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UM women enter NCAA Tourney as No. 3 seed

FORT MYERS -- The University of Miami women’s basketball team didn't have to sweat out Selection Monday. The Canes knew they were headed to the NCAA Tournament -- they just didn't know where or who they would be playing.

Well, now they know. 

Miami (27-4) earned the No. 3 seed in the Dayton Region and will travel to Charlottesville, Va. where it will face No. 14-seed Gardner-Webb (23-10) in the opening round Sunday.

The winner of that game will face the winner of the match-up between No. 6-seed Oklahoma (21-11) and No. 11-seed James Madison (26-7). The top seed in the region is Tennessee (31-2). Notre Dame (26-7) is the No. 2 seed.

The No. 3 seed is the second-lowest in program history for UM behind the No. 2 seed earned by the 1991-92 Hurricanes, who won the Big East title and reached the Sweet 16.

The NCAA appearance is the seventh in school history. Miami is 2-6 all-time in NCAA play, with the last win coming on March 17, 1993 against St. Peters.

> NCAA Tournament women's bracket


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Excellent Lady Canes!!

Now get to the Sweet 16 again ladies!!

Best of success!!!!!!


Kick ass girls! this is your year!

what are you doing in Ft. Myers?

This is an in-your-face to haith. Listen and learn, Haith.

By the way: Lies lies, and more lies: Al Golden's claim that Walk-ons play a huge part in rebuilding the U is the biggest crock in history: Walk-ons that are not already enroll require about a 1400 on the SAT to get in. Um is very hard to get into as it is. So there is no way that Um, with its current philosophy, of academics over athletics at all costs, will ever ever ever in a million years find a walk-on good enough to contribut on the football team, that simultaneously entered Um with its academic requirements.


So Golden, please. Stop lying to us. Unless Um does like the state schools, and allow kids a little more leniency, you will never bring UM back to glory. UM has to compete with the like of FSU and USF, and UF and all of the state schools who are "helping" some kids out academically and requirements are much lower.

fact: UM will NEVER be Stanford, Duke, Notre Dame, or an Ivy. Ever. So Shalala, stop trying.
At least those schools have there own stadiums!

@ the golden age is here- walk on can help in the fact that they can be scout team and Florida is loaded with so much talent that a walk could develop into a backup or maybe even a starter with good coaching.

point is No way a good Walk on can come in, because the outrageous academic requirements. Shanhnhe is trying to make a point and somehow 'attarct" the best and brightest. Well that may be fine, and dandy--- But i guarantee you. take a poll,

Who here would give up UM's top 50 university status, whatever that means, for 1 more National Championship in football?

Who here gives a rts a-$$ about UM's academic standing or endowments? Who wouldnt want to see the day of 70,000 fans week in week out, and top 5 ranking?

And guaranteed- THAT, Madame know it all Shalala, will bring the real $ to the U through merchandise, name recogntition, and TV contracts.

As it is, the move to the ACC has been a sham. It has made the U essentially irrelevant in football, irrelevant in basketball, irrelevant in baseball. and all of that "shared' money would have been nothing compared to filled stadiums, etc etc the last 7 years.

Walk ons would add depth to the team. But how can a walk on come in with these astronomic requirements? Golden was fos, or didnt know what Admissions was doing when he blabbed about walk ons. If an enrolled student is good enough to walk onto Miami, it would be good enough to command a scholie elsewhere. Preferred walk ons would need to get into UM and with a req of a 1350-1400 on the SAT, good luck!

Has anyone seen the gpas of current UM football players? LOL>. Dont tell me ANY of them (ok maybe one or 2) had a 1300 sat

Golden Age is Here - What you are saying about walk-ons doesn't make any sense. A "walk on who is not already enrolled"? Are you referring to students who aren't even enrolled in UM? Then you say they require "about a 1400 on the SAT" to "get in." "Get in" to what? The school or the football program? Also, a plain reading of what you are saying means that if some IS already enrolled that they won't need a 1400 SAT score to be a walk-on.

Walk-ons are students already enrolled in the school who try out and make the football team. Of course you will have to meet UM's academic requirements to be enrolled in the school. If you enrolled, it sounds like you don't need the 1400 to walk-on to the team. Please explain where you are getting this nonsense from.

Yea, what are you talking about dude?

Preferred walk on means the coach guarantees a spot on the team for you, not that he'll give you a scholarship and not that he'll help you get into the school.

Your kid didn't get into UM. Period. He didn't have the grades. You're not going to convince anyone that there are more stringent requirements for getting into UM if you're going to be a "preferred walk on". Believe it or not, unless you're a 4.0 student, 1350 is about what it takes to be guaranteed admittance these days. I got a 1490 in 2004, applied early admittance, and I still wasn't accepted until the second round of decisions because my GPA was only around 3.3.

Take some accountability that you were focused more on your kid fulfilling a pipedream of becoming a sports star when he grows up than his academics. If you didn't have the sense to make him apply to safety schools and he really is screwed for the fall, then shame on you and better luck on the spring applications.

UM is not going to lower its academic standards for ALL applicants just so a few of them can walk on to the football team. Obviously, you are not UM alum or you would not be advocating such a position.

Trying to argue or make a point to The Golden Age Is Here is like trying to make a point to the Gator troll 24/7..............oh nevermind................same guy just using a different name.

sunnydee- Preferred walk ons are not enrolled inschool. they are non scholarship recruits, guaranteed a spot on the team, and admission to the school, and do not have to try out. They are essentially non school recruits. But they do have to get admitted the 'regular way" even if they are labelled "student athletes" so the requirements are the school's not the NCAAs.

Eudocimus. Shut the --f up. Youre little pea brain, 1490 sat or not, still can't figure out my point.

change your name to stupidimus.

ACTUAL walk ons, as in studnets who try out for the football team, are a different animal than Preferred walk ons.

And for the geniuses who think UM "wont" lower their standards for anyone- I challenge you to check out the gpas and SAT scores of every single football player, track athlete, tennisplayer and football player at UM. Cant do it b/c its private info- But NCAA reqs for scholie players are above--

A blind kid with a learning diability can get those minimum requirements but to get into UM in the regular way is extremely hard-- So my point was, for you learning challeneged, like stupidimus, is that Golden was disingenuous in statingthat walk ons will contribute any to the U unless they are water boys or trainers!

NCAa requirements- 2.5 gpa and 750 SAT
UM requirements- much much higher than that

Geez "Golden Age is here," methinks the lady doth protest too much. Relax brah. You obviously have some axe to grind or are simply some kind of provocateur, because you are exhibiting such unabashed vitriol that it is clouding any kind of objective judgement.

Never used the word "guaranteed"

And I never said it was Coach Golden

read my posts again. carefully this time

Otherwise, You make "some" valid points

My point is about Goldens blah blha blah about Walk ons. UM will NEVER benefit from walk ons as he implied in that article. NEVER. So the bs should have never been spilled

Go lady canes.

And for you all who think I am that gator troll, wrong agian geniuses


Carefully this time:

"Preferred walk ons are not enrolled inschool. they are non scholarship recruits, guaranteed a spot on the team, and admission to the school"

"Lies lies, and more lies: Al Golden's claim that Walk-ons play a huge part in rebuilding the U is the biggest crock in history"

"Golden was fos"

"Golden was disingenuous"

If you read the article again you'll see that they were talking about a specific walk-on event for students already enrolled at UM, and Golden wasn't talking about them actually contributing on the football field but as being "heart and soul guys, the program guys. They're not the most talented, but they give you everything they’ve got". Golden thinks of them as a bunch of Rudys, there to give 100% hustle and remind the real players how much they should want to be there.

Lay off the G man.

LMFAO @ "Golden Age"

UM lower their standards to let more walk ones in??? HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA

Look, for you guys who don't know, scholarship atheletes do not have to meet all usual enrollment req's. They use a sliding scale some times or maybe a higher, but still atainable level for entrance req's (look at our team, not exactly mensa cannidates).

Why the hell would UM lower the entrance requirements to aid prefered walk-ons to make the team.

If you aint playing sports, and want to go to UM, bust your ass and do well in highschool. Worked for me.

Damn sure I want MY UM degree to be worth more in the future. The better ranking for the school helps ALL Alum and current students.

You are a moron.

Not sure that was the actual Golden Age. Too quick to insult, rip the school, and the other posters here. That is the obsessed Gator troll's usual MO, stealing an ID to get Canes fans fighting, and the lack of his regular Curse Piggy posts makes it likely that all his effort was put into this impersonation.

But even so, let's prove the argument wrong anyway.

Walk-ons are useful even if they NEVER see the field. Scout team, cannon fodder blockers, drill assistants, and even guys to step in to allow the practice to continue while a particluar player is coached up or held out after a fight. GT is famous for using their walk ons to practice that chop block versus cut block distinction that could injure one of their regular defensive starters, and they end up using alot of walkons because of it.


Georgia Tech has high academic standards, too.

And when Golden was at Temple, he needed to use walk ons to improve his team. No reason for him to stop doing what works.

1400 out of 2400 on todays watered down SAT does NOT mean that these guys are gonna be nerdlingers with tape on their glasses and a kick me sign on the back. If they are coming to Miami, they know they are going to the beach, so they are in good shape. Plenty of pickup football games happen right next to Greentree with guys that played in high school, know the plays, but were too short or light for a scholarship. They would LOVE to be on the field for the U even if they never see the field during a game.

A little background on walk ons....


"change your name to stupidimus."

Weak. If this is the real Golden Age, the guy is wasted. If it is the troll, the guy is wasted. Either way, unless Golden Age comes back later to say this wasn't him, we are stuck assuming he really thinks that was witty.

Eudocimus, I know we disagree on most things, but I assure you, the stuff the gator troll puts out is usually a bit more inventive than that. Those of us wishing for him to leave have bigger reasons than "stupidus" for being annoyed at his constant trolling.

My point is about Goldens blah blha blah about Walk ons. UM will NEVER benefit from walk ons as he implied in that article. NEVER. So the bs should have never been spilled

Posted by: The Golden Age is here | March 15, 2011 at 09:01 PM

William Clay Matthews III

Didn't he just win a Super Bowl? Well, he was a walk on at USC. So what was that about a walk on NEVER benefiting a football team?

BTW, I don't think you're a Gaturd Troll, but I think you have the ID-10-T disease thought. - SMH

Feral, the gator Pig troll may have been inventive the first 35 times he posted the same thing. After 3 + years of the same garbage, it is no longer inventive. It is boring and repetitive when it is not racist.

Then again, how much variety does a loser get in his life?

Oh, I know he thought he was inventive, and by having another ID agree with him, over and over again, he propped up his own ego enough to make this his sole purpose in life now. 3am, 5am, 11pm, 5pm, doesn't matter, he is here showing that UF definitely doesn't have the academic standards of Miami.

hah ha ha ha ha ha. Eudocimus and all of you losers, will eat your own kind!

Trashing a poster because he brings up the wlak-on issue.

ha ha ha ha ha . You U losers are just that.

Good luck lady canes. God knows that none of themen's teams will ever win anything again. Ever.

here come the noles. There go the candy canes

"Maybe next year" ha ha ha

Look at the recruiting. FSU swept. Swept. Even on probation. They swept. You all got all of the scrubs. Plus the remaining scrubs that went 7-6 last year. LOL.

And you trash your own kind.

Go noles

You got crushed, Fisher douche. You are the PIG. You hate that you get called out for the idiot you are. You hate that you are an idiot and you can't do anything about it.

You shouldn't be laughing. It is sad you have to go through life as you. Dumb and Pig. Not a good combination, son. Not good at all.

la la la la la la

--ck sez what?

U can't recruit. U can't catch a ball-even though you have a wr that runs a 4-3. U can't find a hole to run through even though you have 2 rbs that run under 4-4s. U cant block even though your O-line averages 320. U cant throw a pass. Even though your QB was the "mythical" hs champion.

predictions: 2011- 7-6
2012- 8-5
2013- 8-5
2014- Golden bolts to PSU
buh bye,nice guy

That Fisher King Pig is stung. He keeps coming back for more pounding. Is a loser at his worst when he doesn't know he is a loser?

Pig, relax. We really feel sorry for you. Dumb and Pig are traits that do not mix. Do something about one of them. Your bleak future depends on it.

The wingnut posting under "The Golden Age is here" is the piece of garbage gator once again stealing another members screen name.

As usual his posts make absolutely no sense and attacking Coach Golden regarding his honest and astute comments regarding 'walk on's' at the "U" proves he is clueless as how college football is structured and works.

He should be more worried about the lowly gators having another player arrested for DUI two nights ago. Word is that Jamar Hornsby bailed the latest gator felon out of jail using a dying girl's credit card.

Fisher king...once again...the same gator slob.

How's that NCAA investigation going for you Bunky?

Your mentally disturbed football coach quit on you losers TWICE and your basketball coach having already quit on you once is soon to match crazy urbie's record and quit on you clowns again.

The bottom-line? The University of Miami Hurricanes have 5 National Football Championships (soon to be 6) and are the most dominant college football program for the last 25 years.

"Manuel could lead FSU to the BCS title" ESPN.

Can that be said about Morris or floppy arm Harris? LOL. Please. wake up, people.

U can't throw the ball.
U can't run the ball one yard (Va Tech, USF, GT, 2 yrs ago Clemson).
U can't catch the ball
U lost to Virginia. Yes, Virginia...
U lost to USF

STF all of you with your Golden this Golden that, Miami this, 5 that, soon to be 6 whatev/

errrr, Pig? UFelony couldn't run, throw, catch or tackle, and lost Himecoming to Miss. State.

Awful, almost as bad as your unwashed stench. At least that is what every girl you ever asked out said.

Nice - had UM in my NIT bracket! Dare I say Champs?!!

GO 'canes!

The Golden Age... aka ... Alachua County Detention Center Stud....some people open their mouths, (blog) and remove all doubt... you have been doing that for a while now...LOL

Golden Age...when you mention "5 that," are you talking about all the 5 stars that lost five games last year and looked like they couldn't beat an egg at the first of the year? Those "5's?"

Miami is coming for YOU and HELL IS COMING WITH THEM..." Wyatt Earp in movie Tombstone.

Golden Age.. HIKE..... lol

Miami is coming for whom?

Notre Dame?
Virginia Tech?
Ohio State?

Who exactly are the lady canes coming for?

And by the way, USF, UF, UCF, and FSu had better records last year

Why are you all even talking? You all should be humble, quiet, polite. Yet, you losers like Eudocimus, etc etc, are mouthy, talky, opinionated little biznatches.

Dare I say Miami has already had more success than any other Florida school in post season basketball play?!

Go 'canes

NIT 'ship still counts make is #22

Why are you all even talking? You all should be humble, quiet, polite. Yet, you losers like Eudocimus, etc etc, are mouthy, talky, opinionated little biznatches.

Posted by: Gtr this | March 17, 2011 at 11:32 AM

Tadahhh, he forgot to change his ID, got caught, and now is whining about people writing on a BLOG.

Yep, the multinamed, ID stealing troll has failed yet again.

Getting advice from this guy to be humble, polite, and quiet, when he is none of the above, is getting advice from a hypocrite.

Satan called, he wants you to stop stealing his ideas, Curse Piggy.

Posted by: Feral Cat

I wouldn't worry about him. Our Canes are going to win the NIT and set the precedent for making ACC basketball go through Coral Gables in 2012. We will be the first school to win a NC in football, baseball, and basketball all in one year.

Go 'canes!

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