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UM releases spring depth chart, wake up calls

Al Golden said there were going to be a few surprises when the team released its first depth chart on the eve of spring football. He didn't disappoint.

Among the surprises: Walk-on quarterback Spencer Whipple listed with the first team; freshman All-American offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson listed with the second team and true freshman cornerback Thomas Finnie, who was playing with Miami Central in the Class 6A state championship game just this past December, is already with the first team. Also somewhat of a surprise: no fullbacks listed at all. Got to figure someone will be in there on short yardage and goalline situations.

Here's the new depth chart according to UM (check out the pre-workout depth chart below to compare). Reminder: This is all based on what players did and didn't do in the weight room and during conditioning over the last month and a half.

QB: Spencer Whipple, Jacory Harris, Stephen Morris
RB: Mike James, Storm Johnson, Lamar Miller
WR: Kendall Thompkins, Travis Benjamin
WR: Aldarius Johnson, LaRon Byrd
TE: John Calhoun, Chase Ford, Blake Ayles, Clive Walford, Cory White
LT: Malcolm Bunche, Seantrel Henderson
LG: Brandon Linder, Harland Gunn
C: Tyler Horn, Sean McDermott
RG: Brandon Washington, Jared Wheeler
RT: Jermaine Johnson, Ben Jones, Jermaine Barton

DE: Adewale Ojomo, Olsen Pierre
DT: Curtis Porter, Micanor Regis
DT: Marcus Forston, Luther Robinson
DE: Shayon Green, Andrew Smith
WLB: Ramon Buchanan, C.J. Holton
MLB: Jimmy Gaines, Jordan Futch
SLB: Sean Spence, Sean Goldstein
CB: Thomas Finnie, Brandon McGee
CB: Jojo Nicolas, Keion Payne
FS: Vaughn Telemaque, Andrew Swasey
SS: Kacy Rodgers, AJ Highsmith 

Special teams
K: Jake Wieclaw, Alex Irastorza
P: Jake Wieclaw, Cameron Dean, Alex Iristorza
FG: Jake Wieclaw, Alex Iristorza
KR: Travis Benjamin, Lamar Miller
PR: Travis Benjamin, Kendall Thompkins
H: Spencer Whipple, Jacory Harris
LS: Chris Ivory, Billy Sanders, Andrew Tallman 

For comparison, this was the pre-spring depth chart following a 7-6 season and a bowl loss to Notre Dame according to the team's website shortly before 3 p.m. (first through fourth team, from left to right):

QB: Jacory Harris, Stephen Morris, Spencer Whipple, Alonzo Highsmith
RB: Lamar Miller, Mike James, Storm Johnson, Eduardo Clements, Darian Hall
FB: John Calhoun, Maurice Hagens, David Thompson (walk-on)
WR: Aldarius Johnson, Tommy Streeter, Allen Hurns
WR: Travis Benjamin, LaRon Byrd, Kendall Thompkins, Davon Johnson, Ben Breneau (walk-on)
TE: Asante Cleveland, Chase Ford, Billy Sanders, Andrew Tallman, Clive Walford
LT: Ben Jones, Jared Wheeler
LG: Harland Gunn, Shane McDermott
C: Tyler Horn, Brandon Linder, Eduardo Lopez (walk-on)
RG: Brandon Washington, Malcolm Bunche, Jonathan Feliciano
RT: Seantrel Henderson, Jermaine Johnson, Cory White, Jermaine Barton

DE: Olivier Vernon, Adewale Ojomo, Andrew Smith, David Perry
DT: Marcus Forston, Curtis Porter
DT: Micanor Regis, Luther Robinson, Jeremy Lewis, Jeffrey Brown
DE: Marcus Robinson, Dyron Dye
WLB: Ramon Buchanan, C.J. Holton, Kevin Nelson, Erik Lichtner (walk-on)
MLB: Kelvin Cain, Shayon Green, Sean Goldstein (walk-on)
SLB: Sean Spence, Jordan Futch, James Gaines, Tyrone Cornileus, Travis Williams
CB: Brandon McGee, Nathan Cholston, Keion Payne
CB: Lee Chambers, Devont'a Davis
FS: Vaughn Telemaque, Cory Nelms, Jamal Reid
SS: Jojo Nicolas, Ray Ray Armstrong, Kacy Rodgers

Special teams
K: Jake Wieclaw, Ben Hopfinger
P: Jake Wieclaw, Cameron Dean
KR: Storm Johnson, Lamar Miller, Eduardo Clements
PR: Travis Benjamin, Lamar Miller
LS: Chris Ivory, Billy Sanders
H: Spencer Whipple 

> Thoughts on offense: I'm pretty confident that by the time the season starts Sept. 5 at Maryland, Morris or Harris will be the team's starting quarterback. This was one of the moves Golden made to send a message to both to compete at a higher level... the fact Mike James is listed as the starting tailback is no surprise. James has always been a fierce worker in the weight room. Could he keep the job come the fall? Absolutely. But the Canes are also in good hands whether Storm or Lamar Miller ends up winning the job... It's good to see Kendall Thompkins showing effort and starting out with the first team. Throughout his career, all we've heard about is how amazing this guy does in practice. Yet, he only has five career catches for 42 yards. The Canes desperately need a good slot receiver. Maybe Thompkins is finally ready... Seantrel Henderson not being listed on the first team at left tackle makes me ponder if he came in a little heavy and Golden simply wants him to lose weight... as for the other spots, no position will be more interesting to watch to me than tight end. With Asante Cleveland out and UM looking for more physical play, these guys are going to bring it.

> Thoughts on defense: Right off the bat, where is Olivier Vernon and Ray Ray Armstrong? Both could be banged up. But the fact neither are nowhere on the list makes you a little worried. I think Vernon has been the most consistent pass rusher UM has had over the last two seasons. Armstrong was coming off injury. Maybe that hurt him from making this list... Seeing Shayon Green with the first team after he was the starting middle linebacker when camp opened last fall makes you wonder if the Canes shouldn't have just started him at end to begin with... The middle linebacker spot will be interesting to watch. Golden praised Kelvin Cain on Thursday for his work ethic. Yet, Jimmy Gaines is listed with the ones. I expect Jordan Futch to be UM's starting middle linebacker by the opener... Could true freshman Thomas Finnie really win the starting job? If former safety Jojo Nicolas can why not. In the end, I expect McGee and Payne to be UM's starting corners.

> Thoughts on special teams: Golden said he doesn't like dancers returning kicks or handling punts. Travis Benjamin better put away his tap shoes... I don't know about you, but not seeing Matt Bosher's name on here makes me a little bit queasy.


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Stupid move..a waste of time rolling out with the likes of Whipple and Swasey eating up reps from the guys who will actually hit the feild this fall..new system..new plays ..y waste time and reps on JUNK players....AL you are not in Temple anymore!!!!

I feel like Golden is mocking his own process. Nobody is going to take this serious when he list Whipple as the QB. He throws straight ducks.

And good point about Dye. "I'm a machine, that why I chose the U". What happened to that guy?

Cant believe that so many so called canes fans are reading into this list and actually think this will be the startin line up when the season starts... The list is to show who had the best off season work outs..THATS IT...if you really want to support this team...go to the games...
the U will suprise the college football nation this year and beyond... Cany wait..see you at the games...GO CANES

What are the odds that the guys who didn't perform in the weight room this winter are also the same guys who just merely showed up in the games we lost. No work ethic back then and now they are being exposed.

I like the move by Golden. He is showing no favortism like SHannon did and is putting all players on notice. This is however the depth chart from winter workouts and he did say that performance would weigh in as well with the decision on who starts along with work ethic in the weight room. Who really knows Whipple although unlikely could start the season under center. And really can anyone say anything about Whipple throwing dead ducks after all the ducks that Harris has thrown the last two seasons? I do believe though that Morris is the guy of the three with the most upside, but I also believe Harris could win the spot if he would start throwing the ball with zip and stop floating the ball so much.

Interesting comment about playing at Lockhart stadium...maybe with all the changes, why not? Play two home games at Lockhart and see where it goes. Maybe we ("U") can put some funding into it and call it home...

"A: Can't argue with you. If anything, this just shows you who did what they were supposed to do in the weight room and who didn't. Of course, some guys may be injured or coming back from injury and that's why they aren't on here. But at least it gives you some picture of what's going on behind the scenes."

Sounds like to me that you (Manny) are a little salty b/c RS didn't let you behind the scenes - who cares. The chart is a ploy and if this is what we can expect from the new coaching staff as for motivational tactics; bring in a high school coach. Put your best talent up front from the start and use the lessor guys to push them harder to keep their jobs; if you are a true leader (head coach), it will be more realistic and create the atmosphere for true competition.

Real quick
Whipple- yeah right
Correct me if I'm wrong but Oliver has how many actual sacks? We are not talking about coming close. After the 3.5 against FAMU, how many did he finish with.
Benjamin went through the motions cause Shannon wouldn't pull him. Talent+unmotivated=average.
What about the track guy from Ohio? Isn't he supposed to be able to play coner/safety/KR/PR/WR?

Once again we have the negatives about Coach Golden's approach. If you check out this morning's interview with him, guys like Ray Ray are dealing with an injury. In my view, he needs to prove that he belongs as a #1. The star ratings in high school are not going to cut it at UM.

Regarding "your best talent," how best is it if someone is outworked by a less talented player and that transfers to game day? This Coach is about work ethic and desire, and I think his model can be seen in JoePa. While not perfect, how many unmotivated Penn State teams do you see? How many ego trippers have you seen playing for Coach Paterno? How many hard-nosed players have gone through that system? Combine that with true talent and innovative coaching, and you will have a big time winner!

Golden isn't doing any "high school motivational ploys". He wants guys who work hard, and if they are exceptionally talented, that is a bonus.

Whipple "barely beat out" Jacory, according to Golden, and both exceeded Morris' efforts. It is a good start and time to stop stroking the prima donnas that bring down the intensity and desire and pride of this team.

The hard workers, whatever their talent level, will bring true TEAM to life, and they will be the motivating force for those most skillful. The "talented" better step it up or step out.

This a real leader as a HC, our first in years. Our beloved Canes will play with fury and passion for the first time since the "good old days," and Golden's approach will bring it to life. Watch it grow... Go Canes!

we had a high school coach the last 4 years compared to what we have now in Golden.

as a 25 year season ticket holder and i guy that has missed only a few games in those years this is vintage dennis erickson.he was legendary for the same strategy.light the fire under the behind and then watch the cream rise to the top.Any cane fan truly knows that the chart is going to changs 20 times before the opener and it does somthing that randy never did which is get all these guys ready for special teams because as u know we have been as bad as it gets on kickoff and ount coverage.lets face facts,with one of the biggest o lines in the country and 4 stud backs we are going to run the ball all day so who cares who starts. remember these coaches have only watched tape, now they will see the real deal.Also the maryland opener is 7 months away.Cool down


We are going to be a POWERHOUSE RUNNING TEAM in 2011

Everthing else on Offense will be built on a solid running game. The passing attach will be a 2nd option for 2011 until the QB's have a chance to learn Fisch's system. I expect our passing attack will be back in FULL FORCE by 2012.

ON DEFENSE: I am concerned about lack of depth, but there will be more fierceness and strength.

Relax guys...all of the parts of the equation that factor into the depth chart, are not factored in yet, including (or excluding)"football talent".

These are just the standings after phase one.

Some of you guys need to take a reading comprehension course. The depth chart is based soley on winter weight room and conditioning efforts. I love these types of charts because it shows me who is working hard and who is not. Not who is going to start come the fall. Settle down, it's not that complicated.

But I will say that the most talented guy will be sitting if he isn't working hard, that is how Golden runs his ship. There are plenty of lazy entitled mofos on this team and they are either going to wake up and lay out every play or they will find themselves watching from the sidelines.

Agreed. Still very early but no O. Vernon or R.R. Armstrong on depth chart is kind of interesting. No favorites. Best player wins job.


all you jacory and whipple haters:different coach, different game plan, different personnel. dont assume anything.

Where is Sean Spence on the chart ?

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