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UM Baseball (back to winning) heads to Wake Forest -- and Bobby Hill to return


     UM baseball is back in the win column, where a program of its pedigree and prestige belongs.

     Its coach, Jim Morris, is happy to be back in the dugout after a nasty infection that resulted in surgery to remove his gall bladder Feb. 25.

     Morris, who missed six games because of his physical ailment, is feeling a whole lot better in every way, he told me Thursday while waiting to board a plane to Winston-Salem, N.C. to play Wake Forest in a three-game series beginning at 6 p.m. Friday.

     "I feel really good,'' said Morris, who lost 12 pounds in the hospital.

    After starting the season 5-8 and dropping out of the rankings, UM has won its last four games -- including a three-game sweep against Virginia Tech in its first Atlantic Coast Conference series -- to stand at 9-8.

    Morris explained last week, before the about face, that his team had to start approaching the game differently. He said the Canes needed to "get on top and hit line drives, get on base, run more, bunt more -- instead of trying to hit home runs.'' He said they had to take some pitches instead of immediately swinging.

     Morris shook things up a bit by "flip-flopping'' usual third baseman Harold Martinez and freshman first baseman Brad Fieger before the second game against VTech. "I think maybe that relaxed Harold a little bit,'' Morris said Thursday. "He's hitting fewer fly balls and more line drives. Sometimes when you're not winning you have to shake things up.''

     Martinez, who led the ACC in home runs last season with 21, was in a horrible slump. But Martinez has recorded a hit in six of his last nine at-bats (with three sacrifice bunts) since moving to first base. His batting average has improved almost 100 points to .245. And lifetime against Wake Forest, Martinez is batting .333

     Pitching-wise, UM's biggest unknown before the season, the Canes have been outstanding -- especially their starters. UM has a 2.65 team ERA, which ranks fourth in the Atlantic Coast Conference behind Virginia, Georgia Tech and FSU.

During the past four wins, UM starters gave up one earned run.

   Morris also praised left-handed reliever Sam Robinson (1-0, 0.00 ERA in 10 appearances) and left-handed closer Danny Miranda (1-0, 0.93), who have obviously been strong from the pen. "[Right-handed] Sam Sargent (0-1, 3.18) threw well Tuesday night against FAU. We need a right hander throwing well out of the pen, too.''

  Wake Forest is 7-9, but took two of three games last weekend against North Carolina (15-3).

"I don't ever remember Wake Forest doing that in at least the past 10 years,'' Morris said. "They're vastly improved.''

    No. 7 Virginia (17-1, 3-0 ACC) leads the Coastal Division, with No. 6 Florida State (15-2, 3-0) first in the Atlantic Division. Miami is third in the Coastal behind Georgia Tech (14-4, 3-0) because of its unblemished ACC record.


   Former Canes All-American shortstop Bobby Hill will return to UM next week for the UM Sports Hall of Fame banquet and ceremony on Thursday, March 26. Hill led the Canes to the 1999 national title with a .391 batting average and 52 stolen bases. He is UM's career leader in stolen bases with 139. In 1998, he set a school record with 87 runs scored, led the team with 97 hits and had a batting average of .404.

    Hill is in Miami's Top 10 in career hits (253), career walks (166) and reached base in 97 consecutive games. He was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the second round in 2000 and spent four seasons with the Cubs and Pirates. Last season he signed with the Chico Outlaws, a member of the Western Division of the independent North American League.

    He resides in San Jose with his wife, Melissa, and their son, Bobby.

    "I'm very excited about him being inducted,'' Morris said. "he's going to be in all week and watch all our games. He's one of our all-time favorites because he played hard and loved the University of Miami so much. He was a great leadoff hitter for us, and he always had a smile on his face.''


    Tickets for the Hall of Fame banquet are $85 apiece and can be purchased by calling 305-284-2775 or by going to www.umsportshalloffame.com. Also being inducted are Ian Duvenhage (women's tennis coach), Daphne Jongejans-Bousquet (diving), Tyce Routson (diving), Yolanda McCray (track) and football players Santana Moss, Dan Morgan and Reggie Wayne.


   Georgia Tech at UM baseball will be televised at 7 p.m. Friday, March 25th; 1 p.m. Saturday, March 26th and 1 p.m. Sunday, March 27th, on CSS -- Comcast Sports Southeast








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[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

At this rate, we could easily squash the Yankees. Dare I say, we own Yankee stadium!

Go 'canes!


I am, sadly, the biggest douchebag on the face of the earth. Someone help me.

Is it me or has UM baseball been on a downward spiral the last 5 years, when before we were a lock for Omaha every year. New AD might want to take a hard look at Mr. Morris.

STFU "canesrule" - nobody is falling for it.

I'm a dirty Pig.

Dare I say we crush Maryland even with all the suspensions?

No Storm, No Seantrel, No Problem!

Go 'canes!!

2011 NC comes home er to 30 miles up the road!

Two sources close to the University of Miami football team have confirmed the InsidetheU.com report that Hurricanes Offensive Lineman Seantrel Henderson has been suspended for the season opener against Maryland.
NBC Miami has learned that five other UM players are also suspended, including Running Back Storm Johnson and Linebacker Kelvin Cain, Defensive Back Keion Payne, Defensive Lineman Dyron Dye, and Defensive Back Devont'a Davis. The suspensions are not academic related, as suggested by previous reports, but rather the six players broke team rules

I heard Uncle Luke and King of Diamonds!! Luke go away

I admit to being a Pig and a loser. My computer is my best friend.

What is this? 5 players suspended?
What's the truth in this...anyone?

Don't vote for Uncle Luke for Mayor, he is up to his old shennigans again. Although, he claims he will get a stadium built by taxing strippers this won't happen. Kuperstein just reported on NBC 6. Kids need to stay out of the strip clubs - how can they afford it anyway?


So, you're trying to say, in a round-about way, that Coach Morris' gall bladder weighs (or weighed) 12 pounds?

Wait! I thought Sean Wilson was responsible for all of this tom foolery.

Nice try "D" bag. No Hurricanes are suspended. This is The U. Good news no Tressel versus us. 13-0 next year...
Go 'canes!

Got to say it. I hate this suspension garbage before the season begins. It is obvious that Coach Golden has a very STRICT set of rules. I like it. This may not sit well with some players.

It is equally obvious that UM is now looking for a kid of certain character, someone who is very motivated to play full on, and become a better man as well. Good.

However, if Miami gets dumped by Maryland (new coach, etc.), this suspension stuff will hurt. Work it out with the players, Coach. We get where you are coming from, and think your policies will play out in the right direction when all is said and done. Start the year with the full team and give us the best chance to win! We are tired of almosts!

No where in the news is there anything about 5 UMplayers suspended. If bs, ok yougot us. If true, nice journalism, SMD and Manny Navarro


I read on twitter that it could take a serious turn. These kids just can't stay away from the hip-hop video rick ross wanna be lifestyle. Poppin bottles and making it rain with someone else's money. We are LOOKING at YOU UNCLE LUKE!(also seantrel's dad is a d level rapper)

We can't un-do a suspension now - not with all that is going on in college football right now.

Uncle Luke versus Nevin Shapiro


I'll take Shapiro in a blowout. He has a nasty gameplan and Luke has no D.

Pig can't help himself.

He gots no women and no money.

He does have a smelly body and greasy keyboard.

Nailed it, right Pig?

Wow. Fake IDs everywhere. Gets caught, then goes psycho on "canesrule" (who posts on the Post, not here), "Sarasota" (who hasn't posted in ages), and "NativeCane" (who posts on Canespace).
What's next, impersonating Egyptian Magician? MD Cane? UMike? JSQ? Steve from Kendall that called in to WIOD three years ago?

You really need to find SOMETHING else to do, for your own good.

Happy for Bobby Hill, title holder, beater of Gators, Noles, and anyone else that got in the way. First time a team won titles in two major sports in the same sports year? Miami in Football and Baseball, 2001 season.

sure enough. Sun sentinel reported the 6 suspended players for the Maryland game, including Seantrel Henderson, Kelvin Cain, a DT and 2 DBS. Nonacademic reasons.

geez. Labor Day is 5 1/2 months away, Any way Goldie can "forgive"?

What were those "non academic" reasons?

Linebacker and DB core is thin as a tisseu paper. Nice going Cain. Way to 'earn" your way into the starting MLB position! What a shame.

I say, 2 strikes your out. These boys aren't serious about football, team etc, cut their scholies. Including the big boy. As it is, big boi may not be able to turn pro until 2012, because of the lock out!

Posted by: Feral Cat

Bobby Hill from King of the Hill?

I read on Kuperstein's twitter more suspensions are coming and Memorial Day weekend in South Beach isn't even here yet!!!

Where are the Cane insiders for this paper? This is the Miami Herald, correct? As Mayor, I would make this all canes all the time. We can subsidize this by taxing strippers.

Facts really do matter, so many wannabe insiders who know nothing at all. LOL

I don't know what happened, but when 6 players get suspended like this... for a game, it can only mean that they did something irresponsible, stupid or down right illegal, unless it was based on academics (which it seems that it wasnt). We do not need players like this. We dont need the terrel Pryour or Poseys, CamNewtons, etc. Pryor and Posey just caused the Luckeyes a chance at the BCS ch next year. That direct irresponsibilty shows that the players think they are bigger than the team, bigger than the program. The rest of the team should shun them, as being selfish, not team players, and possibly risking staring 0-1, because playing at Byrd stadium is not easy. Kelvin Cain is now what a sophomore? and should be showing leadership and not stupidity. Same with Dyron Dye. that is a very raucous crowd of drunk crazy Maryland fans, and the Maryland team is choc full of Florida speed. I'd say picking gthis game is a wash.

Is there any news on the suspension? I could do without all the rhetoric. I am determining if I should waste my dough on season tix. If they lose the first game, I will be on a game by game basis depending on the weather or the beach or the Heat. There is so much going on in South Florida.

Some of the posts here are a riot. Somebody has a really off-the-wall sense of humor.

Yes, six 'Canes are suspended for the first game. No, that doesn't mean they'll lose the game, and if they do lose it, no, that won't be the end of their season.

Posted by: LakeWorthCane

Thank you!

CANES swept away Wake Forest today, winning
5-3 after trailing 3-1.

Pitching has been solid, especially relief pitching...Miranda has been a beast..but, remember, this team is made up of almost ALL freshmen and sophomores....so, don't expect too much from them!!


Ungar's old lady's mouth is wider than a race horse. You dragged that shank all the way to Ohio?

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