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Report: Five more UM football players suspended; And Ohio State fiasco

Nearly a week after InsideTheU.com reported that UM left tackle Seantrel Henderson had been suspended for the opener at Maryland, Adam Kuperstein of NBC Miami reported five other players have been suspended for the opener as well.

According to Kuperstein, those players are defensive backs Keion Payne and Devont'a Davis; running back Storm Johnson, linebacker Kelvin Cain; and defensive lineman Dyron Dye. Kuperstein said the suspensions were not academic related, and that all six players "broke team rules.''

I put in a call to UM associate athletic director for communications Chris Freet, and he said coach Al Golden is on vacation this weekend and will be back next week. Spring football practice resumes Tuesday.

I cannot confirm the suspensions, but it is quite obvious by now that Golden runs an extremely tight ship, and I can almost guarantee he won't comment on the report. He wants to keep everything within "the U family,'' as he calls it.

My guess is that if six players were suspended, the infraction is related. I don't know for sure.

> Golden also didn't discuss injuries at all at Temple, but will comply with the ACC suggested policy of divulging injury statuses the Thursday before a game (you know -- doubtful, probable, out, etc.) Don't know if he'll go the "upper extremity" and "lower extremity'' route.


> You've all probably heard by now that Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel said he wants the same punishment as his five players who took improper benefits (selling autographed memorabilia and receiving discounted tattoos): suspensions for the first five games of 2011.

Ohio State conducted its own investigation of the matter and suspended Tressel for two games before he came out with his newest suggestion yesterday. He was suspended because it was learned he knew about his players' improper benefits for more than nine months (including all of the 2010 season) and never reported it to anyone. Tressel had signed an NCAA disclosure form last September that he didn't know about the violations -- "even though he had exchanged e-mails in April and June with a Columbus lawyer who told him of his players' relationship with a Columbus tattoo-parlor owner and of the benefits the players had received,'' according to an Associated Press report.

Tressel could be handed down a more severe punishment by the NCAA.

So, when UM play Ohio State in Miami on Sept. 17, here are the Buckeyes who will not be playing in that game: quarterback Terrelle Pryor, starting offensive lineman Mike Adams, leading rusher Daniel Herron, first-team receiver De Vier Posey and backup defensive lineman Solomon Thomas.

And Tressel will not be coaching against Miami.




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Make that 2013, that'll give you guys some time to study up on how the University of Miami coordinates its sock colors.

Ditto ungar. that d-mba55 is at it again. Doesn't take a genius that Golden is a football mind. In comparison, Muschump, bolted Texas after a 5-7 season when his Defense was THE prime cause for texas' downfall. Yes, the D. His biggest statement upon arriving to trailerville was " I lived here for 2 years as a kid".

Well, Mucschump I lived in Jersey as a kid, doesnt mean I'd go there if they paid me!

Golden is a serious coach and will be coaching with championships in mind. Nothing more nothing less. His legacy and future as a coach, whether he bolts to PSU or not, will be based on how well he does here. He hasnt done anythingyet, but all signs point to some serious sh*&t.

Suspensions show that the "U" still has a long way to go. Golden is hopefully trying to toughen these guys up. Lack of discipline and toughness on the field cost the "U" in 2010. Maryland game just got a lot more challenging and important. Early loses could spell doom for 2011.

We just follow everything UM does because it's so funny and pathetic!

I hate to rub it in, but sad to say, if Randy Shannon was still there, you wouldn't have this in the news. This new coach, for all his 'talk' won't be able to keep any kind of control - you'll have more infractions/disappointments as the season goes on. Plus, it will be a miracle if the 'Canes' get at best, 1 or 2 wins this year. And they let Randy Shannon go for this?!!! All I can say is that the 'great' U of Miami head honchos who chose to let Randy go....you deserve the hell you'll get.

Not unlike the comedy show going down in Trailerville. Felony arrests, trailer-park games, nut job coaches. It is pure comedy.

michelle, please STFU and go back to the kitchen and make me dinner.

You do not have aniota of a clue what you are talking about.

So, let me see, you are saying if Randy Shannon was here there would be no suspensions. Youmean like when he suspended Marve for breaking a mirror- the problem was he suspended him for something he did like a year before!

And that UM would be lucky to win 1-2 games. Ok, who? Bethune Cookman? Duke? Which one would they lose to? Please. Go do the laundry.

pearl out. c'mon miami... make a move.

I am not a real person, don't bother responding to me like I am.

Michelle shut the hell up. U are one of the stupidest people to ever post on this blog if U think we were better with that loser Randy Shannon. Just the fact that you say we will be lucky to get 1 or 2 wins this year shows just what a retard you are. The only reason you even back Shannon is because of his skin color, which makes you a racist, stupidazz. Shannon would have been lucky to win 1 or 2 games at Temple if he was there now after Golden has built them up. And that would be against a full schedule of division III teams. So go take your wanna be black panther views and stick them up your racist A $ $.

That was my J12 joke - thank you!

I know you are but what am I?

Championships is all that matters:

Amen, brother!

Ungar's old lady's mouth is wider than a race horse. You dragged that shank all the way to Ohio?

OOOOPS UNGAR! forgot to change your name troll

Since we have the same screen name I will comment on cane4life's, with the stadium idea. Great one AND GREAT LOCATION!

Now for the ohio plate BS. I can not hold it any longer. Yes ohio, stupid ass, plate. Can you tell I dislike them? tressell and your band of cheaters are coming to us this year. I honest to God hope we beat you 87-0 and that it is 97 degrees. Then we should have an onside kick in the last quarter. With or without your stars I could care less. I really just want us to humiliate you, thug butts! You have had a very dirty program for many years and now things are hitting you. My neighbor taught at your school and wow!, what stories about your ethics there! But I guess we have to keep that ohio plate, Michigan rivalry going huh? The worst fans in college sports. I was there in 02' when the call of the century happened. Cheat, baby cheat, all the way down here! we'll be ready to kick your butts! Won't the week of the game be fun on this blog?1?! Go Golden, Go Canes!

Couldn't agree with "prima donnas?" more!!

Again, I'm not a real person, I'm just a troller, stop wasting your time with me.

UNGAR? Does NativeCane plow you in your fat ass? Does your old lady with the two foot wide mouth watch?

I think golden will do fine... But talking about how he is serious about being discipline and shannon wasnt is crazy... To be honest so far Golden hasnt done anything different from shannon... That being said, I'll make my judgement on him come gamedays because thats where shannon failed... And who ever keep bringing up the favorites nonesense is crazy because, I dont see anyone starting who was a victim of favoritism...

You are a joke Pig. Just like what's in your pants.

Manny and the rest of you. I'd sure like to know what kind of trouble could a player get in at spring ball that would cause you to miss the first game of the year 6 months away. I could see if something happen during fall practise of game day planning but HOLLY COW!!!! I guess the new sherrif in town is gunning for a no nonsence team....I just hope by Sept. we still have enough players on the team to play the game.

Sam Shields was a special teams player because of favoritism.

Tommy Streeter was a special teams player because of favoritism.

Jacory Harris was the starting quarterback because of favoritism.

DVD was a back up because of favoritism.

Cane Fan from NC,

Agreed. Why doesn't the coach give the kids a chance to redemem themselves before the season starts? Suspensions that are not for large offenses can hurt a team. On the other hand, he IS sending a message. It is walk the line or sit on down. It will be good, but why before the first game?

"""The Journey Continues""" ?

In a mediocrity Tourney. wow

U Hoops, catch the fever with 800 other fans ...


seriously Miami fans ... were there really less than 1,500 in the building including teams and media ?


When I said you should look at the man in the mirror, I misspoke.

You are no man. Manhood will likely never reach you.

Goodbye, fool.

Gators fans read the attendance for how many people watch the University of Miami play in the NIT!

Golden is a serious coach and will be coaching with championships in mind. Nothing more nothing less. His legacy and future as a coach, whether he bolts to PSU or not, will be based on how well he does here.

Posted by: good kids? | March 21, 2011 at 10:21 AM

whether or not huh ? seriously ?

how's the weather outside Ur delusional world ?


Pearl will be available in a few years ... I hear he recruits power forwards pretty well.

Hey Soldy, how many people went to the University of Miami's girls volleyball game the other night?!

The post you answered is 12 hours old, there's plenty of newer comments from University of Miami fans on the Miami Herald's University of Miami blog, why don't you read some newer ones?!

Hey UNGAR you fat abe lincoln looking troll, does your old lady approve of you trolling sports blogs under different ID's? Does that two foot wide mouth of hers open wide when she sees you trolling under multiple ID's?

You're always pounding some high road drum fat boy. Get your fat rear end down to quickloss weight center and forget about being an internet cop.

Okay....U N G A R !!!

One more suspension and an arrest - nice job Ramon.

Good lord this doesn't look good. There are more to come. Nice job Uncle Luke - way to take the boys to shady establishments to "pop bottles" and "make it rain".

Miramar Pig, you suck like all your aliases.

So we got 6 suspended for the Maryland game?! Hopefully no more to come.

Doesn't matter. We just hate "The Ohio State Univ". They can line up 11 intermeral players and I still would enjoy putting it on them.

What's with all this Stadium talk? How can you possibly expect Pres. Shalala to invest in a new stadium when all you so called fans won't even show up at Joe Robbie? It's so disheartening when I look around and there are about 30,000 empty seats every game. Miami-Dade has over 4M people in it. So there's no excuse.

Show up to the games, then we can talk about not having our own stadium.

I would never want a repeat of the embarassment of the UM/FIU brawl. But I'd love to see more intensity out of this team on the field. More chest bumpin', more saluting after big defensive plays and most importantly... GIVE SEBAS BACK HIS SCHNELLENBERGER PIPE!!

Go Canes!!

Just because there was only one arrest in 3 years under Shannon does not suggest anyone was covering up for him. Neither does it suggest that players were not doing stuff they shouldn't have been doing. They just did not get caught, or better yet, get snitched on by the dorm RA. Having grown up in South Florida, I can all but garantee you that players smoked weed prior to this spring. Randy is gone. Al is the coach. Let's just move on.

Hurricanes academics are #1 in the land along with Fighting Irish. There are only 24 hours in the day and 7 days in the week. Either we lighten up on the academic requirements and allow these guys to get in more practice or da U will never be like it used to.
The bar is set high with a private school. Just keep the bar like other schools and let these playas WIN!!!

I am glad that Tressel, Mr. Perfect, is suspended. He tries to make people like him b/c he feels he should be suspended also! No Dah u idiot! You knew for 9 months and did nothing. He should be fired and banned from coaching! He is not the clean cut guy everyone thought he was! He is no Golden and I love this new era in Canes' football. Golden takes no prisoners and he does not disclose business. He is Canes' lifer. The new era in Canes' football will be successful and full of winning! I see the dark side of RS. HE was not what I thought he was and that hurts!! Sorry RS, but the Golden age of the Canes' is coming!!

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