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UM vet Tony Hernandez to serve as acting AD

CORAL GABLES -- The University of Miami announced Thursday morning it has appointed Tony Hernandez, who has been at the school for 13 years, as acting Athletic Director as the school searches for a successor to Kirby Hocutt.

Tony Hernandez Hernandez currently serves as Deputy Athletic Director. Hocutt left the program for the same job at Texas Tech last week after only 2 1/2 years in Coral Gables. UM has begun a national search for a replacement and a successor is expected to be announced by the beginning of the fall.

According to UM, applicants for the position should apply through the University of Miami employment website. To apply for this position visit www.miami.edu/careers and type in keyword 010547.

Hernandez joined the University of Miami Athletic Department in 1998 and has served in various capacities since that time. He began his career in Academic Services as a Graduate Assistant. He was hired full-time in 1999 as a Compliance Coordinator subsequently being promoted to Director of Compliance in 2002, Assistant AD for Compliance in 2004 and Associate AD for Compliance a year later.

In 2005, he also served as the Interim Associate AD for Development and has served as the Interim Associate AD for External Affairs on two separate occasions. During his term as Interim Associate AD for Development, the Hurricane Club exceeded its annual giving budgetary goal by nearly 9%.

Hernandez also serves on various committees or organizations including as President of the National Association of Athletic Compliance (NAAC), NCAA Amateurism Cabinet, Division 1-A Athletic Directors' Compliance Task Force, and the ACC Constitution & By-laws Committee. He has previously also served on various committees including the NCAA Academics/Eligibility/Compliance Cabinet and as Chair of the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Waivers Sub-Committee. He is a member of Iron Arrow, the highest honor attainable at the University of Miami, and served a term as president of that organization.

Hernandez earned a Law Degree and a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Finance, both from the University of Miami.

Prior to being named as acting Athletic Director Thursday, he has served as Senior Associate Athletic Director since February, 2007. As Deputy Athletic Director, Hernandez is the Chief Operating Officer for the Department and is responsible for day-to-day operations of many aspects of the Athletic Department. In addition, he directly supervises Compliance, Academic Services, Training Room, Strength and Conditioning, Equipment Room, Video Operations, and Women's Soccer.

> UM's struggling baseball team (4-4) could get a big lift before this weekend's tough series at Florida. According to UM spokesman Brian Harvey, outfielder Chris Pelaez, the team's second-leading hitter from a year ago, has been cleared to return this week and could be in the lineup Friday in Gainesville.

Pelaez, who injured his shoulder in the preseason, took swings on Tuesday for the first time in the batting cage and has made great strides. The Hurricanes will meet with the media at noon Thursday before boarding a bus for Gainesville.


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The new face of UM athletics..wow

Hire Garcia from FIU. Up and comer with ties to The U.

This is a great move for UM. Someone that understands the program and what it needs. Someone who's an alumni & won't leave unfinished tasks 2 years down the road. Great decision... finally!

Wow Hernandez has a lot of credentials and a big time U guy. What is wrong w/hiring him full time?

Good luck to him and good riddance to Kirby Hocuttandrun.

Don't you need to be at least somewhat athletic to be an athletic director?

@hurricanepete, Paul Dee wasn't exactly Body by Jake . . .

Why all the weight jokes? There is no place for that. Everyone is made differently thank goodness. Let's focus on his credentials...you should feel confident that he will steer the ship until either he is named full time or someone else is.

Gosh...some of you people are pathetic.

i am a cane fan and he is a cane man ... lets get it go'en ! dont look back, lets keep moving forward I LOVE THE CANES !

Here is a list of UM Alum to add to the list,some because were fired by Kirby because he wanted to be the most popular guy in Athletics other are UM to their core and would never abandon the program. I hope we can get one of them and replace Kirby hireds with the rest!!

Tony Hernandez
Pete Garcia
Craig Angelos
Dan Radakovich
AC Tellison
Gino Toretta
Dave Scott
Roger Bell
Craig Erickson

**meant to say -some were fired by Kirby because he wanted to be the most popular guy in Athletics others are UM to the core..

Might be a good fit - BUT just because someone is good in the area of compliance does not necessarily translate to good personnel decisions.

gino torreta
gino torreta

or bernie kosar. That is if ol bernie is clean and sober.

whats up with all the chubbo' ADs? dang

It's like going to your cardiologist and he is 300 lbs!

Lighten up people. Some humor is not bad! especially on this blog

But really---Kate Meier needs a contract extension and a raise. That should be an "in your face" to Mr mediocre, Frank Haith. The recruiting is similar- UM women's bb is obviously not even close to the U conns, Dukes, Tennesees, Baylors, but look what excellent coaching can do! Frank Haith has been underachieving and so has his team. why keep him and fire shannon if Um was even remotely serious about basketball?

And Morris as well- why give him a pass and not Coker? What has Morris done since 2002? He brought UM to the cws in 2008, but his error prone players also underachieved badly and that was totally on him! He is stale, and too comfortable in his "position"-look at his baseball team this yr. Make me want to v-mit.


Just because someone has ties to the U does not mean he/she is the best person the position. Here's an idea; lets hire the best person for the job.

Good luck in the interim AD post at the U! You have obviousl;y earned a shot with all of your accomplishments! Go Canes!

Good athletes do not necessarily make good administrators, and vice versa. Give the man a chance. He's obviously smart, let's see what he can do.

Roger Bell would be a good AD. He knows academic compliance and has strong ties, going back to Jankovich and Dee. But, this is a Donna decision.

Hey BoiseCane? I'm with U: What's wrong w/ Hernandez full-time?

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