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Talking with Morgan, Wayne and Moss -- about to become UM Sports Hall of Famers

At 7 p.m. Thursday at Jungle Island, three Hurricane football greats will be part of a class of eight former UM athletes inducted into the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame.

I covered all three when they played at UM, and had a great time last week chatting with each one of them separately about their memories and thoughts about being inducted.

Santana Moss, Dan Morgan and Reggie Wayne were part of a phenomenal class in more ways than just talent. These were the guys who came to UM during the NCAA sanctions, knowing UM would be losing before it started winning again. These were the guys who vowed to bring the program back. These were the guys who had so much pride, and by their senior year, set the table for their successors in 2001 to win the national championship.

Moss, Morgan and Wayne never got that national title, mainly because all three had to play as true freshmen following severe scholarship sanctions that saw the Canes lose 31 scholarships over three seasons. But they told me they wouldn't have changed a thing. They helped guys like Ken Dorsey and Ed Reed grow up, and still regret deeply losing that 34-29 game at Washington the second game of 2000 -- Dorsey's first start on the road at quarterback.

When you think of that incredible 34-game win streak that started the game after the Washington loss and ended with the loss to Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl, you realize that these guys were the ones who got the first 10 games of that streak going, and the ones who came so close to getting in the title game (they were bypassed in the BCS by a fraction by the Seminoles, whom the Canes defeated during the regular season), only to watch FSU lose to Oklahoma in the national championship.

Here are some of their comments during our conversations:


Morgan, who did the pregame Dolphins and Canes shows for WQAM last year, and would like to get into NFL scouting:

 "That was the time nobody wanted to come to Miami, but we all had that desire and that love to play Miami Hurricane football. It didn't matter what happened in the past. We knew we wanted to bring it back. We took it as a challenge and we worked our butts off, everyday pushing each other. The result is we finished No. 2 in the nation and I think at the end of the year we were the best team in the nation. We didn't get the opportunity to play Oklahoma, but if we did, the outcome would be different.''

"Me, Santana and Reggie playing our true freshman year, it was almost surreal. We grew so much that year and learned so much because we got our butts beat every week. It made us stronger."

Morgan on Al Golden: "I hear that he's a great recruiter. He brings the same kind of mentality that Butch Davis did. He is going to recruit guys not because they're five-star athletes, but guys he feel will fit into his system and the type of personalities he wants.''


"I got an email from my manager telling me the University of Miami was trying to contact me because I was to be inducted this year. I was like 'What?!!' I was so flattered. I called her baack to make sure she knew what she was talking about. That's one of the highest honors I could possibly get.

"Those memories of UM are with me every day. I see a lot of those guys. Me and Reggie and Reed, I see them all the time. Delvin Brown, he's a police officer on the beach. I'm always bumping into him when I'm on the beach."

Moss on how he would characterize his class: "I just think we were one of the classes that changed everything back around. When we came in there was so much going wrong, between the probation and lack of scholarships. So many of us played as freshmen -- me, Reggie, Darryl Jones, Dan. By our sophomore and junior years, we were light years ahead of the guys who were starting to play against us. That's why we were so dominant when we got into our later years.

"I was just happy to have an opportunity to stay home. My senior year at Carol City we went to state and won state and I was a big difference in us winning that year. Knowing that the schools that wanted me weren't really big schools, and that UM said, 'Hey, we've been looking at your for track, but we will allow you to come play football if you walk on,' that was like a no-brainer. I took it and ran with it. That was a chance for me to stay home and be close to my family and still do what I love to do.''

Moss on Al Golden: "I haven't met him yet, but I heard he's a great coach. I heard he's a coach that pretty much is going to install what these players need so they can learn how to be the U again. A lot of guys told me he's a great recruiter. I just hope he goes out there and gets these guys fired up to play some good football again.''


"To me, getting inducted is the biggest honor I could get in college football.

"That particular year was a special year. We had a special group of guys who came in and played very young. In 1997 we had a rough year, finished 5-6. No depth. If we would have redshirted, things would have been REALLY scary [in 2001]. But we moved on after showing them the way. I still love the way it all happened.

"I committed to LSU verbally and changed my mind the last minute because there was something about that trip to Miami. The brotherhood of all those players there at the time is still with me. At Miami you can get that one-on-one with your teacher. At LSU you were like No. 217. I looked at the graduation rate and all those things -- and it was hard to turn down palm trees. I had never seen a palm tree before.

"The years do go by fast. I broke the record for receptions against West Virginia my senior year. (He laughed) I pray each year [it isn't broken]."

Wayne on seeing other former UM players during NFL games: "We always talk before and after games. First thing we say to each other is, 'Man, did you check them out yesterday?' because we play on Sundays. We talk about whether the Canes won or lost.''

Wayne on Al Golden, who he was planning on meeting for the first time this week: "I just think this change will help -- a breath of fresh air. They need some leadership and they need some discipline and from what I understand about Coach Golden, that's something he specializes in.''

On UM strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey: "Swasey has been the key to my career, man. He's been the key to my career. I haven't missed a game since my rookie year -- knock on wood -- and I credit the majority of that, if not all of it, to my workouts in the offseason.''

The other five former UM greats who will be inducted Thursday: Divers Tyce Routson and Daphne Jongejans-Bousquet, women's tennis coach Ian Duvenhage, baseball player Bobby Hill, and track-and-fielder Yolanda McCray.






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Susan - what's the relationship between the hall of fame and the ring of honor. Is the ring only for big donors? Are guys like Sapp and Ray Lewis in the hall of fame? If all they have to give is a quarter mil. to get in then why hasn't anyone but Edge?

The second paragraph says it all. And Dan Morgan's interview seals the deal.

Golden needs players who live, breathe, and sleep the U. These need to be kids who grew up dreaming of wearing the green and orange U on their helmets. That have the deire to bring UM back to its rightful place. Fear us, hate us, be jelaous us, despise us, but know we're going to come after yo a55. The U needs to bring that back. But it isnt automatic. It requires blood sweat and tears.

These punka55es who got suspended before having done anything tick me off, because they are not all about the U. They are all about them.

You all think Seantrel bleeds green and orange? That remains to be seen.

The next guy who needs to be in the HOF is Ken Dorsey. Without Ken Dorsey there would not have been that streak either. Ken Dorsey is a god in by book. They should build a statue of Ken in Coral gables. He lost wait for it ... 2 games as a starter! One by 5 points and he ran out of time, because those UW huskies knew UM was coming back. The other... that debacle in the desert.


Thanks. We loved yuou guys at the U and after. Thanks for what you did for we []_[] fans

Great recap of that year by the way, that FSU OU games was in the Orange Bowl, I was one of the thousands wearing my UM jersey at it.


1 small point of clarification, the loss to UW was not Dorsey's first start. He started a few games his true Frosh season while K Kelly was hurt. The UW game however may have been his 1st road start or start against a ranked team. FYI

Yes! rbleigh, GREAT catch! You are so right. Washington was Ken's first road start. I'll change it now. Thank you.

Awesome article. Awesome athletes. Awesome U-nversity.
Never ever ever forget the history, legicy and future potential of....the U!!!!!?

Congrats boys. Shots at Fat Tuesday on me!

A reply to Eudocimus
The UM Sports Hall of Fame is a private, 501c3 corporation. We are affiliated with the U but are not governed by the U. The Hall of Fame works very closely with UM athletics and we have very strict rules on who becomes a member. As for our affiliation with the Ring of Honor, an athlete has to have been inducted into the UM Sports Hall of Fame before they can be inducted into the Ring of Honor

Almost forgot, yes, Warren Sapp and Ray Lewis are members of the UM Sports Hall of Fame.

What's up with Edge then? Inducted into the Ring of Honor in 2008, Hall of Fame a year later in 2009.

It's weird that his $250,000 is considered such a huge donation from a former athlete, considering how much money other players have made in their careers.

3 monsters...well deserved.

Manny, if at all possible could you please ask Haith if he can just teach his guards how to dribble the F-ing basketball this summer....my only request. Having said that, I like how they fought back in the second half and made it a game. This team has potential.



sorry for the all-caps. im just frustrated and tired of this s***.

they had potential last year... we've heard this story before. its the same old excuses and lack of accountability. and pretty soon those talented players will have graduated... leaving behind no lasting legacy... nothing but a big disappointment, lacking any direction what-so-ever...

I will never forget watching y'all kick Gator ass in that Sugar Bowl. Dan Morgan, you didn't take any crap from anyone. Nobody got by you. Congrats to all 3 of you with this honor. I just know that as more former U greats get involved with current and future players and our coach, we will once again be a force to fear. I PRAY that coach Golden hangs around for a while. We get these great coaches and then they leave for the NFL. Thanks for representing the U so respectfully both on and off the field y'all. It's awesome!

Once again U have no heart ...

Roll Tide ! 2011 NIT Champs .


wow, the N...I...T...

what do U have left ? Golf ? Beisbol ?

poor U

@ Soldy...

Screw the Tide and the rest of hillbilly nation.


sorry for the all-caps. im just frustrated and tired of this s***.

Posted by: IIIUMINATI | March 23, 2011 at 11:23 PM

an errrrnnnggggg Jacket too

Gators fans look up our scores from the NIT tournament.

Don't look now but the Gators have been around for a whole 6 years. Good for them.

But the question is where were they the other 75?


Shots on Curse Pig. Wonder if he will pay with a certain someone's credit card.

You suck, Pig, and you know it. Maybe we can catch a ride with Dunlap when he wakes up.

turds will lose to Big Love BYU and Jimmer will make them one of his sister wives.

By the way, this Gators fan is so obsessed with the University of Miami's football team that he actually threw in a "Roll Tide"!!

Can you imagine being so obsessed with the Gators that you would praise Notre Dame or FSU??!!

This guy is pathetic.

Remember, this guy has threatened to lynch our head coach and quarterback, defended shooting at assault victims, claimed that stealing bloody credit cards is "just messing around", and laughed at the deaths of former and current UM players. He changes his name constantly so he can deny the more disgusting things he writes, but the fact is that his IP address doesn't lie. When he got banned from the Sentinel, all those other comments disappeared, too. He got back on the Sentinel, and those other comments returned. The Herald started screening comments, all those comments disappeared. They eased up, and those sick comments returned.

His posts on the day Bryan Pata died were disgusting.

His posts on the day Sean Taylor was killed were worse.

And now he comes on here as "Soldy" because Art Kehoe has returned to the Canes.

Sick, obsessed, hatefilled, and in need of removal, he finds an NIT loss by a team not in his conference a good reason to be awake at 1:52 in the morning.

I wish the cops would look into his racist threats, I bet they could make him change his tune real quick.

You may not like it but there's nothing illegal about making racist jokes on blogs.

But the "Enough said" posts are right on the money - this guy is pathetic, he's checking UM's scores and news every day, what does that say about Gators fans in general?

It might not be technically illegal to threaten to lynch our QB, but it does go against the Online Conduct portion of the Terms of Service on the Miami Herald.

7.4 Use any portion of MiamiHerald.com for uploading, posting, e-mailing, transmitting or otherwise making available Member Content that is harmful to minors in any way, harassing, harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, libelous, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.

You have to admit that he breaks this rule on a daily basis, and has done so despite multiple warnings. So, should they finally remove him from these discussions, it would not be a loss to the rest of us.

Yea, but nobody who runs this blog cares enough to do anything about it, that college kid that runs the Gators blog for this paper is always monitoring his blog and removing posts, Manny and Susan just don't care.

Posted by: Eudocimus

Respectfully - I CARE! It is my job to monitor these blogs when other cane fans can't and the injustice continues. My great grand-dad told me: "Feral, you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain"


Can't argue the facts, so he steals an ID and tries to pretend to be better than he is.

Shows how low you are that stealing IDs is your life goal, like stealing bloody credit cards, it is what you do best.

And yes, Eudocimus, Mike on Gator Clause is much more thorough at removing that guy's sick comments.

That is why he is here, instead of on the Sentinel or on Gator Clause or even the Palm Beach Post Gator blog.

Like a roach that hides in a trailer in the dark, but disappears when the light is turned on (to use an example the sick racist will understand), he likes to roam where his vulgar, abusive, racist, homophobic, libelous, harrassing, and hatefilled comments can linger for a few days.

But just like that roach, his rewards are small, his future is bleak, and his chances at moving up the food chain to actual human are nonexistent.

Yea, I think we're all annoyed by it but it doesn't matter if we care because we can't remove comments and we can't block IP addresses, all we can do is stoop to his level and make tired and immature insults towards him, which is pretty much all he's looking for in the first place.

His posts on the day Bryan Pata died were disgusting.

His posts on the day Sean Taylor was killed were worse.

And now he comes on here as "Soldy" because Art Kehoe has returned to the Canes.

None of these are facts - all opinion. So who's talking about arguing facts?

I saw he even got to you after a while.

I tried ignoring him at first, but the indifference of the blog owner led to everyone leaving. He then used their IDs to trash the blog, and make it look like the Canes fans that posted there were saying the things he wrote. It led to a guy doing the same thing to Gator fans on the Post blog.

We are now in a place where not only is it more fun to discuss the Canes, but if you want to go off-topic (like discussing politics, non-Canes sports like auto racing, etc) they have room for that, too. This guy can't get on there, because he would have to be approved, which would never happen.

Eudocimus, I hope you have a place like that, too, because here it will be the same until they change things to ban IP locations like the Sun Sentinel and Post do.

See you around...

"cue violins"

Manny some pics of Daphne Jonjangs, she was hot when I was in school at The U.

At least he's not glued to the computer all day checking scores and reading articles on a school he supposedly hates.

I'll just say this feral cat. You let that guy rent an awful lot of space in your head. I'd say he's messing with you directly. You feed the troll. I don't care about your moral obligation. Like it or not you propagate a lot of it with non stop angry responses that feed him and elevate everything.

Yea, a key point of contention for Mr. Cat and myself - I think the guy would get bored and give it up if people didn't keep coming on and calling him "Pig Curse" whatever.

But Mr. Cat is far from the only one - it's a natural response, and I'm guilty of it myself.

Us ...



U ... just watch

jUst shut Up ... atleast til September when U Underwhelm again .

Dan, Santana and Reggie:
We are proud of you guys!
Bring your experience and wisdom back home, and help teach today's Canes what is possible for
the U!
Go Canes!

Heard it here first. Shows how lame reporters are at the MH:

Randy Shannon is being seriously considered to be the next "coach-in-waiting" for FAU.may come in this year, and Schnellie may retire after next year.

Shannon goes to an up and coming program who isnt afraid to play anybody:

Next year, their first 3 games inlcude UF, Mich State and Auburn

Almost a done deal.

Ha ha ha ha ha

Shannon will never be offered the FAU job and you are full of crap. Quit making stuff up loser.

I suppose Kentucky sucks too huh Cane Clucks ?

We play

U watch

W win

U lose

With the NIT tournament over, Gators fans can now turn their attention to University of Miami baseball!

Pathetic - isn't your team still in the basketball tournament?

Nope, they are not.

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