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UM combine hit by rain (With Calais, Beason, A. Dixon and Colin McCarthy)

For the first time that anyone can remember, UM Pro Timing Day -- aka the UM combine -- was rained out midway through today's event at Greentree Field on campus. A torrential downpour halted everything after eight players completed their 40-yard dash.

Players got their lifting and verticals done inside the weight room just before the downpour erupted.

The remainder of Pro Timing Day is scheduled for Friday, March 25th at 9 a.m.

What a disappointment for all those Hurricanes seniors who were training to be in optimum shape for running the 40 and doing outside drills on this day.

Many of them, though, such as wide receiver Leonard Hankerson, cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke and linebacker Colin McCarthy, did a lot of their work and running already at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

 Van Dyke ran a lightning-fast 4.28 second in the 40 in Indianapolis.

UM posted the 40 times. The fastest 40 among the ones that got done? A 4.39 run by former special teams player and reserve cornerback Cory Nelms. Nelms also had the best vertical jump -- 37 inches.

Tailback Damien Berry ran a 4.45 40, with Graig Cooper running a 4.6.

Defensive back Ryan Hill ran a 4.52, fullback Patrick Hill ran a 5.05, tight end Richard Gordon ran a 4.65, Kylan Robinson ran a 4.73 and Jared Campbell, Calais' younger brother, ran a 4.7.

The second best vertical jump was  Brandon Harris' 34.5 inches

"It was a good turnout,'' said McCarthy, who said he kept all his NFL Combine numbers and the only thing he would have done Thursday was position drills. "Obviously it would have been nice to get out here and perform, but the weather didn't hold up. The best thing about this is everyone has two more weeks to prepare.''


> Former UM defensive end Calais Campbell, who plays for the Arizona Cardinals, said the UM event is more nerve-racking than the one in Indianapolis. "The combine everybody is in the stands, and it's just the other guys around. But when you're here, it's more personable. Everybody is around, especially in the weight room and everything. All these GMs and decision-makers are right there in front of you while you're getting ready to jump or getting ready to lift. The combine, everybody is farther away.''

Campbell said he was impressed with UM's future NFLers. "Brandon Harris, I feel like is one of the better corners in the league. I wouldn't mind having him on the Cardinals. We could use a little help. And Allen Bailey, he'll definitely turn some heads.

   Campbell said he  has met most of the UM coaches except for Al Golden -- "Everytime I go up there he's been kind of busy so I'm going to meet him eventually. One thing I know for sure is I'm glad they brought Art Kehoe back just because he's the only guy who has been here for all five national championships. Hopefully we can make it six.''


Antonio Dixon, 6-3 and 325 pounds, entered the NFL as a free agent in 2009, and now is a defensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles. Dixon, who lived in homeless shelters as a child and has persevered in battling what was once a severe stuttering impediment, recalled his UM Pro Timing Day: "You never count anybody out,'' he said. "It is a little nerve-racking because it's the first time doing it here in front of all these scouts and coaches. But somehow I stayed calm and collected,'' he said, laughing.


Jon Beason, a star linebacker whose first season with the Carolina Panthers was in 2007, seemed to be having a good time on Greentree Field. "I absolutely remember this day,'' he said. "It was a very exciting day for me. I didn't have the best combine workout so coming out here and doing the drills again proved to be a big day. Guys get all bent out of shape about it, but they don't know that this is the best time of their lives, man. You know you're going to go, if you're one of those guys who's going to get drafted, and it's like a dream come true. This is what it's about for us. This is it. This is your last chance to show what kind of person you are to get a chance for people to actually meet you and show what kind of player you are.''

Beason said he met Golden and "he's a real sharp guy. I believe in him. I like the way his system is. He's very structured -- attention to detail and small things. I think that's what we needed to get over the hump. Obviously I'm a big Coach Shannon fan. I thought based on where he came into the program and where he left it, he did a good job.''


> And this, from former UM running backs coach Don Soldinger, who runs football camps all over the country: "This thing here is big -- it's big. A tenth of a second can mean a lot of money. A tenth of a second, a rep on the bench. Because they put a lot of stock in it. I think they should put more stock in 'Can a guy play?'''

> Other former UM players who attended the rain-shortened event: Willis McGahee, Jimmy Graham, Spencer Adkins, Dedrick Epps, Greg Olsen, Brian Monroe and former old-time greats Jim Kelly, Warren Sapp, and Bernie Kosar.

> Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio attended, as well as Patriots coach Bill Belichick, Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, and Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

> Canesport reported Thursday that 6-4, 202-pound Cordele (GA) Crisp County High wide receiver Jontavious Carter committed Thursday to the Hurricanes' Class of 2012. Carter's numbers in his only season of football this past fall: 49 catches for 650 yards and eight touchdowns.








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Why is Jimmy Graham listed with the "former greats" while Willis McGahee is listed with "former players"?

great job Susan. Keep the info coming.

From Susan: Thanks for the head's up, Lando. Didn't notice that till you brought it up. I changed it. Tired! :)

And thank you, PM.

NIce work, SMD. Keeping posted in Brooklyn.

Bring back Coach Sol!

Jimmy is listed as a former player

Susan - couple random questions if you read this far down.

1. Do the kids that ran today have/have the option to run again on the 25th?

2. The list of NFL people - that's just the people you recognized/noticed, right? UM didn't have 5 NFL teams interested in their players?

3. Where'd you get the quote from Soldinger, was he at the pro day? Why can't UM hire him and let Richardson help with RBs but concentrate on FL recruiting?

Or make Richardson the FBs coach...

Manny and Susan: Here is an inside scoop on recruiting:

Remeber all of the talk about how "walk-ons" are the heart and soul of UM according toGolden? And that Walk-ons willbe paid special attentionto?

Well, according to my sources, all that was empty talk. You see, some walk-ons who indeed would have contributed big time to UM, have been told they were not actually accepted even though they were originally told they were "in". The Admissions dept at UM was on a different page than Goldenand his staff, and the football coaches were told that any "preferred"walk ons would need a 1400 on he SAT, with grades and scores above even the average for incoming freshmen.

So alltyat earlier talk was just empty talk. The right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing at UM. And believe you me, they ARE trying to turn UM into a Stanford or Duke. In the process, they will ruin any chance on putting together a team with depth, whcih is what you need for a championship.

Newsflash to Donna Shalala and the Trustees: UM will never ever be a Stanford or Duke. Not academically, not in basketball. And your ruining any chance for the U toreturn to whatit wonce was in the only thingthat matters to south floridians: UM football!

Those preferred walk ons who were given the coaches word only foe their "word" to be taken back by admissions were royally screwed because many had stopped looking at other opportunities and its now MArch.

Screwed...again... by the U

Golden Age is a liar. Disclose your sources, Matlock. Amazing how a couch potato blogger like you always claims to have inside knowledge of everything Shalala says and does.

Miami may never be Stanford or Duke, but UFelony will never be Miami. Too much class for Trailerville U.

After the great success of
Dixon and Shields, NFLU is not going to miss out on any more superathletes coming out of The U.
All nfl teams represented, awesome.
Now let's beat the number 6 Heels in roundball today and keep it going all the way to the ncaa dance.

Bill Belichick loves to draft guys outta FL...meriweather, spikes, wilfork....he'll get another watch

Great update, SMD.

This senior class was loaded with athletes. Unfortunately, they weren't fully developed by the former coaches. It's great to see all the former great Canes back on campus. This will be big for recruiting.

We are going to beat UNC today. With all the talent that Golden has and his coaching prowess - I dare say we would beat some second tier NFL teams at a neutral site!

Go 'cane!

Nice try, Pig. Crawl back to the trailer from whence you came and polish off the cheeze whiz and Pabst.

You are a lonely loser, Pig. Stupid too.

Was the 40 yard dash at UM run the same way as the combine? Meaning the clock starts when the runner leaves the block not when the gun goes off. The human time is a lot slower than the computerized time. So if Corey Nelms ran a 4.39 clock by a human with a gun going off then his time at the NFL combine would of beaten DVD's.


Here's my source, Curse, and everyone who doubts me: My source is me. It happened to my own kid. As of today, no call from Golden, Shalala, Hernandez, or anyone to "apologize" for this serious mistake that may have affected the future of several walk-ons. This was a travesty. A joke. The left hand did not know thet the righthand was doing. How could the coaches not know what admissions' requirements were before telling kids "you are in" "you are ok", "we want you"?
As of today, I will never send money to this cra-p school ever. And believe me I've sent thousands. I may still cheer for the football team, but for all I care a tsunami can come in and flood Coral Gables, and wash out that trash heap that is that University. Because the people who run it are a bunch of wanna bes.

Posted by: The Golden age... | March 11, 2011 at 11:25 AM

I smell a flaming crock troll......

Not sure what to make of the walk-on "controversy." I thought the coaches looked at several kids, deciding that a few would make the cut. If 1400 SAT scores are required, they must be looking for anxceptional kid from an academic standpoint. With what I have seen of Coach Glden, it is highly unlikely tht they would deceive a kid and his family. Perhaps, it is the administration having different policies than those understood by the coaches. Hope it, if there is an it, gets resolved.

maybe the kid just sucked and Golden didn't want to say it outright.

btw, the U may never be on par academically with the Ivy's (possibly because of its late start) but it will be a great research school serving one of the bigger cities in the US

Perhaps, it is the administration having different policies than those understood by the coaches.

LMFAO......letting gator trolls get your undies in a bunch.

Thanks, dbc.

The rest of you gth--. 1400 on the SAT is tough as s---. Scholie players are required an 800. And once in, they arent even required to hold a 2.5 gpa Ironic eh?

Miami is getting theirs. UM basketball justblew a 16 point lead in the last 8 minutes, and lost again. Losers.

Loser coach. Loser basketball team. Loser President, loser AD.

The Pig Curse and Pig Soldy. Same loser troll. Must get lonely in that trailer.

Oh well. Your shift at Costco starts in a few hours you dumb 'neck.

Frank only an idiot would keep u employed

It is nice to see Jay Williams call out Haith (indirectly), noting how pathetic Miami's possessions and strategy was down the stretch. I just cannot fathom how anyone in the athletic department can watch a full 60 minutes of basketball and see how overmatched Haith is.

We are building depths. Keep Haith please! Next year a final four trip and UM's 23 'ship (after 2011 football and baseball)

Go 'canes.

"Carolina survices Miami down the stretch"- That is a misleading headline.

Should read "GAAAAAAAG". Frank Haith and Miami basketball gags the ladel down the stretch...again!"

Does anyone know if Brandon Harris has signed an agent?

With NFL bargaining going badly, he could decide to re-join canes if he has not signed--correct? Anyone?

19 fr-ggin points up. And they let them come back. Something is seriously wrong when youare up by 19 in the second period and you fold like that. Something seriously wrong.

I say, give Haith a 5 yr extension, then fire him next season. geez. Who is running this circus?

> I smell loser troll. The Pig taking on aliases. Pig, it doesn't work. The trailerpark stench follows you wherever you go.

Run along. Do not foul the beauty of Miami with your disgusting Gainesville trash and sewer stench.

BTW, ever wonder why women laugh at you, Pig? It's not just your stink.

Hey lloydfarmer

I think you are thinking about the NBA. I think there is no way that BH could return to UM (unfortunately). I remember back in 1999 when we had Nate Webster and Dan Morgan. Nate Webster declared for the NFL and then the next day tried to change his mind and wanted to return for the 2000 season. He was not allowed to by the NCAA.

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