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Spence, Golden on Forston, scrimmage, etc.; students invited again Thursday, Wieclaw speaks.

    Doesn’t seem that long ago that Sean Spence came to the University of Miami on the heels of a Miami Northwestern High national championship –- an undersized outside linebacker who hadn’t hit 200 pounds but had more than 100 tackles as a senior and the determination of a future collegiate star.

     Now, Spence is closing in on his final season as a Hurricane, proudly wearing the black jersey awarded by new UM coach Al Golden for being a first-teamer. Some have relinquished their black jerseys to more deserving players, but not Spence. He’s holding on tight.

     “He’s not resting on his laurels,’’ Golden said before Tuesday’s practice. “He’s not satisfied. We can’t take credit for any of that. It’s his expectations. We don’t have any goals we can impose on him that are greater than what he has on himself. He has been working very hard, has done a tremendous job.

    “He’s gotten better in every facet of the game.’’

     Spence, 6-0, is up to 225 pounds. This 2008 Atlantic Coast Conference Defensive Rookie of the Year, was UM’s Most Valuable Player in 2010 with 111 tackles – a team-leading 17 of them for losses.

     He said he wants to be “a vocal leader’’ this season “by taking charge of the defense and making plays.

    “I can do a lot of things better. I can get off blocks better, shed quicker, help other guys by tipping them [as to] which way the ball is going to go. I want to help in any way I can.’’

   He said defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio’s new system allows for “a lot of versatility. We have a great mixture of blitzes and coverages.’’

   For now at least, Spence – backed by Jordan Futch (who can also play in the middle) – is staying on the outside, with sophomore Jimmy Gaines wearing the black jersey in the middle and redshirt freshman Travis Williams also on the outside.

   Linebacker was a position without a lot of experience at the start of spring, but with former starter Ramon Buchanan (middle) suspended indefinitely and Kelvin Cain (middle) and C.J. Holton (outside) working out with the injured players, the situation is even more precarious.


      Golden confirmed that defensive tackle Marcus Forston is “banged up.’’ Forston told Canesport.com that he sustained a knee injury in practice last week and was on crutches initially and now wearing a brace. Golden said Forston hasn’t had his MRI yet. “Certainly we expect to have him for the season if he is banged up now,’’ the coach said, adding that Forston has had a “tremendous’’ spring.


      About 100 students and faculty members showed up at Greentree Field for Tuesday’s session, but instead of the usual three-hour grind, lightning shortened the practice less than an hour into drills. Because of the weather, Golden has invited UM students and faculty back to practice at 2:15 Thursday. Students and faculty must bring their valid Cane Card for admission…The public is invited to UM’s first scrimmage of the spring at 10 a.m. Saturday at Spanish River High in Boca Raton. It’s free.


  Golden said he is treating this week, leading to the first scrimmage, as he would a game week during the season. "For us, what we don't want to do is get into Maryland game week and then start teaching the guys what it's going to look like -- what the handouts are going to look like, what the cut-ups are going to look like, what the expectations are for us in the meetings. So, we're going through it now. It will allow us to play faster on Saturday, hopefully  play with energy and enthusiasm and just eliminate the mental errors. We're trying to get better here over the last eight practices.''

    How much does a spring scrimmage reveal to Golden? "A lot,'' he said. "You've got to think on your toes. Here, in practice, it's more controlled. I'll tell them when we're in the red-zone, or I'll tell them when we're in a goal-line period or third-down period. I think they're going to have to think on their toes out their [at the scrimmage] because if you're not right mentally and you're not on top of it, it will be third down and you won't know it. We want to get them thinking in that game mode and we'll continue to do that here throughout this week to get them ready for Saturday.

  Malcolm Bunche is at first-team left tackle again; 6-6, 275-pounder Cory White, who was switched from offensive line to tight end, has impressed coaches. "We've been pleasantly surprised with his fluidness,'' Golden said. "He's 275 pounds and you can tell he was trained as a tight end at some point in his career because a lot of it is coming back to him. We'll keep him right at that weight. We want a big, strong tight end there, but he has really been a bonus in the passing game. We didn't realize he'd have that impact for us.''


  Fans will get a chance to see what rising junior Jake Wieclaw and walk-ons Alex Irastorza and Cameron Dean can do in the kicking game Saturday. Irastorza is a 6-3, 190-pound sophomore who grew up in Miami (and graduated from Columbus High) and transferred to UM from Marist CollegeDean is a 6-3, 225-pound junior punter who transferred from Fordham.

   Wieclaw, 6-2 and 200 pounds, is a scholarship player listed as first-team kicker and punter. A rising junior, he has basically spent his career sitting behind Matt Bosher, who is hoping to play in the NFL. Wieclaw, from New Lenox, Ill., was the Illinois prep record-holder for most field goals in a season (19 in 2006) when he came to UM in 2008 from Lincoln Way Central High. But he was slowed after breaking his right ankle making a tackle in a game as a senior.

    As a high school senior in 2007, Wieclaw was 9 of 11 with a long of 52 yards. He also was a wide receiver, with a team-leading 35 catches for 485 yards and three touchdowns in 2007. He blocked three punts on special teams.

   "It's been a learning experience,'' Wieclaw said Tuesday. "Everybody coming in out of high school has to learn kicking off the ground [as opposed to off a tee], and they have to learn the speed of the game. The last three years have been a learning experience for me, and being behind someone as good as Matt Bosher has helped."

   Joining Wieclaw this fall will be 2011 signees Matt Goudis and Dalton Botts. Goudis, 6-0 and 160 from West Hills, Calif, was ranked the 13th-best kicker according to Rivals.com and 18th on ESPNU. He converted 12-of-16 field goals as a senior with a long of 55 yards, adding 37 extra points to earn all-league honors. He averaged 40 yards per punt .

    Botts, a 6-3, 198-pound punter from Taft, Calif., comes to UM from Moorpark Community College, where he averaged 37.5-yards a punt.

   Said Wieclaw: "As of now, it's open competition across the field. We're all just working to get better and competing amongst each other"

   Golden has not gotten entrenched in the kicking game yet, but that will change with the first of three scrimmages Saturday.

     "It has been more segmented right now,'' he said. "We'll kick live kicks on Saturday. If a drive stalls, we'll finish it with kicks. We'll get a really good shot at seeing them. I purposely withheld some of the special teams early in terms of [installation]. We're starting to get into that special teams segment now.''



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Come on honey! Let's go get Nathan Jr.

Shame Arthur Brown isn't around to enjoy a defense where linebackers get to use their instincts.

I don't want to hear about Arthur Brown. That dude quit on the team when others like Futch waited for a regime change and now he is playing all positions at line backer.

The crazy thing is everyone has written us off to win any championships including the ACC. Let's see what the team has to say about that. I would like to believe and hype this team up to BCS Championship status but every time I do they always make me look dumb.

I've been making and drinking the Miami is back Kool-aid far too long without the right ingredients... Wins.

We will see in a few short months. I agree to forget about Brown,I already have actually. It'll take some time for a BCS title but let's start by capturing an ACC first.I feel better about chances now than the previous 2 years.

I think you are way off base. We have the depths to make a run at a National Title this year. We just need our boys to lay off the ganja, not pop free bottles of champagne at King of Diamonds, and stay away from mayoral candidate Uncle Luke. Only then can we achieve the dominance we once had.

Also like how we changed "extremity" to "banged up"

There goes the Unaborted Wart posing as "Feral Cat." You are so easy to spot, Pig, kind of like a wart on skin.

Your game is old. Your cover is blown although you never have been by a female you did not pay.

Mirror, wart. Mirror. Sweetest revenge is that you are who you are.


Desperate troll using his four year old game.

Real shame that doesn't work, because the people here judge the WORDS and not the ID on the bottom.

Yep, no matter WHAT ID you steal today, like a bloody credit card, it will eventually get discovered.

UM admissions let an excellent 6 ft 230 MLB prospect go. Thanks Admissions. I wont get into details here.

Onthe other hand, OSU and Auburn are getting into hot water with allegations of pay for play (Auburn) and cheating (OSU and Tressel).

Let's see if the NCAA uses an even hand and treats these two schools like they treated UM in the 90s. Plus does anyone remember the SI cover in 1996 demanding that Um cancel its football program with fake indignation? Why not do it again with OSU? I mean the cheating and cover up there is rampant! Auburn is dirty too. Please don't even tell me they are not.

Why is Arthur Brown even mentioned here? He couldnt make the roster for 2 years as a linebacker then he quit on UM.

I am tired of hearing win the aCC. Who cares about the aCC. Win a national chm. Thats what UM fans want. But to win the NC Um has to win the ACC as well.

I have to disagree, I think it's great that Coach Golden is taking after Coach Shannon in keeping our injury information close to his chest.

It's just one more advantage that we have in our favor for winning another National Championships THIS YEAR!

Got to like the structure that Golden has imposed early on. Not saying that Coach Shannon did not have structure during his time at the "U" but I just don't recall reading anything that gave me the impression that the football program was run in such a structured, well thought out manner during his time. But Shannon was and always will be a Cane, no matter how he ran the program.

Notwithstanding the usual adolescent blather, there are some great posts on this blog. Thank you from all serious UM fans!

Let's win the ACC Coastal as a first step and play for the conferece title. Then let's win that and play in a BCS bowl and win. Let the ratings fall where they may.

Correct, we will need strong performances at CB, a key position. A lot of maybes at that spot. And we will need a bulkier Spence to have a great year at LB. With Jordan's size, I am hopeful that Futch will find a home in the middle. The D line could be the key to disrupting the other team's O.

And, yes folks, we will need a QB that does not turn the ball over. If one does, be assured he will be yanked ASAP. These coaches ain't playing that nonsense.

So, the answer? A run-oriented offense that uses clock, keeps the D off the field and minimizes turnovers, AND a passing game that is ball control oriented, hits the underneath receivers and only goes downfield when the opponent has repeatedly stacked the box to control our running game.

Coach Golden is showing inclinations to create a ball control team. When you start hearing about 275 tight ends, it's Penn state smash mouth football for us. And Coach D'Onofrio will get the best out of our considerable talent on D.

It's gonna be a hard-nosed, in your face team that takes the field this year. Can't wait for that force to be unleashed on our opponents.
Go Canes!

I am a tourist in Gainesville. Can you tell me which if these dilapidated trailerparks is holding the annual roach barbecue?

Not my post above, I think that guy started using my name.

I think that right now, Jacory Harris is a better college QB than Morris, however his game has always been taking shots down the field, I don't see him succeeding in a ball-control offense. Maybe Whipple is the man for the job after all.

by August..the starting LB's will most likely be Spence at OLB, Cain at MLB and Futch at the other OLB....back ups CJ Holton, Kevin Nelson and Jimmy Gaines respective to the starters listed...Futch and Spence will be fine but Cain needs to do what he did against Duke consistently...I know it was Duke but he did it...lets gooo canness

dbc...dead on baby! The second I heard that Corey White was being moved back to TE the entire structure of the offense fell into place. I was a bit concerned when Golden mentioned the lack of a fullback, but I think he's going to stack the line with 2 TE's and add an H back. We are going to look a LOT like Stanford this year, and that's the way it should be! For all our high scoring accolades, both Schnell and JJ were run-first guys and hit the WR second (often only 2 on the field). I can't wait to watch this team.

You want to know how to stop the high-scoring, fast paced spread attackes. 1) have a fast, mean, disciplined D and 2) only make that D stop the other team a handful of times each half! Run the ball, keep the spread on the sidline, and line up a fresh D against them the entire game.

We're gonna be fun to watch. Like those old PSU teams but with a lot more speed and big-play ability to boot. I hope it's this year, but even if it's not it's coming soon.

Go Canes!

Chicago Cane,
You are once again on the mark!
Ram it down their throats!
Go Canes!

Want to make out?

The 'Canes season is going to come to do QB play, period. I like what Golden is doing, but if the eventual winner of the QB race doesn't meet expectiations, a good running game is not enough. You have to have a balanced offense to win.

I totally agree. Canes have not had good QB play since Dorsey. We desperately need some consistantcy out of the QB position. Way too many int's last year. QB is by far the most important position in college football. The Gators and Texas were a perfect example of teams that struggled after their stud QB's left. Auburn will likely be the same way this upcoming season. I hope Golden and crew can control the QB mistakes.

Want to make out?

Posted by: ChicagoCane | March 30, 2011 at 02:03 PM

So, just so we are clear on this, you murder-joking, coach threatening, cowardly racist troll with mother issues:

If we disagree on here, it is cane violence.
If we agree on here, we want to make out with each other.

Or in other words, if we dare to discuss anything on here, you will find an excuse to twist it into a negative.

Your life must be lonely, if that is all you have going for it.

how about you paint two roaches with numbers, and cheer them on as they race through your trailer, klansman, write down the results in your journal, and that will give you just as much of an accomplishment at the end of the day.

Stop stealing IDs, and allow folks to discuss the Canes on here in peace, monster.

One more thing - what are you wearing?

There's no coaching or controlling Jacory Harris - the same things that make him a great college QB make him throw interceptions. If he didn't think he could make every throw on the field, he wouldn't have all those touchdowns and come from behind victories.

I think he could have his pink suit pimp cup season this year with the talent he has around him but he's just a bad match if Golden wants to run a ball control oriented offense. If he's forced into a square hole, he's going to throw interceptions and lose games and he'll lose his job before the end of the year.

I hope that Golden can adjust his style to the talent he has at the position until he can bring in his own QB to run things his way.

All true except the idea that he's been "figured out" - he's thrown interceptions at the same rate both seasons he's started, and if it was such an easy thing to figure out he wouldn't have been able to go out and throw more touchdowns than any UM quarterback besides Ken Dorsey.

It appears that the UM will be run oriented from the get go which with our present personel
is perfect. If we can keep the other team's offense of the field then our denfense can be fresh and take a limited number of stands. The one problem is the QB!!! You need someone who is disciplined and willing to take a shot for the team. I am unsure if JH or Morris are the answers and I am unsure if Whipple has the tallent but I believe that you have to give him the opportunity to run the Penn State smash mouth football-by the way he is big enough and strong enough to run the football if he has to-the other two not so sure. In any case it will be interesting to see how Golden approaches and handles the situation.

You know Ray Ray Armstrong was an excellent scrambling QB in HS...

Posted by: Feral Cat | March 30, 2011 at 03:19 PM

One more thing - what are you wearing?

Posted by: Feral Cat | March 30, 2011 at 03:20 PM

You posted a message in response to my roasting of you ONE MINUTE LATER?

You must have all the Canes blogs on RSS feed, eager to respond at a second's notice.

I sure hope you finally get IP banned.

Feral, he is the Unaborted
Wart. When you don't get women, you tend to have a lot of free time. The kid thinks he is funny but the joke is in the mirror.

You people need to start reading Canesport. There's an excellent interview with Jacory. He says he is being taught to look for secondary receivers by the new coach. Hard to believe that he is just now being taught that.
Miami is just now catching up with the other big time programs.

Hook a brother up with a username and password - I promise I won't tell anyone else.

And what the f*ck do you mean "you people"?!

Booger just gave me a creem pie

Manny, whatever happened to that other kicker from ST. Thomas, Hopfinger? Is he ever getting a shot. I think I remember reading back in the day that we were lucky to get him as a walkon and now there is no mention of him. Thanks

Bottom line... If we had a ball control offense without the quarterback turnover factory we've witnessed over the last few years, we come home with 3 or 4 straight ACC championships and maybe...an NT. That wasn't the case. I'm surprised we eked out a winning record being ranked 100th+ in the NCAA in turnovers and penalties over the past few seasons. And I don't care how piss poor you all think the depth was at LB and CB! Wasn't as necessary as the capable time-consuming offense. Case in point OSU game, ND game, etc. We don't throw the 4 picks in the OSU game, we win that one.

Bottom line...if we didn't have crappie facilities, a shoe string budget, restrictive admissions, a joke of a stadium in the next county, an insulting coaches pay scale, a history of drugs and violence, a step sister conference, and a president who just doesn't care..... We might be able to return to competing for recruits and actually win with talent like competitive schools do.

Yeah.... A ball control offense. So the football program is a joke because of Jacory??? Maybe come home with an NT??? WHAT?? Just ignore that the talent stinks u dumb cluck.
U redefine dUmb

"CAnes fan" We know you are a gator troll, but I am afraid I am going tohave toagree with everything yousaid except the issue with facilities, and the issue of the ACC:

The SEC and ACC arent as far apart as your girlfriends in ESPN want to make everyone think- DID you watch any cfb last season? Clemson almost took Auburn to the woodshed. AU got lucky. Very very Lucky at the end. Yes, the national ch Auburn. And depleted UNC also should have beaten LSU. LSU got very very lucky at the end. FSU b--ch slapped UF and what do you have left?

UM has won 5 national ch with its "horrendous" facilities. HAve you ever stepped foot there? Well, it isnt Oregon, with its plasma TVs everywhere, but it is just fine. It has only been 6 years since UM was last "relevant" despite its so-called bad facilities, and like I said, 12 national ch have been played by this program, won 5, and the NFLers keep coming back to train here. Don't believe me? ask santana, reggie, or Ed Reed about that.

Clownsrule, you have made your living making homophobic comments, bigoted comments, sophomoric comments, and lies.  You are getting banned all over the place. Where you remain you have swapped up your name and settled for posting desperate nonsense.  You are getting destroyed everywhere. Your wielding of the written word is a joke yet you claim to be a counselor of law. Pity your poor clients. At every turn, just like your badly decayed favorite team, you LOSE.

Ahhh, unaborted Pig, errr, wart. So full of yourself. A pseudo-intellectual. The one who gets destroyed here is you, or do you fail to read any of the dozens of posts aimed at the garbage you post here.

Slither back to your trailer, Unaborted Wart, the roach barbecue is about to start.

U redefine creepy obsessive loser.

9 in the evening, 6 in the morning, and again 3 hours later, the same troll arrives, using three different IDs, spewing hate while in the first two cases stealing IDs to make them appear to be saying garbage that the actual fans would never say, and in the other letting us know what he had for breakfast.

But he left the fake link in both posts, showing his desperate eagerness to troll overrode his ability to use common sense.

So, how would you know that anyone was "getting destroyed everywhere", unless you were obsessively reading EVERY SINGLE post on EVERY SINGLE Canes blog out there, and then viewed each one of your lies under one name as if they were truths written by someone else?

Delusion and your third ID, part of your mentally unbalanced breakfast.

You have been told before to get help, but really, I would not want to burden a mental health professional with a case with so little benefit.

Off topic-
It is ironic, when UM was recruiting Patrick Johnson (now Peterson) from Ely he was committed to UM early. Eventually he started to wain and after he de-committed he stated that UM's coaches were not showing him "any love". He was just on Joe Roses show on 560 WQAM and stated that he did not come to UM because "other Ely players had left a bad legacy" at UM and he wanted to start a Ely pipeline to LSU.
Well all of those excuses about not coming to Miami may have been all lies and there may have been a reason why Coach Shannon and his staff stopped showing him "love". After he signed with LSU there were some rumors about his parents or people around him wanting "gifts". I heard there was a figure of $75K thrown out there for his services. Well, these rumors sometimes come up from fan bases when they are snubbed by a certain high profile recruits, so I did not buy into it and said, if he doesn't want to be here, go play somewhere else, all the best. Now, per a ESPN story, this rumor has legs. A former Texas A&M coach (he coaches for another school now) said that someone representing Peterson told him that lots of people want Peterson and that for A&M to get him, they would have to fork out 80K. If this is true and can be proven, I hope LSU gets sanctioned and then we will all know about he integrity of Mr.Peterson and his family.
I do not live in a dream world and believe that these things do not go on at many big time programs. I am not even saying that it has never happened at UM. This issue though seems prevalent in the Big 12 and especially the SEC. I am not one of the UM fans who thinks that all media hates us. While they are many in the national media who do, I know of several who also like the program and want to see us get back to where we were. The issue I have with this Peterson story though is that if it were UM that "paid" him, that this story would be all over the news. We will see how this plays out.

Chicago Cane,
Don't think so. Apparently, you have an iffy rep.

Posted by: Cane4Life

It's everywhere - Don't forget Randy hired Jacory's pops to add depths to the coaching staff.

I like Jacory and will pull for him this year. I think he will have a good year. If UM paid for Jacory though, they need to ask him for a refund!

All kidding aside, I don't think that they hired Jacorys dad, they hired Brandon Harris's dad. Tim Harris was a successful head coach at BTW. That happens. At Arkansas, Houston Nutt hired Mitch Mustain's coach. It did not work out well for the coach, Coach Nutt or Mustain. All are no longer at Arkansas.

I have no problem with a program hiring a coach of a recruit (as long a the coach was a HEAD coach in high school and were successful). This has happened for years. There is a HUGE difference between hiring a coach and PAYING a guy to play for your program.

Posted by: Feral Cat | March 31, 2011 at 10:51 AM

Actually it was Brandons dad that was hired fakey and unlike Petersons dad Tim Harris is an actual football coach.

Yeah Cane4Life,

You're right about Peterson or Johnson or whatever his freakin' name is. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=6272478
Pay for play is rampant in SEC schools. Its not necessarily the school's fault either, but you can't control what the "boosters" do. Wonder why the SEC is now the power conference? Watch HBO tonight.



keep up the stellar detective work inspector.

But he left the fake link in both posts, showing his desperate eagerness to troll overrode his ability to use common sense.

HA HA made u look

Boo Hoo, you got caught, and now you gotta insult the messenger.

Crybaby troll wants to keep doing his fake ID theft like his buddy did with blood splattered credit cards, and just like his buddy, rather than accepting punishment for his crime, tries to blame others for his obvious ethical flaws.

BTW, "Thank's for playin", thanks for seeing through his flimsy attempts at ID theft. Truly, his only remaining joy in life is to try to BECOME one of us.

Too bad we have standards, and his murder-joking racist sick comments are too low to meet those standards. Kind of like how his SAT scores were too low to get into UM, his bank account was too weak to get into FIU, and his prison record kept him from even getting hired as a janitor at either school.

C'mon Manny, ban the gaytor troll already

Aren't you sposed 2 be policin' over @ SS?

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