'm with U in that I would like to see our Canes have their own stadium. However the fact is that the probability of that becoming a reality is very slim. I have never seen a program be so successful in the last 25 years with 5 National titles and bring in the money that this football program has a city and recieve so little back from the city or university. U would think that with the millions that the program has brought in and notoriety that the city of Miami has recieved because of the Hurricanes that they would be looked after before any program or organization. And to think the Marlins will play their home games at the very location that the orange bowl once stood is ridiculous. Who cares about the Marlins when compared to the Canes. They bought the 2 world series they won and then dismantled the team both times. The Canes won their titles with great players and coaches. What I want to know is what was wrong with the Marlins staying put and the Canes leasing their stadium until the Orange Bowl was fixed or a new one built? Everybody talks about giving someone their just due. Well how about giving it to our Canes for a chance Miami. In the last 25 years we have 5 titles and the Dolphins, Heat, and Marlins have combined to win 3. The Marlins could up and leave any time but the Canes will always be Miami's.

championships - the whole point was that the Marlins could up and leave.

I would have rather the Marlins left town and the Orange Bowl be renovated but I don't see how the university could have done anything differently.

The Marlins got kicked out of Joe Robbie in 2010, if the city and county didn't help the team build a new ballpark they were going to move to San Antonio.

UM couldn't stay in the Orange Bowl because it needed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of structural renovation work on the rotted concrete. UM didn't own the stadium, there's no way they could have footed the whole bill to do that.

The ideal solution would have been to both renovate the Orange Bowl and build the ballpark on that abandoned lot past Bayside, but after all the stink Norman Braman put up over the Marlins money there was no way the politicians could swing another project like that, especially for a private school.

I hate the Marlins, they treat their couple hundred fans like sh*t.

Who the hell are any of you, to run your loose mouths opining whether Al can take a vacation or not? He doesn't work for you, stop the self-aggrandizing huffing and puffing, appointing yourselves as Al's bosses. The guy deserves as much time as he needs to get settled and take a break from tireless recruiting and getting ready for spring. You guys should take a chill pill and let Al do his job, cause I bet you don't have a clue re what it takes to be a HC!

pearls and leaches situations arent comparable. for one, pearl had compliance violations... he didnt lock a kid in a closet. and two, if u have baggage, you dont trade up. u get your shot at redemption at a lesser program. leach getting a shot at miami (an elite program), is ridiculous. whereas our basketball program is irrelevant. pearl getting a second chance here makes sense. it would create instant relevancy and make it a hip program for recruits to commit to. we could talk about our bball team having swagger for once and fans might actually show up to the games.

but as well as relevancy, our program needs discipline and direction. i have never seen a more disorganized team in my life. they play like its street ball. the team consistently blows leads. players dont play to their potential. frank martin comes to mind as a possible candidate... but i doubt he'd come home to miami when he has a solid gig at k-st.

hell, brad stephens! the guy is a prodigy! or buzz williams! im just dreaming now though... lol

Oh my god I have heard it all now. The Orange Bowl mystique was due to beer and churro/pork vendors. No wonder the nation thinks we are stupid fans. the U is not getting there own stadium anytime soon and really not in some of your lifetime you living in the past alumni. Beer=mystique ha ha ah

MiramarCane = blog Pig.

Stupid fans? Check your spelling and grammar you 'billy.

Ignorant bible-thumping 'necks from the sticks should keep to their trailers and bibles and leave reason and progress to the rest of us.

Once, whole some guy named Jesus was yelling NO BLOCKY at me I saw an apparition. The OB appeared in a dream, it had a swag halo. The acrid smell of urine from the OB bathroom floor on my shoes awoke me from my mystical dream.

You all (Miramar cane and the gator who posted as cat on a stick) are so dumb its funny

The point was, no stdium, from no school in the country had the cultural "identity" or the personality thatthe OB had.

Ok, now the U plays at at very nice pro stadium, with club seats (yay!), nice parking (whoopee), and places for tailgating (hooray!). The seats are nice, and there is a nice jumbotron (weeee!).

Yet fact is, ever since UM moved to the stadium, it lost its identity. Its lost its connection with fans. Win or lose.

Even the smoke tunnel is less exciting, because it all looks artificial and disconnected. Shalala and the powers that be who decided this move are ignorant, narrow minded, selfish, know-nothing, know-no-football geeks with political agendas. They could care less about Miami's football legacy or history. they sho don't give a rats a55 about south florida non-alumni cane fans.

Give this UM needs an on-campus stadium thing a rest. A lot of teams in major U.S. cities (USC, Pitt) don't have on-campus stadiums. The BUC is on-campus and you see how many people show up for those games. Miami's student body is too small to fill an on-campus stadium on it's own. Joe Robbie is going to be renovated soon and the seats will move closer to the field after the Marlins leave. There has been some good energy at some of the games. Remember the Oklahoma game a couple of years ago? I was at the FSU game this year and it was packed and loud until FSU started dominating (which was very early in the game). If the Canes start winning again people will show up (from Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade) and the place will be rocking.

Calling for those who have apparently been suspended (remember no confirmation from UM staff yet)to be kicked off the team is beyond ridiculous! If they broke team rules so be it but let's not over react. And for Golden taking the weekend off, get a life folks he has worked two years worth of hours since he got here. He has a family and a wife and a life. He is doing what is required to bring the U back to life. Let it happen. As for Gator and Nole trols well you know what you can do....

I agree about the ole girl's mystique. Nothing like the tones of raw iron clanging, feet stomping, and people screaming. There will be nothing like her again. Super Bowls were won in that stadium. National titles were won in that stadium. The memories from that are priceless.

And no way were they going to dump tax money into renovating it. It's the City Of Miami's poor management that ruined the chances for that. The money they were making from all the events in that place could have easily been put back into it on a yearly basis to keep it maintained. They milked it as much as they could until she cam tumbling down.

I am sure if they asked most of us would have grabbed our tools and heading down there to keep her going.

To the ole girl, we miss ya!


Miami has the talent! Can Golden coach?
we will find out in 6 months. I will not be satisfied with anything less than a NAtional Championship. G CANES!!!

Want to talk about "identity"? The Swamp was built in 1930, saw two World Wars, and has been home to three national championship teams.

That makes an identity, not churros.

Miramar impostor:

The Sw(D)a(u)mp saw 3 National Ch. The OB saw 5. In their first ever meeting at the dump, because Miami had the b--lls to travel there by train, in 1935, guess who won?

What is your point?

Anonymous cane- Its been 6 years since Um has even remotely competed in football. 2005 really was the last semi-good year with a team that believed in itself.
six long years. ups and downs. Hype. QBs taht got arrested, and in accidents and with injured hands, and QBs that transferred, and brawls onnational TV,and 2 fired HCs and 3 fired OCs and only one bowl win, and blah blah blah... Point is, anonymous, enough of the bs already. If these players are so selfish. So stup--id and undisciplined thatthey can't follow team rules, if they are so dumb that they cannot realize that they shouldnt be somewhere, or do something that would be a detriment to the team, then let the losers go. On one of my original posts I said, DO SOMETHING before you start getting into trouble and calling attention to yourselves: Win the ACC, win a NC, win 10 games. Win something. Win a bowl. But the seaosn hasnt even started. I mean, spring practice hasnt barely started and you have 6 players suspended? Are you kidding? Can they be more selfish than that? Dyron Dye, Kelvin Cain, and Storm were definitely going to contribute, not to mention Seantrel. But it is apparent that they could give a d--- about the U. Its all about them. I say stop recruiting these overhyped primadonnas and satrt recruiting true canes that will go to war for the U. A Kellen Winslow III, Jeremy Shockey, Mike Irvin, Ray Lewis, Dan Morgan, Ed Reed type.

These chumps that got themselves suspended belong at FIU or gainseville.

Of course Miramar Cane is the blog Pig. That one is so easy to spot. Hey, Pig, if Ben Hill Douchebag wasn't located in a trailerpark surrounded by ugly Pentecostal churches, MAYBE it would be a nice stadium.

Then again, if you had balls you wouldn't be such a puzzy.

Man good to see the Lady Canes represent.

Oh and the hiring of Kirby's hiring of Billie Gillespie speaks volumes. It proves there was some truth to Lebatard's article. If Leach was a bad seed and was considered a candidate at the U how is Gillespie worthy?

Does anyone even know what "team rule" was broken? Why would you be calling for the heads of these 6 players when we don't even know what they did. Maybe they were 30 seconds late to a team meeting, or were joking around at practice and Coach Golden felt it was a good time to really get his teams attention. Whatever the situation, I believe Coach has a pretty good understanding of how he should handle it. As far as Golden finally getting to take a break, maybe we should give him one! He came into Miami and basically saved us from a recruiting disaster, has already gotten us off to what looks to be a very promising 2012 recruiting class, instilled a whole new mind-set with a team that seemed to be mentally broken and under achieving, completely overhauled the strength and conditioning program, repaired broken ties with the local high schools and professional sports organizations and instituted a fast paced practice regimen where our players will actually be taught how to perform in the areas we are lacking in. That was his first 3 months and there is still 6 more before the start of the season, besides the players are on break and do you really think Coach Golden left his films and to-do list at home? This guy bleeds football and I'm sure he's working somewhere!!


Do you think, after hearing Coach Golden speak, with his intelligence and what appears incredibly level head, that he would suspend 6 players for the opening game of the season, 5 1/2 months away, let alone a key conference game? No way. These jokers did something quite serious, maybe not as serious as a crime, but bad enough. Being 30 seconds late to a meeting? No way. That warrants extra running or whatever. You are dead wrong on this one.

Them chumps are already hurting the team.

Dear []_[] Second Grader,

My point, as you so elegantly put it, is why call for their heads if they didn't commit any crimes. Furthermore, you have no idea what they did, so why the need to respond like an idiot. You act like they just cost us the NC or something.
I am confident that Coach Golden is intellegent enough to determine what violations deserve what punishment, and I certainly am not happy that the team may suffer from their misdeeds. However, let's be realistic, Maryland isn't quite a powerhouse and in many of these positions there are equal, or at the very least, adequate replacements.
I have no idea what they did either, but I am glad that one: they didn't rape or kill anyone, and two: Golden has the man bag to discipline those in need of it. I have faith that the rest of the team will perform on the field and hopefully these players will learn the lesson the first time.

P.S. []_[] Second Grader

You're talking about teenagers and young men, who will undoubtably make mistakes, and it would be idiotic to kick everyone off the team who makes one. At 18 did you sit around saying, "If I did that, would that be in the best interest of my team (Family, Community, Country, etc...)"? No you, like myself and evey other 18 year old, probably did something you would later regret and/or learn from. Maybe cut them a little slack. <><

Maryland is no pushover, and we barely beat them last year. And, they have a new coach known for turning out hard hitting teams. This is no guaranteed Cane win. I am sure Coach Golden has a good reason for the suspensions. Let's just hope that we have a QB that shows up for the game, and that the TEAM performs all out and executes well! And that the suspended players get it!


Please. Get off your high horse. When I was 18 I wasnt on a D-1 football powerhouse were you?

and for your teeny little mind to think one minute that Going into Byrd stadium against maryland who we barely beat last year is a joke, just like your posts are.

You totally missed my point, and I stand by what I said. We've had enough of the Marves and Bryce Browns and Taylor Cooks of this wordl, players who really would prefer not to be miami hurricanes. Theundisciplined types who would put their little "inclinations" before their team. We are still far from the Ohio States or Auburns or Alabamas of college football, and I dare to say far from even the Oregon's or Boise States. Those teams have TEAM mentalities. To have 6 players "go there" this early on, is pathetic.

No I don't know what they did but it is obviously serious. What do you think, Einstein, do you think one minute that Golden suspended them for an ACC game because they jaywalked? Be real, dude. Ok, I'll even back trackand take back the whole "kick them off the team thing" but I'd put those 6 players on double secret probation and on a serious warning of a 2 strikes youre out.

Do yourself a favor. Think before you post.

Miramar Pig, when will your stepson beat your ass again?

It just shows how obsessed and delusional you are when you're all freaked out about Golden based on off season workouts. He hasn't needed to do anything to get you freaked out.

And of course, your two contradictory statements follow no logical progression. "He never beat anyone. He will bolt to PSU."
WHY would PSU hire someone that never wins? Truly, your desperate attempts at offseason trolling show that you have NO LIFE outside of the blogs that have yet to ban you.

"You are all delusional clowns." Talk to the man in the mirror, fool. Oh, and since you have more than one ID, that man in the mirror probably answers you in a different voice. "Yes mother."

Gators fans know how the University of Miami decides what color its practice jerseys will be.

I couldn't tell you who their starting quarterback is and won't care until 2012.

That about sums it up.

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